Volume 21

Number 5
Novem ber 29, 20 11
LNA Regu la r Mem ber s h ip Meet in g
Agen d a
Time: Tuesday November 29, 2011 @ 7 pm
Place: All Saints Church Parish Hall, Glisan and Cesar E
Chavez Blvd.
1. Introductions
2. Call to order, review agenda, approval of minutes
3. Committee Reports (Treasurer, Crime Prevention, Land
Use, Arches, Garage Sale, Mynt/Syren’s)
4. Upcoming Legislative Session, Representative Alissa
5. Laurelhurst Transportaton Issues (crosswalks, speed-
bumps, “Green Streets), PBOT Representative TBA
6. Teen Challenge Yard Signs, Garry Wallace
Agenda items and timing are subject to change.
Email LNA@gmail.com to add an agenda item.
La u r elh u r s t ’s Elm
Tr ees . . . We Ca n Pr ot ect
Th em !
Did you know that the very first case of Dutch Elm
Disease (DED) in Portland occurred in 1986 on
Burnside in the Laurelhurst neighborhood? While elms
have a natural lifespan of 500 years, the 218 elms in
Laurelhurst are relatively young at about 100 years
old. Save Our Laurelhurst Elms (SOLE) is dedicated to
helping these trees reach a few more birthdays.
Save Our Laurelhurst Elms (SOLE) inoculates elms
with a fungicide to protect them from DED and
provides information about tree care specific to elms.
Now in our fourth year, we’ve raised funds to inoculate
134 elms under the 501 (c) 3 umbrella of Save Our Elms
based in Ladd’s Addition. To continue to inoculate trees
new trees, we need additional support; While we have
core of dedicated donors and volunteers to inoculate
trees with a fungicide to kill DED, we need twice the
support to maintain a 3 or 4 year inoculation cycle and
have enough volunteers on one Saturday morning in
J uly to inject the trees under the supervision of City of
Portland Urban Foresters.
In the past year, approximately 60 of Portland’s
2,000 elms succumbed to DED; In contrast, no tree
in Laurelhurst has gotten DED since the inception of
SOLE. To raise awareness about our program, SOLE is
selling water bottles with the Save Our Elms logo for a
suggested donation of $12.
If interested in donating, picking up a water bottle or
volunteering, please contact J ill Punches at punches1@
msn.com. You can learn more about elms and Dutch
Elm Disease at www.saveourelms.org.
Th e La u r elh u r s t
Neigh bor h ood As s ocia t ion
The newsletter is published every other
month. The deadline for submissions is
the 15th
of the month prior to publication.
Contact Editor for information.
Articles published here are opinions of the
authors unless indicated as LNA’s official
Similarly LNA resumes no responsibility
with regards to the content of
advertisements or the credentials of
advertising entities.
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole
or in part without permission is prohibited.
Newsletter Staff
Editor: J ennifer Lewis
Marketing: Kristi Kasparek
LNA Board Officers
President – Eric Fruits
Vice President – Beth Zauner
Secretary – Jeanne Ferguson
Treasurer – Kristi Kasparek
SEUL Rep – Don Gardner
NE QUAD REP – Elena MacPhee
NW QUAD REP – Lyle Howard
SE QUAD REP – Kelly Bocian
SW QUAD REP – Jim Edelson
General Neighborhood Representative:
Gary Naylor
LNA Committees
Arches: Doug Lovelace 916.207.4277
Cleanups: J ohn Russ 503.231.5363
Coe Circle: Greg Klott 503.381.9553
Garage Sale: Vacant
Land Use: Gary Naylor 503.232.3398
Kids Club: J essi Fleagane 503.432.8220
Parks: Marilyn Harlin 503.233.2555
Public Safety: Fern Wilgus 503.231.8464
SOLE: J ill Punches 503.233.6075
Transportation: Goudarz Eghtedari
Trees: Lisa Adajian 503.233.8235
Website: www.laurelhurstpdx.org
Webmaster: J ustin Hawkwood
Facebook: http:/ / www.facebook.com/
Fr om Th e Ed it or
By: Jennifer Lewis, LNA Newsletter Editor
It’s hard to imagine that winter is knocking on our door, when just a short
time ago I was laughing with the kids on our block as they engaged in a
full-blown water fight. In the past month I’ve seen less of my neighbors as
the temperatures have dropped and we all go inside to stay warm and start
winter projects.
