Resorts, a leading player in Asia's hospitality sector, was founded in 1934. A part of The Oberoi group, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts are ranked amongst the top 10 players in the global hospitality industry. The Oberoi group has 32 hotels in five countries under the two brands of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and Trident Hilton. Oberoi Hotels and Resorts are known for its services, luxury and services throughout the world and enjoys the loyalty of its customers.

Type Industry Founded Founder(s)

Hotels Hospitality 1934 Late Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi

Headquarters Delhi, India Key people Products Parent Website P.R.S. Oberoi, S.S. Mukherjee Hotels East India Hotels Oberoi Hotels & Resorts


We see an organization which aims at leadership in the hospitality industry by understanding its guests, designing and delivering products and services which enable it to exceed their

We see an organization which is conscious of its role in the community. We see the world dotted with hotels of the Oberoi group in strategic commercial and resort locations. We see an organization where people are nurtured through permanent learning and skill improvement. problems. translating organizational vision into reality. development and welfare of our people. upon whom we rely to make this happen. supporting social needs and ensuring employment from within the local community. It is committed and responsive to its guests and their stakeholders. warmth and concern. Our distinctiveness Together we shall continue the Oberoi tradition. in every aspect of service. and are respected. and encouraged to do their best. we will create extraordinary value for our shareholders. We see a multi skilled work force which consists of team players who have pride of ownership.        expectations. We see a lean responsive organization where decision making is encouraged at each level and which accepts change. heard. using natural products and recycling items thus ensuring proper use of diminishing natural resources. distinctive excellence. Our people We are committed to the growth. MISSION Our guests We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests through unremitting dedication to perfection. We will always demonstrate care for our customers through anticipation of their needs. situations and can use its experiences to enrich the local employees whether in India or overseas. We see a multinational workforce which has been exposed to different cultures. We see user-friendly technology enhancing value for our customers and helping our personnel by making information more accessible. striving for unsurpassed excellence in high potential locations all the way from the Middle East to Asia Pacific. We see an organization which is committed to the environment. . Our shareholder As a result. attention to detail. Oberoi is recognized as a best practice for training and developing its people. of pioneering in the hospitality industry.

to our people. Learning and development : We will aim for world class managerial and technical excellence using continuous learning and development to support the business and encourage growth from within. with a minimum number of levels and with clear individual reporting and accountability. national and international. Retention : Retention of talent is the key management responsibility as is separation of those whose performance is consistently below par or who breach the accepted ethical standards and rules of conduct. not merely jobs. . Selected after tough and thorough recruitment processes. Employee relations : To create preserve and open harmonious environment in which employees at all levels will want to give off their very best in delivering world class service at the highest level of productivity. committed to excellence and quality services. through developing them in ways where organizational needs are matched with personal strengths and potential.HR PRACTICES OF OBEROI: The Oberoi Group employs more than 12000 employees across the world. Career development : We will provide careers. The group also has The Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (OCLD). Training : Transfers. Recruitment and selection : At every level of the organization. Compensation : Our compensation philosophy will enable us to recruit and retain the best and the most highly motivated talent. Performance appraisal : To inculcate a culture of personal growth and organizational excellence based on principles of performance – based results. will be based on organizational needs and career development requirements of the individual. we will select people of the highest quality and with the highest potential to advance our business. Oberoi Group has a well trained and groomed staff. Recruitment activities are conducted every year for training programs in OCLD and for various other specialists and support functions. and will encourage the highest level of performance amongst our employees through result based reward and recognition. Succession planning : Our focus on development of people will reflect our international character and ensure that we have the right number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right place at the right time. for the training and development of its employees. PEOPLE PHILOSOPHY: Key Principles           Organisation structure and manning : Organisational structures will be lean. and be related to the Company’s overall business performance.

