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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. The Statue of Liberty's index finger is eight feet long. Rain has never been recorded in some parts of the Atacama Desert in Chile. A 75 year old person will have slept about 23 years. Boeing 747's wing span is longer than the Wright brother's first flight. The Wright brother's invented the airplane. There are as many chickens on earth as there are humans. One type of hummingbird weighs less than a penny. The word "set" has the most number of definitions in the English language; 192 Slugs have four noses. Sharks can live up to 100 years. Mosquitos are more attracted to the color blue than any other color. Kangaroos can't walk backwards. About 75 acres of pizza are eaten in in the U.S. everyday. The largest recorded snowflake was 15 Inch wide and 8 Inch thick. It fell in Montana in 1887. The tip of a bullwhip moves so fast that the sound it makes is actually a tiny sonic boom. Former president Bill Clinton only sent 2 emails in his entire 8 year presidency. Koalas and humans are the only animals that have finger prints. There are 200,000,000 insects for every one human. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery had in it to begin with. The world's largest Montessori school is in India, with 26,312 students in 2002. Octopus has three hearts. If you ate too many carrots, you would turn orange. The average person spends two weeks waiting for a traffic light to change. 1 in 2,000,000,000 people will live to be 116 or old. The body has 2-3 million sweat glands. Sperm whales have the biggest brains; 20 lbs. Tiger shark embroyos fight each other in their mother's womb. The survivor is born. Most cats are left pawed. 250 people have fallen off the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A Blue whale's tongue weighs more than an elephant. You use 14 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. Keep Smiling! Bamboo can grow up to 3 ft in 24 hours. An eyeball weighs about 1 ounce

. Facts about our body

1. 2. 3. 4. Share Our heart beats around 100,000 times every day. Our blood is on a 60,000-mile journey. Our eyes can distinguish up to one million color surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man. Our lungs inhale over two million liters of air every day, without even thinking. They are large enough to cover a tennis court.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Our hearing is so sensitive it can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of different sounds. Our sense of touch is more refined than any device ever created. Our brain is more complex than the most powerful computer and has over 100 billion nerve cells. We give birth to 100 billion red cells every day. When we touch something, we send a message to our brain at 124 mph. We have over 600 muscles. We exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile. We are about 70 percent water. We make one liter of saliva a day. Our nose is our personal air-conditioning system: it warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities. In one square inch of our hand we have nine feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors and 75 pressure sensors

General Knowledge Quiz Questions 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The largest museum in the world is the American Museum of Natural History. The lowest mountain range in the world is the Buena Bhaile. The country known as the Land of Cakes is Scotland. The place known as the Garden of England is Kent. The tallest tower in the world is the C. N. Tower, Toronto, Canada. The country famous for its fish catch is Japan. The old name of Taiwan was Farmosa. Montreal is situated on the bank of River Ottawa. The city of Bonn is situated in Germany.

10. The literal meaning of Renaissance is Revival. 11. Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus. 12. The title of Desert Fox was given to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. 13. The largest airport in the world is the King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia. 14. The city in Russia which faced an earthquake in the year 1988 was Armenia. Later on it became a separate country. 15. The largest bay in the world is Hudson Bay, Canada. 16. The largest church in the world is Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome. 17. The largest peninsula in the world is Arabia. 18. The largest gulf in the world is Gulf of Mexico. 19. The tallest statue in the world is the Motherland, Volgograd Russia. 20. The largest railway tunnel in the world is the Oshimizu Tunnel, Japan. 21. The world's loneliest island is the Tristan da cunha. 22. The word 'Quiz' was coined by Jim Daly Irishman. 23. The original meaning of 'Quiz' was Trick. 24. The busiest shopping centre of London is Oxford Street.

25. The residence of the Queen in London is Buckingham Palace. 26. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. 27. The country whose National Anthem has only music but no words is Bahrain. 28. The largest cinema in the world is the Fox theatre, Detroit, USA. 29. The country where there are no Cinema theatres is Saudi Arabia. 30. The world's tallest office building is the Sears Tower, Chicago. 31. In the year 1811, Paraguay became independent from Spain. 32. The cross word puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynne. 33. The city which was the capital of the ancient Persian Empire was Persepolis. 34. WHO stands for World Health Organization. 35. WHO (World Health Organization) is located at Geneva. 36. FAO stands for Food and Agriculture Organization. 37. FAO is located at Rome and London. 38. UNIDO stands for United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 39. UNIDO is located at Vienna. 40. WMO stands for World Meteorological Organization. 41. WMO is located at Geneva. 42. International Civil Aviation Organization is located at Montreal. 43. The Angel Falls is located in Venezuela. 44. The Victoria Falls is located in Rhodesia.

General Knowledge Facts


Ice Cream was discovered by Gerald Tisyum.

46. The number regarded as lucky number in Italy is thirteen. 47. Napoleon suffered from alurophobia which means Fear of cats. 48. The aero planes were used in war for the first time by Italians. (14 Oct.1911) 49. Slavery in America was abolished by Abraham Lincoln. 50. The Headquarters of textile manufacturing in England is Manchester. 51. The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson River is Manhattan. 52. The founder of plastic industry was Leo Hendrik Baekeland. 53. The country where military service is compulsory for women is Israel. 54. The country which has more than 10,000 golf courses is USA. 55. The famous painting 'Mona Lisa' is displayed at Louvre museum, Paris. 56. The earlier name for tomato was Love apple. 57. The first President of USA was George Washington. 58. The famous words 'Veni Vidi Vici' were said by Julius Caesar. 59. The practice of sterilization of surgical instruments was introduced by Joseph Lister. 60. The number of countries which participated in the first Olympic Games held at Athens was nine. 61. Mercury is also known as Quick Silver. 62. Disneyland is located in California, USA. 63. The country which built the first powerful long range rockets is Germany. 64. Sewing Machine was invented by Isaac M. Singer. 65. Adding Machine was invented by Aldrin.

66. The national emblem of Spain is Eagle. 67. Archimedes was born in Sicily. 68. The total area of Vatican City is 0.272 square kilometers. 69. The largest temple in the world is Angkor Wat in Kampuchea. 70. The largest dome in the world is Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, USA. 71. The largest strait in the world is Tartar Strait. 72. The Mohenjo-Daro ruins are found in Larkand District of Sind, Pakistan. 73. The largest city of Africa is Cairo. 74. The founder of KODAK Company was Eastman. 75. The 'Cape of Good Hope' is located in South Africa. 76. The Heathrow Airport is located in London. 77. The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude. 78. The last letter of the Greek alphabet is Omega. 79. The place known as the land of Lincoln is Illinois. 80. The US state Utah is also known as Beehive state. 81. The Kalahari Desert is located in Africa. 82. The Patagonian desert is located in Argentina. 83. The person known as the father of aeronautics is Sir George Cayley. 84. The most densely populated Island in the world is Honshu. 85. The two nations Haiti and the Dominion Republic together form the Island of Hispaniola. 86. The largest auto producer in the USA is General Motors. 87. The largest auto producing nation is Japan. 88. The famous 'General Motors' company was founded by William Durant. 89. The country that brings out the FIAT is Italy. 90. The first actor to win an Oscar was Emil Jannings. 91. The first animated colour cartoon of full feature length was Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. 92. The first demonstration of a motion picture was held at Paris. 93. The first country to issue stamps was Britain. 94. The actor who is considered as the biggest cowboy star of the silent movies is Tom Mix. 95. The Pentagon is located at Washington DC. 96. The world's largest car manufacturing company is Toyota Motors, JAPAN. 97. The world's biggest manufacturer of bicycles is Hero Cycles, India. 98. The world's oldest underground railway is at London. 99. The White House was painted white to hide fire damage. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The largest oil producing nation in Africa is Nigeria. The longest river in Russia and Europe is Volga River. The first Emperor of Germany was Wilhelm. The last French Monarch was Louis Napoleon III. "History is Bunk" was said by Henry Ford. The term 'astrology' literally means Star Speech. Togo is situated in Africa. Coal is also known as Black Diamond. The first Boxer to win 3 gold medals in Olympics was Laszlo Papp.

10. The first ruler who started war games for his soldiers was Genghis Khan.

11. The first cross word puzzle in the world was published in 1924 by London Sunday Express.


The lightest known metal is Lithium.

13. The Atacama Desert is located in North Chile. 14. The oil used to preserve timber is Creosote oil. 15. The founder of USA was George Washington. 16. The first talkie feature film in USA was 'The Jazz Singer'. 17. The chemical name of laughing gas is Nitrous oxide. 18. The US state North Carolina is also known as Tar Heel state. 19. The US state Tennesse is also known as Volunteer state. 20. The US state Indiana is also known as Hoosier state. 21. The US state Kentucky is also known as Blue Grass state. 22. The US state known as 'Pine Free State' is Vermont. 23. The US state known as 'Mountain State' is West Virginia. 24. The US state known as 'Land of 1000 Lakes' is Minnesota. 25. The popular detective character created by Agatha Christie is Hercule Poirot. 26. The Pakistani President who died in an air crash was Zia-ul-Huq. 27. Yoghurt means Fermented milk. 28. Yankee is the nickname of American. 29. The International court of Justice is located in Hague, Holland. 30. The headquarters of World Bank is located at Washington DC. 31. Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone. 32. The technique to produce the first test tube baby was evolved by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. 33. The oldest residential university of Britain is the Oxford University. 34. The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called Big Ben. 35. Prado Museum is located in Madrid. 36. The number of keys in an ordinary piano is Eighty eight. 37. 'Man is a Tool Making Animal' was said by Benjamin Franklin. 38. The term 'anesthesia' was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes. 39. The first man to reach Antarctica was Fabian Gottlieb. 40. The Kilimanjaro volcano is situated in Tanzania. 41. The invention that is considered to have built America is Dynamite. 42. Words that contains all the vowels: Authentication, Remuneration, Education, Automobile, Miscellaneous and many more. 43. Words that contain all the vowels in order: Facetious and Abstemious. 44. Words that contain all the vowels in reverse order: Uncomplimentary, Unproprietary, Unoriental and Subcontinental. 45. Words with no vowel in them: Myth, Fly, Sky, Dry, Cry, Rhythm, Crypt. 46. Which country declares independence on 18th Feb 2008? - Kosovo. 47. Who was the founder of the kindergarten education system? - German educator Friedrich Froebel 48. What is the scientific name of Vitamin C? - Ascorbic Acid 49. What is the full form of GPRS? - General Packet Radio Service 50. Which was the first university established in the world? - Nalanda University

51. What is full form of CEO, CFO & CIO titles? Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Information Officer. Question: What is called as the "Roof of the World"? 1. 2. 3. 4. Indira Point Kanchenjunga Pamir Knot Indira Col

Answer: 3 Question: The illustrious names of Aryabhatta and Varahamihir are associated with the age of the 1. 2. 3. 4. Guptas Kushanas Mauryas Palas

Answer: 1 Question: Who generally acknowledged as the pioneer of local self government in modern India? 1. 2. 3. 4. Ripon Mayo Lytton Curzon

Answer: 1 Question: Which Article of the Constitution of India abolishes untouchability and forbids its practice in any form? 1. 2. 3. 4. Article 16 Article 17 Article 18 Article 15

Answer: 2 Question: The idea of Pakistan was first conceived by 1. 2. 3. Muhammad Iqbal M. A. Jinnah Shaukat Ali


Aga Khan

Answer: 1 Question: Which of the following countries has introduced "Direct Democracy"? 1. 2. 3. 4. Russia India France Switzerland

Answer: 4 Question: Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is 1. 2. 3. 4. More that aggregate demand Less than aggregate demand Equal to aggregate demand None of the above

Answer: 2 Question: Which State has the lowest per capita income in India? 1. 2. 3. 4. Bihar Orissa Rajasthan Gujrat

Answer: 2 Question: In the budget figures of the Government of India, fiscal deficit is 1. 2. 3. 4. Total expenditure - total receipts Revenue expenditure - revenue receipts Capital expenditure - capital receipts + market borrowings Sum of budget deficit and Government's market borrowings and liabilities

Answer: 1 Question: The eighth Joint Economic Group dialogue between China and India was held in January 2010 in Beijing, China after a gap of 1. 2. two years three years

3. 4.

four years five years

Answer: 3 Question: According to the recently released World Bank Report, the Chinese economy grew by the close of fourth quarter of 2009 at the rate of 1. 2. 3. 4. 9.7 percent 10.7 percent 10.8 percent 11 percent

Answer: 2 Question: As per the quality of life Index 2010, which was released worldwide in January 2010, the united States occupies the 1. 2. 3. 4. Second Place Third Place Fifth Place Seventh Place

Answer: 4 Question: The India-France deal for civil nuclear corporation, which came into force in January 2010, had been signed between the two countries in 1. 2. 3. 4. September 2008 October 2008 November 2008 December 2008

Answer: 1 Question: Wodeyars were the ruler of 1. 2. 3. 4. Princely State of Mysore Princely State of Travancore Vijayanagaram None of these

Answer: 1 Question: "Black Pagoda" is in

1. 2. 3. 4.

Egypt Srilanka Madurai Konark

Answer: 4 Question: The meeting of the Rajya Sabha are presided over by the 1. 2. 3. 4. President Vice President Prime Minister Speaker

Answer: 2 Question: Lunar eclipse occurs on 1. 2. 3. 4. A new moon day A full moon day A half moon day both 1 and 2

Answer: 2 Question: Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation? 1. 2. 3. 4. Rice Wheat Beans Maize

Answer: 3 Question: Detroit in the U. S. A. is known as the city of 1. 2. 3. 4. Motor Car Lights Aeroplanes Rockets

Answer: 1 Question: The term "Fourth Estate" refers to

1. 2. 3. 4.

Backward States Judiciary Press Tea Estate

Answer: 3 Question: SAIL's plant in Karnataka is situated at 1. 2. 3. 4. Bangalore Bhadravati Belgaum Hubli

Answer: 2 Question: At which of the following place Rajiv Gandhi died of human bomb explosion? 1. 2. 3. 4. New Delhi Chennai Sriperumbudur Colombo

Answer: 3 Question: Who is not the Speaker of the Lok Sabha ever? 1. 2. 3. 4. Somnath Chatterjee P. A. Sangma Meira Kumar Sushma Swaraj

Answer: 4 Question: The Governor General associated with the abolition of slavery was 1. 2. 3. 4. Cornwallis Bentinck Dalhousie Rippon

Answer: 2 Question: The name of India's first carrier is

1. 2. 3. 4.

INS Vikrant INS Nilgiri INS Kukri INS Himgiri

Answer: 1 Question: The general direct flow of summer monsoon in India is 1. 2. 3. 4. From South to North From South West to South East From South East to South West From South West to North East

Answer: 2 Question: World No-Tobacco Day is observed on 1. 2. 3. 4. May 25 May 31 May28 May 24

Answer: 2 Question: Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth's surface? 1. 2. 3. 4. Desert Ecosystem Grassland Ecosystem Mountain Ecosystem Marine Ecosystem

Answer: 4 Question: With which game is the Double Fault associated? 1. 2. 3. 4. Lawn Tennis Football Cricket Hockey

Answer: 2 Question: Where is the oldest oil refinery in India located?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Digboi Cochin Mathura Guwahati

Answer: 1 Question: The Siwaliks stretch between 1. 2. 3. 4. Indus and Sutlaj Potwar basin and Teesta Sutlaj and Kali None of these

Answer: 2 Question: Thalassaemia is a hereditary disease affecting 1. 2. 3. 4. Blood Lungs Heart Kidney

Answer: 1 Question: Polythene is industrially prepared by the polymerization of 1. 2. 3. 4. Methane Styrene Acetylene Ethylene

Answer: 4 Question: In cricket the length of pitch between the two wickets is 1. 2. 3. 4. 24 yards 23 yards 22 yards 21 yards

Answer: 3 Question: Which one of the following is not the official language of the United Nations Organisation?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Arabic Chinese Portuguese Spanish

Answer: 3 Question: Which countries are separated by Mac Mohan Line? 1. 2. 3. 4. India and Pakistan China and Tibet India and China India and Bangladesh

Answer: 3 Question: Which one of the following is a water soluble vitamin? 1. 2. 3. 4. Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin K

Answer: 2 Question: Among the following who was the Speaker in two Lok Sabhas? 1. 2. 3. 4. Rabi Ray Shivraj Patil P. A. Sangma G. M. C Balyogi

Answer: 4 Question: 'Lakshya' which is part of Indian Defence System is 1. 2. 3. 4. Surface of air missile Missile Firing Submarine multi Barrel rocket System Pilotless target aircraft

Answer: 4 Question: Which one of the following states has only one representatives each in Lok Sabha?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Manipur, Meghalaya Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura Mizoram and Nagaland

Answer: 4 Question: Who among the following is known as the guardian of the Public Purse in India? 1. 2. 3. 4. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India The President The Minister of Finance The parliament

Answer: 1 Question: Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) is used as a standard measure of 1. 2. 3. 4. Oxygen level in forest System Oxygen level in animals Oxygen level in water system Oxygen level in atmosphere

Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following Crops is of Kharif Season? 1. 2. 3. 4. Soyabean Linseed lentil Mustard

Answer: 1 Question: Fruit most suitable for making jelly is 1. 2. 3. 4. Papaya Karunda Mango Banana

Answer: 3 Question: Who was the first chief Justice of Supreme court of Calcutta?

1. 2. 3. 4.

Hyde Elijah Impey Lemaistre Monson

Answer: 2 Question: By which of the following Acts were the Commercial Rights of East India Company Abolished? 1. 2. 3. 4. Regulating Act of 1773 Charter Act of 1813 Charter Act of 1833 Charter Act of 1853

Answer: 3 Question: Who Was the founder of All India Muslim League? 1. 2. 3. 4. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan Liyaqat Ali Khan Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Answer: 2 Question: Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant obtains its iron ore from the mines of 1. 2. 3. 4. Bababudan Bailadila Dalli-Rajhra Gurumahisaini

Answer: 1 Question: The First Finance Commission was constituted in the year 1. 2. 3. 4. 1956 1953 1952 1951

Answer: 4

Question: Which one of the following Settlements comprised Zamindar as middleman to collect the land revenue? 1. 2. 3. 4. Mahalwari Settlement Ryotwari Settlement Permanent Settlement None of the above

Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following was the court language during the reign of Akbar? 1. 2. 3. 4. Hindi Urdu Persian Arabic

Answer: 3 Question: What were the districts called in the Vijaynagar empire? 1. 2. 3. 4. Nadu Khurram Kottam Janpad

Answer: 3 Question: Which was the first National News Agency of India? 1. 2. 3. 4. The Indian Review The Free Press of India The Associated Press of India None of the above

Answer: 3 Question: The depiction of the stones of the previous lives of Gautama Buddha was first done in the art of 1. 2. 3. 4. Sarnath Pillar of Asoka Bharhut Stupa Ajanta Caves Eilora Caves

Answer: 2 Question: The British Parliament can do everything except make a woman a man and a woman a man?To whom is this statement ascribed? 1. 2. 3. 4. Dicey Hegal De Lolme none of above

Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following states did not come into being in 1987? 1. 2. 3. 4. Mizoram Arunachal Pradesh Goa Manipur

Answer: 4 Question: The number of Zonal Councils in India is 1. 2. 3. 4. Five Four Seven Eight

Answer: 1 Question: National Commission for Back ward Classes was established in 1. 2. 3. 4. 1994 1993 1995 1999

Answer: 2 Question: Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the multipurpose projet of 1. 2. 3. 4. Maharashtra state Gujarat state Orissa State Tamil Nadu state

Answer: 3 Question: Which sector contributes the maximum share in National income of India? 1. 2. 3. 4. Primary Secondary Tertiary All the above have equal share

Answer: 3 Question: Shankarlal Guru committee was associated With 1. 2. 3. 4. Agricultural Marketing Agricultural production Public Distribution System None of above

Answer: 1 Question: IMF is the result of 1. 2. 3. 4. Hawana Conference Rome Conference Brettonwood Conference Geneva Conference

Answer: 3 Question: The Difference between Gross Domestic product and Net Domestic product is 1. 2. 3. 4. Government Revenue Net Indirect Tax (Indirect Tax Subsidy) Consumption of fixed Capital Net Capital Formation

Answer: 4 Question: First share market in India was established in 1. 2. 3. 4. Delhi Mumbai Kolkata chennai

Answer: 2 Question: The acronym STD written on Telephone booth stands for 1. 2. 3. 4. Straight Telephone Dial Switch Telephone Dial Subscriber Telephone Dialing Save Telephone Dialing

Answer: 3 Question: India has signed a landamrk deal for sale of Dhruv Advance Light Helicopters (ALHs) with 1. 2. 3. 4. Venezuela Peru Ecuador Chile

Answer: 3 Question: Humidity is measured by which of the following instrument? 1. 2. 3. 4. Barometer Thermometer Hygrometer Hydrometer

Answer: 3 Question: Rabindranath Tagore was awarded Noble Prize for his literary work named 1. 2. 3. 4. Geetanjali Rajtarangini Chokher Bali Kapal Kundala

Answer: 1 Question: Which of the following department of Indian Government takes care of education of children with physical disabilities? 1. 2. 3. Ministry of Welfare Ministry of Sports Ministry of HRD


Ministry of Rural Development

Answer: 1 Question: Amrita Pritam's work "A Revenue Stamp" is 1. 2. 3. 4. A book of stories A novel A biography An autobiography

Answer: 4 Question: "Nadi Ke Dweep" is the creation of 1. 2. 3. 4. Nirmala Verma Krishna Sobit Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh Sachidananda Heeranand Vatsyayan Agyeya

Answer: 4 Question: The poetic work "Rashmirathi" was written by 1. 2. 3. 4. Maithilisharan Gupt Mahadevi Verma Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala

Answer: 3 Question: "Operation Black Board" refers to providing schools with 1. 2. 3. 4. Enough number of black boards New type of black boards Training for using new type of black boards All essential learning materials.