This got me to thinking about the newsletter. It’s one of the main ways we
as a neighborhood stay conencted to one another. As the new Editor, I am
curious what you want to see in your neighborhood newsletter. Please take a
few moments, and send me an email (newsletter.editor@laurelhurstpdx.org)
with your answers, or drop this in the mail to me at: 4066 SE Oak Street,
97214. I would greatly appreciate it. I am here to serve you and our other
neighbors who make this such a wonderful place to live!
What do you want to see in your Newsletter?? (Check all that apply)
____ Committee Updates (Save Our Elms, Arches, Friends of Laurel
hurst Park)
____ Minutes from Past Board Meetings
____ Upcoming Events (concerts in the park, fundraisers, parkways)
____ Life Events (births, deaths and marriage announcements)
____ Information about city-wide events (leaf days)
____ Business spotlights - there are a number of companies located
within Laurelhurst. Do you know who they are?
____ Laurelhurst History
____ Other??? Let me know!
I am excited to get your responses! Becoming the Newsletter Editor has
been wonderful. If you would like to be involved, how about helping to
deliver the newsletter to homes in your area? The NE and SE Quardrants
are looking for 2-3 volunteers to help deliver 50-100 newsletters 5 times a
year. Contact me if you are interested, and I’ll get you in touch with your
quad representative.
Use that 401(k) you left
behind to move ahead.
Bryan E Brumley, AAMS®
Financial Advisor
5522 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97215
Member SIPC
www. homepage. mac. com/rebelsunfilms
CCB #173347
Basement / Attic Conversions
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions
Moisture / Dry Rot Repair
Home Sale Prep/Post Inspection
Maintenance/Handyman service
Owner / Contractor / Carpenter
Wh o Ar e You Goin g t o
Ca ll?
By: Jeanne Ferguson, LNA Secretary
Not the Ghostbusters! You are going to call the Graf-
fitibusters! Or better yet, you can J OIN the Graffiti-
busters. Spearheaded by Fern Wilgus, there is a new
Laurelhurst Group dedicated to eradicating graffiti from
our neighborhood.
Saturday, J une 4th, Fern and her intrepid Graffiti-
busters, Barb Cabot, Larry Bartasavich and David
Ferguson, under the excellent supervision of Dennis
LoGiudice, Graffiti Abatement Volunteer Coordinator
from City of Portland, worked the streets from Stark to
39th/ CCB and on Burnside to the same main arterial. A
simple bucket of brown paint took care of the unsightly
scrawling on telephone poles. Removing the markings
from street and stop signs needed some magic potion
supplied by Dennis, and a little elbow grease.
The goal is to have officially organized Graffitibusters
in each quadrant of Laurelhurst. If you have a couple
of hours on a Saturday, quite a bit of territory can be
covered – many hands make light work. This is a great
opportunity to meet new friends, work side by side with
old friends, and help keep Laurelhurst graffiti free. If
you are interested in joining or reporting graffiti please
email Fern Wilgus at younghst@spiritone.com.
These photos were taken on the first search and destroy
adventure to find and remove the offending monikers.
Call us with your tax &
accounting needs. . .
We’re just down the street
1725 S.E. Ash Street Q Portland, OR 97214
Q www.PMMcpas.com
Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Member Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants
Nin et y-Nin e Yea r s Old
a n d St ill Goin g St r on g!
See Wh a t ’s Ha p p en in g a t
t h e La u r elh u r s t Clu b
By: Rudy Lachenmeier, Immediate Past President,
Laurelhurst Club
It was election night in November of 1912 with
Woodrow Wilson, Howard Taft, and Theodore
Roosevelt were all on the ballot. The election board
in the Laurelhurst precinct finished counting ballots
shortly before 2 am and had until 3 am to wait for the
car that would take them with their ballot boxes to the
courthouse. Conversation drifted from one thing to
another until someone suggested that the Laurelhurst
neighborhood needed a community club. The idea took
with all of them and a few nights later a meeting was
held in the office of the Laurelhurst Company, located at
Ladd Circle at 39th and Glisan and there the
Laurelhurst Club was formed! Dr. Horace Fenton was
chairman or president for the remainder of 1912 and
meetings were held in the homes of participants until
the clubhouse was built in 1914. Thus, the Laurelhurst
Club has now been in existence for 99 years!
