Worshipping Community of Darlington-Bellevue St Cuthbert’s Church cnr Darlington and Hillsden Rd, Darlington

13 November 2011 MISSION PLAN PRAYER: Thank you, God, for Anglicans who take delight in daily
prayer and bible reading. Refresh us constantly for the demands of our busy lives.

CALL TO WORK FOR JUSTICE, PEACE AND HEALING O healing river, send down your waters, Send down your waters upon this land. O healing river send down your waters And wash the blood from off the sand. This land is parching, this land is burning, No seed is growing in the barren ground; O healing river, send down your waters, O healing river, send your waters down. Let the seed of freedom awake and flourish, Let the deep roots nourish, let the stalks rise, O healing river, send down your waters, O healing river, from out of the skies. +David and Winnie are going to teach us this song

We pray for those sick and in need: Margaret, Mary, Lorna, Shana, Scott, Shan, Shirley, Bill, Ric, Lyn, Rose Wedding: Tara Bayfield and Ben Thomas - 26 November In the Diocese: Archbishop Roger Herft; Bishop Tom Wilmot; Bishop Kay Goldsworthy; Parish of Heathridge, John Ward and people. In the Province: Parish of Dunsborough, Diocese of Bunbury; Parish of Carnarvon, Diocese of North West Australia. In the Anglican Church: Primate of Australia, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall; Diocese of Ballarat, Bishop Garry Weatherill, clergy and people. In the Anglican Communion: Archbishop Rowan Williams, Uyo (Nigeria), Bp Isaac Orama.

ADVENT IS COMING: The first Sunday of Advent is 27 November. This is the first Sunday of the new church year. On this day we move from Year A to Year B in the three-year cycle of scripture readings. The vestments and paraments change to purple and the Advent wreath takes a prominent place in the church building. You may find it helpful to prepare for the mystery of Christmas by making your own advent wreath at home, putting up an advent calendar. In our parish, we also mark Advent by sacrificially giving to the poor and oppressed. RECONCILIATION - Wednesday 30 November 4pm-6pm The Sacrament of Reconciliation (sometimes called ‘Confession’) is a formal, confidential encounter between a priest and another person. Using the form prescribed in A Prayer Book for Australia, the priest guides the person through a process of confessing their sin, seeking forgiveness and committing themselves to amend their lives. In the Anglican tradition, we say ‘all may, some should, none must’. Advent and Lent are particularly appropriate times to participate in Reconciliation. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered in St Cuthbert’s Church on Wednesday 30 November from 4pm-6pm.

NATIVITY PAGEANT - 24 December, 5.00pm The Children’s Nativity pageant will take place this year on Christmas Eve, 24 December at 5.00pm. The evening will include a traditional nativity pageant in the church lasting approximately thirty minutes, a craft activity in the Parish Centre and a bring-and-share finger food supper. We would like to include as many children as possible in the pageant - children, grandchildren, friends and neighbours. We simply ask the children appearing in the pageant come to a rehearsal on Sunday 18 December during the 10am Eucharist, and following until 1pm (snacks provided). By the beginning of December, we anticipate having flyers available for distribution. Please make the effort to invite families that you know with school-aged children.

FORMATION: Claim the Dates
THE GREATEST PRAYER: Mondays 14,21,28 NOVEMBER @ 7.30pm (please notes change of dates) In the lead-up to Advent, Father Chris will be presenting three sessions of teaching and discussion based on ‘The Greatest Prayer: Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of the Lord’s Prayer’. This short but intriguing book is by John Dominic Crossan, generally recognised as the world’s finest living biblical scholar. There is no cost for the programme, however you are encouraged to purchase the book which currently retails for $16.77. If you are unable to purchase the book online, please use a ‘Special Purpose Envelope’ and one will be ordered for you. HOSPITALITY WORKSHOP #4 For those who weren’t able to make the previous hospitality workshops, the next workshop will take place Sunday 27 November starting at 12.30pm. The workshops are for people who have any hospitality role in the Sunday liturgy – sides person, reader, intercessor, liturgical assistant and so on. It’s an opportunity to refresh and renew our hospitality practices. CHURCHSAFE The next ChurchSafe training in the Perth area will be at Wollaston Education Centre on Saturday 19 November from 9.00am to 1.00pm. There are 24 places available; please contact Sharon at sjayasekera@perth.anglican.org to register. This will be the last ChurchSafe training for 2011. Please note that ChurchSafe is a prerequisite for any public ministry role, particularly those involving children.

ANGLICARE CHRISTMAS HAMPER DONATIONS Please have a look at the Anglicare Poster hanging up in the Parish Centre and mark the items that you intend to donate. We asked that food items be dropped off in the week leading up to 11 December. Anglicare distributes hampers to needy families throughout the metropolitan area. Please speak to Shirley Andrusiak or Sheena Wheeler for more information. TEAR GIFT CATALOGUES This year, give the gift of a goat, fresh water, or family health care. TEAR catalogues are now available inside the door of the Parish Centre - please browse and consider what gifts you would like to purchase. Please see Michelle Watson for more information.

