in the flesh. Do you think anybody can "go and pray for this or that person";
FIRST LESSON: JOHN 5: 30 do anything by the PQWer oftha flesh? just act within the limits of His or-
I can of mine own self do Even science or technologies that ders. Even if He tells you to proceed
nothings: as I hear, I judge: and my abound in the world consist of de- on Ministry works. give a certain sum,
judgement is just; because I seek ceitfulness unto the inhabitants of of money to a particular fellow. eel:"
not mine own will, but the will of the the world. In other words scientists ebr.te fe..t worth only five Nair.,
Father which hath sent me. and those in other fields of endeav- pr••c:h tt't'a portion of th. Sibl. or thet
SECOND LESSON: JOHN 1 ; 33 - 37 our are indulging in self - deception, unto people or tell • ae,qllo fellow
And I knew him not: but because what they are doing thle or thet, you muet eet Juat \/'IoIithln
he that sent me to baptise with wa- amounts to utter deceit. This is be- the limits of His ordera. You ehould
ter. the same said untt;> me, Upon cause their acts have no bearing with not try to anything out of own
whom thou shalt see the Spirit de- God's way. If all of you had come in carnal Wisdom. understanding or
scending, and remaining on him, the here leaving behind the knowledge knowledge.
same is he which baptizeth with the acquired from science, philosophy FIRST LESSON: JOHN 5 : 30
Holy Ghost. And I saw, and bare and other disciplines. submitting to I can of mine own self do
record that this is the Son of God. the Will of God, it would have been nothing' as I hear, I judge: and my
Again the next day after John stood, Vl/ell with you. judgement is just; I seek
and two of his disciples; And looking . Nothing scientific. phillD- not mine own will, but the 'Mil of the
upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, sophical neither any academic pur- Father which hath sent me.
Behold the Lamb of God! And the two suit has a place in this Kingdom.. SPIRITUAl-CHORUS:
disciples heard him speak, and they Moreso, no carnal wisdom or teach- "SOMEBODY IS LEADING ME (2X)
followed Jesus. ings is accepted in this Kingdom. He OLUMBA IS THE ONE LEADING
GOLDEN TEXT: MATTHEW 3 : 11-12 is the one that sends people on er- ME".
I indeed baptized you with rand and accompanies them to fulfil SEEK THE FATHER'S DlRECllVES:
water unto repentance: but he that the assignments. He monitors and Brethren, your problem is
cometh after me is mightier than I, directs us on what to do while we that you do not allow the Father to
Whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: only move accordingly. direct you on what to do. If I do not
he shall baptize you with the Holy order you to read, pray or do anything
Ghost, and with fire: Whose fan is in AUTHORITY BELONGS ONLY TO THE and you go ahead to do that which I
his hand, and he will throughly purge FATHER: have not commanded you are
his floor, and gather his wheat into In the whole "WOrld men- only wasting your time.
the garner; but he will burn up the tion any person who has never. 00 not listen to anybody's
chaff with unquenchable fire. striven to do things according to His! directives except that of the Holy
own desire or way. You have heard Spirit. And anytime you want to come
THE FATHER HAS ACCOMPLISHED what Christ said, that He cannot do in here, always pray, and if the Holy
ALL THINGS: anything by Himself; but in your own Spirit tells you that when you come'
erethren, the above ex- case you stand up to give people in here, you should sit in absolute
cerpta conatttut. the reveletlon we congratulatory handshakes, recom- humility. you are to obey strictly. He
hive for you.. The .plrltu.1 choru. mend people and do one thing or telis you whatsoever thing He wants
'All oftIn render In Illkpen languege the other. Who has given you such you to do and whether He tells you to
whloh 'Oven gud lalyeng, mazol an audacity? Are you sure you are proceed on ministry "WOrk, pray for a
Sa.o uren ma Izan', which Vllalking on the path of God? All that certain person, be charitable unto a
interpretes everything in heaven and you do without HIS authority are certain fellow with only ten naira, you
earth· has been perfectly accom- counterfeits. are to act at once within the limit of
by the f'ather' explains why There is nothing which His commands. Even if He tells you
Christ !"ade t.hat statement as re- anyone can do successfully by his to go and fetch water for a certain
corded In First Lesson. Your prob- carnal dictates except the Father fellow, do same Do not ask ques­
lem then IS that you want to operate does so Himself. Once He tells you, tions.
You can not identify any­
body physically except when God
reveals such a person to you; and
you are to hearken to what the Spirit
says. 00 not try to do anything out of
your own volition.