The club became the social center of Portland, and at
various times had as many as 17 tennis courts, its own
orchestra and study groups. Over the years, attendance
and focus has changed, but throughout, it has remained
a dance club that has tried to stay connected with its
roots and the community. As we approach our 100th
anniversary, the club is once more a vital force in the
neighborhood. Foremost, we are a couple’s dance club.
Visit our website at www.thelaurelhurstclub.com and
see what we are about, check out the dance calendar and
find one that interests you.
If you would like to come and experience this super
friendly, non-judgmental and highly supportive group of
friends and neighbors, send me an e-mail or give me a
call. I am the immediate past President, and live in the
midst of Laurelhurst at 41st and Davis. My wife Patti
and I would love to have you join us for an evening. My
cell phone is 503-781-6148, and my e-mail address is
We also offer dance classes, exercise activiites (such as
pilates, stretching and Zumba fitness), and a number of
holiday events. On December 4th from 5 – 7 pm we will
be hosting a holiday party. This is a wassail sing-along.
The event is free, child friendly, and open to everyone.
J ust bring your voices and a smile, and help us celebrate
the holiday season. Last year’s party was a lot of fun, so
please get it on your calendar.
Looking for the best New Years’ party in town? Put
on the Ritz! Dress up in your finest for this black tie
event. For $100/ couple you will have a fabulous din-
ner, dance, and midnight champagne toast (you get to
keep the beautiful champagne glass). The J ohn Bennett
Orchestra will be performing with Sheila on the vocals
and anyone who has ever been there will tell you it is the
place to be on New Year’s Eve. Get your reservations in
early, This events is limited to 50 couples. Contact our
hard working president, Darlene Harper at newyears-
ball2012@gmail.com to register.
Massage Terapy
Maya Abdominal Terapy
Structural Integration
Nutritional Terapy
olis ic health care for the whole fam
Call today for an appointment.
6018 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215
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Mos insurances accepted.
Kid s Cor n er
It’s getting cold and winter is coming. What are you go-
ing to do for fun? Here are a few things to consider.
Porland Parks and Recreation Activities -
Indoor Park is a fun, safe place for kids to play in an
environment monitored by parents. The following com-
munity centers in SouthEast run programs:
East Portland, M, W, F 10 - Noon.
Montavilla, T, R, F 10:30 - Noon, Frdays (6 - 18
months only) 9:30 - 10:30 am.
Mt. Scott, M-F, 9:15 - 11:15 am.
Sellwood, T, 9:30 - 11 am (Ages 1-4 only)
The Laurelhurst Dance Studio in Laurelhurst Park also
has a great variety of classes lined up for the winter. Get
your little one moving and having fun.
Kids Ballroom Classes - Laurelhurst Club is hoping to
bring back youth ballroom classes. If you are interested,
please conatct Rudy Lachenmeier at Rudy@lerlaw.com
or Rachel Lidsko at: info@dancewithjoystudios.com.
If you are interested in joining one of the Laurelhurst
Kids’ Clubs (based on birth year), look us up on Face-
book, or contact J essi J unk at: laurelhurstkidsclub@
“Hello Neigh bor s !”
By: Kristine Akins, former LNA Garage Sale
That is the greeting that makes being the Laurelhurst
Garage Sale Coordinator FUN! We are looking for a
new Coordinator this year only because I will not be
here next spring at sale time. The job has been so well
organized over the last 26 eyars, that it has been reduced
to following a light schedule beginning in late winter,
to a bit of an intense week inputting current year par-
ticipants and building the map. Even this has forms to
follow and takes only 8 - 10 hours.
It is easy! On Friday night before Father’s Day Weekend,
you hand out signs and get to meet all the people whose
names you’ve been typing in over the past week. Sale
day is easy, simply collecting signs in the evening. You
don’t even need to store the signs, they are graciously
delivered at the last minute.
Come do a job that is so appreciated! You will be
thanked over and over for having a good time and mak-
ing our community a great place to live. Call me and I’ll
be happy to go over the details. (503) 236-3692.
Pete Fora--503.318.0506--pccfora@yahoo.com
Remodel and new construction, Free quotes
La u r elh u r s t
Neigh bor h ood
As s ocia t ion , Boa r d of
Dir ect or ’s Meet in g.
