tapé (tah PAY), n.

a way or path

November, 2011 Happy Holidays! It’s already really scorching here, so that means Thanksgiving and Christmas must be right around the corner! As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, we are praying that God will open doors to share His love with people that will be thinking about His birth. I (Christie) recently came out of the hospital from the second surgery for this leg. The surgery put my leg back in the correct place, and now I’ve started the rehabilitation period again--making the knee bend and retraining myself to walk. For the next month and a half, I can’t put any weight on this leg, but I do have a wheelchair and a walker. I’m very thankful for tools that will keep me from being totally immobile, and for a family that’s picking up the slack while I can’t do much! Our parents visited for the surgery and the week after. They took great care of us, kept good food on the table, and brought a few goodies to make life here a bit easier. Thanks to all of you who sent things along, from a carry-bag for my walker to fudge to stretchy exercise bands, we were overwhelmed by your kindness. We were sad to see our family members go (they were called the Abuelos here), but so glad they made the effort to come support us at this time. The weekend before the surgery, I was privileged to attend a free retreat for missionary women, hosted by Women of the Harvest. It was a wonderful time of refreshing and refocusing, and it was great to have classes and singing in ENGLISH! Those ladies really spoiled us and became the hands and feet of the Lord to those of us serving on the field.

Many peoples will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD... He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Isaiah 2:3

Spring has SPRUNG, and the trees in our yard are already filling with fruit.

banana (left) and mango (below)

The school year is coming to a close here, and students will be on vacation in December and January. We wrapped up the Bible classes in three local schools, which included the 7th and 8th graders at private Christian school Tape Pyahu, and two other public elementary/middle schools. Saul was kind enough to take over the last couple of classes that fell after my surgery. We made lots of great contacts during this school year and hope we’ll be invited to continue next year, if this is part of the Lord’s plan for us. It is wonderful to have open doors to share the Gospel with the children of Paraguay from within their schools.

On a serious note, there has been an escalation in the civil unrest here in Paraguay. We are in an area that seems safe from the worst of it (kidnappings, rebel groups, assassination), but all who live here are touched by the strikes and manifestations taking place by various sectors of the working force, such as the legal system, the bus drivers, the teachers, and most recently, nurses and doctors. There are also demonstrations by the peasants wanting the government to give them land. And recently, there has been rising violence at soccer games. Fans are fighting opposing fans, fighting the police, and even fighting each other. There is an underlying current of frustration over injustices and corruption in the government, and a sense of desperation over the rising cost of living and the falling dollar. It seems this frustration is coming to the surface more and more. Please pray for safety, for wisdom, and for God’s spirit to reign in these troubled times.

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Thank you once again for your encouragement, your support, and most importantly, your prayers for our family and for the people of this country. You share in the ministry that takes place here, and we don’t take it lightly to be your partners in the mission work. May God bless you as you have blessed us!!

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--Ken, Christie, Camille, and Caroline