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We come into your presence on waves of light. You feel our presence as within the
silence of your meditation. You feel those sudden rushes of energy. You feel and
sense the depth of the realm of infinite consciousness and as you transcend the
physical into this realm, you become very aware within the deepest part of your
meditative experience that you are stepping across a threshold and experiencing that
which is the pure energy of Light. You feel the presence of other beings who are in
what we will call the refined light body. This is a higher vibration than that which you
inhabit in the physical, for the physical body is very dense. It is very heavy in
substance, much heavier than the light body or any other level of consciousness that
you would pass through or ascend into.

The physical body is going through transformations at this time and it is the impact of
the waves of light energy that are bringing about this transformation. The light body
that is the refined substance of the pure energy that is radiating from the soul is the
vehicle of ascension. It is the vehicle that the soul, in essence, is transported by, is
contained within, and is then melded with the other light bodies, and the consciousness
of light that is the pathway of ascension.

From time to time you feel the impulse to move into this radiant beam of ascending
light. If you were totally honest and open with your real self, you would say that you are
ready and you would gladly pursue this pathway of ascending in your light body. There
are however the remaining and residual elements of the purpose for which you now
inhabit an earthly body, and this purpose needs to be fulfilled. For it would be
inappropriate and out of balance to pursue the pathway of ascension at the expense of
bringing your total being into perfect harmony and perfect balance as an interaction
with that which is of the physical earthly experience. It is true however that this
pathway of ascension can be entered at any time for it is the choice and the freewill of
the soul to do so. But first, the pathway of destiny for this particular embodiment must
be fulfilled; but that can be done in the blink of an eye, in an instant, when the
consciousness of the soul is awakened to the true purpose and destiny for the soul’s

All that is of the physical and earthly realm then becomes seen and known for what it is
and the pathway of ascension is open wide to the aspiring and dedicated soul. So feel
the completion taking place. Feel the total alignment of consciousness within the soul
taking place. Feel the light body becoming more and more the consciousness entity of
the soul that you are. Feel the gateways of ascension opening and as you release
your attention to the physical and related earthly experiences, you will feel the rise, the
acceleration. You will feel the flow of light energy that is constructing, you might say, in
your consciousness the light body, the vehicle of light, that is the vehicle of ascension.

Part of the experience of the interaction with other dimensions is understanding the
many dimensional aspects of light and as this is understood, the light body becomes
the true vehicle and the interaction with all levels of experience on all dimensions
becomes an instant reality and is no longer something that is held back by the density
and the weight of the physical world.

So feel this light body being constructed within your consciousness and as you proceed
through your meditations, feel the flow of energy and feel and sense the connecting
points of the energy of light as you are exposed to and introduced to various aspects of
creation that are beyond that which are viewed and sense within the physical world. As
you open to this process, ascension will become your reality and your light body will
become your only body, for it is the body of consciousness that radiates directly from
the creator and is the word that is indeed manifested in creation and that word is Love.

ASCEN: 19961216M