English for Midwifes and Nurses

The doctor has ordered a blood test.
( N= nurse P= patient, Pregnant mother)

N: Good morning, Mrs. Farani. The doctor has ordered a blood test. P: Oh…ok. N: I'm going to take a sample of your blood. P: Will it hurt, nurse? N: It’s going to hurt just a little bit but you must keep your arm straight and still. Could you place your arm on the pillow, please? P: Sure.

Thank you for your co-operation. I’ll place a tight band (tourniquet) on your arm to swell the vein. P: All right. P: Ouch!! N: Please don’t move. N: OK. The results of your tests will be sent to your doctor.N: OK. You will feel a little needle prick. Please make a fist. I will place a band-aid on your arm to cover the puncture. N: Then I’ll disinfect the area with the alcohol wipe and insert the needle in your arm to draw some blood. . The needle is in the vein now. Please press your finger on the cotton ball to help stop any bleeding. You may remove it in an hour or two. I will remove the tourniquet. we’re done.

Vocabulary keep = straight = still = fist = prick = puncture = .

The department is the first room on the right. When you come out of the lift. . please? I seem to have lost my way. The restroom is on the left. turn left. may I help you? P: Yes. opposite the bookshop. N: Good morning. Mam. N: Sure! Just walk down to the end of this corridor. And…could you direct me to the nearest restroom. The Obstetric Department is on the second floor.Patient seems to have lost her way. please. Take the lift up. P: Thank you. Could you tell me the way to the Obstetric Department? N: Yes.

Vocabulary direct = lost = corridor = opposite = .

.. The doctor will be here in a minute.. N: Mrs....... N: Now please take off your shoes and lie down on the bed. N: You're welcome.Waiting to see a doctor N: Are you waiting to see a doctor? P: Yes........ ..... Smith..... please wait a moment. Dr. Firman is ready for you in room three...... I have an appointment with Dr. N: There are three patients before you.... P: All right.. please? P: My number is 10..... P: All right.. We’ll call your name when it is your turn to be seen. N: What is your number.. Firman. Thank you. . Please come this way.15 minutes later . Thank you....... P: OK.

Vocabulary wait = appointment = .

N: How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? P: I drink a cup almost every morning with breakfast. . I’ve never used any drugs. N: What medications are you on now? P: I’m on Zoloft for mild depression and moderate anxiety.Patient Assessment 1 N: Do you drink coffee? P: Yes. high blood pressure. N: Do you have a family history of heart disease. No other family members I know of. or diabetes? P: My father died of lung cancer at the age of 68. cancer. have died or had cancer. N: Did you ever use drugs? P: No.

Vocabulary almost = diabetes = mild= .

Patient Assessment 2 N: Do you have any chronic illnesses? P: Yes. N: Have you ever had any operations? P: Yes. I have asthma. N: How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? P: I smoke 1-2 in the morning with my coffee and on the way to work. N: Are you taking any medications? P: I’m taking Ibuprofen and I use an inhaler whenever I feel short of breath. . N: Do you have any allergies to medications? P: I am allergic to Penicillin. N: Do you currently smoke? P: Yes. I had my tonsils out when I was 15.

Vocabulary major = chronic = asthma = .

Bisrina. . it’s 112 m Hill Road. N: May I have your address.Patient Assessment 3 N: May I have your name. please? P: It's 089-7648277 N: And what is the nature of your visit? P: I have had a fever and a chesty cough for the last three days. please? P: I’m a secretary. please? P: Sure. N: What is your occupation. N: And your phone number. N: Are you working? P: Yes.E. N: Are you single or married? P: I'm single. N: How old are you? P: Twenty-one. N: What is your nationality? P: Australian. London S. please? P: It’s Mrs.

Vocabulary occupation = address = chesty cough = .

N: Please sit here. I have a squeezing pressure in my chest. Could you give me something? N: OK. .I have pain in my chest. I’ll give you some oxygen. N: What happened? P: I have a pain in my chest. Please try to relax. P: But nurse. N: How long have your had it? P: About 5 minutes ago and it’s getting worse. The doctor will be here very soon. I will call a doctor.

Vocabulary chest= worse = ( bad. badly. ill) squeeze= pressure= relax = .

Are you allergic to any medication? P: No. N: Please fill out this form. N: Are you a new patient here? P: Yes. This is my first time here. may I help you? P: Yes.A patient comes to the hospital. I would like to see a doctor. I am not. please. please? P: I have had diarrhea for the last 2 days. N: Good morning. . N: And what would you like to see the doctor about.

Vocabulary allergic = medication = diarrhea= .

And thank you for taking care of her. N: This is our visitor sign-in book. V: Thank you. Family members can stay until 9 p. Please sign your name here.Visitor sign-in book.m.m. until 4 p. that’s her. V: What are the visiting hours? N: Our visiting hours are from 10 a. Bisrina your sister? V: Yes. She is in room 919.m. Bishop’s room is down the hall to the right. is Mrs. Write the patient’s name here and your check-in and checkout time here. N: Oh. I am here to visit my sister. . Mr. (N = Nurse V = Visitor) N: Good morning. may I help you? V: Good morning.

Vocabulary sign = check-in time = check-out time= visiting hours= .

D card? P: No.The patient returns -----------------P: I got the hospital I. P: How long is the wait? N: About 15 minutes. N: Please have a seat in the waiting room. Is this the Obstetric Department? N: Yes. Come back here after you get your card.About hospital I. mam. N: Do you have a hospital I.D. card. May I help you? P: I have an appointment at 9 o'clock. I don’t. card. ----------------. it is. Where can I get one? N : Please go to the registration desk. . We will call your name when the doctor is ready.D. Tell them that you need a hospital I.D card P: Excuse me.

Vocabulary Obstetric Department = appointment= after= seat= waiting room= ready= .

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