Answer: 4 Question: Transistors used in electronic equipments are mostly made of 1. 2. 3. Silver Copper Silicon



Answer: 3 Question: The disease diphtheria affects 1. 2. 3. 4. Lungs Intestine Throat Body joints

Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following is the brightest planet as seen from the earth? 1. 2. 3. 4. Mercury Uranus Venus Mars

Answer: 3 Question: The Harry Potter series is written by 1. 2. 3. 4. K K Rowling K J Rowling J K Rowling A K Rowling

Answer: 3 Question: The most common communicable disease is 1. 2. 3. 4. Influenza Typhoid Cholera Polio

Answer: 1 Question: Among the following, the richest source of protein is 1. 2. 3. Ground Nut Rice Potato



Answer: 1 Question: Taoism is a school of 1. 2. 3. 4. Chinese philosophy Japanese philosophy Buddhist philosophy Sri Lankan philosophy

Answer: 1 Question: Hydrogen is used instead of Helium to fill balloons for meteorology because 1. 2. 3. 4. of its low density It is not very reactive under normal conditions It is almost insoluble in water It can be prepared easily

Answer: 1 Question: The most abundant element in the earth's crust is 1. 2. 3. 4. Silicon Aluminium Nitrogen Oxygen

Answer: 4 Question: Stainless steel is an example of 1. 2. 3. 4. A metallic compound A homogeneous mixture A heterogeneous mixture An inorganic compound

Answer: 1 Question: The Non-Cooperation Movement was ultimately withdrawn by Mahatma Gandhi 1. 2. 3. On the directions of the Party On account of amicable settlement with the British On account of violent incidents at Chauri-Chaura


On account of excessive repression by the Government

Answer: 3 Question: The Preamble of the Constitution after 42nd amendment declares India 1. 2. 3. 4. Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic Sovereign Democratic Republic Federal Democratic Republic Federal Socialist Democratic Republic

Answer: 1 Question: The International Date Line is the 1. 2. 3. 4. Equator 0 Longitude 88 East Longitude 180 Longitude

Answer: 4 Question: The real executive power under a Parliamentary Government rests with 1. 2. 3. 4. The Parliament The King The Council of Ministers The Civil Servants

Answer: 3 Question: Who among the following was the first Maratha Ruler to get legal recognition from the Mughals? 1. 2. 3. 4. Sahuji Shivaji Balaji Baji Rao Sambhaji

Answer: 1 Question: The average solar day is approximately 1. 2. 24 hrs 24 hrs 15 minutes

3. 4.

24 hrs 52 minutes 24 hrs 15 Second

Answer: 1 Question: The constellation Sapta-Rishi is known to westerns as the 1. 2. 3. 4. Seven Monks Alpha Centauri Big Dipper Small Bear

Answer: 3 Question: One kilobyte is equal to 1. 2. 3. 4. 1000 bytes 1024 bytes 100 bytes 1023 bytes

Answer: 2 Question: Which of the following is a cellulose fiber? 1. 2. 3. 4. Cotton Wool Rayon Polyester

Answer: 1 Question: Which of the following is not an example of Operating System? 1. 2. 3. 4. Windows 98 BSD Unix Microsoft Office XP Red Hat Linux

Answer: 3 Question: Which of the following vitamins helps in the absorption of calcium? 1. 2. Vitamin A Vitamin B

3. 4.

Vitamin C Vitamin D

Answer: 4 Question: Dengue fever is spread by 1. 2. 3. 4. Aedes aegypti mosquito Common House flies Anophilies mosquito Rodent like rats and squirrels

Answer: 1 Question: Which of the following is not a fundamental right of the Indian citizens? 1. 2. 3. 4. Right to property Right to freedom of expression Right to vote Right to remain silence

Answer: 1 Question: Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists? 1. 2. 3. 4. Param Super 301 Compaq Presario CRAY YMP

Answer: 1 Question: Genome is the key to tomorrow's medical practices because 1. 2. 3. 4. It unleashes an information revolution It provides a new outlook into medicine It is a new way of making drugs It can enable customized medicines.

Answer: 2 Question: Which of the following is not a missile tested in Indian Missile Programme? 1. 2. Agni Trishul

3. 4.

Prithvi Arjun

Answer: 4 Question: Mahatma Gandhi started his struggle against apartheid in 1. 2. 3. 4. Natal Transvaal Johannesberg Champaran

Answer: 1

General Knowledge Questions for Entrance Exams

1. The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium (1) Increases (2) Decreases (3) Remains unaltered (4) Drops sharply 2. Which from the following rivers does not originate in Indian territory? (1) Mahanadi (2) Brahmaputra (3) Ravi (4) Chenab 3. The gas predominantly responsible for global warning is (1) Carbon dioxide (2) Carbon monoxide (3) Nitrous oxide (4) Nitrogen peroxide 4. 26th January is India's (1) Independence Day (2) Republic Day (3) Revolution Day (4) Parliament Day 5. Which of the following uses non-conventional Source of Energy? (1) Kerosene lamp (2) Wax candle (3) Solar lantern (4) Torch

6. Electric current is measured by (1) Voltmeter (2) Anemometer (3) Commutator (4) Ammeter 7. The dynamo is a device for converting (1) Heat energy into electrical energy (2) Mechanical energy into electrical energy (3) Magnetic energy into electrical energy (4) None of these 8. Galvanised Iron sheets have a coating of (1) Tin (2) Lead (3) Zinc (4) Chromium 9. The hardest substance available on earth is (1) Platinum (2) Diamond (3) Quartz (4) gold 10. Washing soda is the common name for (1) Calcium carbonate (2) Calcium bicarbonate (3) Sodium carbonate (4) Sodium bicarbonate 11. 2008 Olympic games were held in (1) China (2) Greece (3) Italy (4) France 12. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Captain of Indian Test Cricket Team? (1) Sachin Tendulkar (2) Rahul Dravid (3) Anil Kumble (4) Mahender Singh Dhoni 13. Who among the following has been selected as new coach for the Indian Cricket Team? (1) Vivian Richards (2) Gary Kirsten

(3) Kapil Dev (4) Allan Border 14. The mascot for the 34th National Games held in Jharkhand in 2008, is (1) Sheru (2) Roopa (3) Chauva (4) None of these 15. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated? (1) Football (2) Badminton (3) Basketball (4) Hockey 16. The term, L.B.W. is associated with which of the following games? (1) Cricket (2) Hockey (3) Football (4) Polo 17. Wankhede stadium is situated in? (1) Chandigarh (2) Bangalore (3) Mumbai (4) Chennai 18. The Olympic games are normally held at an interval of (1) 2 years (2) 3 years (3) 4 years (4) 5 years 19. Jaspal Rana is the name associated with which of the following games? (1) Boxing (2) Shooting (3) Archery (4) Weight lifting 20. Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports is located at (1) Kolkata (2) New Delhi (3) Jhansi (4) Patiala

21. A person wants to contest election for the membership of Gram Panchayat, what should be his age? (1) 18 years or above (2) 19 years or above (3) 21 years of above (4) Minimum 25 years 22. Who summons the joint sitting of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha? (1) President (2) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (3) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha (4) Prime Minister 23. Which of the following is not a source of revenue to the village panchayat? (1) Property Tax (2) House Tax (3) Land Tax (4) Vehicle Tax 24. All electioneering campaigns during the time of elections are stopped. (1) 48 hours before the appointed time of election results (2) 48 hours before the actual poll (3) 24 hours before the actual poll (4) 36 hours before the actual poll 25. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India? (1) President (2) Prime Minister (3) Parliament (4) Chief Justice of India 26. The General Budget is presented in the parliament normally in the month of (1) January (2) February (3) March (4) Last month of the year 27. Who is the signatory on the Indian currency notes in denomination of two rupees and above? (1) Secretary, Reserve Bank of India (2) Finance Secretary, Minister of Finance (3) Governor, Reserve Bank of India (4) Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance 28. The monetary unit of Bangladesh is (1) Rupee

(2) Takka (3) Rupiah (4) Dollar 29. Sellers market denotes a situation where (1) Commodities are available at competitive rates (2) Demand exceeds supply (3) Supply exceeds demand (4) Supply and demand are equal 30. Development means economic growth plus (1) Inflation (2) Deflation (3) Price stability (4) Social change 31. The Abbreviation NAEP stands for (1) National Atomic Energy Planning (2) National Adult education Programme (3) National Authority on Engineering Projects (4) Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project 32. The Abbreviations PSLV stands for (1) Polar Survey Landing Vehicle (2) Polarised Source Laser Viewing (3) Precise Source Locating Vision (4) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle 33. The term 'epicentre' is associated with (1) Earthquakes (2) Tornadoes (3) Cyclones (4) Earth's interior 34. Which of the following order is given to the plantes of solar system on the basis of their sizes? (1) Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mercury (2) Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Earth (3) Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn (4) Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter 35. The solar eclipse occurs when (1) the sun comes in between the moon and the earth (2) the earth comes in the between the sun and the moon (3) the moon comes in between the sun and the earth (4) None of these

36. The removal of top soil by water or wind is called (1) Soil wash (2) Soil erosion (3) Soil creep (4) Silting of soil 37. Which of the following is suitable for growing cotton? (1) Sandy soil (2) Clayey soil (3) Black soil (4) Alluvial soil 38. Bandipur Sanctuary is located in the State of (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Uttar Pradesh (3) Karnataka (4) Madhya Pradesh 39. Largest State in terms of area, in India is (1) Assam (2) Rajasthan (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) Jammu and Kashmir 40. Koraput is related to which of the following Industry (1) Aeroplane (2) Ship building (3) Iron and steel (4) Electric locomotives 41. Which of the following group of States is the largest producer of tea? (1) West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh (2) Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan (3) Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand (4) West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka 42. Which of these has the largest river basin? (1) Brahmaputra (2) Ganga (3) Godavari (4) Sutlej 43. The Indus Valley Civilization was famous for (1) Well-planned cities (2) Efficient civil organization

(3) Development of Art and Architecture (4) All of these 44. The Red Fort of Delhi was built by (1) Akbar (2) Shahjehan (3) Jahangir (4) Sher Shah 45. The ancient name of the city of Patna is (1) Pataliputra (2) Kanauj (3) Kausambi (4) Kapilavastu 46. The ancient kingdom of "Avanti" had its capital at (1) Vaishali (2) Kausambi (3) Ujjain (4) Ayodhya 47. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India (1) 1492 (2) 1498 (3) 1398 (4) 1542 48. The General who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bag was (1) Tegart (2) Cornwallis (3) Simpson (4) O. Dwyer 49. Gandhiji started Satyagraha in 1919 to protest against the (1) Rowlatt Act (2) Salt Law (3) Act of 1909 (4) Jallianwala Bagh Messacre 50. The Britishers come to India as traders and formed company named (1) Indo-British Company (2) The Great Britain Company (3) Eastern India Company (4) East India Company

51. Mahatma Gandhi was born in (1) Wardha (2) Porbander (3) Sabarmati (4) Ahmedabad 52. Who gave the slogan "You give me blood, I promise you freedom"? (1) Bhagat Singh (2) Chandra Shekhar Azad (3) Subhash Chandra Bose (4) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 53. In which State is Jawahar Tunnel located? (1) Himachal Pradesh (2) Uttaranchal (3) Goa (4) Jammu and Kashmir 54. Where did the dance form Mohini Attam develop? (1) Manipur (2) Kerala (3) Karnataka (4) Tamil Nadu 55. On selling three articles at the cost of four article, there will be profit of (1) 25% (2) 100/3 % (3) 75/2% (4) 40% 56. By selling an article for Rs. 40, there is loss of 40%. By selling it for Rs. 80 there is (1) Gain of 20% (2) Loss of 10% (3) Loss of 20% (4) Gain of 10% 57. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 8. If 8 is subtracted from the number, the digits interchange their places. The number is (1) 44 (2) 35 (3) 62 (4) 33 58. A horse is tied to a peg hammered at one of the corner of a rectangular grass field of 40 m by 24 m by a rope 14 m long. Over how much area of the field can the horse graze?

(1) 154 m2 (2) 308 m2 (3) 240 m2 (4) 480 m2 59. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7 and its perimeter is 30 cm. The length of the greatest side of the triangle in cm is (1) 6 (2) 10 (3) 14 (4) 16 60. The radius of a right circular cone is 3 cm and its height is 4 cm. The curved surface of the cone will be (1) 12 sq. cm (2) 15 sq. cm (3) 18 sq. cm (4) 21 sq. cm 61. The steam engine was invented by (1) James Watt (2) James Prescott Joule (3) New Commen (4) Isaac Newton 62. Who invented the telephone? (1) Thomas Alva Edison (2) Galileo (3) Alexander Graham Bell (4) G. Marconi 63. Albert Einsten was a famous (1) Physician (2) Chemist (3) Physicist (4) Biologist 64. The fractions 7/11, 16/20, 21/22 when arranged in descending order is (1) 7/11,16/20,21/22 (2) 21/22,7/11,16/20 (3) 21/22,16/20,7/11 (4) 7/11,21/22,16/20 65. If 10% of a number is subtracted from it, the result is 1800. The number is (1) 1900

(2) 2000 (3) 2100 (4) 2140 66. The number is just preceding 9909 which is a perfect square is (1) 9908 (2) 9900 (3) 9899 (4) 9801 67. In banking ATM stands for (1) Automated Tallying Machine (2) Automatic Teller Machine (3) Automated Totalling Machine (4) Automated Transaction of Money 68. Which amongst the following Abbreviations stands for organization related to Indian Defence forces? (1) DOD (2) RDSO (3) DRDO (4) DRES 69. Which amongst the following Abbreviations stands for organization related to Indian space programme? (1) NASA (2) ISO (3) ISRO (4) NSAT 70. The injection of anti-toxin is given to prevent (1) Tetanus (2) Tuberculosis (3) Typhoid (4) Filariasis 71. Dental caries are due to (1) Viral infection (2) Contaminated water (3) Bacterial infection (4) Hereditary causes 72. Spinach leaves are rich source of (1) Vitamin A (2) Iron

(3) Carotene (4) Vitamin E 73. Which of these is not a mosquito borne disease? (1) Dengue fever (2) Malaria (3) Filariasis (4) Goitre 74. Oranges are rich source of (1) Carbohydrates (2) Fats (3) Proteins (4) Vitamins 75. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour? (1) Tartaric acid (2) Butyric acid (3) Lactic acid (4) Acetic acid 76. AIDS stands for (1) Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome (2) Acquired Immunity Deficient Syndrome (3) Acquired Immune Deficiency (4) Acquired Infection Deficiency Syndrome 77. Stem cuttings are commonly used for re-growing (1) Cotton (2) Banana (3) Jute (4) Sugar Cane 78. Persons with which blood group are called universal donors? (1) AB (2) A (3) O (4) B 79. Silk is produced by (1) Egg of silkworm (2) Pupa of silkworm (3) Larva of silkworm (4) Insect itself

80. Which amongst the following is the train introduced by Indian Railways bringing travel by AC class within the reach of a common man? (1) August Kranti (2) Jan Shatabdi (3) Garib Rath (4) Sampark Kranti 81. Approximately how many stations are there on the Indian Railway Network? (1) 6000 (2) 7000 (3) 8000 (4) 9000 82. The Headquarters of North Western Railway is at (1) Abu Road (2) Jodhpur (3) Ajmer (4) Jaipur 83. The new electric railway engines are manufactured in (1) Varanasi (2) Chittaranjan (3) Patiala (4) Chennai 84. Which of the following is true in regard to Indian railway? (1) It is the cheapest means of transportation (2) The chief source of income is transportation of goods (3) It is the only largest employer (4) All of the above 85. The highest gallantry award in India is (1) Ashok Chakra (2) Paramvir Chakra (3) Mahavir Chakra (4) Param Vishista Chakra 86. Oscar prize is related to (1) Literature (2) Films (3) Science (4) Music 87. Arjuna award is given for (1) Bravery in the battle field

(2) Excellence in archery (3) Excellence in sports (4) Excellent service during emergency 88. The first Indian recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature is (1) Mother Teresa (2) Rabindranath Tagore (3) Sorijini Naidu (4) C.V. Raman 89. Bismillah Khan is related to (1) Tabla (2) Sarod (3) Flute (4) Shehnai 90. Who is the external affairs minister in the present union Cabinet? (1) Shivraj Patil (2) Pranab Mukherjee (3) Priyaranjan Dasmunshi (4) A.K. Antony 91. Who is the present Union Agriculture Minister? (1) Raghuvansh Prasad Singh (2) Manishankar Iyyer (3) Sharad Parwar (4) Kamalnath 92. Who is the present union Tourism and Culture Minister? (1) Ambika Soni (2) Kapil Sibbal (3) Renuka Chaudhary (4) Sushil Kumar Shinde 93. Who is the chairman of senior selection committee in BCCI? (1) Sunil Gavaskar (2) Dilip Vengasarkar (3) Kapil Dev (4) Chetan Chauhan 94. The assembly elections were held recently in two states namely (1) Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh (2) Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh (3) Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat (4) Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh

95. Thermometer is related to degree in the same way as clock is related to (1) Wall (2) Tower (3) Hour (4) Cock 96. The headquarters of the United Nations Union is located at (1) Geneva (2) New York (3) Rome (4) Washington 97. To work on mobile cell phone which of the following is/are required? (1) Favourable handset (2) Sim card (3) Service provider network (4) All of the above 98. Find the root value of 36.1 / 102.4 (1) 61 / 34 (2) 19 / 31 (3) 19 / 32 (4) 19 / 33 99. Which of the following keys of personal computer is not available in the key board of traditional typewriters? (1) Tab (2) Spacebar (3) Enter (4) Backspace 100. Which of the following words is not related to the functioning of Internet? (1) www (2) http (3) e-mail (4) All of the above ANSWERS 1. (3) 2. (2) 3. (1) 4. (2) 5. (3) 6. (4) 7. (2) 8. (3) 9. (1) 10. (3) 11. (1) 12. (3) 13. (2) 14. (3) 15. (4) 16. (1) 17. (3) 18. (3) 19. (2) 20. (4) 21. (3) 22. (1) 23. (3) 24. (4) 25. (1) 26. (2) 27. (3) 28. (2) 29. (2) 30. (4) 31. (2) 32. (4) 33. (1) 34. (1) 35. (3) 36. (2) 37. (3) 38. (3) 39. (3) 40. (1) 41. (4) 42. (2) 43. (4) 44. (2) 45. (1) 46. (3) 47. (2) 48. (4) 49. (1) 50. (4) 51. (2) 52. (4) 53. (4) 54. (2) 55. (2) 56. (1) 57. (4) 58. (1) 59. (3) 60. (2)

61. (1) 62. (3) 63. (3) 64. (3) 65. (2) 66. (4) 67. (2) 68. (3) 69. (3) 70. (1) 71. (3) 72. (2) 73. (4) 74. (4) 75. (3) 76. (3) 77. (4) 78. (3) 79. (3) 80. (3) 81. (2) 82. (4) 83. (3) 84. (4) 85. (2) 86. (2) 87. (3) 88. (2) 89. (4) 90. (2) 91. (3) 92. (1) 93. (2) 94. (3) 95. (3) 96. (2) 97. (4) 98. (3) 99. (3) 100. (4)

Business Quiz Questions - Part 1 Question: Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes? Answer: Jeep (GP) Question: What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce? Answer: The spirit of ecstasy Question: Who invented jeans? Answer: Levi Straus Question: Arthur Andersen is an Accounting Firm which has been dissolved following their involvement in which scandal? Answer: Enron Scandal Question: Which Indian IT company is a Joint venture between BT and M&M? Answer: Tech Mahindra Question: The Journal first published in 1889, featured the Jones 'Average', the first of several indexes of stock and bond prices on the New York Stock Exchange. How do we know that today? Answer: Wall Street Journal Question: The world's first university-based executive education was created in 1931 at MIT under the sponsorship which stalwart of GM? Answer: Alfred P. Sloan Question: Which company owns 'Hotmail', the Internet based e-mail system? Answer: Microsoft Question: South Africa is the world's largest producer of 3 metals. Platinum and Gold are 2 of them, whats the third? Answer: Chromite Question: Which designer is credited with inventing the mini-skirt? Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Which car is featured in the film Back to the Future? Answer: De Lorean Question: The Baht is the monetary unit of which country? Answer: Thailand Question: What is the national airline of Spain? Answer: Iberia Question: Which was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars? Answer: Daimler Question: Which car manufacturer uses a badge consisting of 4 interlocked circles? Answer: Audi Question: In which country is Sikorsky Helicopters' head office? Answer: America Question: What is the currency of Turkey? Answer: Lira Question: Which company manufactured Lancaster bomber? Answer: Avro Question: How many old pennies were there in Half a Crown? Answer: 30 Question: In which country are Saab cars manufactured? Answer: Sweden Question: Excluding India name 2 other countries that use the rupee as currency. Answer: India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Question: London's Drury Lane is associated with which industry? Answer: Theatre Question: What commodity is traditionally measured in units called a Truss? Answer: Hay/Straw Question: What is the national airline of Spain? Answer: Iberia Question: What is the national airline of Ireland? Answer: Aer Lingus

Business Quiz Questions - Part 2 Question: What is Colombia's chief export? Answer: Cocaine Question: What is the official currency of Portugal? Answer: Euro Question: What company was formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company? Answer: IBM Question: What is Barbie's boyfriend, Ken's last name? Answer: Carson Question: Which car company owns Jaguar? Answer: Ford Question: What is the most famous product manufactured by the American company Anheuser Busch? Answer: Budweiser beer Question: What breed of dog advertises Dulux Paint on TV? Answer: Old English sheepdog Question: With regard to the record label what do the initials RCA stand for? Answer: Radio Corporation of America Question: Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered? Answer: 7 Up Question: JVC launched VHS format in 1976, but what does VHS stand for? Answer: Video Home system Question: Which country is Red Stripe lager originally from? Answer: Jamaica Question: What clothes designer said: 'A woman is as old as her knee'? Answer: Mary Quant Question: Complete this advertising slogan 'Murraymints, Murraymints...'? Answer: The too good to hurry mints. Question: Apart from water, what is the most widely consumed drink in the world, Coffee, Tea or Coca-Cola?

