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What is Numeracy? an at-homeness with numbers and an ability to cope with the mathematical demands of everyday life An ability to have some appreciation and understanding of information which is presented in mathematical terms, for instance, graphs, charts or tables or by reference to percentage increase or decrease. (Cockcroft Report, 1982) Numeracy is a proficiency which involves confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires an understanding of the number system, a repertoire of computational skills and an inclination and ability to solve number problems in a variety of contexts. Numeracy also demands practical understanding of the ways in which information is gathered by counting and measuring, and is presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables (National Framework for teaching Mathematics, 1999) The Ratton Definition: Numeracy includes: The ability to make sense of more than just number; Developing mental strategies as well as pencil and paper methods; A confidence and competence in using and applying mathematics, recognising that skills are transferable across different subject areas and in a variety of contexts; The ability to use the correct mathematical language.


To help students achieve higher standards of numeracy through mathematics and across the curriculum

Staff, Middle Leaders, Governors, Leadership, Parents

Relationship to other policies

Literacy, Teaching and Learning, Marking, Assessment and Planning for Learning

Relationship to standard operating procedures

Numeracy graphical techniques


Ensure structures are in place to support the effective implementation of this policy Regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of this policy Ensure consultation about this policy Ensure structures effectively support this policy


Numeracy Coordinator

Take a lead in establish the principles underlying effective numeracy To a lead in the development of cross curricular numeracy in order to develop a consistent approach to dealing with graphs and mathematical mis-conceptions To develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the school improvement plan for numeracy Work with Learning Leaders and Curriculum Leaders to monitor numeracy. To establish the relevance of numeracy to their curricular area Ensuring that numeracy opportunities are included within schemes of work Monitor the development of numeracy within lessons in their curriculum area Evaluate the impact of numeracy across the year group To include reference to numeracy in learning plans To be aware of students numeracy gaps and inform the teacher Supporting learners to bridge numeracy gaps

Curriculum Leaders

Learning Leaders Teachers Teaching Assistants

Arrangements for Monitoring and Evaluation

Annual review of numeracy standards Evaluation of numeracy school improvement plan

Date established by Governing body: Date for full implementation: Date of review:

Planning for Learning Guide to Numeracy