Banking the Un Banked through MDR & Domestic P2P

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.000 bill payment centers Entered agreements with leading Processor and banks for ReLoadable Debit in Spring 2011 Nationwide cash acceptance agreement for m-Via customers with 7-Eleven Corp’s 6.Business Highlights • Experienced Mobile & Financial Services Leadership Team.000 Locations. generated meaningful base of loyal customers and millions in • Creation of m-Via FOUNDATION for serving those whom need it most. Nationwide network cash acceptance agreement with network of 8. • MoMex (Mobile Money Exchange) Platform Beta Test & Release • Greater Los Angeles Soft Launch in 2010. Founded early 2008 Funding to date $23M.

Messaging Simple User Experience Quality of Service Customer Acquisition Understanding customer Pricing & Revenue Model Distribution Operations Regulatory Compliance Fraud & Risk Management Technology Real Time Settlement Banking & MFI Relationships Exchange Rates Security Cash Network Third Party Integration Anti Money Laundering .

(For Entire Value Chain) 1. Inefficient. (For Entire Value Chain) 1.Existing Money Transfer Ecosystem Summary 1. High Cost. (For Entire Value Chain) 2. Ripe For Disruption . High Risk.

Because of the fast growth of mobile money transfer. There will not be standard practices of deployment. Mobile payment made Gartner’s top 10 list because of the number of parties it affects — including mobile carriers. First. merchants. security. mobile payment will be a highly fragmented market. regulators in many markets are piling in to investigate the impact on consumer costs.Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications for 2012 No. as well as regulatory requirements and local conditions. fraud and money laundering. Third. No. device vendors. and most services signed up several million users within their first year. market conditions vary. Because of the many choices of technologies and business models. On the operational side. Its lower costs. as do the local resources of service providers. so providers need different market strategies when entering a new territory. challenges do exist in both regulatory and operational risks. it is a way of making payment when few alternatives are available. faster speed and convenience compared with traditional transfer services have strong appeal to users in developing markets. . it is an additional factor of authentication for enhanced security. Second. banks. regulators and consumers — and the rising interest from both developing and developed markets. However. 6: Mobile Payment ( m-Via Calls this Domestic Person to Person Mobile Banking ) P2P Mobile payment usually serves three purposes. so parties will need to find a working solution on a case-by-case basis. it is an extension of online payment for easy access and convenience. 1: Money Transfer ( m-Via Calls this Mobile Directed Remittances ) MDR This service allows people to send money to others using Short Messaging Service (SMS).

D. and Domestic P2P .Both X-Border M.R.


24/7 Spanish (ESL) .Withdraw .Spend .Initial Registration & KYC . IVR or Mobile Web) m-Via Call Center .User Experience Sender 1. First Time Sign-up Via Call Center: Retail Package 2.Re Distribute . Load cash via authorized retailer to m-Via Wallet 3. Transfer $ via Call Center.Receives Text notification Funds Available Immediately . IVR Recipient .Save .On going Customer Support m-Via MoMex Platform routes TXN Text. Mobile Web. (Text.

IVR.R. Native Browser Query Nearest m-Via Authorized Location ―Cash In or Cash Out‖ . Request Pay Initiate Real-time X-Border M.D.Mobile Experience Today Account Management • Text Notification of Funds Received or Deposited • • • • • Account Balance & History. * Unlimited US Send to Mex Recipients Initiate Domestic P2P Transfers * US to US & Mex to Mex Live Operator. SMS.

Typically remits to Mex 3 to 4 X per/mo for total of $280 to $420 per months. Funds remitted directly from debit account or loaded at any authorized m-Via retail locations • • • • .R. to as many people as they want.m-Via US Sender Based One to Many M. in market solution for Micro Remits >$20 to $80 Funds delivered instantly with SMS delivery confirmation.D. m-Via is the first viable. Model > $160 $0 > $85 > $55 $300 $300 Net • m-Via US Customer can send as often as they like.

commerce etc.m-Via P2P ―Recipient‖ Experience FREE P2P Mex > Mex Re Remits Cash Back With Purchase @ Grocer SMS CashOut > Clabe Existing Network + • • • M-Via Enabled DDA Account Spring 2011 Addresses all key pain points (travel. convenience and safety * Similar to direct payroll deposits and the online banking benefits many of us have enjoyed since mid 90’s • • . safety. cost & flexibility). new service offerings. micro loans. Lays groundwork for financial inclusion. m-Via truly ―empowers‖ recipient. Both service & experience are designed for viral adoption. Introduction of Debit card will exponentially increase customers quality of life through savings.

R.P P. is a natural catalyst for successful P. Third Party MDR API’s available for interested recipient markets .Summary • • • Address’s real customer pain. M.D. solid ROI Metcalf's Law applies w/each new market & customer added to system. • • • • Platform approach provides partners with quick market Third Party P2P API’s for recipient country in beta – now .2. Specifically addresses needs and empowers unbanked market.2. low TCO .P enables commerce. trade > savings & credit > business > economic growth opportunities.

473.2824 Executive Director m-Via Foundation email: pete@m-via.Thanks & Contact Info • Peter Kelly Ph # twitter: peter_kelly .


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Money Transfer Market Today • • More than $400 Billion USD is transferred around the world every year = 12 B in rev US > Mex is the largest person to person x-border IMT market globally .

5X per month $10.00 .00 Per Transfer • • Expensive relative to net income 1 to 1 Transaction Model Micro Remits Cost Prohibitive • .$25.Traditional User Experience ―Sender‖ • • • • • Majority Unbanked Time Consuming Limited Hours / Access / Control Typically Sends 1.

little to no emergency funds. financial inclusion or secure savings.Traditional User Experience ―Recipient‖ • • • • • • Unbanked Heavily Dependent on sender for basic needs Wife Mom Average travel time is 1 to 2 hours to pick-up funds. Waits for funds Extremely Unsafe Dad Desensitized to Pain Struggles near end of cycle. Mother In Law .

$10 $300 $30 = $ 75 = $ 45 = $270 Net 10% Cost • • • Money Sent is typically intended for 3 people Urgent or Unplanned recipient needs typically wait until next month Many find meeting either need cost prohibitive. .Traditional US Sender Event Based 1 to 1 Transaction Model A $160 .$10 = $150 $ 85 .$10 $ 55 . little to no savings.

Many ―extended family‖ recipients have simply stopped receiving funds . • • This usually increases true transaction cost by inserting middleman’s discretionary costs & influence over amount disbursed and to whom. who in turn redistributes funds to intended recipients.$20 = $230 Net 20% Cost • To reduce costs.US > MEX > MEX Event Based 1 to 1 Transaction Model B $10 $10 > $130 $10 > $100 $0 $300 $10 $30 . senders often send to One person.

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