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Coalition for PEACE based on JUSTICE (CPJ

9 November 2011

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Dear Sir/Madam: Greetings of Peace based on Justice! Our search for a just and lasting peace in Mindanao is being challenged yet again, as the threat of “all out war” hangs over our communities. The aftermath of the October 18 clash between government troops and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been used by militaristminded opinion makers and ex-politicians to pursue the solution of “all-out-war,” this time in the context of bringing justice for the death of 19 soldiers. For days, people’s organizations, human rights and peace advocates, as well as like-minded journalists and reporters struggled to drown out the voices of those calling “all-out war” and at the same time, battled against the blatant use of stereotypes against the Moro people in justifying all-out war. On Oct. 19, Pres. Noynoy Aquino responded with a call for “all-out justice” emphasizing that the military campaign targets only “lawless elements” and not the MILF. However, the airstrikes and ground attacks which Aquino authorized in Oct. 24 in the name of “all out justice” resulted to closely 20,000 displaced civilians in Zamboanga Sibugay and Basilan. In response, organizations that promote peace, justice, and human rights have formed the Coalition for Peace based on Justice (CPJ) and will conduct a National Fact-Finding Mission (NFFM) to look into the effects of the recent armed conflict, “all out justice” campaign of the Aquino government in various towns, notably in Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay and Al-Barka, Basilan. Moreover, the mission will attempt to provide relief, medical and psychosocial services to the affected civilians in two provinces. In this light, we would like to invite you to be a Convenor of Coalition for Peace based on Justice (CPJ), a loose coalition of human rights and peace advocates, church, people’s organizations, youth and academe campaigning against all-out war and promotes peace based on justice. We further invite you to join the “Maghambuok pa Kasanyangan”, a National Fact Finding Mission to Basilan and Zamboanga Sibugay on November 22 to 25, 2011. Registration Fee per delegate is pegged at P2,500.00 which will cover your accommodation, transportation and food from November 21-25. We hope you will help us attain our objectives by joining us and/or donating any amount to help mobilize the mission. Your participation/contribution is highly appreciated. For more informations or details of the coalition and fact finding mission, you can contact the secretariat through 09059248424 (Bai); Telefax (064) 4215680. We are very optimistic that you are one with us in our endeavor. Thank you and more power!

For the people,

(SGD)BISHOP MODESTO VILLASANTA Exodus for Justice and Peace



(SGD)NEIL MURAD Suara Bangsamoro

(SGD)BISHOP DANILO BUSTAMANTE Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines

(SGD)NUJUM JANDUL Free Basilan 73

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