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November 14, 201

both predisposing and precipitating. The study population has an age range of years. With a more comprehensive data. III. II. Antibiotic sensitivity testing of several commonly used antibacterials was also done. may represent as a source of discomfort in frail elderly patientswith age-associated multiple severe underlying disorders and it may be perceived as an unpleasant aspect of elimination process. a more appropriate. The method of the study is prospective. Results show that fever and dysuria were the most common symptoms of most UTI patients while diabetes mellitus and catheterization were the most common risk factors associated with UTI. There was no significant difference in the organism profile and antibiotic resistance profile among patients with or without DM. individualized. specifically its symptoms. coli was found to be the most commonly isolated pathogen responsible for UTI. 2011 I. Nursing Practice The journal is relevant to nursing practice because it could be incorporated by nursing practitioners in their care for elderly clients diagnosed with UTI. It was known that UTI is the second most common infectious complaint in geriatric clinics while it is the most common outpatient complaint that is caused by bacteria UTI. We could also anticipate the possible response of the patient to the prescribed antibiotic. India from January 2008. Through this study we have gained information which we could use in explaining to our patient the nature of their condition. It was conducted at a tertiary care center in Bangalore. A clean catch mid stream specimen each was collected from the subjects to determine the presence of uropathogens. and effective nursing care plan or treatment regimen would be developed. In addition E. .[JOURNAL] November 14. RELEVANCE TO THE FOLLOWING: A.the purpose of this study is to identify the common presenting symptoms and risk factors. Since cases of thyroid problems are emerging it is important for us nurses to know the considerations when handling patients with the said condition. the treatment and possible suggestions we can give to the physician in terms of antibiotic use.December 2008 which included 194 subjects or patients who presented with symptoms of UTI. COPY OF JOURNAL ARTICLE -Attached SUMMARY . that is associated with urinary tract infection. the best treatment that we could render and to alleviate any discomfort associated such as dysuria.

And of this few. Local setting Although urinary tract infection. so through this journal we could disseminate information for a better plan of treatment for the good of the patients.[JOURNAL] November 14. the data are somehow reliable since it is conducted on a tertiary care setting and actual patients. The journal could also be used as a topic for nursing research wherein the effectiveness and relevance of the journal to our setting will be measured. still a lot are not informed on how to care for our urinary system. Nursing research The journal is relevant to nursing research because it could be used as a reference tool or related literature for nursing studies or nursing researches related to urinary tract infection among elderly males. In our country. E. Client This study is client oriented so it primarily benefits the elderly patients with UTI. . It could be added to whatever information that is existing now. If people are not informed about the disease what more when it comes to its treatment. especially antibacterials. UTI problems and treatment are addressed. Since this study aims to identify whether inserting an indwelling foley catheter is better or not and the use of antibacterials. D. there are only few studies that are conducted compared to other countries. 2011 B. So this journal could inspire the practitioners here in the Philippines to conduct studies regarding condition to arrive at results that are suitable for Filipinos. Since the researchers arrived at a reliable result which suggest that there is a high resistance to common antibiotics among the uropathogens. Nursing Education This could be a good classroom material since it is very specific and a prospective type of study. C. responses of patients and the special considerations when taking antibiotics. Classroom instructors could also use this to emphasize on the possibilities of drug.

2011 .[JOURNAL] November 14.

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