COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING SITUATION 1. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

The dictum should make preventive services an attractive alternative approach in health care particularly that more and more people are under the poverty line and also because of high cost of hospitalization and medical expenditures. 8. 1. Prevention is an important responsibility of the nurse in: A. Hospital and infirmaries C. Health Center and Industrial clinics B. All health care setting D. Community and school setting The promotion and protection of health is a major responsibility of the DOH which can be most successful when there is active partnership with and /or involvement of: A. Department of Education and Local Government B. Professional health association C. The people and every citizenry D. Non-government organization Based on the Health Belief Model, a person is more likely to take preventive health action if he: A. Understand the nature of the disease B. Has access to health care facilities C. Believes he is susceptible to the disease 9.

evaluation of health program. This vital responsibility of the nurse must be executed for which further purpose? A. Schedule of assignments C. Research and Legal B. National archives D. Financial evaluation The chief nurse in City and Regional Health office is concerned with administration, supervision and control of nursing practice to attain highest quality, among her functions and responsibilities, which one below encompasses leadership skills? A. Utilization of management process B. Staff development C. Implementation of nursing process D. Utilization of resources The community health nurse functions as manager and provider of nursing care services in the community. In planning and organizing nursing services, one vital functions at the beginning of the services is: A. Establishing of good working relationship B. Conducting an assembly for instruction C. Listing of families in each purok D. Courtesy call with the town mayor Provision of nursing care to clients include home visits and clinic consultation according to priority. Which one below should the CHN utilize to reach more people in the community for health? A. Home visit for TB control B. Community assemblies like mother class C. Referrals of cases to appropriate agencies D. Reach out clinics for distribution of medicine





Believes in the competence of the nurse

The motivation of the individual to participate in health promotion activities and take a specific health action is most effective in which of the following strategies: A. Enactment of a law C. Experiential activities B. Use of social pressure D. Health Education Which of the following is a health concern in the primary level of prevention? A. Development of health habits and practices B. Poverty alleviation C. Early and prompt treatment D. Case finding.

Situation 3. A National Health Plan program which established prevalence rate nationwide has been implanted. 11. Which program is active to identify increase risk of AIDS? A. AIDS prevention. C. AIDS national council B. AIDS surveillance D. Sentinal site nationwide Which program advocates right to protection and human dignity? A. HIV/AIDS patients C. AIDS prevention B. Sentinel site D. AIDS national council Which program broadens context on women’s health and safe motherhood? A. Family planning organization of the Philippines B. DOH family planning services C. Family planning program of the Philippines UNICEP program on reproductive health Which innovation scheme provides health manpower in doctor- less, nurse-less municipalities? A. Health human resource program



Situation 2: Community Health Nursing is define by WHO as a special field of Nursing which combine the field of Nursing, Public Health, and some phases of social assistance for the promotion of health and rehabilitation of illness.




The philosophy of the CHN practice is based on the belief that the family is the smallest unit in a democratic society. Which age group should be the priority of the nurses in the community? A. Older person and terminally ill C. Infants and Children B. Adolescents and adults. D. All ages regardless of status One important principle of CHN is accurate recording and reporting of data as basis for




Human resource for health manpower C. Health manpower resource program D. Resource manpower of DOH Which of the following programs promotes backyard propagation and mass production? A. Herbal collection of scientific benefits B. Anthropology and Trad. Med C. Herbal and Philippine Trad Med. D. Resources manpower of DOH


Situation 4. An example of self- finance project that is supervised by a nurse is “Botika sa Baryo.” 16. How is “Botika Sa Baryo” Put up? A. Pharmacy sa Barangay B. RHY drug store C. Common medicine for Botika ng Barangay