hospitality sector is one of the greenest pasture of Indian industry. As it is said there is no business without customers and hospitality industry is all about getting customers. The Indian hospitality sector has recorded the compounded annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 15 percent. It is very necessary that human resource management runs smoothly for the benefit of the organization. Women have ample opportunities in hotel industry because of their so patient and hostile nature and so they should come forward in this sector and give it a try. Hospitality Management And Human Resource Management Go Hand In Hand An important part of all the organizations is Human Resource Management. No hotel can have excellent operations without excellent employees and that requires excellent HR practices. energetic and motivated people and developing their skills so that they remain in the field for a long time. It is the proper human resource management that guarantees sustainability of your business. The hospitality industry can be divided into two basic sectors: Hotel industry and Travel and Tourism industry. Recruiting qualified. the people and helping them to out stand others.a place where guests are considered and treated as a form of god.CONCLUSION: India . Hospitality management and human resource management when combined together bring about a new opportunity that helps one to understand the critical issues in managing people in an organization. Innovative activities and ideas of the hotel get highlighted by the talents of the hotel thereby affecting the overall development of the hotel. Human resources play an important role in developing the greatest asset. human resource management is an elementary issue. . Employing the right person for the right job with right personality is what human resource management is. Human resource management can be regarded as the foundation for the hotel to acquire competitive advantage. India has become a leading destination of the tourists across the world. The rate of growth has been more or less consistent over the last few years. The combination also highlights work’s social context and expertise with reference to operating and managing hospitality business. Human resources can be counted in one of the most valuable assets for a company. Known for its quality and the standards of customer service. In order to gain competitive power for the hotel. It’s all about service in the hotel industry.

training programs for the employees and benefit programs is what effective hospitality management is all about. • Conducting surveys. thereby enhancing thinking and communication skills is what Human Resource Management in hospitality involves. Hospitality management along with apt human resource management provides: • Training the employees. • Encouraging the feeling of team spirit in employees. working in a team and much more! Effective human resource management is all about creating better relationships between employees and employers. As both owners and operators over the years. our principal partners approach each asset with a comprehensive hands-on style that encompasses all areas of your property. it can be said that Human Resource Management is a great help in bringing about the best quality of service. the human resource professionals in this industry ought to manage the pool of staff in their companies differently from other industries. training. In short. CASE STUDY: This is a case about labour dispute in Oberoi Group of Hotels. • Retaining the talented professionals. In this. whose jobs were terminated some years ago for certain reasons. An independent hotel management company – INNovative Hotel Management brings over 55 years of combined experience to your property. • Focusing on core business. Human resource management in hospitality covers many areas of hospitality industry. Human Resource Management and Hospitality cannot be separated. • Involvement of management in achieving key goals.It’s true that hospitality management and human resource management go hand in hand. Quality of staff is another important issue involved in human resource management. Human resource management and effective hospitality management is the corner stone of successful business in hospitality industry. Application of theory to real life situations and developing a team spirit among members of staff. Human resource professionals in hospitality industry ought to manage the staff differently. there were 45 employees involved. Managing human resources effectively along with hotel industry takes a look at HRM policies and practices followed in the tourism industry. Thus. Effective human resources management for hotels helps to provide a basis to increase the productivity of the hotel. Human resource management deals not only with recruitment but includes: staffing. All employees wanted their jobs back as well as the compensation in amount equal to their wages for the period they . Honoring the employees through effective communication.

Both the hotel and employee were running huge expenditure in such matter. infact they were happy about the proposal made by the HR Manager and appraised him for his work.have not worked. This process went for a month and ultimately these people were ready to accept the proposal led by him. The proposal was that the hotel will pay the compensation for the 45 months instead of 48 months in the form of Rs. The hotel was ready to hire these employees but not ready to pay the compensation they were demanding. Top management also accepted the proposal. The case was going in the court but the judgement was not seen in favour to either of the side. A newly appointed HR Manager in the hotel was faced up with this case. The HR Manager talked with these people and explained the overall problem and their long-term consequences and on the behalf of hotel. . 10003000 instead of full wages as a compensation amount depending upon their designation. he negotiated them.

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