Answer: Tea Question: Whose autobiography was entitled 'Losing my Virginity'? Answer: Richard Branson Question: What is the name of Hong Kong's airline? Answer: Cathay Pacific Question: What was introduced by Barclays Bank for the 1st Time on June 17th 1967? Answer: First Cash Dispenser (ATM) Question: Which goldsmith and jeweller was famous for ornate easter eggs? Answer: Peter Faberge Question: Which company is responsible for 'Mates' condoms? Answer: Virgin Question: Who designed the original 1936 Volkswagon? Answer: Ferdinand Porche Question: What won the toy of the year award in both 1980 and 1981? Answer: The Rubik's Cube Question: What does CNN stand for on the TV or Internet? Answer: Cable News Network Business Quiz Questions & Answers - Part 3 Question: What was the first country to issue postage stamps? Answer: Great Britain Question: What was the name of the Japanese virtual pets that became very popular throughout the world in 1997? Answer: Tamagotchi Question: Which company who make toy cars and other models won the first toy of the year award in 1965 for a model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film? Answer: Corgi Question: What is the subject of speciality publishing company Haynes? Answer: Car manuals Question: Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England Cricket team? Answer: Vodaphone

Question: The Citizen is a tabloid newspaper. What is the Star? Answer: Broadsheet Question: What was the only type of wood used by Thomas Chippendale? Answer: Mahogany Question: Which company based in Clemont-Ferrand, is the largest producer of tyres in France and is now involved in Formula One racing? Answer: Michelin. Question: In which country was the Audi car first made? Answer: Germany Question: Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his 'Pluto Platter' in 1955, but under what name did this toy become popular? Answer: Frisbee Question: What do the initials 'MG' stand for on the British made car? Answer: Morris Garage Question: What is the name of the USA's national rail network? Answer: AMTRAC Question: Which company opened the first Burger Restaurant in Britain in 1954? Answer: Wimpy Question: What did Martin Stone invent in 1888 that millions of suckers use every day? Answer: Drinking Straw Question: On what street in London is the Bank of England situated? Answer: Threadneedle Street Question: What name did the Standard Oil Co. of California adopt? Answer: ESSO Question: What giant car company almost went out of business in 1981? Answer: Chrysler Question: Hailed as Dior's successor, which, then 23-year-old French fashion designer held his first major Paris show in 1958? Answer: Yves St. Laurent Question: Who designed the first modern petrol-driven internal combustion engine for the car? Answer: Gottlieb Daimler

Question: What did the Barbie Doll get in 2000, which it hadn't had before? Answer: A belly-button Question: Which automobile company makes the 'Mini'? Answer: BMW Question: Which American company owns CNN broadcasting and 'People' magazine? Answer: AOL Time Warner Question: Lending her name to a famous brand, who was the Greek Goddess of Victory? Answer: Nike Question: Which family owns the American wrestling federation, the WWF? Answer: The MacMahons Question: What currency is used in Japan? Answer: Yen Business Quiz Question Answers - Part 4 Question: What in the USA is the name of the central bank? Answer: The Federal reserve Question: What does the B stand for in BMW? Answer: Bavarian or Bayerische Question: What is the book Glass's Guide a guide to? Answer: Used Car Prices Question: Eva Herzagova advertised what using the slogan 'hello boys'? Answer: The WonderBra Question: Which magazine uses the mythological winged horse Pegasus for its logo? Answer: Readers Digest Question: Which company makes the Xbox games console? Answer: Microsoft Question: Which Roman Goddess is also a brand of margarine? Answer: Flora (Goddess of flowers) Question: Which Japanese electronics firm is named after a word meaning sound? Answer: Sony

Question: Which car manufacturer has made models called Neon, Cherokee and Voyager? Answer: Chrysler Question: The 1st vending machines in the USA were installed on New York City railway platforms in 1888, what did they dispense? Answer: Chewing Gum Question: What cloth is produced from tangled moistened fibres of hair and wool, which are heated and rolled together? Answer: Felt Question: What was the first name of Gabrielle Chanel, the French fashion designer 1883-1971? Answer: Coco Question: Which goldsmith and jeweler was famous for ornate Easter eggs? Answer: Peter Faberge Question: Who first produced a book in 1955 to help pub owners settle debates (and bets) between patrons? Answer: Guinness (book of world records) Question: The Skoda car company is based in which country? Answer: Czechoslovakia Question: Which creature features on the logo of Bacardi Rum? Answer: Bat Question: As in the music shop, what do the letters HMV stand for? Answer: His Masters Voice Question: What is the name of Hong Kong's airline? Answer: Cathay Pacific Question: Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes? Answer: Jeep Question: Which London thoroughfare is traditionally associated with high quality tailoring? Answer: Savile Row Question: What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce? Answer: The Spirt of Ecstacy Question: What word describes the minimum number of members required to be present for the proceedings of an assembly to be valid ?

Answer: Quorum Question: What name is given to a person authorised to vote on behalf of someone else? Answer: Proxy Question: In which country are Lada cars made? Answer: Russia Question: What was the Jaguar car called before 1945? Answer: The SS Question: Which of the following is the smallest paper size; A3, A4, or A5? Answer: A5 Question: In which country is the world's largest McDonalds Restaurant? Answer: CHINA (The McDonalds in Beijing is 28,000 square feet, 2 stories high, and seats 700 people)

Business Quiz Questions and Answers (Part 5)

Question: Which company built the WW2 Spitfire? Answer: Supermarine. The fighter pilots of Britains RAF won the Battle of Britain in 1940 by a narrow margin. The quality of their solidly built Hawker Hurricane and speedy Supermarine Spitfire interceptors was one vital factor. Question: It is made from thermo-plastic paper and the manilla hemp used to make rope, it is designed to withstand boiling water, what is it? Answer: A teabag Question: Two South American countries were members of OPEC (the organisation of petroleum exporting countries). Venezuela is still one. What was the other? Answer: Ecuador (they joined in 1973 and left in 1992). Question: What colour is the M on the Mcdonalds logo? Answer: Yellow Question: Which popular children's toy originated as a weapon and was once known as the bandalore? Answer: Yo-Yo

Question: What name is California's Santa Clara County, the heartland of the US Computer Industry, more commonly called? Answer: Silicon valley Question: Which two airlines have gone into partnership to become the largest airline in Europe? Answer: Air France and KLM Question: What was Mr. Ferrari's first name? Answer: Enzo Question: Which Airline owned the Plane that blew up over Lockerbie in 1988? Answer: Pan Am. On December 21 a terrorist bomb exploded in a Pan-Am aircraft flying from Frankfurt to New York, via London. Question: Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha or YKK for short appears on nearly every what? Answer: Zip Question: What is the name of the railway that was opened in 1901 and runs from Moscow to Vladisvostok? Answer: Trans-Siberian Railway Question: Which company owned the ill-fated Titanic? Answer: White Star line Question: Which car manufacture makes the engine for the Mclaren F1 team? Answer: Mercedes Benz Question: Which country does Red Stripe lager come from? Answer: Jamaica Question: Vespa and Lambretta are famous manufacturers of what? Answer: Scooters Question: Which formula one driver is the owner of the luxurious Columbus Hotel in Monaco?

Answer: David Coulthard Question: Which vehicle did J C Bamford give his name to? Answer: JCB digger Question: What did Harry Beck design in 1931 which is still used in London today? Answer: The map of the London Tube system (the Underground) Question: Founded in Canada in 1971, and now with its headquarters in Amsterdam, what was the original aim of the environmental organization Greenpeace? Answer: To oppose U.S. nuclear testing in Alaska Question: Which cosmetics and perfume company was originally named The California Perfume Co? Answer: Avon Question: What make and model of car was John F Kennedy in when assassinated in 1963? Answer: Lincoln Continental Question: The worlds largest Mobile Phone maker is based in which country? Answer: Finland, it's Nokia. Question: Who devised the Package Tour? Answer: Thomas Cook. He ran a successful travel agency in the 19th century. It began after he led a temperance group on a guided train ride from Leicester to Loughborough. Question: What did Earl W Tupper invent in 1944? Answer: Tupperware Business Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 6 Question: Which company invented the computer floppy disc in 1970? Answer: IBM Question: What was the surname of the French brothers who founded a tyre company in 1888. Answer: Michelin Question: Who are the engine suppliers for the 'Williams' formula 1 team?

Answer: BMW Question: Who had Skytrain printed on the side of his aircraft? Answer: Sir Freddy Laker Question: What is an assembly of Cardinals called? Answer: Conclave Question: Which company's name is short for Durability, Reliability and excellence? Answer: Durex Question: The imprisonment of Nick Leeson followed the collapse of which bank? Answer: Barings Question: Which American car firm made the Corvette? Answer: Chevrolet Question: What did Albert Parkhouse invent that is one of the most stolen items from hotels? Answer: Coat hanger Question: What is the name of Microsoft's free e-mail service? Answer: Hotmail (not Outlook; that is software to collect any Email) Question: What was the name of the restaurant chain opened by Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Swartzeneger? Answer: Planet Hollywood Question: Which is the World's most popular brand of cigarette? Answer: Marlboro Question: Which mobile phone company shares its name with a fruit (it's Australian)? Answer: Orange Question: Who was responsible for bringing down Barings Bank? Answer: Nick Leeson Question: Who invented the lift/elevator in 1853? Answer: Elisha Otis Question: What is the metal or plastic end of a shoelace called? Answer: An aglet Question: P&O, the shipping line, stands for what? Answer: Peninsular and Oriental

Question: Which country is home to Grolsch lager? Answer: Holland (The Netherlands) Question: Ron Dennis has been the manager for many years of the team behind which Formula One motor racing car? Answer: McLaren Question: In 1996 what overtook Coca-Cola as being the most well known brand name in the world? Answer: McDonalds Question: In the USA what name was given to a seller of illegal alcohol? Answer: Bootlegger

General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2010

1. Who is the new President of the Indian Youth Congress? Answer: Rajiv Satav, Maharashtra Youth Congress President. 2. Name of the four-year medical course proposed by the Indian Health Ministry and Medical Council of India (MCI) which is aimed at meeting the public health challenges in rural areas? Answer: Bachelor of Rural Health Care (BHRC). Earlier it is named as Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS). The BRMS training will be given in three phases - the first two phases will have the duration of one year each and the final one will have 18 months. The internship will have six month duration. 3. Indian who has received two Australia Day Achievement Medals for his contribution to the society there? Answer: V.P.Unnikrishnan. He is the secretary of the Federation of Indian communities, Queensland (FICQ) and a native of Kerala. He has been settled in Brisbane for more than 10 years and won the Lord Mayor's 2010 Australia Day Achievement Award recently. 4. In a country in East Asia, a nine-year-old school girl gave birth by Caesarean section to a healthy baby boy. Which is that country? Answer: China 5. Name of the 10-foot-long research rocket carrying a mouse, two turtles and worms into space launched by Iran on 02-02-2010? Answer: Kavoshgar-3, which means Explorer-3 in Farsi.

6. Which country has refused to grant citizenship to a man who forced his wife to wear the full Islamic veil or Naqab? Answer: France 7. Name of the Pakistani neuroscientist trained at an elite American university has been found guilty of two charges of attempted murder after she tried to kill US agents in Afghanistan in 2008? Answer: Aafia Siddiqui 8. Which country has agreed to accept ground-based interceptors from the United States as part of its missile defense system in Eastern Europe? Answer: Romania 9. Which state became the first State in India to announce a ban on Bt Brinjal even before the Centre takes a final decision on the introduction of the controversial genetically modified crop? Answer: Uttarakhand 10. Who has taken over as Director-General of Income Tax (Investigation), Kochi (Kerala)? Answer: E.T. Lukose. 11. Name the Indian-American author that is currently a member of Arts and Humanities Committee of US government appointed by President Barack Obama? Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri 12. Who have been chosen for the G.D. Birla International Award in art and culture category? Answer: V.P. Dhananjayan and his wife Shantha Dhananjayan. They will receive the award along with two social workers, Zokhumi Vankung of Mizoram for service to humanity and Percy Barnevik, a Swiss National, for his work in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. 13. Chairman of news and current affairs channel -Channel Nepal - and largest cable operator Space Time Network, who was shot dead by unknown assailants in the capital Katmandu? Answer: Jamim Shah He was a Nepalese media entrepreneur had two newspapers (now closed) and a television channel "Channel Nepal", which is the first satellite channel in Nepal. 14. Which country now joins Chile as the second country in Latin America to have a cabinet with gender parity?

Answer: Bolivia. 15. Who is elected as Costa Rica's first female president? Answer: Laura Chinchilla 16. Name of the long-range missile successfully test-fired and launched by India on 07-02-2010 from Wheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Orissa? Answer: Agni-3. The missile, which has a range capability of 3500-kilometers was flight tested by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This was the fourth flight test in the Agni-3 series. The missile is 17 meters long and two metres in diameter. It was powered by a twostage solid propellant system with a pay load capability of 1.5 tons. 17. Leaders of 32 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Mexico, decided to exclude two countries from membership of a new organization for countries on the American continents. Name of that countries? Answer: United States of America (U.S.A) and Canada. 18. Name of the jailed Cuban dissident on a hunger strike for 83 days died at the age of 42 on 2302-2010? Answer: Orlando Zapata Tamayo. This is for the first time since 1972 that an opponent of the Havana government lost his life during a hunger protest. 19. Which country has swept the Commonwealth Shooting Championship with a whopping 49 medals? Answer: India. India won 23 gold, 17 silver and 9 bronze medals. England finished a distant second with 31 medals and badges, while Wales ended third on the table after winning 13 medals and badges. 20. A massive earthquake has hit a country in South America on February 27, 2010 killing more than 700 people while leaving untold numbers missing and 2 million displaced, wounded or otherwise affected. Which is that country? Answer: Chile. 21. A prominent Indian hotelier who has been presented the Community Award in recognition of his outstanding philanthropic work in the UK? Answer: Joginder Sangar

22. Which country's Supreme Court disallowed kite flying during the occasion of the spring festival of Basant? Answer: Pakistan. 23. Who becomes the first South African batsman to score 250 plus runs against India in a test innings? Answer: Hashim Amla. Amla's 253 not out in the first innings of the first test at Nagpur represents the highest individual innings by a South African batsman in a test innings against India. 24. Who has been named the captain of the Indian hockey team for its campaign in the World Cup Hockey event starting on February 28? Answer: Rajpal Singh. 25. Who won the Asian Tour International golf title held in Bangkok? Answer: Gaganjeet Bhullar (India). Asian Tour International is a golf tournament on the Asian Tour, played in Thailand. It has been held annually since 2008. 26. Which country announced on February 9,2010 that it had started enriching uranium to the level of less than 20 percent to meet the country's fuel requirements for the reactor producing medical radioisotopes, after the potential suppliers failed to provide the fuel under a UN deal? Answer: Iran 27. Seventeen army men were killed in an avalanche that buried their training camp of an Indian State on February 8. That massive avalanche hits which Indian state? Answer: Jammu & Kashmir. An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow down a slope, from either natural triggers or human activity. Typically occurring in mountainous terrain, an avalanche can mix air and water with the descending snow. 28. Which Northeastern state of India now has four 'Chief Ministers', apparently to douse a simmering discontent within the main party in the coalition? Answer: Meghalaya. Veteran Congress leader D D Lapang had assumed office as chief minister on May 13, 2009. He is the chief minister with statutory authority vested in him. Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee president, Lyngdoh now enjoys the rank of Chief Minister. The others are the two leaders of the United Democratic Party- State Planning Board chairman Donkupar Roy and Meghalaya Economic Development Council chairman J D Rymbai.These three persons will enjoy the pay, perks and other facilities as that of a chief minister, but they do not have any constitutional power.

29. Who is appointed as the Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Gas? Answer: Sthanunathan Sundareshan 30. Which city of India will host the 12th edition of South Asian Games (SAF Games) in 2012? Answer: Delhi

General Knowledge Questions and Answers No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 General Knowledge Question The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was The longest river in the world is the The longest highway in the world is the The longest highway in the world has a length of The highest mountain in the world is the Nile Trans-Canada About 8000 km Mount Everest Answer Mujibur Rehman

The country that accounts for nearly one third of the Myanmar total teak production of the world is The biggest desert in the world is the The largest coffee growing country in the world is The country also known as "country of copper" is The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is The river Volga flows out into the The coldest place on the earth is The country which ranks second in terms of land area is The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is The river Jordan flows out into the The biggest delta in the world is the The capital city that stands on the river Danube is The Japanese call their country as The length of the English channel is The world's oldest known city is The city which is also known as the City of Canals Sahara desert Brazil Zambia Durand line Caspian sea Verkoyansk in Siberia Canada Sicily Dead sea Ganges Delta Belgrade Nippon 564 kilometres Damascus Venice

is 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 The country in which river Wangchu flows is The biggest island of the world is Myanmar Greenland

The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture Detroit, USA of automobiles in the world is The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is China & South Africa

The country which is the largest producer of rubber Malaysia in the world is The country which is the largest producer of tin in the world is China

The river which carries maximum quantity of water Amazon River into the sea is the The city which was once called the `Forbidden City' Peking was The country called the Land of Rising Sun is Mount Everest was named after The volcano Vesuvius is located in The country known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is The length of the Suez Canal is The lowest point on earth is The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of The largest ocean of the world is the The largest bell in the world is the The biggest stadium in the world is the The world's largest diamond producing country is Australia was discovered by The first Governor General of Pakistan is Dublin is situated at the mouth of river The earlier name of New York city was The Eiffel tower was built by The Red Cross was founded by Japan Sir George Everest Italy Cuba 162.5 kilometers The coastal area of Dead sea Nepal Pacific ocean Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow Strahov Stadium, Prague South Africa James Cook Mohammed Ali Jinnah Liffey New Amsterdam Alexander Eiffel Jean Henri Durant

47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

The country which has highest population density is Monaco The national flower of Britain is Niagara Falls was discovered by The national flower of Italy is The national flower of China is The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is The first Industrial Revolution took place in World Environment Day is observed on The first Republican President of America was The country famous for Samba dance is The name of Alexander's horse was Singapore was founded by The famous British one-eyed Admiral was The earlier name of Sri Lanka was The UNO was formed in the year UNO stands for Rose Louis Hennepin Lily Narcissus Kathmandu Strait of Hormuz England 5th June Abraham Lincoln Brazil Beucephalus Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Nelson Ceylon 1945 United Nations Organization

The independence day of South Korea is celebrated 15th August on 'Last Judgement' was the first painting of an Italian painter named Paradise Regained was written by The first President of Egypt was The first man to reach North Pole was The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was The primary producer of newsprint in the world is The first explorer to reach the South Pole was The person who is called the father of modern Italy is World literacy day is celebrated on The founder of modern Germany is The country known as the land of the midnight sun Michelangelo John Milton Mohammed Nequib Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary Guermica Canada Cap. Ronald Amundson G.Garibaldi 8th September Bismarck Norway

is 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 The place known as the Roof of the world is The founder of the Chinese Republic was The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize was The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was The first Secretary General of the UNO was The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was The port of Baku is situated in John F Kennedy was assassinated by The largest river in France is The Queen of England who married her brother-inlaw was The first black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was The first British University to admit women for degree courses was The principal export of Jamaica is New York is popularly known as the city of Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of The country known as the Land of White Elephant is The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is The highest waterfalls in the world is the The largest library in the world is the Tibet San Yat Sen Abdul Salam Margaret Thatcher Trygve Lie Frederick Auguste Bartholdi Azerbaijan Lee Harvey Oswald Loire Catherine of Aragon Ralph Johnson Bunche London University Sugar Skyscrapers Cloves Thailand

The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is Korea Bhutan Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela United States Library of Congress, Washington DC JK Rowling Big Apple A Flock of Sheep Hockey Theodore Roosevelt

96 97 98 99

The author of Harry Potter Books is Nickname of New York city is What do you call a group of sheep? In which sport do players take long and short corners?

100 Who was the youngest President of the USA?

101 How many legs do butterflies have? 102 Who invented the Nintendo Wii? 103 What year does the Nintendo Wii come out? 104 Who invented the Light Bulb? 105 Who invented the washing machine? 106 Who invented the first electric washing machine? 107 Who invented the safety pin? 108 Who invented the Vacuum Cleaner? 109 Who won the Football World Cup in 2006? 110 110 Which country hosted the Football World Cup in 2006? Who is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Who won Women's Singles title in French Open 2010? Who won Men's Doubles title in French Open 2010? Who won Women's Doubles title in French Open 2010? What is the longest word in English in which each letter is used at least two times?