Common medicine para Botika sa Baryo 17. Other programs with less cost is substitute of cotton swab to clean ears. What is the indigenous material used as swab? A. Alcoholized banana stick C. Sharpened stick wrapped in kapok B. Tingting wrapped in cotton D. Toothpick wrapped in cotton 18. Who is the trained health personnel accepted by Barrio folds to deliver babies? A. Community organization officer C. Traditional healer B. Community health nurse D. Community health workers 19. In case of complication due to improper use of technology to whom should cases referred to: A. District hospital C. City health officer B. Midwife D. rural physician 20. Who held the meeting in this place where PHC was discussed? Where is this place? A. Geneva C. Russia B. Vienna D. Alma Ata SITUATION 5: Maternal and Child Health Services is one vital program in the Department of Health , Maternal mortality is high due to hemorrhage, infection and hypertensive complication. 21. Mrs. Delgado came to the RHU to consult with the MHO but he was attending a seminar. You were available as the RHU nurse. What would you do now if she tells that she is bleeding? A. Accompany her to the provincial hospital B. Tell her to go the city C. Give transfusion at once D. Check the vital signs 22. Lucy is 20-years-old, 3 months pregnant and asked you about pre-natal services.


What would you tell her? A. “Why did you come only today?” B. “Let me tell you the importance of prenatal check-up” C. “Do you have an obstetrician?” D. “Are you going to practice family planning?” 23. The home delivery for normal pregnancy is being encouraged by primary care providers. If there is no licensed health professional in the RHU, who will attend to the delivery? A. Licensed midwife C. New R.N. B. Trained hilot D. Comadrona 24. Postpartum must be avoided through appropriate prenatal counseling. After home delivery, when will you do the first visit to check bleeding and Infection A. 40 hrs. C. Two weeks B.One week D. 24 hrs 25. To promote appropriate health practice of pregnant women, you, as public health nurse must focus on: A. Prompt referral system C. Accurate record and report B. Linkages with PNA, IMAP and POGS D. Public education program SITUATION 6: The DOH has drawn from the National Health plan the scenario by 2020. One is reduction of infant and maternal mortality rate. 26. Infants mortality rate means death under one year of age per 1,000 live births Which formula below is correct? A. Deaths under one year C. Live births of the same year -----------------------------x100 ----------------------------x100 Live births of the same year Deaths under one year B. Deaths under one year D. Live births of the same year ----------------------------x1000 ---------------------------x1000 Live births of the same year deaths under one year 27. Maternal mortality rate is the number of maternal deaths per 1,000 live births in a specific year. Which formula below is correct? A. Neonatal deaths and fetal death C. Live Births of the same year --------------------------x100 --------------------------x100 Live birth and fetal death Deaths under one year B. Deaths under one year D. Live births of the same year -------------------------x1000 --------------------------x10000 Live births of the same year Deaths under one age 28. The statistical work in the community vital statistics is mostly done by the Sanitarian but which programs data is done greatly by the nurse

A. CD cases C. Maternal child health B. Primary health care D. Vital Statistics 29. Town A has a population of 50,000 as of July 1 1998(midyear) as per calendar year 1998 (January to December) 600 died. Which formula below should be uased to compute crude death? A.50,000 C.50,000 ----------x1000 -----------x10000 B. 600 600 ----------x100 600 50,000 D. ----------x1000

D. If the couple has any doubt, offer another contraceptive method. 32. After sterilization, which of the following should be avoided by Mrs. Duque? A. Take medication as ordered. B. Shower anytime, but keep the incision site dry for 7 days. C. Resume sexual relation with husband D. Lift her youngest child 33. Which among of the following is not true about BTL? A. Allows immediate sterility B. Does not interrupt sexual activities C. Irreversible D. Very effective and safe 34. Mrs Martha ask “ will it be possible for be to get pregnant after the procedure? The best response of the nurse will be: A. “ The doctor here are all specialists, I wouldn’t worry if I were you.” B. “ Absolutely not, this is a permanent sterility” C. There are some reports of women getting pregnant, but this is comparatively rare.” D. “ What made you ask” 35. Other methods of contraception are explored Mr. Duque expresses his nnonpreference for vasectomy. Which of the following is the main reason why this method is not a popular choice among men? A. Very costly B. Restoration of fertility does not always succeed C. Sterility is not immediate D. Diminished macho image. Situation 8. Water quality and monitoring for surveillance is the responsibility of each municipality through the RHU. Planning must be assisted by the Environmental Health Service. 36. The nurse should know that the examination of drinking water by the government or non government laboratories must be accredited. Who does accreditation of laboratories? A. Sanitary Engineer B. Municipality C. DOH D. City Health 37. Disinfection of water supply is required in newly constructed well, repaired water pipes contaminated container and what else? A. Unimproved spring B. Open well C. Surface water D. River Dam 38. Approved type of toilet facilities may need water or not depending on receiving space. What type of toilet is without need for water? A. Pit latrines B. Water shield C. Flush toilet D. Aqua privies 39. Hospital waste management program is a requirements before construction of the

