Started: Oct. 15 People: Around a dozen people Camp: Private land on 102 St. at Jasper Ave. • Landowners have threatened to evict, but the protesters remain

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Started: Oct. 15 People: Fire o cials estimate 15-25 now sleep at night there Camp: Estimated between 80-100 tents set up at its peak at the Vancouver Art Gallery • A court-ordered fire safety compliance was issued Nov. 9 • Violent outbursts, attacks on police, some protesters injured • Death of a 23-year-old from suspected drug overdose


Started: Around Oct. 15 Camp: Protesters have moved out of Friendship Park • Camp has officially disbanded for more than a week • Occupied movement is moving “underground”

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Started: Oct. 15 Camp: At least 75 tents set up at Confederation Park • Allegations of sexual assault, drug use • National Capital Commission — which owns the lands — says they must be out in time to prepare for Winterlude • Prep for Winterlude usually starts in Dec.


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Started: Oct. 15 People: 20-40 at any given time Camp: Located at Memorial Park • No major incidents to report • City has no intention of asking them to leave

Started: Around Oct. 15 People: Of 400 protesters, 90-150 have vowed to stay during the winter Camp: About 230 tents set up in Victoria Square; they have also begun to build wooden shelters • Alcohol and mental health problems are reportedly common



Started: Around Oct. 15 Camp: Located at Place de l’Universite-duQuebec • City officials have asked them to move on • At least one fire has been reported

Started: Oct. 23 People: Couple of dozen people, up to 40 at times Camp: Estimated 10 tents set up in Memorial Park • No steps taken by authorities to clear them out • No major issues have been reported




Started: Around Oct. 15 Camp: Located downtown in Centennial Square. • Protesters served with a notice of removal • The injunction will be heard on Nov. 15 • One protester has been charged with assault


Started: Oct. 15 People: 10 people at the one remaining site Camp: Originally two sites, now the occupied site is at Olympic Plaza • City claims they’ve caused $40,000 worth of damage • No plans to move them

Started: Oct. 22. People: Around 100 to 150 Occupiers sleeping at the camp at its peak Camp: 50 tents powered by a generator. Set up in Victoria Park, downtown London. • Police dismantled the camp on Nov. 9 • Two protesters were arrested on Nov. 10 for refusing to leave the camp after it was dismantled

Kingston Toronto
Started: Oct. 15 Camp: 260 tents, including three Mongolian yurts set up at St. James Park • Alcohol is being sold on-site • Violence after dark, including an alleged sexual assault • Mayor has asked protesters to leave

Started: Oct. 15 People: Three occupiers maintain a consistent presence, but a core group of about 100 members will come and go Camp: One large 12’x8’ tent set up in Confederation Park in Kingston, directly across from City Hall • No reports of violence • No intention of evicting the occupiers at this point • Not causing any undue dislocation of residents or business activities in the city

Started: Oct. 15 People: Roughly 100 Camp: Moved from Grand Parade to Victoria Park; there are 55 tents on site • Reportedly received a $5,000 grant to winterize their site • Police moved in on Friday afternoon to tear down protester’s tents; several arrests were made