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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BT Issues FOR KSAU project

1- General a. Specifications

Low Current , IT , @Safety Systems specifications, had been provided by BT as per part of its contract resposnbilties , however the specifications is pending the approval by Client or Client representatives, DAR , had requested to review the specifications, in order to be approved by them this issue still pending, and need to be finalized, however the DAR role should be clearly advices all concerned parties on the process for specification approval , and project handing over process

ii. iii.

b. Material Submittal

No clear process from Client or DAR for material selection or approval , which will lead to risky situation if we proceeded by the material delivery at our responsibility

c. Design Drawings

Multiple revisions and changes for arch. drawings due to client changes, and modifications, this leads to multiple revisions in IFC drawings issuance, and this ongoing process is not coordinated with site construction progress, which lead to discrepancies in drawings revisions in different sites and along other trades


The arch. design should freeze for all buildings in order to allow for final issuance for IFC and issuance for shop drawings Due to lack of authority on approving the material and specifications, the site progress are not being inspected by the concerned party !! , which lead not to reflect the actual site progress as certified works and being handed over by client

d. Site Inspection

2- Audio Visual System a. the specifications for Audio visual systems had been prepared but not yet approved by any party however we presented all the contents for audio visual for each room several times, with no clear feedback on proposed solution, moreover we would like to highlight that our design for Audio visual system is based on the latest technology and meet the specification for high education universities world wide b. we prepared 2 DEMO system at project premises in Riyadh for class room Audio Visual system ,

one setup is based on Smart Board and Projector and A/V Podium for class rooms


another setup based on LCD Touch Screen and Podium offering more features and advanced technology, and we would recommend to go for this setup as would be considered as the latest technology in class room Educational equipment

3- Project Master Operation plan a. we still missing client Master operation plan, to finalized the design for security and IT system, the operation plan for the project should be provided by the client or by the designed delegates illustrating how the multi function complex will interact together for instance .
i. ii. iii. iv.

Security procedure and material in/out inspection process Student security and monitoring, hospital process for safety and security IT (Telephony, TV, internet, wireless services,etc) relation between the different entities and the end user custodian for these systems,


Security plan

as per our contractual obligation total project security plan per building per site should be written and coordinated with safety plan and other related system yet, there is no responsible from the client side to advice and to respond to our security specialist consultant in order to finalize the security plan which will directly affect the design for all security system and location for control rooms

c. Safety Plan

Very important document to be provided by the project arch. and still missing till to date, indicating the project fire zoning, and evacuation process as this will affect the fire and security design and late release for such document might lead to major changes in design for security safety

4- Clinical Skills Building a. CSDC Riyadh: Waiting P+W to complete design changes and NGHA to confirm acceptance. NGHA refuses to confirm the simulators and medical equipments list before signing/accepting on those changes. b. CSDC Jeddah and Hassa: same as above c. CSD areas in Colleges: Still colleges designs are being discussed. NGHA did not approve yet the simulators lists. d. Once the equipment list is approved, a budget for the multimedia requirements of the simulators, based on their function, can be generated. And consequently the power and heat requirements among other elements that are preventing us from moving on with the current IFC documents can also be generated.

e. NGHA approves only a building when it is fully complete; problems like the labs are stopping us from getting their approval with initial BOQ and engineering designs. 5- Labs a. Labs have approved equipment or final furniture layouts which lead to impact on all infrastructure design 6- Data Centre a. Riyadh - Datacenter in Riyadh is separate building, we obtain the preliminary approval for the layout however the final design for data centre is not yet approved, along with operation plan, which considers as major milestone b. Medina Date Centre:- same status for Riyadh as its separate building c. Super Computer required by Research Building, not yet selected and the location for the super computers is not yet defined either to be in Data Centre building or will be located in Research Building , this considered is major millstone and might affect in resetting the design process for data centre if the decisions will be more delayed 7- Medical Planner a. no room details for medical rooms, or final selection for the equipment that will be used in all medial related building or rooms, which stops the final design for the needed infrastructure form IT and Security systems perspectives, moreover the necessary coordination for theses requirement with other trades, 8- Variation orders a. the additional building in design and construction with in BT contracts, such as Female college of medicine, Female college of Nursing, Cardio vascular building, ambulatory Centre Building, additional floor in Hospital in Riyadh, additional areas in academic buildings, etc.. . , have serious changes from the original design and extras equipment had been requested due to the additional modifications in arch. plans, theses variation need to be confirmed by client and ABCD , in order to cope with committed date for the delivery for these buildings b. Education systems and, E learning, distance learning, digital library, SIS (Student information system etc..) this variation order had been presented to different parties from client with no final decisions, c. Hospital Management/information system, These are the current show stoppers and constraints that we would believe to be tackled ASAP, in order to move the project forward from all aspects design and construction Sameh Desawy