50,000 30. Incidence rate means new cases as percent of population and prevalence rate means cases in a given period of time as population. Which formula below is prevalence rate. A. Number of cases of a specific disease -------------------------------------------------x1000 Estimated population B. Total number of cases of a disease(old + new) at a given time -------------------------------------------------------------------------x1000 Estimated population at that time C. Number of cases of a specific disease during a specific time -------------------------------------------------------------------------x100 Estimated population exposed to that disease during that time D. Total number of cases of a disease (old + new) at a given time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------x100 Estimated population at that time SITUATION 7: Mrs. Martha Duque, 35 years-old, G4P4 expressed her desire to undergo bilateral tubal litigation (BTL). Her younger child is one year old. 31. In counseling Mrs. Martha and her husband about BLT, which of the following should be the main focus of the nurse? A. Review family and personal circumstances that could affect their decision. B. Motivate the couple to accept the technology. C. Assist the couple to make a sound, well – informed decision to Undergo the procedure.

facility. The hospital personnel are required to train in waste management to prevent which of the following? A. Communicable disease B. Nosocomial disease C. Cross infection D. Transmission of infection 40. Nursing responsibilities and activities to ward off environmental pollution is beyond measure. The nurse is in best position to conduct health education through A. Development of design or program B. Use of communication media C. Development and distribution of IEC materials D. Role modeling approach. Situation 9. The Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) was started in July 1976 by virtue of PD 996, a compulsory immunization of children below 8 years of age. 41. This EPI is based on 3 principles. Which one is pro people: A. Case findings and treatment on site B. A basic health service C. Based on epidemiological situation D. Mass approach rather than individual 42. Which one is primary element of EPI? A. Logistic management B. Target setting C. Information campaign D. Surveillance and research 43. The general objective of EPI is to reduce morbidity and mortality among children BCG is given at birth followed by 2 doses. When are the 2nd and the 3rd dose given? A. Pre-school B. One and one a half months after one month after C. Two months after the 1st dose D. every months after 2 months 44. Measles is given subcutaneously an a dose of 0.5ml. At what age is this done? A. Nine months B. Six months C. One and one half year D. One year 45. Which of the following agency in the world helps erase Polio in Children? A. Canadian International agency B. WHO C. Rotary international D. UNICEF Situation 10. Mang Tomas is known to be malnourished, living in the crowded area in the squatter area of a big city. He came to the city health due to lost of weight, easy fatigability, chronic dry cough and low grade fever. 46. The main sources of infection in pulmonary tuberculosis of mang Tomas is through which of the following? A. Crowed living quarters B. Unavailability of living quarter

