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Exploring Sexual Intimacy
God has given you to each other. Your genuine love for each other will help you physically adjust to each other. Remember though, your physical relationship grows only as your love deepens. Don’t let small things get in the way of your oneness(I Cor.7:3-5). Sexual impulses should like all other desires be submitted to one’s will and God’s purposes, otherwise it will control you and frustrate you.


Physical Emotions

Mind Will


Sexual Union Differences ORIENTATION

Physical Compartmentalized Physical oneness Variety Sex is high priority Sight Fragrance Body-centered Respect Admiration Physically needed Physical Release Acyclical Quick excitement Initiates (usually) Difficult to distract Propagation of species Shorter, more intense Physically-oriented Orgasm usually needed for satisfaction

Relational Wholistic Emotional oneness Security Other priorities may be higher Touch Attitudes Actions Words Person-centered Understanding Love Emotionally needed Time Cyclical Slow excitement Responder (usually) Easily distracted Propagation of oneness Longer, more in depth Emotionally-oriented Satisfaction possible without orgasm
Taken from Family Life Conference , p. 86.


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The church has drifted along with society away from its biblical moorings. Only God’s Word gives us hope, strength, love and wisdom to raise godly children.
* While sex is enjoyable, this feeling is not the main focus of the sexual relationship. Sex is for expressing and developing intimacy and from this intimacy children come into the world (cf. Psalm 133; John 15:8). The family is designed to continue God’s work rather than for our own pleasures. * Children are great! They are not a bother, but God’s great blessing. Sure they tie one down into a responsible relationship where one is to love and care for others. We must put away all forms of self–centeredness and speed on our way towards maturity. * Abortion is the most horrible expression of selfishness. It will always be illegal in God’s world. Using fetal tissue resulting from an abortion is profiteering from murder victims. This is modern cannibalism. * The parents, not the Sunday School teacher, not Christian schooling nor the pastors, are overall responsible to train their children in godliness. This training must include both daily example and instruction (Deut. 6). * You must correct your children. This requires consistency, gentleness, firmness as well as clear instructions and punishments. It is our duty to make sure they feel uncomfortable expressing their evil nature and comfortable with a life of self-control. Hebrews 12 boldly says that if we do not discipline our children, then we just don’t love them. * Remember that the state of pregnancy is not a disease even though birth often takes place in a hospital room! This grand process can hardly be rivaled in its intricate design and beauty. Breast feeding is superior to and easier than giving a baby a bottle. A working mother is often too stressed out or tired to provide the attention a little one needs. No agency can make up for the mother’s presence. * Don’t spoil your children. It is virtually impossible for them to learn deep gratitude to God, their parents and others when they receive more than they can appreciate. They can learn politeness, but it differs from gratitude. * God is in charge of caring for your needs. Don’t let money get in the way of your worship of God. Worrying is a sign that you doubt God’s care for you. He doesn’t guarantee that His care will meet up with your expectations, but it will be sufficient to complete His will. * We should think of the family as a mini– church. The father is overall responsible for declaring God’s truth and leading the others in worship. He is as a pastor to the family. The family form a body where everyone has a part. Chores are an expression of their service in that community.