Linguistical Alchemy Here is the (upper-case) English alphabet with examples of what each letter may be synonymous

with in accordance with the caligraphical structure of the letter and physics, as well as commentation on the structure itself. In addition, where applicable there is note of the phonetic pronunciation as being synonymous with a relative word. *Vertical lines are interpreted as energy conductors; magnetic poles. *Curves are interpreted as energy currents. *Horizontal lines are, unless otherwise noted, interpreted as a relative energy charge. *Axis is phonetically similar to access, and furthermore, acts is. A-Activity, Air, Abstract, Area, Angular Impulse. Is drawn as a line up and down and a third line connecting either side, signifying kinetic (cause and effect) activity as a whole and undivided instant. The connecting line is that which would allow for the measurement of angular impulse, magnetic potential and amplitude. B-Phonetic Be, Magnetic (B) Field (energy does not end), Magnetic Induction, Magnetic Flux Density (Flow per unit area). The vertical line serves as a conductor of energy. The energy current curves in on itself twice to indicate the magnetic flux density of the field. The declaration that a thing may "be" may be interpreted that the thing is manifest as a magnetic field, an energized area, and is inducted. C-Phonetic see, or sea. Constant, capacitance. Structured similarly to "O", though due to the gap in the circle we are able to see inside what would otherwise be a closed circuit and concealed wholeness. If confused about this notion, interpret it from a two-dimensional perspective. A sea, being a body of water within a determined capacitance, cannot be considered as such if what lays beyond it has not been seen. D-Displacement (effects of free charges), Differential, Distance, Diameter, and Di (prefix). Vertical conductor with a current flowing across its entire length/distance, as a free electrical charge. E-Energy, Electron, Electric, Electric field, current. Vertical conductor with three horizontal charges reaching to energize that which follows and is thus of the procession of the energy. F-Force, Frequency, Friction, Field, Fornication. Similar to "E", a vertical conductor with two horizontal lines of energy reaching to introduce any of the aforsaid frequents into the procession. This is furthermore the act of friction and fornication. G-Gravitational Force, Gravitational Constant, God. A circle like structure which curves unto itself before completing its cycle, Page 1

Linguistical Alchemy perhaps suggestive of phi (the golden ratio = 1.61803399) in the form of a spiral. H-Magnetic (H) Field (generated by the magnetization of the magnet and end near magnetic poles), Magnetic Field Strength/Intensity, Heat, Hydrogen. There are two vertical conductors or poles connected by a horizontal charge. This charge may be utilzed to measure the strength/intensity of the interaction between the poles, and is such an interaction. I-Phonetic I of egoic first person and eye. Induction, Inertia, Identify, Inter. Vertical conductor with one horizontal line at each end, both of which may be considered either a charge or a point of inertia. The energy thus maintains charge and flows in either direction at either end or else is prevented from flowing altogether and contained within the vertical conductor. J-Free current density, Joke, Join, Jar, Jolt, Jule. It is drawn similarly to "I" though the energy flows in curviture at the bottem end, perhaps ad phi. A joke is an expoundation of an instant, as the spiral expounds the efficacy of a current, in this instance an apparently free current. K-Kin, Kinetic Principle, Karma, Know. Vertical conductor with a right angle cornered at it's center. The movement of drawing the right angle following the point of which the vertical line ends is in itself a display of the kinetic principle. Observance of and active cause and effect brings about knowledge. L-Angular Momentum, Luminosity, Luminescence, Light, Love, Luck. It is a vertical conductor and a horizontal charge drawn as a right angle. Luminosity is measured in accordance with the anglular momentum of the light being observed. M-M-Field (Collective Consciousness), M-Theory (String/Super String), Magnetization Field, Moment of Force, Mass. Drawn as a wave of energy. If up and down are interpreted as polarity it is positive, negative, positive, negative, suggesting that induction must be positive and active prior to being negative and recieving. N-Neutron, Neutral, Natural, No, Nothing. Drawn as two equal acute angles it is interpreted as an expression of equanimity, a natural state of balance which balances polarity/duality. O-Ortho, Whole, Holy, Oxygen, One, Zero. Full circle, suggesting a complete cycle. Note that there is no opening to observe what is within from a two dimensional point of view, but from above we may see through it's hollow. P-Proton, Momentum, Pull, Particle, Pre, Pressure, Pi, Phi. A vertical conductor with an inward pulling charge to it's center. Q-Quanta, Quantity, Quartz, Qabbalah. Similiar to "O" in wholeness with the addition of a penetrating line which extends from without to within, from within to without, suggesting a certain ability to make clear (as quartz) and accurate measurements, a necessity for Page 2

