Unwanted Exhausted and worn out, Blair stepped in her new home.

Her first day to school was like usual where Blair had to jump off a building to get any sort of attention. She was like an unwanted statue placed on school property on which birds often pee. However today she was an object of interest to a senior named Noah. He was a year senior than her and had a charm that made every girl eager to throw herself over him. Blair for a moment was intimidated by him but it did not take long to realize his vain and promiscuous nature. But strangely she felt his eyes boring through her as of he was a scientist studying a new specie. This infuriated Blair. ‘Hey sweetheart,’ Julia walked in with Blair. ‘How was your day?’ ‘Usual,’ she mumbled and marched upstairs Julia gave an exasperate sigh ‘dear we have a party today. Please be there’ she nodded before slamming the door of her room. Michael and Julia Eliot graciously attended all their guests while Blair sat unusually quiet near the fireplace. A small get together was held at her father’s mansion and she quietly observed the people mingling with each other. Bitterly she contemplated the truth that she cannot be the part of this crowd.. Michael constantly moved around on his business tour and took his wife and his 16 year old along with him. She moved from town to town and never settled in one place therefore did not had a chance to socialize. Now finally they have settled sown in a town where everyone behaved as if Blair was invisible. Her family knows about her misfit, and they invite her peers in their social gathering so that Blair can socialize with them. But even in these parties, Blair is openly ignored. When Michael motioned Blair to come forward, she straightened hr skirt and walked timidly to meet their ‘guest’ who regarded her with that same bored expression. Blair quietly excused herself and before she could move away, she ran into Noah. She looked away but Noah was fast to notice hear teary face. She quietly slipped in her bedroom. Crying was a ritual to Blair as her shoulders silently shook with anguished sobs. Even if a lightening stuck upon her, no one in her school would bother more than a passing glance. There was a soft knock. Quickly she wiped her tears to see Noah on the doorway. ‘What,’ she silently cursed her quavering tone. He held out a punch for her ‘I bought this for you,’ he smiled warmly at her ‘I don’t need this. Go away,’ Blair tried to close the door but Noah leaned against it and pushed it open. He quickly closed the door behind him and kept the glass down ‘Ignore that girl downstairs,’ ‘What the hell are you talking about? And how dare you enter in here as if…,’ ‘God! Woman, are so unapproachable? You practically scared that canteen guy out of his skin,’ ‘I couldn’t care less. Now do you mind,’ she opened the door for him. Noah ignored her and sat down on her bad ‘I like challenges,’ he smiled wickedly ‘Okay that is what it is all about. I am another conquest. Ha!’ she snorted ‘Did you know that girl downstairs was dating that Eric from our school?’ Shaking her head in defeat she sank down beside him and he filled her in with all the vivid gossips.

Blair locked herself in her room. ‘Mom you don’t know him. The minute her parents left.He laughed at her jealousy. During recess. ‘Wal-Mart. He warmly took her both hands ‘I just know her.’ Julia said with strained patience. What they did not know was that she stayed up late whole night and talked to Noah.’ Blair almost sneered when Noah entered the art room .. And besides I don’t like that boy. Michael tried to conceal his anger and hurt in her parents teacher counseling when he saw his daughter’s photos with Noah along with the vulgar comments all over the campus Once at home he unleashed it all on Blair. 1 love him. they exchanged their number and within a week.’ she almost choked ‘My folks didn’t attend the counseling but I heard about them. ‘That was Rebecca. She dialed Noah’s number. Trust me. She silently sobbed and pondered over her situation. There were rows of café outside wall mart and her grumbling stomach forced her to enter a café. Outside she heard Michael screaming and Julia trying to soothe him. Blair sobbed loudly and tried to reason with her parents but al in vain. even though Blair didn’t understood that why he was reluctant to admit their relationship publicly. she ran out from her home. It was 6:30 but she did not bother to wait at her home. she was to meet Noah in art room. Outside she saw Noah laughing with a slender blonde. I don’t think I will resist wringing that head off her neck if she throws herself at and man from now on.One minute she was laughing with him and another minute. In school Noah told her that they both should pretend being strangers as to avoid any conspiracy. In school she did not talk to anyone. Julia looked at her daughter in pain. telling him about her life. ‘I don’t want that girl out of this house from now. Blair quickly dumped her clothes and toiletries in her duffel bag. She tried to flirt with me. ‘Did you see those posters. Her peers hanged out together and did not bother to invite Blair.’ she spat. Please’ He was silent for a moment. please try to understand. What they did not know was that this small scene was witnessed by bunch of seniors as Noah did not completely shut the door. Upstairs! now!.’ She smiled in resignation. There is nothing else between us. He was patient and was hanging over here every word. She was sure that Noah will support her. Nevertheless she kept her thoughts to herself. In school they kept on behaving like a strangers.’ Michael roared at Blair.’ Blair cried to her mother. ‘I…uh… I need to meet you right away. 7:30’ Blair roamed around the mart. It is important. she saw Noah this time was a brunette who . ‘Noah?’ she called before he can say anything ‘Blair? You okay?’ Blair swallowed the heavy lump on her throat.’ she almost screamed ‘Not another word from you. As she ordered her decaf mocha. ‘Mom. Not long before. This is not right for you. she wept in front of him. ‘Who was she. Her family was aware of her blissful mood. But Blair never cared and kept everything to herself. It was natural that after a month Noah proposed her and more obvious for Blair to accept it. they became close friends. They appeared closer than being just friends. ‘Dear you are too young.’ that did it.’ ‘And you seemed to enjoy it.

. . But we cannot go on like this. If my. You know what I mean. Silently. Blair sat there.’ Noah looked at her oblivious of her pale face and glittering eyes. I know this is hard for you but I think we should focus on studies and really forget about each other. Noah quickly looked at his watch squeezed her hand lightly and walked out. I mean our families find out than it could be a disaster.. Blair walked out of her café with her steaming beverage in her hand.was from her trigonometry class. ‘Blair it is over. She didn’t know how long she sat on a bench outside Wal-Mart when Noah appeared. frozen while his words echoed inside her head. She gave a tiny nod and looked away.’ He took her limp had and sat on a bench ‘I really loved you.

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