And I knew him not: but
he that sent me to baptise with wa­
ter, the same said unto me, Upon
whom thou shalt see the Spirit de­
scending, and remaining on him, the
same is he which baptizeth with the
Holy Ghoat And I aaw, and bare
record that thl. I. thCl Son of God
Ageln the nelCt dey efter John atood,
end two of hie dlaclpl.a: And looking
upon Jesus as he walked, he saith.
Behold the Lamb of God! And the tvvo
disciples heard him speak, and they
followed Jesus.
Do'you think that John the
Baptist just on his own began to
Baptise? The fact is no. John the
Baptist did not know Jesus even
though he and Christ were first co\Js­
Ins. But Christ was revealed to John
in spirit. Therefore, anything that is
to be done here should be done
through the Spirit of God Even the
interpreters here are recognised in
the spirit. If the Holy Spirit says cer­
tain persons have a particular as­
signment to do, that is exactly what
the persons have to do - no devia­
tion. Therefore, brethren, our concern
is to serve God according to how He
directs us.
A great many of you do
spring out· of the blues opting to be­
come preachers. Who sents you?
You also profess to be seniants of
God. Who permits or authorizes you?
It you make any attempt to do any­
thing without His permission, you
have failed woefully. If He tells you to
go and farm and you protest against
that order, professing that you do not
want to become a farmer, you have
Do not want to do any­
thing because yo.u have seen
other people domg it, Just remain
The people of the world
do not know God because they seek
to know Him through their carnal
wtsdom, understanding and know!­
edge. But if God should reveal to you
that a certain person Is Elijah. or a
-to baptise with Holy Ghost? John
and recognized our Lord Jesus
in the spirit as made known in
the revelation, ' ... Upon whom thou
shalt see the spirit descending, and
remaining on him, the same Is he
certain prophet. just beli:!ve it for it is which baptizeth with the Holy
heal a deaf man just as the Father
directed him to do,
Brethren, I had earlier
this illustration about,a cer­
taln Widow who had four children;
fervent In prayers that He may dl- But now, many have refused to < Ghosr,(John 1: 33), . two, female and two male, One day
reet you on what to do, Everyone believe the spirit which is the source If John had known Christ God told her that, her duty was to
m,ust learn to walk to nz.elJl their problems. We should not liVe. by he would have. serve This woman with
dlc,,!tes of f!1e SPlnt. If walk In the dictate of the flesh but in the expressed some doubts about Him. God pleading that her children where
will have no difficulty In jlrit for it will be \Nell with us, John the Baptist did not, on his own, and needed formal educa­
Identifyln,g people He c' ' I tell you, if a preacher or see the vision but it was the Holy Spirit tlon, Her was obliged: God
always mform, us. A I\ioner should tell you out of his own which revealed it unto him. This ex-
where you physIcally seek to know
because such. an Indl­
vI.dual healed you of illness Is
SIlly. The Holy SPirit IS a/ways
around to reveal to us those whom
.on to do a particular thing, it will plains why, when Christ was
lit WQrk; but if the Holy Spirit reveals baptised by John, the spirit of God
telling him to inform you to • defiCended upon Him, thus enabling
do a specific ,thing, such an order O(John to recognize Christ as the one
mstruction wjll be effe"'tive T" ,Ito baptise with the Holy Ghost But if
He has sent to heal or give us any, how I"'! d tV," nlS 15
Spirit had not come upon Chri&t
I. f h I -.;00 wan s us to !tve only . .
,orm 0 e p. aOe d' " , " , John the Baptist would not have
,... d or rng to Hls·lnst r u c t Ions'
,-="od not leave us for and orders. Never do anything out of known or recognized Our Lord Jesus
even a second, He IS always teach- lOt' t 'd f' Christ
, " . your own vo I Ion. 0 avol con uSlon '
and reveahng things to us; Inform- and problem. Never you profess that THE EFFICACY OF GOD'S DIREC­
'"g us ,of what, we should know at you want to preach a certain por- nVES:
\Nent to her again and made it clear
she was sent to the world to serve
Him. Again she pleaded God to
allow her , her chll?ren
fore could think of serving Him,
The vOice of God came to her the
third time, she did not hearken to it.
Sh d d' d
e succee e In e u­
. ,
eating her children to the university
level thus all of them became gradu­

ates, This woman did not stop at
that; she desired that all her chi!­
every given penod,
, Lord Jesus
Chnst asked HIS'dISClples, who men
'd H Th' fo d H' of'
sal ,e was. ey In rme 1m
the different persons they thought He
ranging, from John the Baptist,
Elijah. JeremIah, or one of the
He then turned back to the die­
clples and asked who they thought
He was, And Simon Peter answered
and ,thou art the Christ, the Son
of the LIVing God.
