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§ 21.18 1 CFR Ch.

I (1–1–05 Edition)

a brief descriptive heading, preceding (c) Each agency shall publish its own
the text, on a separate line. regulations in full text. Cross-ref-
erences to the regulations of another
[50 FR 12468, Mar. 28, 1985]
agency may not be used as a substitute
§ 21.18 Tables of contents. for publication in full text, unless the
Office of the Federal Register finds
A table of contents shall be used at that the regulation meets any of the
the beginning of the part whenever a following exceptions:
new part is introduced, an existing part (1) The reference is required by court
is completely revised, or a group of sec- order, statute, Executive order or reor-
tions is revised or added and set forth ganization plan.
as a subpart or otherwise separately (2) The reference is to regulations
grouped under a center head. The table promulgated by an agency with the ex-
shall follow the part heading and pre- clusive legal authority to regulate in a
cede the text of the regulations in that subject matter area, but the ref-
part. It shall also list the headings for erencing agency needs to apply those
the subparts, undesignated center regulations in its own programs.
headings, sections in the part, and ap- (3) The reference is informational or
pendix headings to the part or subpart. improves clarity rather than being reg-
[37 FR 23611, Nov. 4, 1972, as amended at 54 ulatory.
FR 9682, Mar. 7, 1989] (4) The reference is to test methods
or consensus standards produced by a
§ 21.19 Composition of part headings. Federal agency that have replaced or
Each part heading shall indicate preempted private or voluntary test
briefly the general subject matter of methods or consensus standards in a
the part. Phrases such as ‘‘Regulations subject matter area.
under the Act of July 28, 1955’’ or other (5) The reference is to the Depart-
expressions that are not descriptive of ment level from a subagency.
the subject matter may not be used. In- [37 FR 23611, Nov. 4, 1972, as amended at 50
troductory expressions such as ‘‘Regu- FR 12468, Mar. 28, 1985]
lations governing’’ and ‘‘Rules applica-
ble to’’ may not be used. § 21.23 Parallel citations of Code and
Federal Register.
For parallel reference, the Code of
§ 21.20 General requirements. Federal Regulations and the FEDERAL
REGISTER may be cited in the following
(a) Each amendatory document shall forms, as appropriate:
identify in specific terms the unit
amended, and the extent of the changes lll CFR lll (lll FR lll). § ll of
made. this chapter (lll FR lll).
(b) The number and heading of each
§ 21.24 References to 1938 edition of
section amended shall be set forth in Code.
full on a separate line.
When reference is made to material
REFERENCES codified in the 1938 edition of the Code
of Federal Regulations, or a supple-
§ 21.21 General requirements: Ref- ment thereto, the following forms may
erences. be used, as appropriate:
(a) Each reference to the Code of Fed- lll CFR, 1938 Ed., lll.
eral Regulations shall be in terms of lll CFR, 1943, Cum. Supp., lll.
the specific titles, chapters, parts, sec- lll CFR, 1946 Supp., lll.
tions, and paragraphs involved. Ambig-
uous references such as ‘‘herein’’, EFFECTIVE DATE STATEMENT
‘‘above’’, ‘‘below’’, and similar expres-
sions may not be used. § 21.30 General.
(b) Each document that contains a Each document subject to codifica-
reference to material published in the tion shall include a clear statement as
Code shall include the Code citation as to the date or dates upon which its
a part of the reference. contents become effective.


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