6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings Kashi Kabushiki Late 2006 Humphry Davy James King Alva Fisher Walter Hunt Hubert Booth Italy Germany David Cameron

111 Who won Men's Singles title in French Open 2010? Rafael Nadal (Spain) 112 113 114 115 Francesca Schiavone (Italy) Daniel Nestor (Canada) & Nenad Zimonjic (Serbia) Serena & Venus Williams (USA) Unprosperousness Retrievers Eric Schmidt Rima Fakih China Satyendranath Tagore Sarojini Naidu

116 What is the most popular breed of dog? 117 Who is the CEO of search company Google? 118 Who is Miss USA 2010? 119 120 Which country won the Thomas Cup title for Badminton in 2010? Who was the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Services?

121 Who was the first woman Governor of India? 122 123

Which two countries have signed the Nuclear Swap Brazil and Turkey deal with Iran? Who won the Madrid Masters men's tournament in 2010? Rafael Nadal Carol Bartz

124 Who is CEO of Yahoo?

125 126 127 128

Who is the first man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen? How many words can you make from a five letter word by shuffling the places of each alphabet? Speed of computer mouse is measured in which unit? Who topped Forbes list of 'Billionaire Universities' in 2010? Which bird is the international symbol of happiness? What is the pirate's flag with the skull and crossbones called? Which useful household item is made from naphthalene?

Phu Dorji 120 Mickey Harvard University August 4, 1961 Bluebird Jolly Roger Vitamin C Mothballs

129 Barack Obama's birthday is on which date? 130 131

132 What is the common name for ascorbic acid? 133

Aptitude Questions - Time & Work Problems

18Share 1. If 20 men take 30 days to complete a job. In how many days can 25 men complete the job? a. b. c. d. 28 days 24 days 36 days 20 days

2. Fifteen men take 10 days to complete a job working 12 hours a day. How many hours a day should 10 men work to complete the job in 20 days? a. b. c. d. 20 days 8 days 9 days 10 days

3. A piece of work can be done by 16 men in 8 days working 12 hours a day. How many men are needed to complete another work, which is three times the first

one,in 24 days working 8 hours a day? a. b. c. d. 24 men 29 men 20 men 30 men 4. A can do a piece of work in 9 days. B can do the same in 12 days. In how many days can the work be completed if A and B work together? a. b. c. d. 5 1/9 days 5 1/4 days 5 1/3 days 5 1/7 days

5. A and B together can do a piece of work in 12 days and A alone can complete the work in 18 days. How long will B alone take to complete the job? a. b. c. d. 30 days 36 days 6 days 56 days

6. Anil and Amit can complete a job in 12 days working together. Amit alone can complete it in 16 days. Both of them worked together for 4 days and then Amit left. How long will Anil take to complete the remaining work? a. b. c. d. 30 days 47 days 32 days 24 days

7. A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days, B and C can do it in 15 days and C and A can do the same work in 20 days. How long would each take to complete the job? a. b. c. d. 1/30, 1/20, 1/60 1/20, 1/30, 1/30 1/20, 1/20, 1/20 1/60, 1/0, 1/30

8. A and B can do a work in 12 days,B and C in 15 days and C and A in 20 days.They all work together for 6 days and then A left. In how many more days

can B and C finish the remaining work? a. b. c. d. 5 days 6 days 8 days 9 days

9. A can do a work in 12 days.When he had worked for 3 days B joined him. If they complete the work in 3 more days. In how many days can B alone can finish the work? a. b. c. d. 5 days 6 days 8 days 9 days

10. A and B together can do a piece of work in 14 2/5 days; B and C together can do the same work in 12 days. After A worked for 8 days, B for 12 days C takes up and finished it alone in 6 days. In how many days will each of them do the work, working alone? a. b. c. d. 28 days 24 days 36 days 20 days

11. To do a certain work C alone takes twice as long as A and B together. A would take 3 times as long as B and C together. All three together complete the work in 5 days. How long would each take separately? a. b. c. d. 15 days 29 days 20 days 10 days

12. 4 men or 5 women can construct a wall in 82 days.How long will it take 5 men and 4 women to do the same? a. b. c. d. 30 days 47 days 32 days 40 days

13. If 9 men and 12 boys can do a piece of work in 4 days and 4 men and 16 boys can do the same piece of work in 6 days. How long will 6 men and 24 boys take to complete the same work? a. b. c. d. 5 days 6 days 8 days 4 days

14. A certain number of men can do a work in 20 days. If there were 4 more men, the work can be done in 5 days less.How many men were there initially? a. b. c. d. 12 days 18 days 16 days 4 days

15. X is 3 times as fast as Y and is able to complete the work in 40 days less than Y. Find the time in which they can complete the work together? a. b. c. d. 12 days 17 days 19 days 15 days 16. Sita can finish some work in 12 days working 4 hours a day.Gita can finish the same in 15 days working 3 hours a day.In how many days can they finish it working together at 4-1/2 hours a day? a. b. c. d. 5 5/31 days 5 5/32 days 5 5/33 days 5 5/34 days

17. A alone can do a work in 12 days and B alone in 18 days. If C takes twice as long as A and B together, how long will B and C together take to complete the same work? a. b. c. d. 5 days 6 days 8 days 4 days

18. A and B each working alone can do a work in 10 and 15 days respectively. They started the work together but B left after sometime and A finished the remaining work in 5 days. After how many days from the start did B leave? a. b. c. d. 4 days 3 days 2 days 8 days

19. A contractor decided to complete the work in 40 days and employed 60 men at the beginning and 40 men additionally after 10 days and got the work completed as per schedule. If he had not employed the additional men,how many extra days would he have needed to complete the work? a. b. c. d. 30 days 20 days 40 days 45 days

20. A group of 35 men is employed to complete some work in 48 days. After 33 days, 5 more men are employed and the work is finished 1 day ealier. If 5 more men were not employed, how many more days would it have taken beyond the expected period? a. b. c. d. 7 day behind schedule 3 day behind schedule 2 day behind schedule 1 day behind schedule

21. A and B working separately can do a piece of work in 6 and 9 days respectively; they work on alternate days starting with A on the first day. In how many days will the work be done? a. b. c. d. 4 days 3 days 2 days 7 days

22. A and B working separately can do a piece of work in 6 and 12 days respectively. They work on alternate days starting with A on the first day. In how many days will the work be completed? a. 4 days

b. c. d.

3 days 2 days 8 days

23. A and B working separately, can do a piece of work in 12 and 15 days. They work on alternate days starting with A on the first day. In how many days will the work be completed? a. b. c. d. 13 1/4 days 13 2/4 days 13 3/4 days 135/4 days

24. A and B working separately can do a piece of work in 20 and 24 days. They work on alternate days starting with B on the first day. In how many days will the work be completed? a. b. c. d. 21 5/6 days 21 1/6 days 21 4/5 days none of these

25. A,B and C can do a piece of work in 4,5 and 7 days respectively. They got $415 for the job. what is A's share? a. b. c. d. 120 175 160 140

26. A,B and C contract a work for $4500. A and B together complete 3/5th of the work and then C takes over and finished the work. What is the amount received by C? a. b. c. d. 1200 1800 1600 1400

27. Wages for 40 women for 30 days are $21,600. How many men must work for 25 days to earn $14,400 if the daily wages for a man are double that of a women? a. 12

b. c. d.

14 16 19

28. A,B and C can together earn $1,620 in 9 days. A and C can earn $600 in 5 days where as B and C in 7 days can earn $910. Find the daily earnings of C? a. b. c. d. Rs 60 Rs 70 Rs 80 Rs 90

29. A can do a piece of work in 20 days and B in 30 days. A starts the work and worked for 6 days. Then B completed the remaining part of the work. In how many days was the work completed? a. b. c. d. 24 27 32 34

30. A can do a piece of work in 24 days and B in 48 days. B joins A after A had worked alone for 6 days.In how many more days would the work get completed? a. b. c. d. 10 11 12 13

31. P can complete a piece of work in 20 days and Q in 30 days. P worked alone for 4 days and then Q completed the remaining work along with R in 18 days. In how many days can R working alone complete the work? a. b. c. d. 60 65 80 90

32) 25 men take 25 days to construct a wall 10 meter high. How many men would be required to construct a similar wall which is 8 meter high, if it is planned that the work would be completed in 10 days? a. b. 32 40

c. d.

44 48

33) 20 cows and 40 goats can be kept for 10 days for $460. What would be the cost of keeping 50 cows and 30 goats for 12 days if the cost of keeping 5 goats is the same as cost of keeping 1 cow? a. b. c. d. 888 965 1007 1104

34) A,B and C started the work and after completing 1/5th of the work C left. A and B then worked for 20 days. C then took over from A and B and completed the remaining portion of the work in 12 days. If C takes 40 days to complete the work, in how many days wourd A alone or B alone complete the work if the efficiencies with which they work is the same? a. b. c. d. 40 60 80 100

35) A boy is trying to cover a distance of 100 meters. He takes a jump forward and covers 2m, but every time he jumps forward he also moves 1m backward. In all, how many jumps would be required to cover the distance? a. b. c. d. 99 100 98 none of these

36) A piece of work can be completed by 10 men in certain number of days.If there were 2 men less it would have taken 3 more days to complete the work. In how many days can 24 men complete the same work? a. b. c. d. 2 3 4 5

37) A is 80 % more efficient than B who is 60% more efficient than C. A takes 40 days less than B to complete a work. A starts the work and works for 25 days and then B takes over. B then work for the next 30 days and then stops. In how much

more time can C complete the remaining work? a. b. c. d. 20 days 24 days 32 days 40 days

38) 3 men and 5 women can complete a work in 12 days, which 5 men and 12 women can complete in 6 days. In how many days can 4 men and 4 women complete the same work? a. b. c. d. 7 10 11 12

39) P and Q agreed to complete a job in 15 days for $6200. P can complete the same job in 50 days and Q in 30 days. They had to take R to complete the work in time. Find R's share in the money earned by them. a. b. c. d. 880 1240 1460 2020

40) A and B complete a piece of work in 10 days. B and C in 12 days and C and A in 15 days. All the three of them started working and then B left after 4 days. C left 3 days after that and then immediately B joined A again to complete the remaining work. In how many days was the work completed? a. b. c. d. 10 12 14 22

Everyday Science Quiz Questions and Answers

26. Question: Why does a thermometer kept in boiling water show no change in reading after 1000C?

Answer: The boiling point of water is 1000C. Once water starts boiling at this temperature, thermometer records no change in temperature. The quantity of heat supplied is being utilized as latent heat of evaporation to convert the water at boiling point into vapour. 27. Question: Why do we bring our hands close to the mouth while shouting across to someone far away? Answer: By keeping hands close to mouth the sound is not allowed to spread (Phenomenon of diffraction of sound) in all direction, but is directed to a particular direction and becomes louder. 28. Question: Why does a corked bottle filled with water burst if left out on a frosty night? Answer: Because of low temperature the water inside the bottle freezes. On freezing it expands, thereby its volume increases and pressure is exerted on the walls. 29. Question: Why is a small gap left at the joint between two rails? Answer: To permit expansion of rails due to heat generated by friction of a moving train. 30. Question: Why cannot a copper wire be used to make elements in electric heater? Answer: Copper melts at 108.30C and forms a black powder on reacting with atmospheric oxygen. For heater elements a metal should have more resistance to produce heat. 31. Question: Why are water or mercury droplets always round when dropped on a clean glass? Answer: The surface of a liquid is the seat of a special force as a result of which molecules on the surface are bound together to form something like a stretched membrane. They tend to compress the molecules below to the smallest possible volume, which causes the drop to take a round shape as for a given mass he sphere has minimum volume. 32. Question: Why does a balloon filled with hydrogen rise in the air? Answer: Weight of hydrogen is less than the weight of air displaced by it. In balloons hydrogen is normally filled because it is lighter than air. 33. Question: Why do we lean forward while climbing a hill? Answer: In order to keeps the vertical line passing through our centre of gravity always between our feet, which is essential to attain equilibrium or stability. 34. Question: Why does smoke curl up in the air? Answer: Smoke contains hot gases which being lighter in weight, follows a curved path because of the eddy currents that are set up in the air. 35. Question: Why does an electric bulb explode when it is broken? Answer: The bulb encompasses partial vacuum and as it breaks, air rushes in causing a small explosion. 36. Question: Why does a man fall forward when he jumps out of a running train or bus? Answer: He is in motion while in the train or bus. When he jumps out, his feet comes to rest while touching the ground but his upper portion which is still in motion propels him forward.

37. Question: Why does an ordinary glass tumbler crack when very hot tea or milk is poured in it? Answer: When a hot liquid is poured into a tumbler, the inner layer of the tumbler gets heated, it expands before the outer layer and an unequal expansion of both layers causes the tumbler to crack. 38. Question: Why is a compass used as an indicator of direction? Answer: The magnetic needles of a compass under the influence f the earth?s magnetic field lie in a north-south direction. Hence, we can identify direction. 39. Question: Why is water from a hand pump warm in winter and cold in summer? Answer: In winter, the outside temperature is lower than that of water flowing out of the pump, and therefore, the water is warm. Whereas in summer, the outside temperature is higher than the water of the pump, and therefore, it feels cold. 41. Question: Why is a rainbow seen after a shower? Answer: After a shower, the clouds containing water droplets act like a prism through which the white light is dispersed producing a spectrum. 42. Question: Why does a swimming pool appear less deep than is actually is? Answer: The rays of light coming from the bottom of the pool pass from a denser medium (water) to a rarer medium (air) and are refracted (bend away from the normal). When the rays return to the surface, they form an image of the bottom of the pool at a point, which is little above the real position. 43. Question: Why is one?s breath visible in winter but not in summer? Answer: In winter, water vapor contained in the breath condenses into small droplets, which become visible but in summer they are quickly evaporated and not seen. 44. Question: Why doesn?t the electric filament in an electric bulb burn up? Answer: Firstly, because is made of tungsten which has a very high melting point (34100C) whereas the temperature of the filament required to glow is only 2700oC. Secondly, oxygen is absent since the bulb is filled with an inert gas which does not help in burning. 45. Question: Why does blotting paper absorb ink? Answer: Blotting paper has fine pores, which act like capillaries. When a portion of blotting paper is brought in contact with ink, ink enters the pores due to surface tension (capillary action f liquids) and is absorbed. 46. Question: Why does a small iron sink in water but a large ship float? Answer: The weight of water displaced by an iron ball is less than its own weight, whereas water displaced by the immersed portion of a ship is equal to its weight (Archimedes? Principle). 47. Question: Why does ice float on water? Answer: The weight of the ice block is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by the immersed portion of the ice.

48. Question: Why does moisture gather outside a tumbler containing cold water? Answer: The water vapour in the air condenses on cooling and appears as droplets of water. 49. Question: Why does kerosene float on water? Answer: Because the density of kerosene is less than that of water. For the same reason cream rises in milk and floats at the top. 50. Question: Why is the water in an open pond cool even on a hot summer day? Answer: As the water evaporates from the open surface of a pond, heat is taken away in the process, leaving the surface cool.

Everyday Science Question Answers - Part 4 of 4 34 Share 76. Question: Why is a new quilt warmer than an old one? Answer: In a new quilt the cotton is not compressed and as such it encloses more air which is bad conductor of heat. Therefore, it does not allow heat to pass. 77. Question: Curved rail tracks or curved roads are banked or raised on one side. Why? Answer: Because a fast moving train or vehicle leans inwards while taking turn and the banked or raised track provides required centripetal force to enable it to move round the curve. 78. Question: How do bats fly in dark? Answer: When bats fly they produce ultrasonic sound waves which are reflected back to them from the obstacles in their way and hence they can fly without difficulty. 79. Question: Water pipes often burst at hill stations on cold frosty nights. Why? Answer: The temperature may fall below 00C during cold frosty nights which converts the water inside the pipes into ice, resulting in an increase in volume. This exerts great force on the pipes and as a result, they burst. 80. Question: Why are white clothes more comfortable in summer than dark or black ones? Answer: White clothes are good reflectors and bad absorbers of heat, whereas dark or black clothes are good absorbers of heat. Therefore, white clothes are more comfortable because they do not absorb heat from the sun rays. 81. Question: Why does a rose appear red grass green in daylight? Answer: Rose absorbs all the constituent colors of white light except red which is reflected to us. Similarly, grass absorbs all colors except green which is reflected t us. 82. Question: Why does a ship rise as it enters the sea from a river? Answer: The density of sea water is high due to impurities and salts compared to river water as a result; the upthurst produced by the sea water on the ship is more than that of river water.

83. Question: Why are fuse provided in electric installations? Answer: A safety fuse is made of a wire of metal having a very low melting point. When excess current flows in, the wire gets heated, melts and breaks the circuit. By breaking the circuit it saves electric equipment or installations from damage by excessive flow of current. 84. Question: Why is it easier to lift a heavy object under water than in air? Answer: Because when a body is immersed in water, it experiences an upward thrust (Archimedes? Principle) and loses weight equal to the weight of the water displaced by its immersed potion, and hence, is easier to lift objects. 85. Question: If a highly pumped up bicycle tyre is left in the hot sunlight, it bursts. Why? Answer: The air inside the tube increases in volume when heated up. As sufficient space for the expansion of the air is not available because the tube is already highly pumped, it may result in bursting of the tyre. 86. Question: What will be the color of green in blue light? Answer: Grass will appear dark in color because it absorbs all other colors of the light except its own green color. The blue light falling on grass will be absorbed by it, and hence, it will appear dark in color. 87. Question: Why do two eyes give better vision than one? Answer: Because two eyes do not form exactly similar images and he fusion of these two dissimilar images in the brain gives three dimensions of the stereoscopic vision.
Everyday Science Questions Answered - Part 1
180Share This everyday science quiz contains collection of free quiz questions and facts about everyday science. It is a place where you find answers to the most commonly asked everyday science questions. Test and increase your science knowledge with these quiz questions.

Everyday Science Quiz Questions & Answers

1. Question: A man with a load jumps from a high building. What will be the load experienced by him? Answer: Zero, because while falling, both the man and the load are falling at the same acceleration i.e. acceleration due to gravity. 2. Question: A piece of chalk when immersed in water emits bubbles. Why?

Answer: Chalk consists of pores forming capillaries. When it is immersed in water, the water begins to rise in the capillaries and air present there is expelled in the form of bubbles. 3. Question: Why does a liquid remain hot or cold for a long time inside a thermos flask? Answer: The presence of air, a poor conductor of heat, between the double glass wall of a thermos flask, keeps the liquid hot or cold inside a flask for a long time. 4. Question: Why does a ball bounce upon falling? Answer: When a ball falls, it is temporarily deformed. Because of elasticity, the ball tends to regain its original shape for which it presses the ground and bounces up (Newton's Third Law of Motion). 5 Question: Why is standing in boats or double decker buses not allowed, particularly in the upper deck of buses? Answer: On tilting the centre of gravity of the boat or bus is lowered and it is likely to overturn. 6. Question: Why is it recommended to add salt to water while boiling dal? Answer: By addition of salt, the boiled point of water gets raised which helps in cooking the dal sooner. 7. Question: Why is it the boiling point of sea water more than that of pure water? Answer: Sea water contains salt, and other impurities which cause an elevation in its boiling point. 8. Question: Why is it easier to spray water to which soap is added? Answer: Addition of soap decreases the surface tension of water. The energy for spraying is directly proportional to surface tension. 9. Question: Which is more elastic, rubber or steel? Answer: Steel is more elastic for the same stress produced compared with rubber. 10. Question: Why is the sky blue? Answer: Violet and blue light have short waves which are scattered more than red light waves. While red light goes almost straight through the atmosphere, blue and violet light are scattered by particles in the atmosphere. Thus, we see a blue sky. 11. Question: Why Does ink leak out of partially filled pen when taken to a higher altitude? Answer: As we go up, the pressure and density of air goes on decreasing. A Partially filled pen leaks when taken to a higher altitude because the pressure of air acting on the ink inside the tube of the pen is greater than the pressure of the air outside. 12. Question: On the moon, will the weight of a man be less or more than his weight on the

earth? Answer: The gravity of the moon is one-sixth that of the earth; hence the weight of a person on the surface of the moon will be one-sixth of his actual weight on earth. 13. Question: Why do some liquid burn while others do not? Answer: A liquid burns if its molecules can combine with oxygen in the air with the production of heat. Hence, oil burns but water does not. 14. Question: Why can we see ourselves in a mirror? Answer: We see objects when light rays from them reach our eyes. As mirrors have a shiny surface, the light rays are reflected back to us and enter our eyes. 15. Question: Why does a solid chunk of iron sink in water but float in mercury? Answer: Because the density of iron is more than that of water bus less than that of mercury. 16. Question: Why is cooking quicker in a pressure cooker? Answer: As the pressure inside the cooker increases, the boiling point of water is raised, hence, the cooking process is quicker. 17. Question: When wood burns it crackles. Explain? Answer: Wood contains a complex mixture of gases and tar forming vapors trapped under its surface. These gases and tar vapors escape, making a cracking sound. 18. Question: Why do stars twinkle? Answer: The light from a star reaches us after refraction as it passes through various layers of air. When the light passes through the earth?s atmosphere, it is made to flicker by the hot and cold ripples of air and it appears as if the stars are twinkling. 19. Question: Why is it easier to roll a barrel than to pull it? Answer: Because the rolling force of friction is less than the dynamic force of sliding friction. 20. Question: If a feather, a wooden ball and a steel ball fall simultaneously in a vacuum, which one of these would fall faster? Answer: All will fall at the same speed in vacuum because there will be no air resistance and the earth?s gravity will exert a similar gravitational pull on all. 21. Question: When a man fires a gun, he is pushed back slightly. Why? Answer: As the bullet leaves the nozzle of the gun?s barrel with momentum in a forward direction, as per Newton's Third Law of Motion, the ejection imparts to the gun as equal momentum in a backward direction. 22. Question: Ice wrapped in a blanket or saw dust does not melt quickly. Why?