Linguistical Alchemy measuring quantity and for Qabbalistic understanding. R-Radiance, Re (prefix), Gas Constant, Electrical Resistance. It is a vertical conductor with a charge curving in on itself and then radiating outward, the expression of a repeated instant of energy. S-Spin, Spiral, Surface, String, Serpent, Split, Sperm. It is two curves, as an "O" split in half and attached at either surface. The sperm has both the Y and X chromosome, allowing for the potential of one of two genders in place of one hermaphroditic gender. T-Transmition, Transition, Tension, Tend, Period. It is a vertical conductor with a horizontal charge transferring energy, and thus creating tension, from one side to another. U-Uni, Unit, Potential Energy, Internal Energy. It is a curve balanced on the point of curviture, perhaps suggesting it's contents to be of a measurable quanta. For example there is Universe and there is Multi-verse, the latter being of one contained energy and the former of a collective connection between several bodies of energy. V-Voltage, Volume, Vessel, Velocity. It is drawn as an acute angle with the negative current being pre-evident. It may further be interpreted as a vessel containing measurable volume. W-Work, Wave, Will. A wave as similar to "M", though the negative polarity is pre-evident. To work with something one must first be subject to that which is to be worked. A will is determined accordingly. X,Y,Z-Each are synonymous with their axis, respectively width, height, depth. X and Y are furthermore suggestive of their chromosomic indication, with X (Female) passive and horizontal and Y (Male) active and vertical.

We now have a understanding work with and utilized on a psyche.

simple Qabalistic alphabet with intentional of the structure contained within each character to expand upon. We will observe how language may be microcosmic/quantum level to express command of the

Let us observe the word "PEN". It may interpreted as "PROTON, ELECTRON, NEUTRON", the three forces which compose all atoms, the building blocks of reality. It is appropriate that a tool which allows for expression (all phenomena is a form of expression) is named in accordance with what it is ultimately and inevatibly expressing. Observe "ARTIST". It may be dissected and expressed as "ART IS T", or ART IS T(ransmition). Furthermore it may be expressed as "ACTIVATE RADIANCE TRANSMITION. INDUCT SPIN. TRANSMIT-ION", suggesting it to be a linguistical programming command which activates a recurring transmition which inducts spin and transmits Page 3

Linguistical Alchemy ions. Observe "KINETIC". "KIN INDUCT NATUR-AL ENERGY TRANSMIT-ION IDENTITY CONSTANT". "KIN" is relative. A relative induction of natural energy transmition with a constant identity is the command suggested by this word. All phenomena is relatively subject to kinetic force. Observe "ION". Phonetically it states "I ON", suggesting egoic presence. "INDUCT ORTHO NATUR-AL" is a programming command which gives birth to the natural order of things which move, as all atoms which have either more of protons or electrons, and hence all moving phenomena, are ions. Observe "ANY" as "ACTIVATE NATUR-AL/NEUTR-AL AXIS/ACCESS". This command is synonymous with the natural and neutral implication of the word any, signifying an absence of bias and openness to all. Observe "STRING" as "SURFACE TENSION RADIANCE INDUCTS NATUR-AL GRAVITY". This command, or formula, depicts accurately the function of a string. This is especially apparent if examined in accordance with the strings which project reality in accordance with "String Theory. Observe "KINGDOM" as "KINETIC INDUCTION NATUR-AL GRAVITAT-ION DISPLACEMENT ORTHO M-FIELD/MAGNETIZATION". The "KING" is at his place of power and recognition due to his activation of the command "KIN-G", or "KINETIC INDUCT-ION NATUR-AL GRAVITAT-ION", the drawing in of all relative energy. "DISPLACEMENT ORTHO M-FIELD" is the command which allows for free energy to become ordered in a specific m-field. Observe the suffix "AL" as "ACTIVATE ANGULAR-MOMENTUM". We will now examine the prayer that Jesus taught us with a new perspective: Hour Father, Who Arte In Heaven All Owed Be Thy Name Thy King-Dom Come, Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread And Fore-Give Us Our Tres-Passes As We Fore-Give Those Who Tres-Passed Against Us And Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil AMEN This prayer may be implicitave of the nature of our central Sun (Jesus was the Sun of God after all), as well as the kinetic and gravitational forces: The Father of the Hour, which determines the hour, is ultimately the Sun and the gravitational orbit. It is in the Heavens (that which is above), and to interpret Page 4