Au gu s t 18 , 20 11
By: Jeanne Ferguson, LNA Secretary
Board Members present: Eric Fruits, Beth Zauner,
J eanne Ferguson, Don Gardner, Gary Naylor, J im
Edelson and Lyle Howard. Board Members absent:
Kristi Kasparek, Elena MacPhee, J ennifer Lewis and
Kelly Bocian. Also at the meeting were Lee Perlman,
freelance reporter, and Doug Lovelace (Arches, SOLE,
and Garage Sale). It was determined that a quorum
was present and the meeting was called to order at
7:04PM by President Eric Fruits. Dr. Fruits distributed
the evening’s Agenda.
Approval of Minutes – Gary Naylor made a Motion to
Approve the Minutes of the LNA Board Meeting J uly
7, 2011. Eric Fruits seconded the Motion. A vote was
taken and the Motion was unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report/ Garage Sale – Kristi Kasparek
submitted the Treasurer’s Report by email. A copy of
the Report is attached to these Minutes and made a part
hereof. Doug Lovelace reported that some participants
in this year’s Garage Sale donated a portion of their
profits to the LNA. Approximately $100 of these
donated funds went to SOLE (Save Our Laurelhurst
Elms) for inoculation this summer. As of J uly 7, 2011,
the Garage Sale netted $3,720.00 less expenses of $300.
Eric Fruits said he would ask Kristi Kasparek about the
expenses for a Final Accounting.
Arches - Doug Lovelace reported two contractors are
presently at work in Laurelhurst cleaning and repairing
the Arches. Mr. Gabriel F.Weiss, Stonemason, is
working on structural repairs resulting from water
damage at Glisan , and Mr. Robert Krueger (Cascadia
Arch Conservation Center LLC) is cleaning on Peerless.
Mr. Lovelace said cleaning all 7 arches by hand will
cost $5,755.00. Mr. Weiss is charging $1740.00 for the
structural repair. Don Gardner initiated a discussion
about LNA funds expended for the Arches. Lyle Howard
made a motion to authorize Doug Lovelace to contract
with MHCC (Mt. Hood Community College) for casting
one set of Arch Hardware, not to exceed $1000.00. J im
Edelson seconded the Motion. A vote was taken and
the result was Four (4) in favor, One (1) opposed (Beth
Zauner) and Two (2) abstentions. The Motion carried.
Au gu s t - Continued on page 8.
Neighborhood owned and operated by a Laurelhurst family
Corner of Sandy & 24th, inside the old Dodge dealership
2406 NE Sandy Blvd • 503 896 1072
We carry both traditional mattresses and
a BIG selection of natural latex mattresses
• Oregon and Washington made mattresses -
Try our Oregon made latex mattresses with organic cotton and wool
• A mattress for every budget • Platform beds
Jim Britt has
moved his real estate
business to the sunny
Palm Springs area.
Specializing in
interesting desert
properties. Offering
Laurelhurst residents
free desert vacation
referral tips, upon
request. Be sure and
visit his website.
431 S. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92260
503-708-6089 & 760-844-7500
j imbrittrealtorca@gmail.com
Au gu s t - Continued from Page 6.
It was agreed that the Arches should be cleaned and
structural deficiencies corrected.
Portland Providence Medical Center - J im Edelson,
Gary Naylor, and Don Gardner are authorized by
the LNA Board to represent LNA at meetings with
PPMC. There have been a number of meetings with
PPMC, LNA, and North Tabor Neighborhood Associa-
tion (NTNA) concerning two applications. The Guest
Housing Facility negotiations were successful and both
Neighborhood Association Presidents signed a letter
supporting that application. The City Hearings Officer
conducted a public hearing on that application. The
written record was left open until August 15th and the
Hearings Officer’s decision is due no later than Septem-
ber 1st.
The LNA and NTNA concerns about the new Condi-
tional Use Master Plan (CUMP) have to do with pro-
viding ground floor retail space, off-street parking,
traffic and overall access. PPMC rejected most of the
conditions LNA and NTNA previously suggested for
the new CUMP; however, several of these conditions
are substantially met by the requirements of the City’s
Planning and Zoning Code. The last proposal submit-
ted to PPMC from LNA and NTNA contained a number
of changes in PPMC’s proposed Good Neighbor Agree-
ment (GNA) language and three conditions for the new
CUMP.Mr. Naylor, Mr. Edelson, and Mr. Gardner also
advised they would not recommend that LNA President
sign the GNA until they at least have reviewed the new
CUMP including the Transportation Demand Manage-
ment Program. LNA has not yet received any response
from PPMC.
