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Mayank Dubey


Mail id: Contact No. : + 91-99233-77812

Looking for a challenging assignment, which add value to my professional career, which is completely utilize for the development of the organization and support me in achieving higher career goals. Professional Summary Software professional having more than 4.0 years of experience in Java/J2EE, Mainframe and Development currently working in MphasiS an HP company since March 2010 to till date. I have worked in Patni Computer Systems Ltd, Pune, for an American Insurance client (BFSI) since August 2007 to Feb 2010. Completed 5 Months (.Net (C#, ASP) and JAVA J2EE) training of Patni computers systems Ltd since 20th March 2007 to 03rd August 2007. Skills Certification: SCJP 1.5, BFSI insurance certificate Cleared Level1 and J2EE l Level 2 Part (A), Line of Technology and competency level check, (Patni Internal certification) with 76% in Java/J2ee. Java Technologies Web Technologies Version Control Data base Language Job Functions Others Professional Profile Project 1: Organization Domain Project Name Client Plateform Methology Technologies Database Tool Server Team Size Duration : MphasiS an HP Company : (BFSI) Insurance. : TX-Portal (MEHIS Server) : ICW, HP, Texas State Govt. (USA) : Liferay 6.0 : Agile : JSF 2.0 ,Spring Core 2.5, XHTML, Hibernate 3.0 : Oracle 10g XE : Maven 3.0, SVN : Liferay Tomcat 6.0 bundle : 22 : September 2010 to till Now Struts1.2, Servlet, JSP, JSF 2.0, Spring Core 2.5 HTML, JavaScript, XML, Hibernate, JAXB Visual Source Safe, Star Team Oracle 10g Xe. Core Java Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Documentation, Maintenance. Knowledge of Mainframe

Description: MEHIS TX-Server is a portal. Which contains many portlets. This portal for Texas State health care register user (service provider) and register patient for Medicade and Medicate services. MEHIS TX-Server will be accessing by the 30M customer/Year. Or 5k to 25K/day. MEHIS TX-Portal provides many servies like patinet discriptions, patient history, patient Demographic information, Provider treatment details and many more. And it will display information Based on the user role like Provider, Recepsisnist, Help Desk, HHSC staff, System Admin. MEHIS Tx-Portal server is the mediator between user and MIPS server. MIPS server is the existing System which is using by the Texas state government. MEHIS server conver request to requestTO Then call the MIPS service through RMI over HTTP (using java secirurity Key) to get the information or user operation. MEHIS server display information based on the user role. It configured with the LDAP for fast Accessing user information. Challenges: We developed it from Scrach. Non of resources aware about the Liferay JSF 2.0. What is IPC (inter portlet communication). How liferay work with spring? How to combine JSF and spring on liferay? Requirements continue changing till the last month based on agile mythology. Responsibilities: 1. Requirements Analysis. 2. Get created basic structure of TX-Portal application. I was the coordinator between BA (Business Analyst and Html developer) with remote location. 3. Created POCs on Literary with Spring2.5, JSF 1.5, 2.0, Hibernate 3.0. 4. Coding for Registration and Account Creation (Provider Admin, System Admin). 5. Testing. 6. Bug fixing. Project 2: Organization Domain Project Name Used Technologies Team Size Duration Server : MphasiS an HP Company. : (BFSI) Insurance. : HCMS Disease Management System. : Struts1.2 Framework, Servlet, JSP, Oracle 10g XE, JAXB : 11 : March 2010 to August 2010. : Tomcat 6.0

Role: I am member of the design and devalopment team, developing business logic & Reporting functionality by using Birts API. Object Communication & database handling module and writing the quries. Description: Health Management System is the Mphasis product developed for Karnataka Govt. Main purpose of this product is to track the health factors of the patients And provide them the solution/suggestions periodically in order to improve their health. It captures the health details of the patients from various places where govt is running the health program like polio, chiken guinea etc. Based on the data captured from various health program, it generates graphs and reports which are view by govt authorities. It also facilitates the intercommunication between different health canters in the form of alerts. Responsibilities: 1. Requirements Analysis. 2. Coding.



Project 3: Organization Project Name Type Software Language Data base Client Duration Role : Patni Computer Systems Limited, India : Volatility Management, Policy Admin Services (PAS). : Re-platforming for Auto and Home : Passport (Mainframe) and WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.1 : Cora Java : DB2, MS Access : MetLife Insurance, USA : Jan 2008 to Feb 2010. : Programmer, Tester and Defect Prevention Representative (DPR).

