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An American Harvest
At The Herbfarm • 18-26 November 2011 Alaskan Red King Crab Pan Perdu with Caramelized Onion Soubise and Dill. Butter-Braised Beer Battered Geoduck With Sorrel and Pickled Garlic Scapes-Horseradish Aîoli. Oyster and Salsify Chowder with Olympic Peninsula Espelette Pepper and Lovage. 2007 Argyle Oregon Brut with Imbue Bittersweet Oregon Vermouth Today’s Gathering from Our Farm: Roasted Celery Root in Feuille de Brick, Delicata Squash, Baby Bord Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Parsley Root, Mustard Greens, Italian Black Kale, Onion-Oat Granola, Canneloni Beans, This Morning’s Egg, and Shiitake Mushroom Puree 2009 The Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Blanc, Estate, Dundee Hills, Oregon Rabbit Rillette in Acorn Crêpe, Smoked Rabbit Loin, Tarragon-Glazed Carrots, Seared Baby Leek, Warm Mustard Vinaigrette, and Green Parsley Sauce 2010 Maison Bleue “Notre Vie” Arthur’s Vineyard Viognier, Washington Washington Squab from the Wood-Burning Rotisserie, Braised Radicchio, Wild Rice with Dried Cherries and Charred Hazelnuts, and Squab-Brown Butter Jus 2008 Facelli Winery Primitivo, Sugarloaf Vineyard, Columbia Gorge Grilled Loin of Fallow Venison, Venison Sausage with Foraged Juniper & Sage, Mashed La Ratte Potatoes and Parsnip, Savoy Cabbage, Salt and Pepper Potato Tuille 2007 Tranche Cellars “Slice of Pape,” Columbia Valley, Washington Terrine of Local Foie Gras with Quince Geleé, Glazed English Chestnuts, Larkhaven Cheese Tomme with Roasted Quince Jam, Honey with Oregon Black Truffles, and Wild-Yeasted Sourdough Bread Roasted Apple with Woodinville Whiskey and Cider Gel, Puffed Farro, Toasted Malted-Farro Ice Cream, Raw Spitzenburg Apple, and Rosemary Geleé Pumpkin-Bay Bavarian with Feral Bog Cranberry Sorbet, Toasted Brown Sugar Meringue, Smoked Meringue, Brûléed Puff Pastry, And Crushed Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Shore Gathered

Our Autumn Garden

The Herbfarm
9-Courses with 6 Wines or Non-Alcoholic Beverages. 20 Minutes from Seattle Woodinville, Washington USA

The Rabbit Run

Frequently Asked Questions
Doesn’t look like Mom’s menu
Well, yes. That’s why you’re coming here. Mom probably doesn’t have 9 chefs in her kitchen. And Mom might cry if she had to wash all the pots, pans, and dishes. That wouldn’t be a celebration. It’d be ... Bad Juju.

Squab and Fire

Oregon Fallow Venison Quinced Foie

Is this what the Pilgrims ate?

Sort of. But no. Most of the foods on this menu were or could have been available to the early celebrants at harvest dinners in the new world. Since we use only foods of our region, our harvest celebration this year touches the iconic foods of the season.

Apple & Ancient Grain

Ok, where’s the turkey?

The surviving records of the Pilgrims 3-day feast with the local native Americans makes no mention of turkey. Everyone ate venison for sure. But don’t worry, we’ve raised some American Bronze Breasted Heritage turkeys just for Thanksgiving. In fact, if you dine on Thanksgiving, we’ll even send you home with beautifully packaged “leftovers” to eat while you watch the parade and bowl games the next day!

Orange Squash & Crane Berry

House-Churned Holstein Cow Butter • Soft Swedish Buns • 8 Grain Harvest Loaves 2006 Dunham Cellars Late Harvest Riesling, Lewis Vineyard

Coffees, Teas & Native Brews A Selection of Harvest Flavors

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