Lyle Howard asked how the neighborhood will continue
to be informed about what is going on with Providence.
Mr. Naylor said through the newsletters and member-
ship meetings.
Newsletter – Eric Fruits reported that the Newsletter
Editor, had arranged for the September issue of The
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association Newsletter to be
published by the UPS Store 3439 NE Sandy Boulevard.
The cost will be 2% less than using the City printing
facilities. Dr. Fruits discussed purchasing Adobe InDe-
sign with his academic discount so that the Newsletter
will have state of the art software for publishing the
Newsletter. Dr. Fruits will check with SEUL (Southeast
Uplift) to see if it can/ will contribute monies toward the
purchase of Adobe InDesign.
September General Membership Meeting - As of this
date, the Agenda for the September 25, 2011, LNA
Meeting will include NET/ Red Cross and BDS/ Residen-
tial Seismic Strengthening Program.
SEUL Update/ Neighborhood Small Grants – Don
Fine Home Remodeling & Maintenance
The Total Home Care Difference
www. c o o p e r d e s i g n b u i l d e r s . c o m
Gardner is the LNA SEUL Representative. Mr. Gardner
reported that all Grant Applications are due November
1, 2011, and that the SEUL Executive Board makes the
recommendations for Grants. The August 27th SEUL
Block Party needs volunteers. Mr. Gardner reminded
the LNA Board that all emails concerning LNA and
SEUL are public record.
LNA Board Picnic – J eanne Ferguson reminded the
LNA Board about the picnic September 10th. Mrs.
Ferguson asked the LNA Board members to initiate a
search for a new Garage Sale Chairman for next year.
She also requested (in order to help with the Minutes)
that LNA Board and Committee members submit to the
Secretary written summarizations of their reports at the
time of reporting at meetings.
Mynt Gentlemen’s Club – Eric Fruits reported that
Tracy Doss, co-owner of Mynt Gentlemen’s Club, has
requested a hearing concerning the license restriction
violations cited by the OLCC. This hearing will most
likely be early 2012 and will be a closed hearing. If
there is an appeal by Mr. Doss, that appeal will be open
to the public.
Bitar Mansion – Eric Fruits reported that the Bitar
Mansion, located on the perimeter of Laurelhurst
Park, may be auctioned on the steps of the Multnomah
County Court House August 22nd.
Motion to Adjourn – J eanne Ferguson made a Motion to
Adjourn the Meeting. J im Edelson seconded the Mo-
tion. A vote was taken and the Motion was unanimously
approved. The meeting was adjourned at approximately
* * * * *
I t ’s Not Life or Dea t h –
I t ’s Br id ge
By: Jeanne Ferguson, LNA Secreatary
If you are interested in playing Bridge with friends and
neighbors in Laurelhurst, here is your chance. Whether
you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced player,
Bridge is fun and develops mental acuity.
It is a learning process that never ends. Bridge stimu-
lates your brain, utilizes logic and exercises memory. In
other words – Bridge keeps you on your toes!
If you are interested in joining the Laurelhurst Bridge
Club, please email David and J eanne Ferguson at snake-
Happy Holidays Are Always In Season.
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A Lot I s Ha p p en in g At
Pr ovid en ce Por t la n d
Med ica l Cen t er - Wh a t
Ar e You r I d ea s ?
By: Gary Naylor, LNA Member at Large
Providence Portland Medical Center (PPMC) just
submitted a 2011 Conditional Use Master Plan (CUMP)
to the Portland Bureau of Development Services.
This begins the formal land use application process
culminating in one or more public hearings. So this is a
good time to review the past and present involvement of
our neighborhood association in the growth of this large
medical campus.
Our neighborhood association and the North Tabor
Neighborhood Association (then called CENTER)
opposed and testified in opposition to Providence’s
current 2003 CUMP. Prior to their approval of
Providence’s current 2003 CUMP, the City Council
directed PPMC, the Laurelhurst Neighborhood
Association (LNA) and the CENTER to negotiate a
Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA), and made having
that agreement a condition of their approval. That
GNA stipulates many agreed upon characteristics
of the developing medical campus and created a
Standing Committee consisting of representatives from
PPMC, LNA and now the North Tabor Neighborhood
Association (NTNA). Both neighborhood associations
signed that GNA. Over the years I think the Standing
Committee meetings have provided a useful mechanism
for discussing and resolving many development issues.
