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Group 9- Group Morale Facilitators: Almeyda, Anzelle B.; Benitez, Huey A.; Borja, Lucille Mae P.

BS Psychology 3-1 Headdress: Pig (Angry Birds)- connotes the pigs characteristic that he cannot look up (which may mean he cannot set goals higher than what he can see) and he is slow to do anything because of his size (higher tendency to not finish his goals in time) White Rabbit-impulsive; cannot stick to one decision; looks for so many things and doesnt find anything. Mask- represents ones persona; or literally as a mask to hide oneself Chant: J-O-Y joy in my heart, deep deep down in my heart. I can sing with joy in my heart, deep deep down in my heart. Activities and observations: 1. Making all the participants eat a lollipop to observe if they would follow the instructions (not to talk). We applied the principle of Discipline. 2. Ballot system (Applying the principle of Piagets blind obedience) was used in choosing their groups; They were asked to make two lines and They are given random symbols and was asked to make something by incorporating all of their symbols into one figure. After which is the group chant wherein it was noticed that some groups claimed that they were competitive but the result was not that good for only a few people participated in the chant. Other groups are somewhat cohesive and actively participated in the chant even if there was a time limit. 3. Human Word Factory instructions: Random alphabets are scattered in the room and the participants were asked to choose a letter and stick it in their chest. They were also asked to choose 2 representatives per group to be the players to look for words. Then they would take their position on the board and after 2 minutes, they would look for another spot in the board. The most number of words listed by the players will have the highest score for the game. 4. Save yourself game They were asked to make a line per group and 5 pieces of colored paper were given to each individual. Mr. Austria (Mr. Benitez was absent for this day) explained the mechanics of the game. The objective of the game was to see if the group would help one another or would betray other groups for money (in the form of the colored paper). First, the person in front will give a decision whether to withdraw or to deposit. The decision of each individual will be tallied by group and compared. A table of consequences is posted as a basis of the combinations. These are the following combinations: 4 deposit, 0 withdraw- - 500 all groups 0 deposit, 4 withdraw - +250 all groups 3 deposits, 1 withdraw- - 500, 1 group +1000 (the one who decided to withdraw) 1 deposit, 3 withdraw- - +250, 1 group -1000 (the one who decided to deposit) 2 deposits, 2 withdraw- - 250 all groups

All groups will have an initial 8000 points (1000 each) and the bank has 16000 points. If a group has incurred a penalty of 1000 points, a group member must be eliminated by group choice. The group which has the most points after the money in the bank has been spent, they would be declared as the winner. It was observed that some did not understand the instructions of the game and just decides to tell the other groups to withdraw for all groups to win. Some individuals, knowing this plan, decided to withdraw to acquire points. Most of those who were eliminated in the game volunteered to be out. Some were impatient; they have just seen the instructions (it was not yet explained) and they already complained that it was hard.

Sir, another report about what we did for 3 weeks will be sent to your e-mail. It was supposed to be included here but due to an unfortunate circumstance (the word document was corrupted), we cannot meet the deadline. Thank you for your kind consideration.