With that reply, Jesus said. unto him,
"Blessed alt thou, Simon Barjona
flesh and bIcxx1 hath not ,it
unto thee, bUt my Father whICh,s In
heaven" (Matthew 16: 13 -, 17)',This
therefore means that the Identity of
Christ was reveated unto Peter in the
spirit and any statement or some­
thing brought science any
academic discipline constitutes
tlon of the Bible as your flesh directs All the statements or pro-
dren got married and be employed
you, else you will fall. Sut any por- nouncements that proceeded from
tio f th S'bl' h th 'd the mouth of Our Lord Jesus Christ
n 0 e I e, weer goo or
bad, which the spirit instructs you were controlled by God Almighty.
to preach dwell on It, If ou do oth- Hence, you notice that Christ never
erw/se, ;ou will be im:;ting death acted or walked about carelessly but
unto yourself, and I will be no party was always acting according to
to it. God's orders. And when the sick
The reason why John the INere brought before Him. He had to
Baptist baptized with water was be- pray and be in spirit in order to be
cause, God instructed him to do. directed further by the Holy Spirit
hence John said "but he that sent me , Recall when a certain
to baptize with the same said blind man was before Our
in g,ood and
deSires were accomplished, ThiS
woman planned to ,erect a
large femlly house and thiS was
equall1fulfilled. But all her achieve­
ments ,were attained by her carnal
reckomng and people felt the woman
was spending her money wisely,
It is interesting to note
that. this woman was very rich and
her children married Princess and
princesses, and were very rich. This
unto me, upon whom thou shalt see Lord Jesus Christ, He spat on woman also had different cars which
the spirit descending, and remaining ground, ,took of,that which conveyed her to wherever she de­
on him the same is he which was mixed With HIS saliva and sired to go. As fated, one day when
baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. And I on eyes of,the bli,nd she returned from a night party, she
saw. and bare record that this is the who Immediately regained hiS Sight. gave up the ghost without even pull­
son 'Of God" (John 1 : 33 • 34). In told him to go and ing off the party clothes and was bur­
If God had not revealed wash himself In river Jordan, You can ied accordingly. When the thanksgiv­
this to Joh n the Baptist. how would see that, it, was the Father who di- ing service was conducted, her first
John have been able to recognize rected C,hnst what to, do, the son dropped dead and was equally
falsehood. , Christ, and know that, He was the one same vein, Christ used HIS saliva to buried. And in the YIIOrld beyond, this

vvoman was kept in an uncomfort- GOLDEN TEXT: MATniEW 3 : 11 - by the leadership of the Holy
able crevice and her son was also 12 'Spirit .or better said, the Will of God.
kept in a similar condition. At the I indeed baptized you It is God Himself manifesting Him-
end of it, all her children in the world vvith water unto repentance: but he self in all the ramifications and
of the living passed on to the great that cometh after me is mightier magnititude in Brotherhood of the
beyond and were all subjected to than I whose shoes I am not wor- Cross and Star. This year puts an
the same ?ondition. as their mother. thy to' bear: he shall baptize you end to carnal It c:ould be
The question now IS, what was the with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: that magnitude In even
children's usefulness after their Whose fan is in his hand, and ho 1997, thel'e was a situation where
education? Equally, what was the will throughly purge his floor, and people to be brought here for
widow's gain from the lots she pea- gather his wheat into the garner; but healing or· blessing but I have now
sessed on earth? God revealed to he will burn up the chaff with un- put an end to that assignment. Ev­
'her about her duty on earth. but she quenchable fire. erything is done according to ar­
did not heed it. rangements. Even the issue of or-
All of us here are under lHESPIRlTIDENTIFIES: daining brethren, I had long ended
the protection of God. Are you aware Brethren, John the Sap- such activity. Therefore, as we are
of this? If you do anything the way tist was informed about the identity here. we are not to do things anyhow
you like, you will return empty- of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the but strictly according to His orders.