A Recent example of that usefulness is the just approved
PPMC thirty unit guest housing facility on Glisan Street
between 44th and 45th Avenue. We thought the original
development proposal did not achieve the GNA goals
encouraging development of a main street environment
along Glisan Street and a transitional development with
residential characteristics between the medical campus
and the commercial uses to the south and residential
uses to the west and north. The LNA Board of Directors
authorized Don Gardner, J im Edelson and I to represent
our neighborhood in the Standing Committee meetings
on this matter. Along with representatives from NTNA
we offered ideas like street-scaping to further these
goals which were accepted by PPMC and their design
team developed a site plan and landscape plan both
neighborhood associations supported.
The thirty unit guest housing facility was approved as
an amendment to the 2003 CUMP. The Providence
Foundation Board is presently conducting a fundraising
campaign for the cost of this project. J ames Arp, PPMC
503-234-9229 MONDAY - SATURDAY
Chief Operating Officer is hopeful they can initiate the
project in 2012.
Now onto the 2011 CUMP application. We have had
several Standing Committee meetings regarding
GNA language and conditions for this CUMP. PPMC
has not agreed to most of our proposals, primarily
those turning GNA unenforceable stipulations into
enforceable CUMP conditions, and stated their
reasoning. These have been difficult negotiations and
the next Standing Committee meeting is scheduled
for early November. We will be discussing our
neighborhoods’ latest response to PPMC on language
and conditions and, for the first time, the specific
projects in the 2011 CUMP application submitted to
the City. At this time I do not know whether a new
GNA will be signed by LNA, NTNA and PPMC, or our
position on the 2011 CUMP application.
Here is a very general description of the 2011 CUMP
application. There are twelve projects proposed. Six
are a continuation of projects approved by the 2003
CUMP but not constructed. They are:
1. Vacation of N.E. 52nd Avenue,
2. Providence Professional Plaza East Medical Office
Building and Parking,
3. Vacation of N.E. Hoyt Street and extension of
existing Pedestrian Easement,
4. Hospital Main Entrance Plaza,
5. Vacation of N.E. 49th Avenue, and
6. Thirty Unit Guest Housing Building and Parking.
Six new projects are proposed. They are:
1. Pedestrian and Vehicle Arrival Improvements,
2. East Inpatient Building,
3. Main Hospital Building Replacement,
4. West Medical Office Building and Parking,
5. Pedestrian Bridge (skybridge over N.E. 47th
Avenue), and
6. Ambulatory Services Building Expansion.
An additional 256,000 square feet of medical office
and inpatient space is proposed. No increase in the
number of licensed hospital beds, change in PPMC’s
existing growth boundary, or building height and
lot coverage is proposed. Please feel free to contact
any of us with questions or comments on this
application. I welcome your input. You can reach me
at garyenaylor@comcast.net.
Up com in g Even t s
Novem ber 29 - La u r elh u r s t Neigh bor h ood As s o-
cia t ion Regu la r Mem ber s h ip Meet in g. J oin us at
All Saints Church, Parrish Hall at 7 pm.
Decem ber 4 - La u r elh u r s t Sch ool Win t er Ba za a r .
9 am - 4 pm. See amazing holiday shopping from 50 lo-
cal artisans and craftspeople at Laurelhurst Elementary.
All proceeds support the Laurelhurst School PTA.
Decem ber 12 - Dea d lin e t o Sign -Up for a Tr ee
Th r ou gh Fr ien d s of Tr ees for a J a n u a r y p la n t in g.
Visit friendsoftrees.org for more information.
Decem ber 15 - 31 - Holid a y Ligh t s a t Pea cock
La n e. J oin us for a stroll thru holiday lights December
15 and 16th when we open for pedestrians only, 6 - 11
pm. Visit www.peacocklane.net for more details.
Decem ber 21 - La u r elh u r s t Neigh bor h ood As s o-
cia t ion Boa r d Meet in g. Open to the public. J oin us,
and let your Board know what you are thinking. 7 pm at
the Laurelhurst Club.
To submit an event for the J anuary newsletter, please
email your event information to: lewis_jennifer@yahoo.
com by J anuary 1st.
Don ’t For get To Move
You r Ca r s !
