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Next month you’re going to learn all about the launch of the Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance. A group of thought-leaders and trend-setters in the legal marketing world have joined together in an Alliance to help fellow lawyers across the country market their practices. I guarantee you’re going to recognize every name on the list. As Chairman of the Board I have nominated and handselected an incredibly talented group of legal marketing experts that are setting industry standards for all lawyers to aspire to.

The Power of a Mastermind Group
Gerry Oginski, Dave Frees, David Weiman, Mindy Weinstein, Tom Foster, Nancy Cavey, Brian Mittman, Mike Capuzzi, Larry Weinstein, Laura Ashmore, Michael Lomax, Frank Nunn Last month I had an opportunity to participate in a fantastic mastermind group run by fellow lawyer Dave Frees. Dave is a trusts and estates attorney practicing in Pennsylvania and is the mastermind leader for a program called He teaches you the powers of persuasion in addition to offering tips and strategies on how to take your marketing to new levels as well as improving your life. In the next article I discuss the benefits of participating in a mastermind group and I strongly encourage everyone to participate in a mastermind alliance. Thereʼs a good chance you will immediately recognize a number of people in the photograph above. These 516-487-8207 are people who are actively working to improve their businesses and their lives through the use of sharing ideas in a mastermind setting. Noted psychologist David Weiman had great observations. Tom Foster, my webmaster guru, gave great Internet marketing advice. Mike Capuzzi, Founder of Copy Doodles talked about how to improve your copy using copy cosmetics. I have implemented virtually every one of the ideas I learned during this mastermind group held in Scottsdale Arizona. My good friend Larry Weinstein is a really smart CPA from Texas who is using every mastermind tactic to leapfrog over all his competitors. http;://!

Really Smart Lawyers Creating Video To Set Themselves Apart Online
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LEARNING FROM OTHER SMART PEOPLE Brainstorming with Really Smart People
If you don’t know what a mastermind group is, it is basically a group of likeminded business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to take their marketing to the next level. It’s an opportunity to learn from others who have succeeded and failed, to learn from their mistakes and to learn from their successes. It is a fantastic way to share your ideas with others and explain what is working in your business and what is not. It is truly an alliance of likeminded people want to improve their lives and their businesses. A mastermind group requires a strong leader to facilitate the discussions and to offer useful tips and strategies that will help every member of the group. In the marketing world, there are many mastermind groups available. There are lawyer mastermind groups and business mastermind groups. The important thing is that you participate in a mastermind group. Doing so, will make you a better person, improve your life and your business. You learn from other members of the group and then figure out a way to apply that knowledge to your business. I recently had an opportunity to participate in a really cool mastermind group with Frank Kern and Kevin Nations earlier this year. It was one of the most dramatic and transformational experiences I have ever had. It was a tele-seminar mastermind group for eight weeks of intensive weekly training and follow-up discussions by telephone. At the conclusion of the eight weeks, we were invited to a three day live event in LasVegas that provided nonstop content and information. It was as if someone opened up a fire hose and the water just kept pouring out with ideas and strategies. We were then presented with another opportunity to continue our mastermind learning with either Frank or Kevin or both. I eagerly jumped at that chance. In case you may not know Frank Kern, he is one of the most well-known Internet marketers in the world. Kevin Nations, in my opinion, is one of the smartest and most insightful individuals I have ever met. I credit them with dramatically transforming my businesses.

The Bugatti Veyron pictured here costs between $1.2 million up to $2.0 million.

At the Americana Car Show in Manhasset, NY

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The Lawyers Video Studio welcomes this month: NY Attorneys Parker Waichman & Alonso

Where in the World is Gerry Shooting Video this month?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Phoenix, Arizona Sanibel, Florida Atlanta, Georgia New York City Nashville, Tennessee

Mastermind Group Spotlight In the article on the front page I discussed this mastermind group and how Dave Frees is not only an amazing person but he has tons of useful ideas and strategies that you can immediately implement in your business. He is a marketing guru in addition to being a martial arts expert.

Dave Frees & his lovely wife Robin

Dave is a genuine, down-to-earth friend who willingly offers information about how to market your practice. He told us about a great strategy he uses by reading Cosmopolitan magazine that I immediately implemented and took Mike Capuzzi’s Copy Doodle idea to improve it. During dinner one night with Dave and Tom Foster I learned about Dave’s background and his psychological training and how it was used in the military. When he teaches you the power of persuasion, I will tell you it works beautifully. One tip he gave me many years ago has changed the way I communicate with my kids. He also talked about the power of visualization and during different exercises in our mastermind group it became crystal clear that these techniques work. I just learned yesterday that Dave has opened up his registration for next April’s mastermind group in Arizona (April 27 & 28) and I believe I was the first one to jump at the chance to return. If you want to learn from really smart people who will help you transform your life and your business, I highly recommend Dave’s mastermind group. Go to to sign up. BTW, Dave did not ask me to do this and I receive no compensation for this recommendation.

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ATLAS Lawyers Legal Marketing Seminar
In case you have not noticed, I truly enjoy going to different marketing seminars. I enjoy learning from other people, and importantly enjoy sharing my ideas about what works and what doesnʼt. I was invited to speak at Chris Munleyʼs ATLAS legal marketing seminar held in Scranton Pennsylvania about video marketing for lawyers...a favorite topic of mine in case you have not yet noticed. It gave me an opportunity to once again talk with fellow lawyers to find out from what is working their business and what isnʼt. During my lecture I showed the audience 10 videos that had recently been uploaded to YouTube by really smart lawyers. I used this to illustrate what these solo DIY attorney were trying to accomplish using video. The sad reality is that each of the videos that I showed during my talk were horrible. Just awful. Here were really smart lawyers who had taken the time and effort to create DIY videos to market their law firms online. The problem was that each video had major technical problems and made them virtually unwatchable. Even worse, they gave a viewer the impression that somehow their legal ability correlated with their technical ability to create video. It was readily apparent to every member in the audience that these lawyers were hurting their marketing tremendously by the quality of the video they put online. The laughs and groans repeatedly heard from the audience when showing these videos simply confirmed the message that these lawyers should not be creating video on their own. Even worse, is that they donʼt even realize what they have done to their marketing. How do I know this? If they had a clue, they would never leave those videos online for the world to see. There were many in the audience who came to the immediate realization that unless youʼre going to spend considerable time to become an expert videographer, an expert video editor and an expert video publisher, a better investment of your time and resources is to hire an experienced video marketing company to do this for you. Thanks Chris for a great seminar.

Bernard Daskal

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A Tr i p t o G l a z e r- K e n n e d y Insider’s Circle
In the marketing world, GKIC is a leader in helping members learn cutting-edge strategies that can boost your business and your income. Many of my friends are members of GKIC and eagerly devour and consume the abundant content from really smart people like Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer (recently retired), Joe Polish, James Malinchak, Ryan Deiss, Andy Jenkins, MaryEllen Tribby, Jon Benson and more.
Dave Frees, Mastermind Leader

Tim Miley, Susan Miley, Dave Frees

David Weiman, Tom Foster

Tim Miley, Susan Miley, Dave Frees, Gerry Oginski

Mike Capuzzi, Nancy Cavey, Brian Mittman, Lori Ashmore

3 Days To Success Mastermind Group, Phoenix, Arizona

Dave Frees, David Weiman, Frank Nunn, Michael Lomax

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