Linguistical Alchemy another way, it Arts, creates, from the heavens. All that we are and know, that we may exist, is owed and due to the gravitational force of the Sun, "SURFACE/SPIR-AL UNIT/POTENT-I-AL-ENERGY NATURAL". The Will of the Sun is evident by its initial activation, a grand spark of radiant energy which emits an enormous gravitation field which furthermore summoned it's kingdom, the planets. This is a exemplatory of kinetic force. This same principle of energy working is applied by all energetic forces of Earth. As Above, So Below. The Heavens determine the events and instances of the Earth by astrological means. Our Daily Bread may simply be considered growth of crops for nourishment, but also metaphorically that we learn and gain sustenance from daily experience. To Fore-Give is essentially to pre-determine; that is to subjugate and know intention. Tres-passes may be interpreted as interactions with atoms. The atom is composed of three elements; proton, neutron, and electron. These three elements are synonymous with waking, sleeping, and dreaming respectively. The proton is synonymous with the waking state of being because while awake we are recieving transmitions of energy. The energy we recieve during the waking state is what we use to compose our dreams, whether they be night or day dreams, and with this we subjugate our experience, hence it is electric. The neutron is synonymous with the sleeping state because during sleep our body is entirely at rest and in a state of absolute neutrality. It is worth note that, aside from the reference to trespasses having the former significance relative to any experience, there exists a phenomena called hypnagogia which is also of potential relevance. This state of beings is the occurance of all three states of being occuring at once. Individuals most often experience this state involuntarily during the hour of 3:00-4:00AM, when the pineal gland metabolizes the necessary chemicals DMT and seratonin, the very same chemicals which allow us to dream and which are involved with the phenomena of "near death" experience. Many individuals experience alien abductions and out of body experience in this state of being and this is due to the phenomena of consciousness utilizing this crossroads as a means to leave the physical body, and is more commonly called astral projection. The reason the hour of 3:00AM is referred to as the witching hour is due to the purpose of witches sabbats being to achieve this state of being in which they may experience the profound inner knowledge of self and subjugate their will into the waking world. Yogis, Buddhists, Qabbalists, and people of a great many spiritual traditions seek this profound experience with which they may experience self, God, or extraterrestrial realities depending on the perspective. To fore-give the tres-pass, whether in the form of subjugated atomic experience or an astral journey, is essentially to subjugate one's Will. Page 5

Linguistical "Lead us not into temptation" may be phenomena of body temperature rising considered tempting, and as such may preservation in accordance with many for longetivity.

Alchemy in reference to the medical during experiences which are be in reference to health alchemical practices utilized

The statement "De-liver us from evil" may also be in reference to physical alchemy practice, as the liver is considered the organ associated with the emotion of anger and the word evil has its originations in anger (among other notions). Perhaps being the messenger of peace that he was, Jesus felt it appropriate to specify the necessity of healing angry tendancies. "AMEN" may translate to the command "ACTIVATE M-FIELD ENERGY NEAUTRAL/NATURAL".

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