C. Direct contact with infected persons D. Unsanitary surrounding 47. A physician orders an X ray examination for Mamg Tomas and you refer him to nearby government agency with x ray facilities. What is the purpose of this laboratory aid to diagnosis? A. To check if patients has relatives with TB B. To see the evidence of having the disease C. Determine the severity of lesion in the disease. D. To aid in doctors prescription 48. In TB control Program DOH has specific objectives, one on family prevention is a program, which is focused on children. Which one below is this program? A. Differential prophylaxis B. Sputum collection and examination C. EPI for BCG D. Tuberculin testing 49. On health education, which one is the responsibility of the Community Health Nurse? A. Intensive and responsive IEC campaign B. Intersectoral coordination C. Supervision and monitoring D. Periodic reporting and recording. 50. If assigned to conduct a research related to TB control, which would provide epidemiological and sociological information, choose one method of data collection. A. Identify operation problem B. Prevalence survey C. Read related literature D. Include TB cases as population Situation 11. Mrs. Cruz has breast cancer. Your aim is to relieve physical and mental distress. 51. Which of the following is your role in cancer? A. Arrange for spiritual consultation B. Allow patient to get angry C. Maintain dignity of patient D. Control pain 52. Which level of care is preventive before treatment? A. Treatment B. Primary C. Supportive D. Secondary 53. The rural doctor orders Mrs. Cruz to see a facility with radiation. What is the level of care in this facility? A. Specialty B. Secondary C. Tertiary D. Primary 54. When Mrs. Cruz came home, she had some medication. Which one is anti- metabolite? A. Five F-C B. Cytoxan C. Ampicillin 55. Information materials related to cancer is available. Which agency distribute these?

A. Philippine Cancer Control B. Philippine Cancer Society C. Cancer prevention and Control D. Cancer and You ( Pamphlet)

A. Health direction for better tomorrow B/. Health care available even at high cost C. Health care procedure with supply D. Health care accessibility with low

Situation 12. The regional Training Nurse must be qualified before assuming the position. 56. Which of the basic qualification of a Public Health Nurse at the Regional Office? A. Three years abroad B. BSN, RN with Masteral degree C. Experience as Clinical Instructor D. Relative of the Governor 57. What is the qualification of the Public Nurse Instructor? A. Recommended by the Mayor B. BSN, RN, with Masteral Degree C. Experience as Clinical Instructor D. Experience as a public health Nursing 58. Functions and responsibility of a public health nurse begin with the use of the nursing process. Which process does she needs to design a training program for nurses and mid wives ? A. Assessment B. Intervention C. Evaluation D. Planning 59. Even if the Nurse is in the highest position, There is a need to keep abreast. Which area of CHN should a nurse train or re train? A. Community Organizing B. Matrix of Hospital administration C. Model of Health Care. D. Use of high tech machine 60. Which one should a PHN retain as nursing value in her community health practice. A. Spiritual B. Goodwill C. Human relations D. Academic Situation 13. PHC utilizes linkages all over the world. 61. Who receives referral from intermediate level of care? A. Chief Nurse B. First line hospital personnel C. Cardiologist D. Medical Director. 62. When first line hospital workers are done with severe dehydration, patient goes home to your level of care . In what way you could provide support? A. Linkages works . B. Bring patients for check up C. Refer Clients with same problem D. Give IV’s in case of repeat dehydration. 63. The dual role of PHC workers as a community health Care developer and Community development. How could you link and provide care at the same time.

cost. 64. PHC is a system, which emphasizes well being of all segments. What is the result of this effort? A. Progress well being B. Progressive well being C. Health care procedure with supply D. Economic progress and selfreliance 65. PHC activities are fully integrated with other sector, Which sector is always involved? A. Industries B. Politician C. Congress D. Public works. Situation 14. As a professional nurse practitioner, is expected that you are aware of the issues and concerns affecting the health care delivery system in the country. 66. Traditionally, the most common used services of the health care delivery system include: A. Prevention of diseases and promotion of health. B. Hospice and care of the terminally ill. C. Diagnosis and treatment of disease D. Rehabilitation and gerontological care. 67. Ideally, rehabilitation service begins: A. Upon admission of the client in the health care delivery system. B. Upon discharge from of clients from health care system. C. After the client physical condition stabilizes D. Soon after the Client’s request fro rehabilitation services 68. Philippines, most, if not all day care centers can be manage and/ or organized by nurses because they provide: A. ambulatory care to all clients of all ages and are usually situated in malls B. emergency psychiatric care and counseling to clients experiencing extreme stress C. Care and supervision of older clients usually those with emotional disturbance D. Care and supervision of preschool children located in the barangay. 69. The Department of Health is currently faced with health issues and concerns that needs immediate attention for the greater benefits of the general population. Which of the following issues involving health services can be directly addressed by nurses either individually or collectively? A. Increasing cost of hospitalization