Answer: Both wood and wool are bad conductors of heat. They do not permit heat rays to reach the ice easily. 23. Question: Why do we perspire on a hot day? Answer: When the body temperature rises, the sweat glands are stimulated to secrete perspiration. It is nature's way to keep the body cool. During the process of evaporation of sweat, body heat is taken away, thus giving a sense of coolness. 24. Question: Why does ice float on water but sink in alcohol? Answer: Because ice is lighter than water it floats on it. However, ice is heavier than alcohol and therefore it sinks in alcohol. 25. Question: Why do we perspire before rains? Answer: Before the rain falls, the atmosphere gets saturated with water vapors; as a result, the process of evaporation of sweat is delayed. 26. Question: How do birds sit safely on electric power lines? Answer: This is possible because a bird only touches one line. If the bird were to touch another line or pole the electricity would travel through the bird, either to the ground or another wire.

Everyday Science Questions Answers - Part 3 of 4

25Share 51. Question: Why is it less difficult to cook rice or potatoes at higher altitudes? Answer: Atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes is low and boils water below 1000C. The boiling point of water is directly proportional to the pressure on its surface. 52. Question: Why is it difficult to breathe at higher altitudes? Answer: Because of low air pressure at higher altitudes the quantity of air is less, and so that of oxygen. 53. Question: Why are winter nights and summer nights warmer during cloudy weather than when the sky is clear? Answer: Clouds being bad conductors of heat do not permit radiation of heat from land to escape into the sky. As this heat remains in the atmosphere, the cloudy nights are warmer. 54. Question: Why is a metal tyre heated before it is fixed on wooden wheels? Answer: On heating, the metal tyre expands by which its circumference also increases. This makes fixing the wheel easier and therefore cooling down shrinks it; thus fixing the tyre

tightly. 55. Question: Why is it easier to swim in the sea than in a river? Answer: The density of sea water is higher; hence the up thrust is more than that of river water. 56. Question: Who will possibly learn swimming faster-a fat person or a thin person? Answer: The fat person displaces more water which will help him float much more freely compared to a thin person. 57. Question: Why is a flash of lightening seen before thunder? Answer: Because light travels faster than sound, it reaches the earth before the sound of thunder. 58. Question: Why cannot a petrol fire be extinguished by water? Answer: Water, which is heavier than petrol, slips down permitting the petrol to rise to the surface and continue to burn. Besides, the existing temperature is so high that the water poured on the fire evaporates even before it can extinguish the fire. The latter is true if a small quantity of water is poured. 59. Question: Why does water remain cold in an earthen pot? Answer: There are pores in an earthen pot which allow water to percolate to the outer surface. Here evaporation of water takes place thereby producing a cooling effect. 60. Question: Why do we place a wet cloth on the forehead of a patient suffering from high temperature? Answer: Because of body?s temperature, water evaporating from the wet cloth produces a cooling effect and brings the temperature down. 61. Question: When a needle is placed on a small piece of blotting paper which is place on the surface of clean water, the blotting paper sinks after a few minutes but the needle floats. However, in a soap solution the needle sinks. Why? Answer: The surface tension of clean water being higher than that of a soap solution, it cans support the weight of a needle due to its surface tension. By addition of soap, the surface tension of water reduces, thereby resulting in the sinking of the needle. 62. Question: To prevent multiplication of mosquitoes, it is recommended to sprinkle oil in the ponds with stagnant water. Why? Answer: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. The larvae of mosquitoes keep floating on the surface of water due to surface tension. However, when oil is sprinkled, the surface tension is lowered resulting in drowning and death of the larvae. 63. Question: Why does oil rise on a cloth tape of an oil lamp?

Answer: The pores in the cloth tape suck oil due to the capillary action of oil. 64. Question: Why are ventilators in a room always made near the roof? Answer: The hot air being lighter in weight tends to rise above and escape from the ventilators at the top. This allows the cool air to come in the room to take its place. 65. Question: How does ink get filled in a fountain pen? Answer: When the rubber tube of a fountain pen immersed in ink is pressed, the air inside the tube comes out and when the pressure is released the ink rushes in to fill the air space in the tube. 66. Question: Why are air coolers less effective during the rainy season? Answer: During the rainy reason, the atmosphere air is saturated with moisture. Therefore, the process of evaporation of water from the moist pads of the cooler slows down thereby not cooling the air blown out from the cooler. 67. Question: Why does grass gather more dew in nights than metallic objects such as stones? Answer: Grass being a good radiator enables water vapour in the air to condense on it. Moreover, grass gives out water constantly (transpiration) which appears in the form of dew because the air near grass is saturated with water vapour and slows evaporation. Dew is formed on objects which are good radiations and bad conductors. 68. Question: If a lighted paper is introduced in a jar of carbon dioxide, its flame extinguishes. Why? Answer: Because carbon dioxide does not help in burning. For burning, oxygen is required. 69. Question: Why does the mass of an iron increase on rusting? Answer: Because rust is hydrated ferric oxide which adds to the mass of the iron rod. The process of rusting involves addition of hydrogen and oxygen elements to iron. 70. Question: Why does milk curdle? Answer: Lactose (milk sugar) content of milk undergoes fermentation and changes into lactic acid which on reacting with milk protein (casein) form curd. 71. Question: Why does hard water not lather soap profusely? Answer: Hard water contains sulphates and chlorides of magnesium and calcium which forms an insoluble compound with soap. Therefore, soap does not lather with hard water. 72. Question: Why is it dangerous to have charcoal fire burning in a closed room? Answer: When charcoal burns it produces carbon monoxide which is suffocating and can

cause death. 73. Question: Why is it dangerous to sleep under trees at night? Answer: Plants respire at night and give out carbon dioxide which reduces the oxygen content of air required for breathing. 74. Question: Why does ENO's salt effervesce on addition of water? Answer: It contains tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate. On adding water, carbon dioxide is produced which when released into water causes effervescence. 75. Question: Why does milk turn sour? Answer: The microbes react with milk and grow. They turn lactose into lactic acid which is sour in taste.

IQ Test Questions
There are 17 questions to test your IQ. Do not look at the answers found at the end of this document, that would be cheating. Write each of your answers down, it makes a difference. Good Luck for the IQ Test! 1. Two people were walking in opposite directions. Both of them walked 6 miles forward then took right and walked 8 miles. How far is each from starting positions? a) 14 miles and 14 miles b) 10 miles 10 miles c) 6 miles 6 miles 2. A person has certain number of cows and birds. They have 172 eyes and 344 legs. How many cows and birds does he have? 3. A person has 14 red socks and 14 white socks in a drawer. What is the minimum number of socks that he should take to get a correct pair? 4. When a number is multiplied by 13, it becomes greater to 105 by an amount with which it is lesser to 105 by now. What is the number 5. When asked in an exam how much time is left, the teacher answered that the amount of time left is 1/5 of the time already completed. How much time is left? 6. Two people on cycle are traveling at 10 miles/hour in opposite direction. When they are at a distance of 50 miles, a housefly lands on the first cyclist and then flies to the other at a speed of 16 miles/hour. What is the distance covered by fly?

7. My successor's father is my father's son. and I don't have any brothers or sons. Who is my successor? a) Nephew b) Niece c) Daughter d) Myself 8. A fast train leaves London for Brighton and at the same time a slow train leaves Brighton for London. The fast train leaves at 80 mph and the slow train travels at 35 mph. When they meet, which is farther from London? 9. A girl, a boy, and a dog start walking down a road. They start at the same time, from the same point, in the same direction. The boy walks at 5 km/h, the girl at 6 km/h. The dog runs from boy to girl and back again with a constant speed of 10 km/h. The dog does not slow down on the turn. How far does the dog travel in 1 hour? 10. A pool has four taps. The first tap takes two days to fill the pool, the second tap three days, the third four days and the last one only 6 hours. How long will it take to fill the pool using all 4 taps at once? 11. This was a burglary in the Silver City jewelry store last Sunday. Three suspects: Robert, Scott, and Tommy were caught and questioned. Each person said, "One of the other two stole it. I did not do it." Later on the police found out that Tommy was lying and there was only one thief. Who was the thief? 12. James visited an island. There were 2 tribes living on this island. The east tribal people always tell a lie. The west tribal people always tell the truth. James saw a guy passing him. He asked the tour guide to ask that guy where he lives. The tour guide asked the guy and came back with the answer: he lives over west. Did the tour guide tell the truth or tell a lie? 13. I have a horse. Do you know what color it is? Allan said, "I guess it is not black". Brian said, "It is either brown, or gray". Charlie said "I know it is brown". I said, "At least one of you is right and at least one of you is wrong." What is the color of my horse if the color is one of the above? 14. A lady and a gentleman are sister and brother. We do not know who is older. Someone asked them: Who is older? The sister said: I am older. The brother said: I am younger. At least one of them was lying. Who is older? 15. A six digit number 312132 has two 1's, two 2's and two 3's. This number has a very interesting attribute: 1 digit exists between two 1's, 2 digits exist between two 2's and 3 digits exist between two 3's. Can we add two more 4s to become an eight digit number and still holding the above attributes plus 4 digits exist between two 4s?

16. Suppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas. (a) How many minutes would it take 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas? (b) How many monkeys would it take to eat 48 bananas in 48 minutes? 17. A group of friends went to a hotel for Dinner. After having their dinner the Bill Amount was of Rs 2400. So they decided to distribute it into equal amount for each. In the group two friends forget to bring their purses along with them. So later on it has been decided that Rs 100 has to be paid more by the other friends on calculated amount. So total how many friends were there in the Group?

IQ Test Answers
The answers to IQ test questions asked above are given below. 1. 10 miles each according to Pythagoras Theorem. 2. Each Cow has 2 eyes and 4 legs and each bird has 2 eyes and 2 legs. Lets call each eye as x and each leg as y. Also each bird is n and each cow is m so: n(2x+2y) + m(2x + 4y) = 172x + 344y 2x (n+m) + 2y(n+2m) = 172x + 344y (n+m) = 86 and (n+2m) = 172 n = 86 - m 86 - m + 2m = 172 or m = 86 This implies n = 0. So, the owner has 0 birds and 86 cows. 3. This is a classic probability puzzle and many puzzles are based on this logic. If the person picks up two socks then there is a possibility of them being different in colour. If he picks up three socks then they are guaranteed red or white. So the minimum number of socks required are three. 4. Let the number be x 105 - x = y x = 105 - y 13x = 105 + y 14 x = 210 x = 15 5. 10 minutes. The total time was one hour and already 50 minutes are over. 6. You can assume that when the fly lands on cyclist 1 they are 50 miles apart. The fly has to travel 50 + x miles at 16 miles/hour. Here x is the additional distance at 10 miles/hour. So the problem is now simplified as

y = 50 + x (distance) (50 + x)/16 = x/10 (time) 500 + 10x = 16x 6x = 500 x = 250/3 = 83.33 y = 133.33 7. Daughter 8. When they meet they are both at the same distance away from London. 9. 10 km. Because the dog's speed is 10 km/h. 10. First, work out how much of the pool gets filled by each tap in one hour. The first tap takes 48 hours to fill the pool, so in one hour it fills 1/48 of the pool. The second tap 1/72. The third tap 1/96. And the fourth tap fills 1/6 of the pool in one hour. We need to add all those fractions together: 1/48 + 1/72 + 1/96 + 1/6 = 61/288 So, in one hour the pool will be 61/288 full and it will be completely full in 288/61 hours = 4 hours 43 minutes and 17 seconds. 11. Tommy was the thief. He was not telling the truth. He stole it. 12. If the guy was from the west, he should answer the truth: I am from the west. If the guy was from the east, he also should tell a lie: I am from the west. The answer will always be: 'I am from the west'. So we know the tour guide was telling the truth. 13. If the horse is brown. then every one is right. This is not the answer. If the horse is black, then every one is wrong. This is not the answer either. Therefore, the horse is gray. To verify the answer, Allan was right, Brian was right, but Charlie was wrong. 14. Since there is no conflict between what they said, it meant that either they both told a lie or both told the truth. In this case they both told a lie. The answer is the brother is older. 15. The number will be 41312432 or 23421314. Of course these 2 numbers are actually the same, just reverse the direction from one to become another one. The way to solve this is, first all, put down two 4s and reserve 4 spaces between these two 4s. Then you determonw the positions for two 3s. Since you can not put both 3s between 4s, one 3 must be outside of two 4s. After that you just need to try a few cases to find out he answer. 16. (a) 8 Minutes because each monkey takes 8 minutes to eat a banana. (b) 8 Monkeys are required to eat 48 bananas in 48 minutes. Each money will eat 6 bananas.

17. There were 8 friends in the group. Each friend was to share Rs 300 to cover the cost of 2400.

Aptitude Questions and Answers

1. A man decides to buy a nice horse. He pays $60 for it, and he is very content with the strong animal. After a year, the value of the horse has increased to $70 and he decides to sell the horse. But already a few days later he regrets his decision to sell the beautiful horse, and he buys it again. Unfortunately he has to pay $80 to get it back, so he loses $10. After another year of owning the horse, he finally decides to sell the horse for $90. What is the overall profit the man makes? 2. A bus run at 100 km/hr top speed. It can carry a maximum of 6 persons. If speed of bus decreases in fixed proportion with increase in number of person, find speed when three person are traveling in bus. 3. A man wanted to enter an exclusive club but did not know the password that was required. He waited by the door and listened. A club member knocked on the door and the doorman said, "twelve." The member replied, "six" and was let in. A second member came to the door and the doorman said, "six." The member replied, "three" and was let in. The man thought he had heard enough and walked up to the door. The doorman said, "ten" and the man replied, "five". But he was not let in. What should have he said? 4. There are 20 pieces of bread to divide among 20 people. A man eats 3 pieces, woman eats 2 pieces and a child eats half piece of bread. Tell the correct combination of men, women and children so that they are 20 people in total and everyone gets the bread. Note that a man cannot eat less than 3 or more than 3. A woman cannot eat less than 2 or more than 2 and the child cannot eat less than half or more than half piece of the bread. You have to tell there are how may are men, women and children in those 20 people. 5. A cube of side 4cm is painted with 3 colors red, blue and green in such a way that opposite sides are painted in the same color. This cube is now cut into 64 cubes of equal size. 1. 2. 3. 4. How many have at least two sides painted in different colors. How many cubes have only one side painted. How many cubes have no side painted. How many have exactly one side not painted.

6. How many squares are there on a normal chessboard? 7. Three people picked 65 apples altogether. At the first tree they each picked the same number of apples. At the second tree they each picked 3 times as many as they picked at the first tree. When they finished at the third tree, the group had 5 times as many apples as they had when they started at that tree. At the fourth tree the group picked just 5 apples. How many apples did each person pick at the first tree?

8. 4 criminals are caught and are to be punished. The Judge allows them to be freed if they can solve a puzzle. If they do not, they will be hung. They agreed. The 4 criminals are lined up on some steps (shown in picture). They are all facing in the same direction. A wall seperates the fourth man from the other three.

To Summarise

Man 1 can see men 2 and 3. Man 2 can see man 3. Man 3 can see none of the others. Man 4 can see none of the others.

The criminals are wearing hats. They are told that there are two white hats and two black hats. The men initially don't know what colour hat they are wearing. They are told to shout out the colour of the hat that they are wearing as soon as they know for certain what colour it is.

They are not allowed to turn round or move. They are not allowed to talk to each other. They are not allowed to take their hats off.

Now the question is "Who is the first person to shout out and why?" 9. At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party? 10. You have to measure exactly 4 liters of water, but you only have a 3-liter bottle and a 5-liter bottle. How do you do it? 11. If 5+3+2 = 151012, 9+2+4 = 183662, 8+6+3 = 482466, 5+4+5 = 202504 then what will be the answer of 7+2+5? Only 2% people are able to solve this aptitude question. Let's see if you can do it. 12. The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

13. The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the positions of its digits is 36. What is the difference between the two digits of that number? 14. Joyce has bought ten trees for her garden. She wants to plant these trees in five rows, with four trees in each row. How must Joyce plant the trees? 15. A light bulb is hanging in a room. Outside of the room there are three switches, of which only one is connected to the lamp. In the starting situation, all switches are off and the bulb is not lit. If it is allowed to check in the room only once to see if the bulb is lit or not (this is not visible from the outside), how can you determine with which of the three switches the light bulb can be switched on? 16. In the middle of a round pool lies a beautiful water-lily. The water-lily doubles in size every day. After exactly 20 days the complete pool will be covered by the lily. After how many days will half of the pool be covered by the water-lily? 17. A snail is at the bottom of a 20 meters deep pit. Every day the snail climbs 5 meters upwards, but at night it slides 4 meters back downwards. How many days does it take before the snail reaches the top of the pit?

Answers to Aptitude Questions

1. Consider the trade-story as if it describes two separate trades, where: In the first trade, the man buys something for $60 and sells it again for $70, so he makes a profit of $10. In the second trade, the man buys something for $80 and sells it again for $90, so he makes again a profit of $10. Conclusion: The man makes an overall profit of $10 + $10 = $20. You can also look at the problem as follows: The total expenses are $60 + $80 = $140 and the total earnings are $70 + $90 = $160. The overall profit is therefore $160 - $140 = $20. 2. 100 Km/hr because that is the top speed of the bus. 3. The man had to reply the number of characters in the word the Doorman was asking. He should have replied "Three" instead of "Five". 4. There are 5 women, 1 man and 14 children. 5. Here are the answers. 1. 2. 3. Cubes that have at least two sides painted in different colours are 24 + 8 = 32. Cubes that have only one side painted are 24. Cubes that have no side painted = 8.


Cubes that have exactly one side not painted = 0.

6. There are actually 204 squares on a chessboard. Surprised! Here is the explanation. There are 64 (1x1) squares. There are 49 (2x2) squares. There are 36 (3x3) squares. There are 25 (4x4) squares. There are 16 (5x5) squares. There are 9 (6x6) squares. Then there are 4 (7x7) squares and 1 big 8x8 square. So, there are a total of 204 squares on a normal chessboard. 7. One Apple 8. Man 1 will shout first. If Man 1 will not shout then Man 2 surely shouts. Reason: Man 1 can see the other two criminals? hats. If the hats are same color then he told his hat is opposite color of remaining two hats. So he shouts first. If Man 1 does not shout, it means that the hats of Man 2 and Man 3 are of different color. So Man 2 sees the color of Man 3 hat and he tells that the color of his hat is opposite to the color of Man 3 Hat. 9. With two people, there is one handshake. With three people, there are three handshakes. With four people, there are six handshakes. In general, with n+1 people, the number of handshakes is the sum of the first n consecutive numbers: 1+2+3+...+n. Since this sum is n(n+1)/2, we need to solve the equation n(n+1)/2 = 66. This is the quadratic equation n2+n-132 = 0. Solving for n, we obtain 11 as the answer and deduce that there were 12 people at the party. 10. Fill the 3-litre bottle and pour it into the empty 5-litre bottle. Fill the 3-litre bottle again, and pour enough to fill 5-litre bottle. This leaves exactly 1 litre in the 3-litre bottle. Empty the 5-litre bottle; pour the remaining 1 litre from the 3-litre bottle into the 5-litre bottle. Fill the 3-litre bottle and pour it into the 5-litre bottle. The 5-litre bottle now has exactly 4 litres. 11. 7 + 2 + 5 = 143542. Explanation: a + b + c leads to a 6-digit number.

The first and second digits are the product of a and b. The third and fourth digits are the product of a and c. The fifth and sixth digits are b*(a+c) with the digits of the solution reversed.

12. 4 Years. Explanation: Let the ages of children be x, (x + 3), (x + 6), (x + 9) and (x + 12) years. Then, x + (x + 3) + (x + 6) + (x + 9) + (x + 12) = 50 i.e. 5x = 20 and x = 4. So, the age of the youngest child (x) is 4 years. 13. The difference between the two digits of that number is 4. Explanation: Let the ten's digit be x and unit's digit be y. Then, (10x+y)-(10y+x) = 36 i.e. 9(x-y) = 36 and that results to x-y = 4.

14. The trees must be planted on the edges of a five pointed star as shown in the figure below.

15. To find the correct switch (1, 2 or 3), turn switch 1 to ON and leave it like that for a few minutes. After that you turn switch 1 back to OFF, and turn switch 2 to ON. Now enter the room. If the light bulb is lit, then you know that switch 2 is connected to it. If the bulb is not lit, then it has to be switch 1 or 3. Now touching the light bulb will give you the answer. If the bulb is still hot, then switch 1 is connected to the bulb; if the bulb is cold, then it has to be switch 3. 16. 19 days. Since the water-lily doubles its size every day and the complete pool is covered after 20 days, half of the pool will be covered one day before that, so 19 days. 17. 16 days. Since the snail moves up 1 meter a day so it will reach 15 meters in 15 days. next day it will again climb 5 meters upward and reaches the top.

