Individual Insight Paper

PM587 Advanced Program Management Keller Graduate School of Management Submitted: 18 April 2011

the first case on “Agile Project Management” and the final case on “The Ethics Code between genders”. I closed the loop on any outstanding WBS issues during our thirtyminute session before class. I think some of my core competencies I brought to the team were: Communication. I think all of us in the group were self-starters and were ready pitch in to complete our cases. My role on both cases was to develop the work break down schedule and the responsibility assignment matrix. I engaged in two-way communications with my team. Another competency I provided was a positive attitude. and just went about completing them. I think most of us had similar thinking on how to accomplish our tasks. We decided early in the project on the best method of communication. which was email and to broadcast the messages out to the entire team so no one was unaware. I was personable and approachable when working with the team.Insight Paper PM587 18 April 2011 Insight Paper Our team (Team Hearts) presented two cases. Another competency would be action. Then I updated the WBS to ensure we were tracking on our cases. I tended to blend in with the group since we were all self-started there was no need to push or advocate a certain point or task. I had a good relationship with all the members and I was able to provide constructive feedback during our cases without issues. I tried to keep our team on an even keel by enlivening the mood on the project so the pressure to perform would not be stressful. I think a weakness might have been in aggressiveness. I think I contributed to best of my ability on the project. 1 .

Along those lines I feel everyone contributed and was committed to the project. If we needed prompting to complete the project. There was zero interpersonal conflict on the team everyone was committed to accomplish the task and the during of the project was so short that I think we did not have time to grate each others nerves. I think the only gap on the project be time resources. since we where in a six week window to generate two cases time was critical for us. we did not need to max out our resources. 2 . It was more of a many hands make light work approach. I would take a task complete the work and email the task results out for comment. that might have been a major issue. I would do the same for my teammates. Raymond setup a WebEx site. One thing I did learn from our project was that we were able to complete the multiple tasks well in a short period of time competing against other actions (internal (other classes) and external (family and work obligations)) so I know in the future working with multiple projects is achievable. We did not have to send out deadline reminders to each other. I would usually receive feedback within a day. if we need to collaborate on the fly this served as our countermeasure should someone need assistance and close gaps on the project.Insight Paper PM587 18 April 2011 Since we did the divide and conquer on our cases. Fortunately we were self-started and needed minimal encouragement to start on the next action item.

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