Volatility Management projects focused on hurricane coverage, deductible options and mandatory minimums with specific criteria requiring state specific processing that crossed several system applications. This included new criteria, new edits and impact on existing processing. , weve focused on Hurricane Windstorm Coverage, but recognize the need to expand types of perils to incorporate Wind & Hail, Earthquake and Brush Fire, as examples This eliminates redundant coding for available, minimum and mandatory deductibles for Hurricane, Wind & hail and Earthquake Coverages as well as removing the opportunity for inconsistencies between system applications. IT will continue to update file until such time as user enablement is provided. Functionality and features included in the ARS New Business and Servicing. 1. All impacted system applications will access using this one program using a same transaction record format. 2. Supports future expansion of peril. 3. IT is designed in such a way that it is compatible with future conversion to a user enabled, table driven program. 4. Both countrywide and state specific edits will be included. Following are the types of projects: Repaltforming LINUS NBL to IDataBean

New Jersey Volatility management. California Volatility management. Deemer Consutive months covered. Payroll deducts verbal authorization. CUES enhancements.
Auto Rule Re-platforming.

Create a Mainframe Job for Auto Release 9.2 replatforming.

Responsibilities in this project include: 1. Requirements and Analysis. 2. Key in policies. 3. Coding. 4. Testing. 5. Documents Creation. 6 Miscellaneous task Project 4:

Organization Project Name Type Software Client Duration

: Patni Computer Systems Limited, India : Home Auto ReplatForm (RAQ) miscellaneous Trans and testing. : Miscellaneous Transaction Testing, Mainframe Batch files Applications : Passport (Mainframe) and WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.1 : MetLife Insurance, USA : Feb 2008 to January 2009

Home Re-platforming is part of MetLifes replatforming initiative to convert the mainframe based legacy systems to Web services based system. This project is to replatform legacy applications, enhance and maintain Policy Admin Services Application for Auto and Home. We have keyed hundreds plus policies for various Miscellaneous Transactions and distributions for Auto and Home. Maintenance and Enhancement of PAS system. It consists of execution of projects initiated by MetLife Business users. It will be for both Auto and Home line of business. Following types of tasks: Enhancement requests: These are change requests, which will modify Production code. These tasks are sent with a planned install date. New Functionality: These are requests where new functionality has to be incorporated. These tasks are also sent with a planned install date. Production problems: Production problems are unsolicited instances reported by the users of the production environment or data. These are sent to offshore for analysis and finding solution. Responsibilities in this project include: 1. Requirements and Analysis. 2. Run new path endorsements list. 3. Run Systest or LTD Batch file. 4. Key in policies. 5. Defect Prevention (DPR) and Testing. 6. Documents Creation. Project 5: Project Name Type Platform Technology Client Duration Role : Met Pay and Retail Auto Quote (RAQ) Enhancement : Development - Business Applications : Windows XP (NT Based) environment : Core Java, Servlet, Jsp, Java Script, IBM-DB2 and WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1.1 : MetLife Insurance, USA : August 2007 to Feb 2008 : Programmer and Tester

MetPay and Retail Auto Quote (RAQ) are Web based applications which provides auto Quotes to potential customers. The MetPay site is provided to employees of our group customers and also provides the group customers with the ability to bind the quote online, provided all the pre-defined conditions are met. The Retail Auto Quote (RAQ) site provides Auto quotes to retail customers. Quotes are sent to our integrated marketing team for followup. This project entails building bind functionality in Retail Auto Quote by leveraging the existing Functionality within MetPay. Offering the auto bind option allows customers to complete their Policy after business hours and will also reduce the calls coming into the call center. Responsibilities in this project include: 1. Requirements Analysis.

2. 3. 4.

Test Cases Preparation. Coding. Unit Testing.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Active member of Patni MetLife Club. State Level Certificate in Cricket from 42nd M.P. State level School Tournament in 1996-97. State Level Certificate in Science Demonstration in 1998-99. Actively Participated in School & College sports & cultural program. I have got second prize in science quiz (1999-2000 science demonstration chattarpur) Educational Qualifications School/College B.I.S.T. Bhopal (RGPV University M.P.) Govt. Auto Science College Jbp (M.P.) Mission Higher Secondary school Damoh (M.P.) Mission Higher Secondary school Damoh (M.P.) Personal Profile Stream/Branch M.C.A. Computer App. 12th PCM 10th Science Duration 2003-2006 2001-2003 1999-2000 1997-1998 Percentage 70% 60% 82% 71%

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Flat no 7 C1C Building Popular Gridhar Nagar Warje Malwadi Pune 411029 M.H. 18Feb1983 Unmarried English, Hindi