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American English

Cot Cotton Crash Crossroads Curtains Draughts Drawing pin Dual carriageway Dummy Dust bin, Rubbish bin Dustman Dynamo Engine Film Flat Flyover Garden Gear lever Graduate Grill Ground floor Gym shoes, Tennis shoes Hand bag Hoarding Holiday Hoover Ill Interval Jersey, Jumper, Pull over, Sweater Jug Lift Lorry

Crib Thread Wreck Intersection Drapes Checkers Thumb tack Divided highway Pacifier Trash can, Garbage can Garbage collector Generator Motor Movie Apartment Overpass Yard Gear shift Alumnus Boiler First floor Sneakers Purse Billboard Vacation Vacuum cleaner Sick Intermission Sweater Pitcher Elevator truck

Luggage Mad Main road Maize Maths Mean Motorway Nappy Nasty Nowhere Nursing home Occultist, Optician Paraffin Pavement Peep Petrol Post Postbox Postman Potato crisps Pram Pub Public toilet Puncture Push chair Queue Railway Railway carriage Reel of cotton Return ticket Reverse charges Rise in salary

Baggage Crazy Highway Corn Math Stingy Freeway Diaper Vicious, Mean No place Private hospital Optometrist Kerosene Sidewalk Peek Gas, Gasoline Mail Mailbox Mailman, Mail carrier Potato chips Baby carriage Bar Rest room Blowout Stroller Line Railroad Railway car Reel of thread Round trip Call collect Raise

Road surface Roundabout Rubber Saloon Sellotape Shop Silencer Single ticket Somewhere Spanner Staff of a university Sump Sweet Sweets Tap Tap (outdoor) Taxi Tea towel Term Tights Timetable Tin Toll motorway Torch Tramp Trousers Turn ups Underground railway Underpants Verge of road Waistcoat Wardrobe

Pavement Traffic circle Eraser Sedan Scotch tape Store Muffler One way Someplace Wrench Faculty Oil pan Dessert Candy Faucet Spigot Cab Dish towel Semester Pantyhose Schedule Can Turnpike Flashlight Hobo Pants Cuffs Subway Shorts Shoulder of road Vest Closet

Wash your hands Windscreen Wing Zip

Wash up Windshield Fender Zipper

In British English, words that end in -l preceded by a vowel usually double the -l when a suffix is added, while in American English the letter is not doubled. The letter will double in the stress is on the second syllable.

Base Word counsel equal model quarrel signal travel excel propel
Spelling of verbs

American English counseling equaling modeling quarreling signaling traveling excelling propelling

British English counselling equalling modelling quarrelling signalling travelling excelling propelling

For the spellings of verbs, Generally the rule is that if there is a verb form with -ed, American English will use it, and if there is a form with -t, British English uses it. However, these forms do not exist for every verb and there is variation. For example, both American and British English would use the word 'worked' for the past form of 'to work'. So what does tall his mean for learners of English? In the beginning, unfortunately, it means a lot of memorization (or memorisation) and of course, a few mistakes. For spoken English, the differences are barely audible, so forge ahead and don't be too concerned with whether a word is spelled 'dreamed' or 'dreamt'. With written English, however, if you are unsure about the spelling, better to ask your teacher or look the word up in the dictionary and see what the experts say.

English Proverbs & Sayings Part 2


2. 3. 4.

Better a little fire to warm us, than a great one to burn us. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Better an open enemy than a false friend. Better be alone than in bad company.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Better be born lucky than rich. Better be envied than pitied. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. Better deny at once than promise long. Better die standing than live kneeling.

10. Better early than late. 11. Better give a shilling than lend a half-crown. 12. Better go to bed supper-less than rise in debt. 13. Better late than never. 14. Better lose a jest than a friend. 15. Better one-eyed than stone-blind. 16. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. 17. Better the foot slip than the tongue. 18. Better to do well than to say well. 19. Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven. 20. Better unborn than untaught. 21. Better untaught than ill-taught. 22. Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip. 23. Between the devil and the deep (blue) sea. 24. Between two evils 'tis not worth choosing. 25. Between two stools one goes (falls) to the ground. 26. Between the upper and nether millstone. 27. Betwixt and between. 28. Beware of a silent dog and still water. 29. Bind the sack before it be full. 30. Birds of a feather flock together. 31. Blind men can judge no colours. 32. Blood is thicker than water. 33. Borrowed garments never fit well. 34. Brevity is the soul of wit. 35. Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse. 36. Business before pleasure. 37. By doing nothing we learn to do ill. 38. By hook or by crook. 39. By the street of 'by-and-bye' one arrives at the house of 'Never'. 40. Calamity is man's true touchstone. 41. Care killed the cat. 42. Catch the bear before you sell his skin. 43. Caution is the parent of safety. 44. Charity begins at home. 45. Cheapest is the dearest. 46. Cheek brings success. 47. Children and fools must not play with edged tools. 48. Children are poor men's riches.

49. Choose an author as you choose a friend. 50. Christmas comes but once a year, (but when it comes it brings good cheer). 51. Circumstances alter cases. 52. Claw me, and I will claw thee. 53. Cleanliness is next to godliness. 54. Company in distress makes trouble less. 55. Confession is the first step to repentance. 56. Counsel is no command. 57. Creditors have better memories than debtors. 58. Cross the stream where it is shallowest. 59. Crows do not pick crow's eyes. 60. Curiosity killed a cat. 61. Curses like chickens come home to roost. 62. Custom is a second nature. 63. Custom is the plague of wise men and the idol of fools. 64. Cut your coat according to your cloth. 65. Death is the grand leveller. 66. Death pays all debts. 67. Death when it comes will have no denial. 68. Debt is the worst poverty. 69. Deeds, not words. 70. Delays are dangerous. 71. Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies. 72. Diligence is the mother of success (good luck). 73. Diseases are the interests of pleasures. 74. Divide and rule. 75. Do as you would be done by. 76. Dog does not eat dog. 77. Dog eats dog. 78. Dogs that put up many hares kill none. 79. Doing is better than saying. 80. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. 81. Don't cross the bridges before you come to them. 82. Don't have thy cloak to make when it begins to rain. 83. Don't keep a dog and bark yourself. 84. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. 85. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 86. Don't sell the bear's skin before you've caught it. 87. Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. 88. Don't whistle (halloo) until you are out of the wood. 89. Dot your i's and cross your t's. 90. Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed. 91. Drive the nail that will go. 92. Drunken days have all their tomorrow.

93. Drunkenness reveals what soberness conceals. 94. Dumb dogs are dangerous. 95. Each bird loves to hear himself sing. 96. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 97. Easier said than done. 98. East or West ? home is best. 99. Easy come, easy go. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. Eat at pleasure, drink with measure. Empty vessels make the greatest (the most) sound. Enough is as good as a feast. Envy shoots at others and wounds herself. Even reckoning makes long friends. Every ass loves to hear himself bray. Every barber knows that. Every bean has its black. Every bird likes its own nest. Every bullet has its billet. Every country has its customs. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Every day is not Sunday. Every dog has his day. Every dog is a lion at home. Every dog is valiant at his own door. Every Jack has his Jill. Every man has a fool in his sleeve. Every man has his faults. Every man has his hobby-horse. Every man is the architect of his own fortunes. Every man to his taste. Every miller draws water to his own mill. Every mother thinks her own gosling a swan. Every one's faults are not written in their foreheads. Every tub must stand on its own bottom. Every white has its black, and every sweet its sour. Every why has a wherefore. Everybody's business is nobody's business. Everything comes to him who waits. Everything is good in its season. Evil communications corrupt good manners. Experience is the mother of wisdom. Experience keeps a dear school, but fools learn in no other. Experience keeps no school, she teaches her pupils singly. Extremes meet. Facts are stubborn things.

137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180.

Faint heart never won fair lady. Fair without, foul (false) within. Fair words break no bones. False friends are worse than open enemies. Familiarity breeds contempt. Far from eye, far from heart. Fasting comes after feasting. Faults are thick where love is thin. Feast today and fast tomorrow. Fine feathers make fine birds. Fine words butter no parsnips. First catch your hare. First come, first served. First deserve and then desire. First think, then speak. Fish and company stink in three days. Fish begins to stink at the head. Follow the river and you'll get to the sea. Fool's haste is no speed. Fools and madmen speak the truth. Fools grow without watering. Fools may sometimes speak to the purpose. Fools never know when they are well. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. For the love of the game. Forbearance is no acquittance. Forbidden fruit is sweet. Forewarned is forearmed. Fortune favours the brave (the bold). Fortune is easily found, but hard to be kept. Four eyes see more (better) than two. Friends are thieves of time. From bad to worse. From pillar to post. Gentility without ability is worse than plain beggary. Get a name to rise early, and you may lie all day. Gifts from enemies are dangerous. Give a fool rope enough, and he will hang himself. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice. Give him an inch and he'll take an ell. Give never the wolf the wether to keep. Gluttony kills more men than the sword. Go to bed with the lamb and rise with the lark. Good clothes open all doors.

181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224.

Good counsel does no harm. Good health is above wealth. Good masters make good servants. Good words and no deeds. Good words without deeds are rushes and reeds. Gossiping and lying go hand in hand. Grasp all, lose all. Great barkers are no biters. Great boast, small roast. Great cry and little wool. Great spenders are bad lenders. Great talkers are great liars. Great talkers are little doers. Greedy folk have long arms. Habit cures habit. Half a loaf is better than no bread. "Hamlet" without the Prince of Denmark . Handsome is that handsome does. Happiness takes no account of time. Happy is he that is happy in his children. Hard words break no bones. Hares may pull dead lions by the beard. Harm watch, harm catch. Haste makes waste. Hasty climbers have sudden falls. Hate not at the first harm. Hatred is blind, as well as love. Hawks will not pick hawks' eyes. He begins to die that quits his desires. He cannot speak well that cannot hold his tongue. He carries fire in one hand and water in the other. He dances well to whom fortune pipes. He gives twice who gives in a trice. He goes long barefoot that waits for dead man's shoes. He is a fool that forgets himself. He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs. He is happy that thinks himself so. He is lifeless that is faultless. He is not fit to command others that cannot command himself. He is not laughed at that laughs at himself first. He is not poor that has little, but he that desires much. He jests at scars that never felt a wound. He knows best what good is that has endured evil. He knows how many beans make five.

225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268.

He knows much who knows how to hold his tongue. He laughs best who laughs last. He lives long that lives well. He must needs swim that is held up by the chin. He should have a long spoon that sups with the devil. He smells best that smells of nothing. He that comes first to the hill may sit where he will. He that commits a fault thinks everyone speaks of it. He that does you an i!i turn will never forgive you. He that fears every bush must never go a-birding. He that fears you present wiil hate you absent. He that goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing. He that goes barefoot must not plant thorns. He that has a full purse never wanted a friend. He that has a great nose thinks everybody is speaking of it. He that has an ill name is half hanged. He that has no children knows not what love is. He that has He head needs no hat. He that has no money needs no purse. He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned. He that is full of himself is very empty. He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody. He that is warm thinks all so. He that knows nothing doubts nothing. He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas. He that lives with cripples learns to limp. He that mischief hatches, mischief catches. He that never climbed never fell. He that once deceives is ever suspected. He that promises too much means nothing. He that respects not is not respected. He that seeks trouble never misses. He that serves everybody is paid by nobody. He that serves God for money will serve the devil for better wages. He that spares the bad injures the good. He that talks much errs much. He that talks much lies much. He that will eat the kernel must crack the nut. He that will not when he may, when he will he shall have nay. He that will steal an egg will steal an ox. He that will thrive, must rise at five. He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree. He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens. He who is born a fool is never cured.

269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300.

He who hesitates is lost. He who likes borrowing dislikes paying. He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing. He who pleased everybody died before he was born. He who says what he likes, shall hear what he doesn't like. He who would catch fish must not mind getting wet. He who would eat the nut must first crack the shell. He who would search for pearls must dive below. He will never set the Thames on fire. He works best who knows his trade. Head cook and bottle-washer. Health is not valued till sickness comes. His money burns a hole in his pocket. Honesty is the best policy. Honey is not for the ass's mouth. Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. Honour and profit lie not in one sack. Honours change manners. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper. Hope is the poor man's bread. Hunger breaks stone walls. Hunger finds no fault with cookery. Hunger is the best sauce. Hungry bellies have no ears. Idle folks lack no excuses. Idleness is the mother of all evil. Idleness rusts the mind. If an ass (donkey) bray at you, don't bray at him. If ifs and ans were pots and pans. If my aunt had been a man, she'd have been my uncle. If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. If the sky falls, we shall catch larks.

English Proverbs & Sayings Part 3


2. 3. 4. 5.

If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. If things were to be done twice all would be wise. If we can't as we would, we must do as we can. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. If you agree to carry the calf, they'll make you carry the cow.

6. 7. 8. 9.

If you cannot bite, never show your teeth. If you cannot have the best, make the best of what you have. If you dance you must pay the fiddler. If you laugh before breakfast you'll cry before supper.

10. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. 11. If you sell the cow, you sell her milk too. 12. If you throw mud enough, some of it will stick. 13. If you try to please all you will please none. 14. If you want a thing well done, do it yourself. 15. Ill-gotten gains never prosper. 16. Ill-gotten, ill-spent. 17. In every beginning think of the end. 18. In for a penny, in for a pound. 19. In the country of the blind one-eyed man is a king. 20. In the end things will mend. 21. In the evening one may praise the day. 22. Iron hand (fist) in a velvet glove. 23. It is a good horse that never stumbles. 24. It is a long lane that has no turning. 25. It is a poor mouse that has only one hole. 26. It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest. 27. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. 28. It is a silly fish, that is caught twice with the same bait. 29. It is easy to swim if another hoids up your chin (head). 30. It is enough to make a cat laugh. 31. It is good fishing in troubled waters. 32. It is never too late to learn. 33. It is no use crying over spilt milk. 34. It is the first step that costs. 35. It never rains but it pours. 36. It's as broad as it's long. 37. It's no use pumping a dry well. 38. It's one thing to flourish and another to fight. 39. It takes all sorts to make a world. 40. Jackdaw in peacock's feathers. 41. Jest with an ass and he will flap you in the face with his tail. 42. Judge not of men and things at first sight. 43. Just as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined. 44. Keep a thing seven years and you will find a use for it. 45. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. 46. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. 47. Last, but not least. 48. Laws catch flies, but let hornets go free. 49. Learn to creep before you leap.

50. Learn to say before you sing. 51. Learn wisdom by the follies of others. 52. Least said, soonest mended. 53. Leaves without figs. 54. Let bygones be bygones. 55. Let every man praise the bridge he goes over. 56. Let sleeping dogs lie. 57. Let well (enough) alone. 58. Liars need good memories. 59. Lies have short legs. 60. Life is but a span. 61. Life is not a bed of roses. 62. Life is not all cakes and ale (beer and skittles). 63. Like a cat on hot bricks. 64. Like a needle in a haystack. 65. Like begets like. 66. Like cures like. 67. Like father, like son. 68. Like draws to like. 69. Like master, like man. 70. Like mother, like daughter. 71. Like parents, like children. 72. Like priest, like people. 73. Like teacher, like pupil. 74. Little chips light great fires. 75. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 76. Little pigeons can carry great messages. 77. Little pitchers have long ears. 78. Little strokes fell great oaks. 79. Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape. 80. Little things amuse little minds. 81. Live and learn. 82. Live and let live. 83. Live not to eat, but eat to live. 84. Long absent, soon forgotten. 85. Look before you leap. 86. Look before you leap, but having leapt never look back. 87. Lookers-on see more than players. 88. Lord (God, Heaven) helps those (them) who help themselves. 89. Lost time is never found again. 90. Love cannot be forced. 91. Love in a cottage. 92. Love is blind, as well as hatred. 93. Love me, love my dog.

94. Love will creep where it may not go. 95. Make haste slowly. 96. Make hay while the sun shines. 97. Make or mar. 98. Man proposes but God disposes. 99. Many a fine dish has nothing on it. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. Many a good cow has a bad calf. Many a good father has but a bad son. Many a little makes a mickle. Many a true word is spoken in jest. Many hands make light work. Many men, many minds. Many words hurt more than swords. Many words will not fill a bushel. Marriages are made in heaven. Measure for measure. Measure thrice and cut once. Men may meet but mountains never. Mend or end (end or mend). Might goes before right. Misfortunes never come alone (singly). Misfortunes tell us what fortune is. Money begets money. Money has no smell. Money is a good servant but a bad master. Money often unmakes the men who make it. Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain. More haste, less speed. Much ado about nothing. Much will have more. Muck and money go together. Murder will out. My house is my castle. Name not a rope in his house that was hanged. Necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity knows no law. Neck or nothing. Need makes the old wife trot. Needs must when the devil drives. Neither fish nor flesh. Neither here nor there. Neither rhyme nor reason. Never cackle till your egg is laid. Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk.

138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181.

Never do things by halves. Never fry a fish till it's caught. Never offer to teach fish to swim. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do (can be done) today. Never quit certainty for hope. Never too much of a good thing. Never try to prove what nobody doubts. Never write what you dare not sign. New brooms sweep clean. New lords, new laws. Nightingales will not sing in a cage. No flying from fate. No garden without its weeds. No great loss without some small gain. No herb will cure love. No joy without alloy. No living man all things can. No longer pipe, no longer dance. No man is wise at all times. No man loves his fetters, be they made of gold. No news (is) good news. No pains, no gains. No song, no supper. No sweet without (some) sweat. No wisdom like silence. None but the brave deserve the fair. None so blind as those who won't see. None so deaf as those that won't hear. Nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas. Nothing so bad, as not to be good for something. Nothing succeeds like success. Nothing venture, nothing have. Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm. Of two evils choose the least. Old birds are not caught with chaff. Old friends and old wine are best. On Shank's mare. Once bitten, twice shy. Once is no rule (custom). One beats the bush, and another catches the bird. One chick keeps a hen busy. One drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine.

182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200.

One fire drives out another. One good turn deserves another. One law for the rich, and another for the poor. One lie makes many. One link broken, the whole chain is broken. One man, no man. One man's meat is another man's poison. One scabby sheep will mar a whole flock. One swallow does not make a summer. One today is worth two tomorrow. Open not your door when the devil knocks. Opinions differ. Opportunity makes the thief. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of the frying-pan into the fire. Packed like herrings. Patience is a plaster for all sores. Penny-wise and pound-foolish. Pleasure has a sting in its tail.

English Proverbs & Sayings Part 4


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Plenty is no plague. Politeness costs little (nothing), but yields much. Poverty is no sin. Poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is. Practise what you preach. Praise is not pudding. Pride goes before a fall. Procrastination is the thief of time. Promise is debt.

10. Promise little, but do much. 11. Prosperity makes friends, and adversity tries them. 12. Put not your hand between the bark and the tree. 13. Rain at seven, fine at eleven. 14. Rats desert a sinking ship. 15. Repentance is good, but innocence is better. 16. Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you. 17. Roll my log and I will roll yours. 18. Rome was not built in a day.

19. Salt water and absence wash away love. 20. Saying and doing are two things. 21. Score twice before you cut once. 22. Scornful dogs will eat dirty puddings. 23. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. 24. Self done is soon done. 25. Self done is well done. 26. Self is a bad counsellor. 27. Self-praise is no recommendation. 28. Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the devil. 29. Set a thief to catch a thief. 30. Shallow streams make most din. 31. Short debts (accounts) make long friends. 32. Silence gives consent. 33. Since Adam was a boy. 34. Sink or swim! 35. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. 36. Slow and steady wins the race. 37. Slow but sure. 38. Small rain lays great dust. 39. So many countries, so many customs. 40. So many men, so many minds. 41. Soft fire makes sweet malt. 42. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 43. Soon learnt, soon forgotten. 44. Soon ripe, soon rotten. 45. Speak (talk) of the devil and he will appear (is sure to appear). 46. Speech is silver but silence is gold. 47. Standers-by see more than gamesters. 48. Still waters run deep. 49. Stolen pleasures are sweetest. 50. Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach. 51. Stretch your legs according to the coverlet. 52. Strike while the iron is hot. 53. Stuff today and starve tomorrow. 54. Success is never blamed. 55. Such carpenters, such chips. 56. Sweep before your own door. 57. Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves. 58. Take us as you find us. 59. Tarred with the same brush. 60. Tastes differ. 61. Tell that to the marines. 62. That cock won't fight.

63. That which one least anticipates soonest comes to pass. 64. That's a horse of another colour. 65. That's where the shoe pinches! 66. The beggar may sing before the thief (before a footpad). 67. The best fish smell when they are three days old. 68. The best fish swim near the bottom. 69. The best is oftentimes the enemy of the good. 70. The busiest man finds the most leisure. 71. The camel going to seek horns lost his ears. 72. The cap fits. 73. The cask savours of the first fill. 74. The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream. 75. The cat would eat fish and would not wet her paws. 76. The chain is no stronger than its weakest link. 77. The cobbler should stick to his last. 78. The cobbler's wife is the worst shod. 79. The darkest hour is that before the dawn. 80. The darkest place is under the candlestick. 81. The devil is not so black as he is painted. 82. The devil knows many things because he is old. 83. The devil lurks behind the cross. 84. The devil rebuking sin. 85. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on. 86. The Dutch have taken Holland ! 87. The early bird catches the worm. 88. The end crowns the work. 89. The end justifies the means. 90. The evils we bring on ourselves are hardest to bear. 91. The exception proves the rule. 92. The face is the index of the mind. 93. The falling out of lovers is the renewing of love. 94. The fat is in the fire. 95. The first blow is half the battle. 96. The furthest way about is the nearest way home. 97. The game is not worth the candle. 98. The heart that once truly loves never forgets. 99. The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. The last drop makes the cup run over. The last straw breaks the camel's back. The leopard cannot change its spots. The longest day has an end. The mill cannot grind with the water that is past. The moon does not heed the barking of dogs.

106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149.