handed. It is foolhardy therefore, to spirit; that was why He 'NIlS able to Whether one is a presi­
do anything out of )()ur carnal per- make that statement recorded in dent. judge, governor or anything, jf
ceptionor will. Realise that Our Lord St. Matthew 3 : 11 - 12 above. even the voice of God gets to one,
Jesus Christ never did anything out Our Lord Jesus Christ never manding one to do His 'WOrk, just
of His 0""':' volition. Even vvhen He baptised anybody with water be.. obey without any hesitation. Equally
went to HIS home town, Nazareth. cause that was not what He VIlaS to if you were a farmer and God tells
said unto the do, He \NaS to baptise VIIith the Holy you to become a you are to
wtl/ surely. say unto me thiS prov-. Ghost. But Vllere you aware of this obey Him Let us
ems, f1/lyslcfan, heal thyself: \lVha.t-. fact before this time? Whosoever longer do things out of our own voh­
soever we have heard done In wants to know the truth, then such tion or through the carnal
capernaum, do also here In thy must abide by His instructions. All the varied knowledge
country. And he said, verily I say Christ was accused of of this 'WOrld ranging from sciences
unto you, no prophet Is accepted In going on foot to places during HIs to other fields of educational endeav­
/11S own country. But I cell you of a advent. our are 1NOrthiess in the eyes of God.
troth. many widows were In Israe/ln .This was so because, it Moreso, the world does not know
the days of Elias, when the heaven was written that it 1NOuid be so, but God. The scientists do not know what
was shut up three years and six on His second coming, He is to re- is going to happen because God
months, when great famine was main stationary operating in the four has not revealed His wisdom to
throughout al/ the but unto corners of the universe. If you there- anybody. Henceforth, once you hear
none of them .was Elias, save unto fore, find anyone professing to be His voice, abide by it and you will see
sarepta, a city of .Sidon, unto a God, yet he physically moves from the glory of God revealed in you.
woman that a And. many place to place, such is a liar because THE BENEFIT OFOBEDIENCE:
lepers were In Israel In the time of God is stationary in His throne jut as Here, what God uses to
Elias the prophet; and none of them the sun but exerts His power baptise or wash away our sins is Holy
Naaman th& throu9
the whole universe. Ghost and fire, not water; therefore,
Synan (Luke 4 . - 27).. Brotherhood of the Cross let us not go by anybody's sugges-
For thiS reason,. Chnst and Star i$ the Word of God Voice of tion or formulate your own plan but
did not retum to His home. God a"d anything you here whatever He reveals or tells you to
do, you should do that. Once you
abide by His pieces of advice you
shall not stumble or fall. Let us hear­
ken unto His voice over whatever He
tells us to do. Let us not heed the
voice of anybody, government or
church &0 that it will be well with us.
The operetJonsl force In
this Kingdom is the HolyGhost and
fire, and this fire consumes all the
evil things iii ourbotiies, gMng way
to theHoly SP;rlt toIndfNell us. There
Is no other place In the whole world
where the Holy Spirit Is used for
baptism, it is God alone that 0p­
erates and baptises with the Holy
00 not beg anybody to
come into Brotherhood of the Cross
and Star or cause anybody to leave
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
whatever the spirit directs you to do,
do that. If it tells you it inform a certain
fellow to forsake sin, tell that fellow
that; and whether or not he forsakes
sin, it is none of your business, do
just what the spirit directs you to do.
Equally if the spirits tells you to in­
form an individual to come into Broth­
erhood. do that irrespective whether
he or she comes in or not. Let us not
move about as vve like, professing to
be Sons of the soil, or the children of
Olumba Obu or anything; for this prof­
its us nothing and constitutes not our
assignment here on earth.
Before anyone comes
into this earth plane. information from
the Holy Spirit would reveal what he
or she has to do on earth. Therefore.
if you grow and end up doing som...
thing else, you will be wasting )'Our
time. It is proper to hearken to the
Voice of God than that of man: hence­
forth all those who have been hear­
kening to the voice of man should
repent and hearken unto the Voice of
God. Moreso. let us do only that which
He tells us to do rather than doing
things out of our own volition.
Recall that John the BaP"'
tist wore no clothes but camel's hair,
and a leathern girdle about his loins.
and his meat was locust and wild
honey_ (St Matthew 3 : 4). It is not aa
if there was no food but it is how God
wanted him to exist. This was also
applicable to Christ.
Never look unto any
church, bis.hop, your parents or any
individual for pieces of advice or in­
structions except God's. Equally do
nothing out of your own volition but
only as you hear from the Holy Spirit.
David in the scriptures
had desired to erect a house unto
God, but God told him that his hands
were not etean and that his son
would build a house to God. David
obeyed God's instruction and can­
celled his plans. Therefore, in what­
ever you do in this life, once God in­
structs you to stop doing this or that,
such as the consumption of meat
and fish, you are to abide strictly by
that order so that you may have that
peace obtainable from this Kingdom
because obedience, they say, is bet­
ter than sacrifice, in the Name of Our
Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
Brethren, a stroke of cane
is sufficient for the VIIi... He that hath
an ear, let him hear. May God bleu
His Holy Words, Amen.
Thank You Father.