Year 10 Genetics: Gene Technology Assignment

Due Date: Monday 14/11/11 Task: To investigate a gene technology and the issues related to its application
1. Select a topic from the list provided (or negotiate a different appropriate

topic with your teacher). 2. Research and write up your findings including information on the following points:
• •

Outline the purpose of the genetic or biotechnology Explain the technology in terms of the genetics and scientific processes involved (Use diagrams where appropriate)

Give specific examples of the use of this technology e.g. a particular disease, agriculture, reproduction, medical diagnosis or cure…

• show any links it has with other genetic or biotechnologies • Anything else you find interesting • Outline the advantages and disadvantages arising from the use of this technology

Identify and discuss any issues that may arise from the use of such technology (ethical/moral, religious, cultural, legal, social, political…)

• Evaluate the arguments and opinions about the gene technology and its use and write a closing paragraph that includes your own response to any issues arising.

use a variety of sources and (internet, newspapers, books, science journals…) record them appropriately in a Bibliography (refer to diary and Library referencing handouts). Remember to source all images and diagrams too!

including your own response Presentation is clear. concise and organised with correct spelling. an interview for TV or radio. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PRESENT THIS INFORMATION TO THE WHOLE CLASS Assessment Criteria Clearly identify and state the purpose of the gene technology Coherently explain the gene technology showing an understanding of the concepts of heredity and genetics related to the technology Use diagrams and at least one relevant example to support explanations Outline the advantages & disadvantages for the use of the technology Identify and discuss the issues that arise form use of this technology Evaluate the arguments for and against and the opinions about the gene technology. a comic strip. a poster.Presentation You may present your issue in the form of an article for a newspaper. a report of a debate. grammar and in your own words All images and information is correctly referenced and a complete bibliography included Overall Assessment and Comments A+ 36 – 40 5 4 3 2 1 0 . Webpage or any other suitable format. PowerPoint.

A B+ B C+ C D+ D E+ E UG 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 15 – 35 – 31 – 29 – 27 – 25 – 23 – 21 – 19 – 17 and below .

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Millions of human lives are protected by gene technology every day. generate greater prosperity and attain a more sustainable environment. the material substance of heredity. interferon and other drugs for treating certain cancers. The debate has focused on the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. Gene technology is already providing new ways of preventing.csiro. While this is certainly part of it. their safety and potential impact on the environment. and in the near future. create a safer and more secure food The public better accepts medical and industrial uses of gene technology.What is Gene Technology? From http://www. Gene technology is developing at a rapid rate and it will continue to revolutionise basic biological research and development. The technology has given us vital new products like human insulin for diabetes. it is helping farmers improve agricultural production with less impact on the environment. treating and curing human and animal diseases. Possible Topics Genetic modification DNA sequencing Human Genome Project Cloning Technology DNA probes Gene marker technology Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Transgenics Gene Silencing Gene Therapy Stem Cell Genetic Engineering DNA markers in breeding Prenatal testing and embryo screening Designer babies selected through reproductive procedures . it will allow better food products to be available to consumers at reduced cost.htm Gene technology is a term that refers to a whole range of techniques for genetic analysis that depend on the direct manipulation of DNA. food production and processing is an issue that has evoked strong public interest and concern. the technology is broader than that. and vaccines against diseases like hepatitis B. The majority of Australians are eager for more quality information about the technology and its applications. The use of gene technology in biomedicine. Most people think of gene technology as adding genes from other life forms to plants and animals. agriculture. and has many more uses. It provides the potential to improve our health.

au/index.htm http://www.Websites to get you started .

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