The more haste, the less speed. The more the merrier. The morning sun never lasts a day. The mountain has brought forth a mouse. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the flesh. The pitcher goes often to the well but is broken at last. The pot calls the kettle black. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The receiver is as bad as the thief. The remedy is worse than the disease. The rotten apple injures its neighbours. The scalded dog fears cold water. The tailor makes the man. The tongue of idle persons is never idle. The voice of one man is the voice of no one. The way (the road) to hell is paved with good intentions. The wind cannot be caught in a net. The work shows the workman. There are lees to every wine. There are more ways to the wood than one. There is a place for everything, and everything in its place. There is more than one way to kill a cat. There is no fire without smoke. There is no place like home. There is no rose without a thorn. There is no rule without an exception. There is no smoke without fire. There's many a slip 'tween (== between) the cup and the lip. There's no use crying over spilt milk. They are hand and glove. They must hunger in winter that will not work in summer. Things past cannot be recalled. Think today and speak tomorrow. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Time and tide wait for no man. Time cures all things. Time is money. Time is the great healer. Time works wonders. To add fuel (oil) to the fire (flames). To angle with a silver hook. To be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth. To be head over ears in debt. To be in one's birthday suit.

150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193.

To be up to the ears in love. To be wise behind the hand. To beat about the bush. To beat the air. To bring grist to somebody's mill. To build a fire under oneself. To buy a pig in a poke. To call a spade a spade. To call off the dogs. To carry coals to Newcastle. To cast pearls before swine. To cast prudence to the winds. To come away none the wiser. To come off cheap. To come off with a whole skin. To come off with flying colours. To come out dry. To come out with clean hands. To cook a hare before catching him. To cry with one eye and laugh with the other. To cut one's throat with a feather. To draw (pull) in one's horns. To drop a bucket into an empty well. To draw water in a sieve. To eat the calf in the cow's belly. To err is human. To fiddle while Rome is burning. To fight with one's own shadow. To find a mare's nest. To fish in troubled waters. To fit like a glove. To flog a dead horse. To get out of bed on the wrong side. To give a lark to catch a kite. To go for wool and come home shorn. To go through fire and water (through thick and thin). To have a finger in the pie. To have rats in the attic. To hit the nail on the head. To kick against the pricks. To kill two birds with one stone. To know everything is to know nothing. To know on which side one's bread is buttered. To know what's what.

194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200.

To lay by for a rainy day. To live from hand to mouth. To lock the stable-door after the horse is stolen. To look for a needle in a haystack. To love somebody (something) as the devil loves holy water. To make a mountain out of a molehill. To make both ends meet.

English Proverbs & Sayings Part 5


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

To make the cup run over. To make (to turn) the air blue. To measure another man's foot by one's own last. To measure other people's corn by one's own bushel. To pay one back in one's own coin. To plough the sand. To pour water into a sieve. To pull the chestnuts out of the fire for somebody. To pull the devil by the tail.

10. To put a spoke in somebody's wheel. 11. To put off till Doomsday. 12. To put (set) the cart before the horse. 13. To rob one's belly to cover one's back. 14. To roll in money. 15. To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. 16. To save one's bacon. 17. To send (carry) owls to Athens. 18. To set the wolf to keep the sheep. 19. To stick to somebody like a leech. 20. To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. 21. To take counsel of one's pillow. 22. To take the bull by the horns. 23. To teach the dog to bark. 24. To tell tales out of school. 25. To throw a stone in one's own garden. 26. To throw dust in somebody's eyes. 27. To throw straws against the wind. 28. To treat somebody with a dose of his own medicine. 29. To use a steam-hammer to crack nuts. 30. To wash one's dirty linen in public.

31. To wear one's heart upon one's sleeve. 32. To weep over an onion. 33. To work with the left hand. 34. Tomorrow come never. 35. Too many cooks spoil the broth. 36. Too much knowledge makes the head bald. 37. Too much of a good thing is good for nothing. 38. Too much water drowned the miller . 39. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. 40. True blue will never stain. 41. True coral needs no painter's brush. 42. Truth comes out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. 43. Truth is stranger than fiction. 44. Truth lies at the bottom of a well. 45. Two blacks do not make a white. 46. Two heads are better than one. 47. Two is company, but three is none. 48. Velvet paws hide sharp claws. 49. Virtue is its own reward. 50. Wait for the cat to jump. 51. Walls have ears. 52. Wash your dirty linen at home. 53. Waste not, want not. 54. We know not what is good until we have lost it. 55. We never know the value of water till the well is dry. 56. We shall see what we shall see. 57. We soon believe what we desire. 58. Wealth is nothing without health. 59. Well begun is half done. 60. What can't be cured, must be endured. 61. What is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh. 62. What is done by night appears by day. 63. What is done cannot be undone. 64. What is got over the devil's back is spent under his belly. 65. What is lost is lost. 66. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. 67. What is worth doing at alt is worth doing well. 68. What must be, must be. 69. What the heart thinks the tongue speaks. 70. What we do willingly is easy. 71. When angry, count a hundred. 72. When at Rome, do as the Romans do. 73. When children stand quiet, they have done some harm. 74. When flatterers meet, the devil goes to dinner.

75. When guns speak it is too late to argue. 76. When pigs fly. 77. When Queen Anne was alive. 78. When the cat is away, the mice will play. 79. When the devil is blind. 80. When the fox preaches, take care of your geese. 81. When the pinch comes, you remember the old shoe. 82. When three know it, alt know it. 83. When wine is in wit is out. 84. Where there's a will, there's a way. 85. While the grass grows the horse starves. 86. While there is life there is hope. 87. Who breaks, pays. 88. Who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet. 89. Who keeps company with the wolf, will learn to howl. 90. Wise after the event. 91. With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin. 92. Words pay no debts. 93. You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. 94. You cannot eat your cake and have it. 95. You cannot flay the same ox twice. 96. You cannot judge a tree by it bark. 97. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. 98. You cannot wash charcoal white. 99. You made your bed, now lie in it. 100. Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse

Glimpses of World History - Multiple Choice Quiz with Answers

15Share 1. Zimbabwe attained independence in a. b. c. d. 1975 1979 1980 1981


World War II commenced in a. 1930

b. c. d.

1935 1939 1940


World War I commenced in a. b. c. d. 1904 1908 1910 1914


Why did Pakistan leave the Commonwealth in 1971? a. b. c. d. Due to Russian interference in Afghanistan Due to recognition of Bangladesh Due to Indo-Pak war None of these


Who drafted the ?Declaration of American Independence? a. b. c. d. George Washington Thomas Jefferson Karl Marx None of these


Which was the Napoleon?s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to St Helena? a. b. c. d. Battle of Trafalgar Battle of Waterloo Battle of Austerlitz Battle of Leipzig


Which country suffered the maximum in World War II? a. b. c. France Germany Japan




Which among the following battles was not fought by Napoleon? a. b. c. d. Battle of Waterloo Battle of Leipzig Battle of Trafalgar Battle of the Jutland


When was the War of American independence fought? a. b. c. d. 1770 1772 1775 1776

10. When was the ?Declaration of Rights? drafted for American independence? a. b. c. d. 1774 1775 1776 1778

11. To which of the following countries did Karl Marx belong? a. b. c. d. Italy Yugoslavia Russia Germany

12. The War of Roses in European history is associated with the a. b. c. d. War between England and France Civil war in England Anglo ? Spanish War War between Prussia and Austria

13. The war of American Independence was fought between a. b. c. d. North America and South America Britain and North America France and America Canada and South America

14. The Treaty of Versailles was signed in a. b. c. d. 1914 1920 1928 1919

15. The Treaty of Versailles ended the a. b. c. d. World War World War II French Revolution Russo ? Japanese War

16. The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on a. b. c. d. Aug. 6, 1914 Aug. 9, 1945 Aug. 6, 1943 Aug. 9, 1943

17. The Hundred ? year War was fought between a. b. c. d. France and Germany Germany and Austria France and England England and Austria

18. The Hundred ? year War fought between Franc and England was started by a. b. Edward III Henry V

c. d.

The Duke of Normandy Joan of Arc

19. The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on a. b. c. d. Aug. 6, 1945 Aug. 9, 1945 Aug. 9, 1946 Aug. 6, 1942

20. Scientific Socialism is connected with a. b. c. d. Rousseau Roosevelt Bismarck Karl Marx

21. Queen Maria Theresa is associated with the a. b. c. d. Civil war in England War of Austrian succession Seven ? year War Thirty ? year War

22. Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to a. b. c. d. France Austria Germany England

23. Kerensky was associated with the a. b. c. d. French Revolution Industrial Revolution Russian Revolution None of these

24. Crusades were conducted during the period a. b. c. d. AD 1080 ? 1100 AD 1088 ? 1200 AD 1088 ? 1270 AD 1270 ? 1300

25. Crusades were conducted by European Christians to liberate Jerusalem from the domination of a. b. c. d. Seljuk Turks Palestinians Libyans Egyptians

26. Crusades were a. b. c. d. Movement to spread Christianity Movement against Catholic Christians Movement against Protestants Christians to liberate the holy land

27. Battle of Waterloo was fought in a. b. c. d. 1805 1809 1813 1815

28. Bangladesh was created in a. b. c. d. 1970 1971 1972 1973

29. ?Phoney War? is associated with the invasion by a. b. c. d. Japan of Norway and Poland France of Holland and Switzerland Germany of Norway and Denmark Britain of Holland and Japan

30. ?Boston Tea party? is associated with the a. b. c. d. French Revolution Russian Revolution American Independence Independence of Egypt

31. All of the following were true concerning absolute monarchs EXCEPT a. b. c. d. Ultimate state authority resided in them They claimed to rule by divine right They lacked a bureaucracy to assist them They could make laws

32. In central Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries a. b. c. d. The Thirty years War strengthened German The region was highly commercialized and based on capitalism Strong monarchies prevailed Thirty Years War began modern state system

33. Capitalism is characterized by all given below EXCEPT a. b. c. d. The elimination of financial risks Private ownership The ability to make profits The laws of supply and demand

34. The enlightment was a. b. Unrelated to Scientific Revolution Believed in basic goodness of human nature

c. d.

Was incompatible with feminism Was a global movement

35. The regime of Mikhail Gorbachev differed from that of Brezhnev in that Gorbachev a. b. c. d. Closed churches in Soviet Union He prevented private ownerships He imposed strict censorship He allowed elements of a market economy

36. The African National Congress a. b. c. d. Was formed after the age of new imperialism Was accused of Communist leanings by the South African government Decreased its activism after Sharpeville Massacre Had less support from other nations

37. Which country changed allegiances between World War I and World War II? a. b. c. d. Russia Japan China Spain

38. Post-World I territorial changes a. b. c. d. Rewarded Russia with territorial gains United Austria and Hungary Crated the Polish Corridor from German territory Strengthened the Ottoman empire

39. Because of their common history of feudalism, both Japan and the nations of western Europe have a tradition of a. b. c. d. Industrialism Militarism Imperialism A strong executive

40. The French Revolution a. b. c. d. Answers 1. c 6. b 11. d 16. b 21. b 26. d 31. c 36. b 2. c 7. c 12. b 17. b 22. a 27. d 32. d 37. b 3. d 8. d 13. b 18. b 23. c 28. b 33. a 38. d 4. b 9. c 14. d 19. a 24. c 29. c 34. b 39. d 5. b 10. c 15. a 20. d 25. a 30. a 35. d 40. d Gave women the right to vote Gave France a permanent republican government Was successful in meeting all its goals Awakened republican goals among French commoners

Heart Attacks and Drinking Warm Water

868Share This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about heart attacks. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot green tea with their meals, not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating.

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and may lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

Heart Attack Symptoms

You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive. A cardiologist says if everyone who reads this message sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life. Read this & Send the link to a friend. It could save a life. So, please be a true friend and send this article to all your friends you care about. Some people say that it is just an old myth to drink warm water to prevent heart attacks and I'd also like to point out that declares this information as an urban myth and many other people agree that cold water is not related to cancer or heart attacks in any way. So, I have no idea if this is true and there is no research to support this theory however I still

wanted to share this information about "heart attacks and drinking warm water" with all of you because its always better to be safe than to be sorry. Related Articles

1. 2. 3. 4.

Heart Attacks in Women Amazing Facts of Human Heart Health benefits of drinking Japanese green tea Green Tea and Cardiovascular Health

Heart Attack Information

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart is suddenly and permanently cut off, causing permanent damage to the heart muscle. Chest pain is typically severe and does not go away with rest or medicine that is effective with angina. Symptoms may indicate your heart is in danger many months or years before a heart attack occurs. Persistent symptoms, such as shortness of breath, nausea, great fatigue, angina/chest pain, fainting spells and gas-like discomfort, are red flags.

1 in 3 adults, both men and women, has some form of cardiovascular disease. In 90% of adult victims of sudden cardiac death, two or more major coronary arteries are narrowed or blocked. Brain death and permanent death start to occur in just 4-6 minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest. It is in the early or initial stage that the heart disease is almost certainly treatable. The heart and brain muscles are the ones which cannot be revived once dead. For a large number of patients, the first and only symptom of heart disease is a fatal heart attack. Thus diagnosis becomes extremely important for everyone and that too pre-emptive and non-invasive.

Note: Please do not post comments asking for the scientific research behind this information. I've clearly stated in the paragraph above that this is no scientific research found about drinking warm water to prevent heart attacks and it may be an urban myth. As I mentioned above I am not sure of the origin of the information but it does illicit some questions and cause for further research. Please do your research and draw your own conclusions. By the way, I have also learned from various sources that it may be best not to drink any fluid (water or otherwise) during or directly after a meal as it dilutes naturally occurring digestive enzymes.


Accessibility can be thought of as "providing access regardless of the situation or circumstances." In the context of the World Wide Web, accessibility is a measure of how easy it is to access, read, and understand the content of a Website. Attachment Normally a file that is attached to an e-mail. Some attachments are executable programs that can harm your computer by infecting it with a virus or worm. If you are not sure what the attachment is, it is safer to not open it. B2B Business to Business. Products and services designed to be sold to other businesses. B2C Business To Consumer. Products and services designed to be sold to the general public. Benchmarking The practice of comparing the performance of your organisation, department or function against the performance of 'the best' - whether they be other organisations, industry standards or internal departments. The aim is to look at how well you are doing compared to others in the same field or industry, and to learn from their best practices as a basis for improving your own. Best Practice A process or methodology that has been proven to work well and produce good results, and is therefore recommended as a model. Some people prefer to use the term 'good practice' as in reality it is debateable whether there is a single 'best' approach. Breadcrumb A breadcrumb is a navigation trail that leads from the user?s current location in your web site, back to the home page. This is useful for larger web sites that have deeply nested pages or sections in their site. Example: Home > All Categories > Pre Sales Questions Browser Software that translates digital information into pictures and text so that you can view them on your computer. Some commonly used browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera and Netscape. Capacity Building A term sometimes used in knowledge management to describe the process of enhancing an organisation's ability to implement knowledge management principles and practices. CAPTCHA A CAPTCHA (an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart", trademarked by Carnegie Mellon University) is a type of challenge-response test

used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. The term was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper of Carnegie Mellon University, and John Langford of IBM. A common type of CAPTCHA requires that the user type the letters of a distorted image, sometimes with the addition of an obscured sequence of letters or digits that appears on the screen. Chief Information Officer (CIO) A senior position with strategic responsibility for information management and information technology. Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) A senior position with strategic responsibility for knowledge management. CMS In computing, a content management system (CMS) is a document centric collaborative application for managing documents and other content. A CMS is often a web application and often it is used as a method of managing web sites and web content. The market for content management systems remains fragmented, with many open source and proprietary solutions available. Codification The process of getting people's knowledge into a form by which it can be communicated independently of those people. The most common method is writing things down and putting them into documents and databases. Other methods include pictures, and sound and video recordings. Contact Center A contact center (also referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center) is a central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed. A contact center would typically be provided with special software that would allow contact information to be routed to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked, and data to be gathered. Content Management Content Management, also known as CM, is a set of processes and technologies supporting the evolutionary life cycle of digital information. This digital information is often referred to as content or, to be precise, digital content. Customer Service and Support Customer service and support (CSS) is the part of a company's customer relationship management (CRM) department that interacts with a customer for their immediate benefit, including components such as the contact center, the help desk, and the call management system. Data A set of facts, concepts or statistics that can be analysed to produce information. DNS - Domain Name System The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address - just like a telephone number - which is a rather complicated

string of numbers. It is called its "IP address" (IP stands for "Internet Protocol"). IP Addresses are hard to remember. The DNS makes using the Internet easier by allowing a familiar string of letters (the "domain name") to be used instead of the arcane IP address. So instead of typing an IP address, you can type the website URL. It is a "mnemonic" device that makes addresses easier to remember. Document A record of an event or knowledge, taken so that the information will not be lost. Documents are usually written, but they can also be made up of images or sound. Documents can also be put into electronic or digital form and stored in a computer. Dynamic Content A page that is generated just as the user views it. The content delivered to the user is often updated on-the-spot out of a database or based upon the users browser. It used to be easy to spot one of these pages, but with most systems now allowing dynamic content from any page at any time, you just never know. Search engines no longer penalize for dynamic content as long as the URL does not include submitted data (a ? question mark in the url). E-Business The use of electronic information systems (especially internet technologies) in business processes. E-Learning The use of electronic information systems (especially internet technologies) to deliver learning and training. Expert System An expert system is a computer program that simulates the judgement and behavior of a human or an organization that has expert knowledge and experience in a particular field. Typically, such a system contains a knowledge base containing accumulated experience and a set of rules for applying the knowledge base to each particular situation that is described to the program. Sophisticated expert systems can be enhanced with additions to the knowledge base or to the set of rules. Explicit Knowledge Knowledge that can be easily expressed in words or numbers, and can be shared through discussion or by writing it down and putting it into documents, manuals or databases. Examples might include a telephone directory, an instruction manual, or a report of research findings. Firewall Software that protects an organisation's computer systems from problems such as viruses that can be carried by internet technologies or hackers seeking to gain unauthorised access. Flash Software from Macromedia (Now Adobe) that is popular for animations used on websites. It requires the Flash plug-in which most modern browsers include.

Help Desk In a business enterprise, a help desk is a place that a user of information technology can call to get help with a problem. In many companies, a help desk is simply one person with a phone number and a more or less organized idea of how to handle the problems that come in. In larger companies, a help desk may consist of a group of experts using software to help track the status of problems and other special software to help analyze problems. Some common names for a help desk include: Computer Support Center, IT Response Center, Customer Support Center, IT Solutions Center, Resource Center, Information Center, and Technical Support Center. Human Capital The knowledge, skills and competencies of the people in an organisation. ICANN The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation that has responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domain name system management, and root server system management functions. Originally, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and other entities performed these services under U.S. Government contract. ICANN now performs the IANA function. As a private-public partnership, ICANN is dedicated to preserving the operational stability of the Internet; to promoting competition; to achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and to developing policy appropriate to its mission through bottom-up, consensus-based processes. The DNS translates the domain name you type into the corresponding IP address, and connects you to your desired website. The DNS also enables email to function properly, so the email you send will reach the intended recipient. Information management The management of an organisation's information resources in order to improve the performance of the organisation. Information management underpins knowledge management, as people derive knowledge from information. Information technology (IT) A term that encompasses the physical elements of computing including servers, networks and desktop computing which enable digital information to be created, stored, used and shared. Intellectual Assets Management The management of an organisation's intellectual assets in order to improve the performance of the organisation. In practice, intellectual assets management tends to focus on issues relating to intellectual property such as organising and exploiting patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. ISP - Internet Service Provider

An ISP is a company, which provides access to the Internet to organizations and/or individuals. Access services provided by ISPs may include web hosting, email, VoIP (voice over IP), and support for many other applications. Know-how Skill or capability derived from knowledge and experience. Knowledge In information technology, knowledge is, to an enterprise or an individual, the possession of information or the ability to quickly locate it. This is essentially what Samuel Johnson, compiler of the first comprehensive English dictionary, said when he wrote that "Knowledge is of two kinds: we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it." Knowledge Assets (or: Intellectual Assets) Those parts of an organisation's intangible assets that relate specifically to knowledge, such as know-how, best practices, intellectual property and the like. Knowledge assets are often divided into human (people, teams, networks and communities), structural (the codified knowledge that can be found in processes and procedures) and technological (the technologies that support knowledge sharing such as databases and intranets). By understanding the knowledge assets an organisation possesses, the organisation can improve its ability to use them to best effect and also to spot any gaps that may exist. Knowledge Base A knowledge base is defined as a Searchable Database with Answers to the Questions. An integral component of knowledge management systems, a knowledge base is used to optimize information collection, organization, and retrieval for an organization, or for the general public. Read More Knowledge Broker A person who facilitates the creation, sharing and use of knowledge in an organisation. Many organisations have created knowledge broker roles such as 'Knowledge Co-ordinator'. The term knowledge broker is also sometimes used to describe companies or individuals that operate commercially as knowledge traders or provide knowledge-related services. Knowledge Centre A place where knowledge is gathered and stored and can be accessed and used by other people. It may be a physical place like a library, a 'virtual' place like an interactive website or an online discussion board, or a place where people gather such as a caf? or an informal meeting room or discussion area created to encourage knowledge sharing. Knowledge Management Knowledge management is the name of a concept in which an enterprise consciously and comprehensively gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes its knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills. Read More Knowledge Management Solution

Strictly speaking, a solution to a knowledge management problem, or the use of knowledge management techniques to solve an organisational problem. However, in practice a 'knowledge management solution' more often refers to a piece of knowledge management technology or software. Knowledge Management Strategy A detailed plan outlining how an organisation intends to implement knowledge management principles and practices in order to achieve organisational objectives. Knowledge Repository A place to store and retrieve explicit knowledge. A low-tech knowledge repository could be a set of file folders. A high-tech knowledge repository might be based on a database platform. Knowledge Worker An employee whose role relies on his or her ability to find and use knowledge. LAMP LAMP is an open source Web development platform based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, a programming language for which Perl or Python is sometimes substituted. The term was coined in Europe, where these programs are commonly used together and have become something of a standard development environment. The name derives from the first letters of each of the programs. Each program is an open source standard in its own right: Linux is the operating system; Apache is the most commonly-used Web server; MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) with add-on tools for Web-based administration; and PHP is a popular objectoriented scripting language that encompasses the best features of many other programming languages to make it efficient for Web development. Developers that use these tools with a version of a Windows operating system instead of Linux are said to be using WAMP. Link Popularity The number of links (inbound) from other sites to your site. Some search engines take this into account when ranking a page. Not all inbound links are weighed the same. Links from "link farms" may not count for anything. Sites with irrelevant content may also be less valuable. MySQL The MySQL? database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. It's used in more than 8 million installations ranging from large corporations to specialized embedded applications on every continent in the world. Not only is MySQL the world's most popular open source database, it's also become the database of choice for a new generation of applications built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP / Perl / Python.) MySQL runs on more than 20 platforms including Linux, Windows, OS/X, HP-UX, AIX, Netware, giving you the kind of flexibility that puts you in control.