B. Unemployment and underemployment. C. Access to health care facility. D. Quality health care services 70. The legal permission obtained from the client before an invasive procedure involvement in research or administration of experimental medication intervention is: A. affidavit B. Contract C. Informed consent D. power of attorney. Situation 14 The Rural health unit personnel implements health program relevant of the needs of the country. 71. In order to gain the cooperation and support of the community in control of diarrheal diseases, which of the following need to be done first. A. Create public awareness of the diarrheal disease problem B. Solicit the health of the minucipal health committee C. Confer with barangay captain D. form a working groups 72. The people must be informed that the preventive and control measure/s against diarrheal diseases is /are A. Cleanliness and proper food handling B. Practice of handwashing before eating C. Taking of Oresol solution and other fluids by patients with diarrhea D. All these measures 73. For the prevention and control of dengue fever, the Most importanrt health measure that should be implemented is: A. Personal hygiene B. Health education on the use of repellants C. Immunization of contacts D. environmental Sanitation 74. The mosquito that transmit Dengue fever may bite anytime during the day, but its peak hours of biting is: A. Early morning and late afternoon B. night time C. early morning D. late afternoon 75. The incidence of sanitation-related diseases is high in areas characterized by which of the following. A. Contaminated wells and unsanitary handling of water B. improper use of latrines by most people C. Poor hygiene habits D. Presence of any or all of these. Situation 15 – The Department of Health presents a situation where maternal and child health is inadequate in our country. To obtain quality health care, there are programs and services in all levels of care. 76. The Under Five Care Program is a child related service, which will ensure wellness and survival of children. Which age-range is this: A. below 3 years old. B. perinatal age. C. 0 – 59 months.

D. 0 – 36 months. 77. Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants and preschoolers increased as per findings of the National Nutrition Survey. What is the highest cause of anemia. A. Poor absorption B. Increased demand. C. Low-dietary intake. D. Blood loss. 78. Children’s dental care starts at the proper age of weaning. Preventive dentistry is emphasized to children under five. At what age should proper tooth brushing begin? A. When child starts school. B. After 2 years old. C. Before 2 years old. D. Upon weaning. 79. Dental caries of temporary teeth need to be given attention. Consulting a dentist for this problem is for what purpose? A. Temporary filling of temporary tooth. B. Installation of braces. C. Replace temporary with false teeth. D. Pulling out temporary teeth. 80. Isolation technique in the home is difficult to do but fundamental principles must be followed. Soiled articles with discharges should be boiled in water before laundry. How long should these articles be boiled? A. One hour. B. Two hours. C. One-half day. D. Thirty minutes. Situation 16 – CHN is a synthesis of nursing practice. 81. What is the aim of CHN? A. To serve all ages of population. B. Promoting and preserving health. C. Development of human being. D. Limitation to a certain age only. 82. Which one is the primary focus of CHN? A. Health food. B. Health continuum. C. Health habits. D. Health promotion. 83. Where is CHN extended to? A. Individuals, families and communities. B. Female population only. C. Mature and elderly. D. Adolescent, adult and aged. 84. What is the criteria to become a public health nurse? A. BSN graduate with license. B. Specialist on CHN. C. Specialist on Any field. D. Cum laude in graduation. 85. The dynamic care of this nursing tools provides measurements of progress. What is the scientific systematic process for quality care? A. Nursing policies. B. Nursing standards. C. Nursing procedures. D. Nursing process. Situation 17 – Change within the health care system has accelerated during the past decade. This is brought about