CHRISTIANS WITH PRIDE Each year in the Perth Pride Parade, a group of ‘Christians With Pride’ march to witness to Christian hospitality and inclusivity. This ecumenical group will once again march in the parade on Saturday 19 November. To join in, please look for the ‘Christians With Pride’ banner near the corner of William and Brisbane streets from 7.30pm.

BOOK SALE We made $645 at the book sale last weekend, which was a bit disappointing, but as we had increased our prices perhaps people were not buying as much and maybe there were not as many buying! If there are any outstanding IOUs could they please be settled next week. Many thanks to the helpers particularly to those that helped set up and pack up afterwards. I hope by Sunday the remainders will have gone to the SCF for their book sale! However there are a few boxes at the end of the verandah which I would like to go to recycling. If you have room in your yellow bin could you please take one box home and put it in your bin? Sue Young TEAS AND FLOWERS Many grateful thanks to all those who gave time, energy, and donations of cakes and biscuits to make the St Cuthbert’s morning and afternoon teas a great success over the Arts Festival weekend. $420 was raised from the teas. Many thanks also to those who donated flowers for the Festival of Flowers and the helpers who put it altogether to make the Church a heavenly place to sit and rest. Gill Wood WORKING BEE SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER at 1PM There is still quite a bit of work to do yet to finish the new meeting room and bring the church grounds and buildings up to scratch. Once this is completed, it is then a smaller matter of continued maintenance so we need as many helpers as possible when jobs are required to be done until we meet our objective. There will be a working bee on Saturday 26th November, at 1pm, for general grounds tidy up. Also if someone could volunteer to have the fire extinguishers checked and recharged, that would be appreciated. David Bryde

NATIONAL CHURCH LIFE SURVEY – Next Sunday Nov 20 during both services Every five years the Churches of Australia spend fifteen minutes completing a survey. The results of The National Church Life Survey are an invaluable resource, providing evidence-based resources to churches. Each congregation (or parish) receives a profile pack which can be used as a source of information to build on strengths. The profile pack also outlines how a church may have changed since the last survey. The Diocese is able to compare NCLS data with Census data to help with long-range planning PLANNED GIVING UPDATE It’s six months since we distributed Planned Giving resources and 24 households generously made their commitment for the current financial year. Church Council is running a little behind budget because there seems to have been a decline in giving over winter. At this half-way point, we’d like to provide you with an opportunity to review your giving. Do you need to: CATCH-UP? Have you been away on holidays or been unwell? Has your income from investments been delayed or is a client late paying you? There are lots of reasons that we get behind on our regular commitments – please try to ‘catch-up’ on your giving if you’ve given less than you intended. GIVE A ONE-OFF? Have you had a pleasant tax return or an investment windfall? Has business been going well or you had a pay rise? Do you just want to give because you’re thankful? We have lots of reasons to be thankful to God – please consider giving a one-off gift to God’s mission in this parish. GET ORGANISED? Have you been meaning to fill in a direct debit form? Would you be more disciplined if you gave a monthly cheque instead of weekly cash? Would you like a set of numbered envelopes or information about how to transfer funds electronically? There are lots of reasons that we get disorganised with our giving – please consider how you can make it easy for yourself to give systematically.

13 Nov 14, 21, 28 Nov 20 Nov 27 Nov 30 Nov 3 Dec 18 Dec Parish barbeque and shared lunch with Bishop David and Winnie Talanoa “The Greatest Prayer” - study and discussion 7.30 pm National Church Life Survey - both services Hospitality Workshop #4 Sacrament of Reconciliation 4 – 6pm Mystics Discussion Group (One River, Many Wells by Matthew Fox) 9 – 11am Nativity Pageant rehearsal

Liturgical Assistants Servers 13 November Psalm 123 Judges 4: 1-10 1 Thess:5:1-11 Matt:25:14-30 20 November Psalm 100 Ezekiel 34:11-16 10-24 Eph 1: 15-23 Matt:25:31-46 27 November Psalm 80: 1-7, 17-19 Isaiah 64:1-9 1 Cor 1: 1-9 Mark 13: 24-37 10am Cheryle Martin 8am Trish Sheena 10am Rosie Fred 10am Michelle A 8am Sheena 10am Jan Shereen 10am Sarah and Phillip 8am Mary Karen 10am David 10am Kerry Megan 10am Heather David 10am Graeme 10am Angus Martin Fred Mary Holly 8am Shirley Bernard Bible Reader 8am Philippa Prayers 8am Trish Michelle W Children Practical Tasks Morning Tea 8am Brenda Door and Offertory 8am Ian Cleaning Counting Sue

8am Bernard

8am Marea


8am Sheena Bernard 10am Charlotte Krys

8am Bernard

8am Pat Fr Chris

8am Brenda

8am Pam

10am Helen

10am Martin

Heather Karen

10am Jan

10am Ellie

Val Barb Britt 2pm wedding Graeme David

Office: T: 9299 7274 E:stcuthberts@bigpond.com Mustard Seed: Jan Carroll E: jancarroll09@gmail.com Rector: Fr Chris Bedding T: 9299 7274 E: rector.darlington@live.com.au Day off: Friday Emergency Contact: 0405 525 476 Wardens: Charlotte Blackley 9295 4241 Brenda Marissen 9299 6723 David Bryde 9299 6049

‘Hills Anglicans’

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