Whether you're new to database technology or an experienced developer or DBA, MySQL offers a comprehensive range of certified software, support, training and consulting to make you successful. Phishing Phishing - a play on the word "fishing" - is an attempt to steal your password and private account info. Phishers can set up fake web sites that look like those of trusted companies to trick you into disclosing your user name and password. Related Links:

Phishing - a definition Phishing - Glossary

PHP PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a "recursive acronym." PHPKB PHPKB is a Knowledge Base Management System that allows easy creation and management of a complete FAQ system, Article Directory or a Customer Support Knowledge Base System. With Hundreds of options and Powerful Features, PHPKB is easy to install and customize. Portal A special web page that organises access to all of the online resources about a topic, providing a one-stop shop of sorts. Reciprocal Linking Placing an outbound link from your website to another website in return for that site doing the same for you. This is done in hopes of increasing link popularity and thus, a higher ranking in the search engine results. Return on Investment (ROI) An estimate of the financial benefit (the return) on money spent (the investment) on a particular initiative. RSS RSS (RDF Site Summary - formerly called Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a method of describing news or other Web content that is available for "feeding" (distribution or syndication) from an online publisher to Web users. RSS is an application of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) that adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium's Resource Description Framework (RDF). Originally developed by Netscape for its browser's Netcenter channels, the RSS specification is now available for anyone to use.

Script In computer programming, a script is a program or sequence of instructions that is interpreted or carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor. Search Engine On the Internet, a search engine is a coordinated set of programs that includes:

A spider (also called a "crawler" or a "bot") that goes to every page or representative pages on every Web site that wants to be searchable and reads it, using hypertext links on each page to discover and read a site's other pages.

A program that creates a huge index (sometimes called a "catalog") from the pages that have been read. A program that receives your search request, compares it to the entries in the index, and returns results to you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) These solutions are the cumulative effort of marketing a web site using search engines. It includes the process of improving organic and/or paid listings, rapid inclusion and more to increase a web site's visibility, also known as SEO marketing. Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of manipulating aspects of a Web site to improve its ranking in search engines. Various approaches are taken to achieve that goal, such as submitting the Web site to directory services, and addressing Web site architecture and content. Search Query Search Query is referred to as the way of interaction between search engine & the user. The user types in words or topics to search for, and the search engine returns results that are matches from its database. The action of searching is called Querying the database. A single search in any database is called a Query. Search Rank How well a page is doing on a search engine. The higher your rank, the more visible your page is to search engine users. SERP Search engine result page. Simply the pages that are returned from as a result of a search on a search engine. Site Map A page on a web site that lists and links to the main pages of the web site in a logical order. It is recommended for medium to large sites. It helps both human visitors as well as search engine spiders find your website content.

Site Submission The SEO marketing process of registering a site with a search engine. It does not guarantee inclusion, but will usually lead to it being reviewed or crawled by the web site. It offers no guarantee of ranking. It can be done manually, or using some commercial software packages that are available. Spider A term for a search engine robot that scans web sites for indexing them into their search results. Sponsored Link A link that someone paid to be listed. Technical Writing Technical Writing is writing on a specific subject for a specific purpose to a specific audience. Thesaurus An organised language, used for inputting and searching information systems, which predefines the relationships between terms and concepts used in its vocabulary. Title Tag Also referred to as Website Title, It is a form of Meta data used by search engines to describe the titles of web pages. Search engine ranking algorithms place value in the use of title tags in determining what a site is about and the relevancy of its content. TLD - Top-level Domain TLDs are the names at the top of the DNS naming hierarchy. They appear in domain names as the string of letters following the last (rightmost) ".", such as "net" in "". The administrator for a TLD controls what second-level names are recognized in that TLD. The administrators of the "root domain" or "root zone" control what TLDs are recognized by the DNS. Commonly used TLDs include .com, .net, .edu, .org, .in, .jp, .de, etc. Toolbar An addon program for a browser that creates a bar across the browser - most often under the menu line. These often provide search query boxes and other features. Most of the major search engines have Toolbars. They are also referred as "Custom Toolbar" or "Search Toolbar". Traffic (Web Traffic) Web Traffic refers to the amount of visitors accessing your website. These are often refered to as either 'impressions' or unique hits'. Unique hits signifies a unique person or individual visiting your website. If one person visits your site, they are considered 1 unique hit. Impressions refer to one person visiting multiple pages on your site. If one person visits your site, but clicks on 10 different pages, you would have 10 impressions from that person. W3C

World Wide Web Consortium, an international consortium of companies involved with the Internet and the Web. The W3C was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the original architect of the World Wide Web. The organization's purpose is to develop open standards so that the Web evolves in a single direction rather than being splintered among competing factions. The W3C is the chief standards body for HTTP and HTML. Web Pages Documents that contain text, graphics, sound, and/or video and have built-in connections called hyperlinks. A Web page or webpage is a "page" of the World Wide Web, usually in HTML/XHTML format (the file extensions are typically htm or html) and with hypertext links to enable navigation from one page or section to another. Web pages often use associated graphics files to provide illustration, and these too can be clickable links. Web pages can be static or dynamic. Dynamic web pages contain server side programming code along with content of the page while static pages contain no server side programming code. Web self-service Web self-service is a new approach to customer relationship management (CRM) and employee relationship management (ERM), a version of electronic support (e-support) that allows customers and employees to access information and perform routine tasks over the Internet, without requiring any interaction with a representative of an enterprise. Web Server A computer, including software package, that provides a specific kind of service to client software running on other computers. More specifically, a server is a computer that manages and shares web based applications accessible anytime from any computer connected to the Internet. A specialized computer inside a network which sends out web content (pages, etc.) when a request is made by a web browser client. A website itself is hosted on the web server. Popular server platforms include Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and MAC OSX Server White Pages In knowledge management terms a white pages is a structured directory of people within an organisation, usually in electronic form. WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get--A term, pronounced "Wissy wig" which is usually used to describe an HTML editor that allows you to visually design a web page. XML XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a flexible way to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and elsewhere. XML is "extensible" because, unlike HTML, the markup symbols are unlimited and self-defining. Yahoo!

Yahoo is another big search engine. Yahoo still commands a large user base, but not as big as Google. Yahoo offers many different marketing tools for both sending and recieving traffic. It is a complete portal that offers almost all types of the internet related services.

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What is Water Therapy & how to do it?

Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.50 liters of water i.e. 5 to 6 glasses. You may wash your face thereafter. This is called water therapy. Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hour before and after drinking these 1.5 liters of water. It is also to be strictly observed that no alcoholic drinks shall be taken the previous night. If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose. Is it possible to drink 1.50 liters of water at one time? To begin with, one may find it difficult to drink 1.50 liters of water at one time, but one will get used to it gradually.

Initially, while practicing you may drink four glasses first and then the balance two glasses after a gap of 2 minutes. Initially you may find the necessity to urinate 2-3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.

Benefits of Water Therapy

Relief from stress, weight loss, glowing skin, feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day and good digestion are some of the major benefits of water therapy. Have a look at some of the comments below made by people after trying water therapy. 1. Ever since I started this water therapy, I have noticed a glow on my skin, my eyes sparkle, and I feel so clean and so beautiful. I noticed that I always have a bowel movement after my water therapy and my constipation is gone. 2. Water therapy is just amazing! Though I have to urinate a lot of times in an hour but it makes sense. It makes me feel so good. Thanks to this water therapy. Thank GOD for giving us the water to drink. 3. Water therapy is really wonderfully beneficial. So much that people who have not practiced this can't even imagine. It makes your body thoroughly clean and pure from inside and outside. I recommend that everybody should start practicing water therapy to keep tremendously fit and disease free.

About Water Therapy

It is popular in Japan and India today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. They publish below a description of use of water in water therapy for their readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses, the water therapy treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure for the following diseases

Headache Body Ache Heart System Arthritis Fast Heart Beat Epilepsy Excess Fatness Bronchitis Asthma TB Meningtitis Kidney and Urine diseases

Vomiting gastritis Diarrhea Piles Diabetes Constipation All Eye Diseases Menstrual Disorders Ear Nose Throat Diseases

Water Therapy - Method of Treatment

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4-6 glasses of water each of 160 ml. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for two hours. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to four glasses per day. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure main diseases: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. High Blood Pressure - 30 days Gastric - 10 days Diabetes - 30 days Constipation - 10 days TB - 90 days

Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment for only 3 days in the first week to be followed by daily treatment. This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times. Are you drinking the amount of water you should drink every day? How does pure water help the body? Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as Haematopaises. That the mucousal folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method, is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by the mucousal fold. If the colon is cleansed then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucousal folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all-important in curing ailments and

restoring health and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern. This is why water therapy is recommended to be added to your daily routine.

Wimbledon Facts and Figures

Below is the list of Wimbledon Facts with collection of 100 interesting facts about Wimbledon in this article.

2. 3. 4. 5.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was founded in 1868. It was originally just the 'The All England Croquet Club', Lawn Tennis was introduced at the club in 1875. Wimbledon always starts on the sixth Monday before the first Monday of August. Wimbledon starting dates for the next 3 years are: June 18, 2012; June 24, 2013; June 23, 2014. First Played in 1877, the tournament featured Men's singles play. It was then followed by Women's singles and Men's Doubles in 1884; and Women's Doubles & Mixed Doubles in 1913.

6. 7. 8.

The first singles event at Wimbledon was won by Spencer Gore in 1877. Maud Watson became the first ladies' singles champion in 1884. The first foreign champion at Wimbledon was May Sutton of U.S.A who won the ladies' singles in 1905. Norman Brookes of Australia became the first non-British gentleman's champion in 1907.


The men's singles champion receives a silver cup with a pineapple top. The ladies' champion recieves the "Venus Rosewater Dish", also made of silver.

10. All players participating in the tournament have to wear white clothing. 11. Anna Kournikova was ordered to change in 2002 when she was caught practicing in black shorts. 12. The 2006 guide for competitors was updated to warn players that they risked being defaulted if they broke the tournament's code of almost entirely white and most certainly decent clothing. 13. The Chair Umpire for the match decides whether players are dressed appropriately. 14. The Duke of Kent, Prince Edward is the President of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. 15. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is on Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE. 16. The tournament is third on the Grand Slam calendar, and is played in the months of June and July. 17. Apart from the five main events (men's singles and doubles, women's singles and doubles, mixed doubles), there are four junior events and four invitation events 18. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played the longest tennis match at Wimbledon in 2010. Isner won 6-4, 3-6, 6-7(7-9), 7-6(7-3), 70-68, in a match that lasted 11 hours and five minutes. The match was played over three days. 19. Willie Renshaw and Pete Sampras (7) have won the most number of singles titles. Amongst the ladies, Martina Navratilova has nine "Venus Rosewater dishes" in her kitty.

20. The last British man to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1936. He was a three-time Wimbledon champion. 21. The last British woman to win Wimbledon was Virginia Wade in 1977, after sixteen tries. 22. Bjorn Borg became the first player in the Open Era to win the gentlemen's singles title five times in a row. Roger Federer has duplicated the former's feat by winning the title from 2003-2007. 23. Goran Ivanisevic was the first wildcard to win the singles title in 2001. 24. At 17, Boris Becker was the first unseeded player to win Wimbledon in 1985. 25. Todd Woodbridge (9) has won the most number of doubles titles at Wimbledon. He won six titles with Mark Woodforde and three with Jonas Bjrkman. 26. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played the longest final in Wimbledon history in 2008. The match lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes. 27. American Bill Tilden won the Wimbledon singles title at the age of 38 28. Eating strawberries and cream is a tradition at Wimbledon. 28,000 kilos of the fruit and 7,000 litres of cream are consumed at the tournament. 29. Strawberries that are served at Wimbledon are sourced from Kent, and are picked just a day before. 30. 312,000 bottles of water were consumed, along with more than 14,000 bottles of champagne, at Wimbledon in 2002. 31. Althea Gibson was the first African-American to win Wimbledon in 1957 32. Chris Evert was the last married woman to win Wimbledon in 1981. 33. Venus Williams' serve at Wimbledon 2008 was recorded at 129 mph, the highest by a female player at the tournament. 34. In 1995, Tim Henman was suspended from the men's doubles event after he struck a ball girl with a ball in anger. 35. The area used to watch Wimbledon matches on a giant TV screen in the All England Club grounds is referred to as "Henman Hill". Since Tim Henman's retirement, it has been renamed as Murray Mound after British No.1 Andy Murray. 36. Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon as a wildcard in his fourth final in 2001. He was the runner-up in 1992, 1994 and 1998. 37. The practice of bowing to the royal box was stopped at the insistence of the Duke of Kent in 2003. 38. The first official colour broadcast in the UK was that of Wimbledon in 1967 on the BBC. 39. The All England Club issues debentures to fans to raise funds for its expenditure. Investors are given match tickets in return. 40. In 2009, a retractable roof was added to Centre Court to prevent rain delays

More Facts About Wimbledon


Wimbledon is special because it is the only Grand Slam played on grass, the original surface of tennis. Let's not forget that the game was originally referred to as lawn tennis.

42. Matches in the gentlemen's singles and doubles are best-of-five sets. The rest of the events are best-of-three sets. 43. Wimbledon begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.

44. American legend Andre Agassi skipped Wimbledon on a few occasions because of the dress code. He refused to play Wimbledon from 1988 to 1990 because of the all-white dress code and what he regarded as the stuffy atmosphere. 45. Since 1877, Wimbledon has been halted twice by the World Wars. They lost four years during WWI, and six during WWII. No championships were held between 1915-1918 and 1940-1945 because of WWI and WWII. 46. Martina Hingis was the youngest player to win a Wimbledon title, when she won the doubles title in 1996. 47. A film titled 'Wimbledon' starring Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst was released in 2004. The story was about a struggling British tennis player who wins Wimbledon in his swansong. 48. Ball girls were first seen at Wimbledon in 1977. 49. The year 1986 saw yellow balls being introduced at Wimbledon. 50. Wooden rackets were last used at Wimbledon in 1987. 51. Wimbledon is played on grass courts made of rye grass. 52. Wimbledon 2011 is the 125th edition of the tournament. 53. Venus Williams fought for equal prize money to be paid to female winners. In 2007, the All England Club announced the change. 54. At 15, Charlotte Dod became the youngest woman to win Wimbledon in 1887. 55. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament where fans without tickets can queue up and get seats. Fans are known to queue up overnight for tickets. 56. The US has provided the most number of winners at Wimbledon. American players have won 33 men's singles titles and 54 women's singles titles. 57. Wimbledon is the oldest Grand Slam tournament that is played on grass. 58. Centre Court seats 13,813 people and the Club grounds hold 34,500 spectators. 59. The highest recorded attendance was also in 2001, with 490,081. 60. The highest recorded attendance for normal 13 days was also in 2001, with 476,711. 61. The highest recorded attendance for a single day was in June 26th, 2002 with 42,457 visitors. 62. Court 2 is nicknamed "The Graveyard", because this is where many seeded players are knocked out. 63. Media operation at Wimbledon are conducted out of the Millennium Building, and play host to a press corps of over 750 journalists and photographers from around the world. 64. Two of the most highly held traditions of Wimbledon are the rule that the players must wear predominantly white, and that the players are referred to as "Mr", "Mrs" and "Miss". 65. The Ladies' Singles Trophy is a silver salver, 18 -inches in diameter, referred to as the 'Rosewater Dish' or 'Venus Rosewater Dish'. It was first won by the Champion when the challenge round was introduced in 1886. 66. The Men's singles trophy is a silver gilt cup and cover, standing 18- inches high and has a diameter of 7- inches. It is inscribed "The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World." The lid is shaped with a pineapple on top and a head covered with a winged helmet beneath each handle. There are two decorative borders with floral work and oval styled moldings on the bowl of the Cup and on the handles. 67. The Gentlemen's Doubles Championship trophy is a silver challenge cup, which was presented to the All England Club in 1884 by the Oxford University Lawn Tennis Club who

sponsored the original doubles play in 1879. The Gentlemen's Doubles was played at Oxford University from 1879-1883 but moved to Wimbledon in 1884. 68. The Ladies' Doubles Championship is an elegant silver cup and cover, known as 'The Duchess of Kent Challenge Cup', presented to the Club in 1949 by HRH the Princess Marina, President of the All England Club. 69. The Mixed Doubles Championship trophy is a silver challenge cup and cover presented to the All England Club by the family of the late S.H. Smith, who won the doubles title in 1902 and 1906. 70. Since 1949 all champions have received a miniature replica of the trophy, measuring 8 inches tall or 8 inches in diameter. 71. During World War II, a bomb ripped through Centre Court at the All England Club and 1,200 seats were lost. Fortunately, they were not filled at the time! Play finally resumed in 1946 but it wasn't until 1949 that the area was back in shape. 72. Wimbledon moved to its present site in Church Road in 1922. 73. The 1973 tournament was beset by a players strike which saw 79 players including 13 of the 16 seeds withdraw because Yugoslavian player Nikki Pilic was suspended. This left Jan Kodes, the new number two seed, to take the Gentleman's Singles Championships that year. 74. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was first opened in 1977. In 2006, the museum received a multi-million pound state-of-the-art transformation, making it one of the most popular tourist sites around London. 75. Over the years, assorted streakers have graced the courts. In 1996, a young woman wearing only a tiny apron dashed across the court just before the final between Richard Krajicek and MaliVai Washington. In 2002, a self-described "serial streaker" enlivened the rain delay during Lleytons Hewitt's three-set victory over David Nalbandian in their final. And in 2006, a streaker performed a cartwheel on Centre Court during the quarterfinal between Russian beauties Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva. 76. One of the most popular items at Wimbledon is the 10 easy-grab telescopic green and purple umbrella. It's second only to its larger cousin, the 20 spectator umbrella. 77. When the rain comes, the translucent cover is pulled out. It was first introduced onto the Centre Court in 1998, and weighs 1 ton - wet and dry. It takes 17 people 30 seconds to cover the court. 78. Wimbledon Number 1 Court has large fans at either end to dry them out in case of rain. 79. Years when play extended into a third week due to rain delays: 1919, 1922, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1963, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001. 80. Years with no rain at all: 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993, 1995. 81. IBM is the technology partner for Wimbledon. 82. Over 1,000 statistics are collected simultaneously for every match on the 18 courts, for every point, during every match, in real time for the IBM Real-Time solutions and Scoreboard. 83. The Championships used Hawk-Eye line calling for the first time in 2007. 84. Yellow balls were used for the first time in 1986 to make the speeding balls more visible for television cameras, due to pleas from BBC producers that white simply wouldn't do. 85. Slazenger has provided every tennis ball for The Championships at Wimbledon since 1902. All Slazenger balls are produced in one facility in The Philippines.

86. Wimbledon places an order for 5,000 dozen (60,000) Dunlop Slazenger balls, for use in the roughly 680 matches during the Wimbledon Championship. Only about 1,250 dozen of these balls are actually used in the tournament. The rest are sold on the grounds as souvenirs. 87. The Royal Box is used for the entertainment of guests from the Royal Family as well as the tennis world, including supporters of British tennis and other walks of life. 88. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have not attended the Wimbledon event since 1970. 89. Guests are invited to the Clubhouse for lunch, tea and drinks at the end of the day. The guest list is released on the same day, for security reasons. 90. Men are asked to wear suits or a jacket and tie. Ladies are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them. 91. The shortest person to play tennis at Wimbledon was Miss C.G. Hoahing who was just 4 feet 9 inches. 92. The tallest competitor ever was and is Ivo Karlovic, at 6 feet 10 inches. 93. In 1996, Martina Hingis won the Ladies singles titles and was 15 years, 282 days old, when she won the women's doubles with Helena Sukova of Czech Republic. 94. The youngest male champion was Boris Becker who won the Men's singles title in 1985 at 17 years, 227 days. 95. The youngest ever player at Wimbledon was Mita Klima of Austria, who was 13 years old in the 1907 singles competition. 96. The youngest seed was Jennifer Capriati at 14 year 89 days at the time of her first match on 26 June 1990. She won the match, making her the youngest ever winner at Wimbledon. 97. The oldest champion was Martina Navratilova at 46 years, 8 months young when she won the Mixed Doubles title in 2003 with Leander Paes. 98. Venus Williams became the second African American woman to win the Grand Slam title at the 2000 Ladies singles title. She followed a childhood hero, Althea Gibson, who won titles in 1957 and 1958. 99. 1949 was the best ever year (weather-wise) for Wimbledon when there was sunshine during the entire championship. 100. (94F) 1976 was the hottest year on record at Wimbledon, with temps reaching to 34C