DB2 Express-C data server software ("DB2 Express-C") is a member of the IBM DB2 family of powerful data server

software for managing both relational and XML data. DB2 Express-C is a free, no-limits, and easy to use edition of DB2. The ‘C’ in DB2 Express-C stands for the Community. A community of DB2 Express-C users that bands together to assist each other, both online and offline. The DB2 Express-C community consists of all sorts of people and companies who design, develop, deploy, or utilize database solutions. Community members include: client-server, web-based, and enterprise applications es of solution providers who want to bundle or embed a full-featured data server as part of their solutions development, evaluation and prototyping -sized companies who need a reliable data server for their applications and operations -edge technology enthusiasts who want an easy to use data server for building Web 2.0 and next generation applications courseware, projects and research DB2 Express-C shares the same core functionality and code-base as the other priced editions of DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows. DB2 Express-C can be run on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems with Linux or Windows operating systems. It is also available on Solaris (x64) and as a beta on Mac OS X (x64). It can be run on systems with any amount of processors and memory and does not have any specialized storage or system setup requirements. DB2 Express-C also includes pureXML at no charge. pureXML is a technology unique to DB2 that stores and processes XML documents natively. AdvantagesFree to develop: If you are an application developer and need a database for your application, you can use DB2 Express-C. Free to deploy: If you are working in a production environment, and need a data management system to store your vital records, you can use DB2 Express-C. Free to distribute: If you are developing an application or a tool that requires an embedded data server, you can include DB2 Express-C. Even though DB2 Express-C is embedded in your application, and distributed every time you sell your application, it is still free. You are required to register with IBM in order to re-distribute DB2 Express-C; however this registration is also free of charge. No limits: While other competitor database offerings set limits on database sizes, number of databases, and number of users, with DB2 Express-C there are NO data size limits. Your database can continue to grow without violating the licensing agreement. There are also no license imposed limits to the number of connections or users per server. Languages and standards you can use with DB2 include:

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