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Jurongville Secondary School

Secondary 3 Express Biology Tutorial

Syllabus 5100

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Chapter 14 Animal Receptor Organs (The Eye)

1. The properties and functions of the various parts of the eye are listed in (a) to (l).
Match them accurately with the structures given in U to Z.

a. Regulates the amount of light entering the eye

b. Tough transparent layer
c. Protects the eyeball
d. Detects light stimuli
e. Black pigmented layer
f. Circular, disc-shaped muscular structure
g. Refracts light entering the eye
h. Innermost layer of eyeball
i. Attached to blind spot
j. The white of eye
k. Nourishes the retina
l. Transmits impulses initiated by photoreceptors to brain

Structures Properties Functions

U Cornea (b) (g)
V Iris
W Sclera
X Retina
Y Choroid
Z Optic nerve

2. State what happens to the appropriate parts of the eye during the following activities.

Activity Ciliary Suspensory Lens Iris Pupil

muscles ligaments
Read a book

Look at a bird

Shine a torch
in your eyes

Are in a room
lit by

3. Write F beside the statements that apply to the fovea centralis and B beside those
that apply to the blind spot.
a. No photoreceptors _______
b. Region of acutest vision _______
c. Not sensitive to light _______
d. On the optical axis of the lens _______
e. Found immediately above the optic nerve _______
f. Where images of objects being viewed are normally focused _______

Structured Questions
4. Study the section of the eye and answer these questions.
<Fig on pg 177 Wbk O Comp>
a. Which 2 labelled parts protect the eye? Identify them.
i. Identify part A. _______________________________________________
ii. How many of them are there? _____________________________
iii. What are their functions?
i. Which labeled part of the eye is sensitive to light? __________________
ii. Which labeled part nourishes the part in (i)? __________________
iii. What is another function of the part in (ii)?
iv. Name these 2 parts.

d. You are shown a card as illustrated below.

<Fig on pg 178 Wbk O Comp>
i. On which part of the eye will its image fall? _________________
ii. Draw the way the image appears on this part of the eye, and give 2
important characteristics of this image as depicted by your drawing.

i. List the labeled parts of the eye that are involved in the pupil reflex and
identify the parts.
ii. What are the actions of the muscles that make the pupil smaller and
i. List the labeled parts involved in accommodation and name the parts.

ii. Draw the shape of the lens when you are

• Writing a letter

• Admiring the sunset