by changes in technology and the nations economy and the increasing number of population, to name a few. 86. One of the most recent development that was enacted to help subsidize the cost of health services both for the employed and the unemployed: A. Medicare Act. B. National Amelioration Pay. C. National Health Insurance. D. Workmen’s Compensation Act. 87. Lately, health promotion and disease prevention services have been getting increased attention in the Department of Health. One of the implications of these changes as far as the scope of nursing practice is concerned with is emphasis in the application of which of the following competencies: A. therapeutic use of self. B. health education. C. execution of nursing procedures and techniques. D. administration of treatment and medication. 88. The latest census has shown increase in the life span among Filipinos resulting to an increase in the number of elderly population. In addition to these data, it is observed that the cost of hospitalization is getting more expensive and unaffordable to majority of the people. These facts can bring about an increase in the demand of which of the following nursing services: A. Managed Care Services B. Clinical Specialization. C. Hospice and Home Care Services. D. Acute Care Services. 89. The latest trend that has developed to deliver care based on prepaid fees with emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention is covered under. A. Government Insurance Plan |B. Preferred Provider Organization. C. Private Insurance Plan. D. Health Maintenance Organization. 90. Hospital nowadays are encouraged, if not required, to offer comprehensive health services to include illness prevention and health promotion. To implement this program, hospitals, especially government hospitals have already added in the regular services of which the following. A. Rehabilitation Centers B. Newborn Screening C. Wellness Centers. D. Intensive Care Units. Situation 19. After passing the Board exam, Miss de Castro decided to apply in the local government unit. She was admitted and was assigned in her hometown. In addressing some problem of the community, she remember she can be guided by the different models of health. 91. An active healthy promotion strategy that Ms. De Castro could initiate in the community is: A. Advertisement for the use of a specific mineral water.

B. Adoption of the policy for smoke free work place among factories, schools and hospitals. C. Organization of morning joggers club or other groups that encourage sports and regular exercises. D. Fortification of milk and other food products with Vitamin A and D. 92. As a community health nurse, Miss de Castro must have a good understanding of the interrelationship between external and internal variables that can affect health and illness. Examples of internal variables that influence health beliefs and practices include. A. Spiritual factors and individual’s development stage B. Socio-economic and political factors C. Cultural and ethnical background D. Family practices and traditions. 93. External variables influencing a person’s health belief and practices include: A. Emotional and spiritual factor B. Family practices and traditions. C. Cultural and perceptual functioning. D. Socio-economic and intellectual background. 94. Levels of prevention is an important concept in community health nursing. Which one among the following nursing activities can be considered a primary level of prevention? A. Conducting Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) counseling. B. Injecting a DMPA to family planning acceptors C. Administering medication to TB patients who came top the clinic. D. Teaching a stroke victim how to perform active and passive exercise. 95. The health model that describes level of health or illness of an individual of group based on the dynamic relationship among three variables: the client, the environment and factors leading to illness. This model of health and illness is: A. Agent-Host-Environment Model B. High level illness C. Health promotion D. Health Belief Situation 20. Many changes in the department of health happened since 1901. In 1975, The DOH national Health Plan reviewed the health system. 96. What was implemented after the restructuring of the DOH? A. Philippine Heart Center of Asia. B. Alma Ata Restructuring of WHO. C. Tertiary Hospitals D. Restructured Health Care delivery system 97. What was there devolution? A. To bring services near people B. To empower local politician C. To become self reliant D. To stop funding from national funds

98. Dr. Winslow defines public health as science and art of preventing diseases. What is the art in public health? A. Leadership skills of the Nurse B. Organizing people to participate. C. Creativity in making health programs. D. Team building in group work 99. Harlon stresses that public health is dedicated to common attainment of highest level of physical health, mental and social wellbeing. What is the concise definition? A. Emotional quotient B. Total well-being C. Focus on physical fitness D. Fragmented Health 100. In community health, assessment of the client requires multi-disciplinary approach. Who is the team leader of the group? A. Nursing students B. Doctor C. Trained hilot D. Nurse

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