The City of Portland’s Leaf Days are almost here. We
love our trees with their amazing Fall colors, but the
leaves are dropping. In the next feww weeks, the Port-
land Bureau of Transportation’s leaf removal and recy-
cling service will begin. This year, the sweeper crews will
take any tree leaves, just rake them into the street the
day before the crews are scheduled to come to your area.
For more information, visit www.portlandonline.com/
*Laurelhurst A (bounded by NE Glisan Street, the Ban-
field Freeway, NE Sandy Blvd., and 47th Avenue) - No-
vember 15 and December 7.
* Laurelhurst B (bounded by E. Burnside and NE Glisan
Streets, Sandy Blvd. and 49th Ave.) - November 16 and
December 8.
* Laurelhurst C (bounded by SE Stark and E. Burnside
Streets, SE 12th and 49th Ave.) - November 17 and De-
cember 9.

3634 NE Sandy Blvd, Port land, OR 97232
Phone: 503-232-4888

When hanging holiday lights, make sure you don’t put
too many string together, this is especially true for the
older bulbs. Watch the ratings on the strings. If the fuse
on a string blows, you are using too many lights.
Candles can provide a nice ambience, but they can also
cause fires. Watch out for pets, and make sure they are
in a place with sufficient clearance above, and not near
If you use your fireplace, make sure to place the ashes
in a metal container. Put an inch of water on top of the
ashes. Have your chimney checked, and cleaned if nec-
essary. A chimney fire can ruin an otherwise enjoyable
If the temperature drops below freezing, open a faucet so
it drips. This will keep water moving so the pipes to do
not freeze and burst.
Finally, do not forget about your car. Make sure all the
fluids are good, keep the gas tank full and carry traction
devices. Have an emergency kit in your car. As always,
make a plan and let people know if and where you are
travelling. Have fun, and be safe!
Ar e You Rea d y For Th e
Cold ?
By: Ed Rentz, Laurelhurst Neighborhood
Emergency Team
It ‘s that time of year again. Time to plan for cold
weather. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure”, as the saying goes. With longer, colder nights,
many electrical appliances will get longer use, we will
use candles for ambiance, and many of us put up holi-
day lights. Be safe!
Check the wiring on all appliances. If there are signs
of wear, cracking or bare wires, replace the wiring or
discard the appliance. Cracks or other signs of wear
could cause the wire to arc, which will cause a hot spark
which may lead to a fire. Do not run wires under a rug.
Be careful not to overload circuits. Heaters can pull a
lof of amps, and older extension cords are not rated to
handle them. If you must use an extension cord with
a portable heater, get a heavy duty cord. Even then,
check it. If it feels warm, turn off the heater. You are
overloading the cord. Please keep your portable heat-
ers away from curtains, furniture or other flammable
East Portland’s Family-Owned European Auto Dealership
www.luxeauto.com 888.688.LUXE 1635 Sandy Blvd.
LUXE is an entirely new kind of car dealership owned and staffed by
regular people, not car salesmen. We handpick cars that we’d like to
drive, have them inspected and serviced by certifed technicians, then
offer them for sale in our giant indoor showroom at the corner of
NE 17th Ave. & Sandy Boulevard.
If you’re in the market for a car, come by and check us out. We’d love
to have the opportunity to show you how we’re different.
Teen Ch a llen ge Pa cific
Nor t h wes t Need s You r
Su p p or t !
By: Garry Wallace, Executive Director, Portland
Men’s Center
Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest has been located
in the area since 1985. Many of you have been our
friends for years. Teen Challenge is a national, faith-
based organization that offers a long-term program
for people with life controlling problems. We have
been blessed with great success in seeing men turn
from lives defined by drugs. Many of our graduates
are leading healthy, happy lives as good husbands,
fathers, workers and citizens. One of the key
elements is assuming responsibility for bad decisions
and making positive choices.
A key element of taking responsibility is to help earn
one’s keep. We do this by a variety of means, such
as working at our thrift store at 3121 NE Sandy Blvd.
Students also do lawn care and clean-up, as neighbors
call to enlist our workforce. Teen Challenge has
a long realtionship with Laurelhurst. We worked
with Mosaic Church to clean up the Harvey Scott
Elementary School on several
occassions, and fought side-by-side with the LNA
in an attempt to keep the Mynt Club from operating
in the neighborhod. We have always appreciated
the way our neighbors support us.
One way our students are supporting themselves
is by selling holiday yard signs. proceeds go to
support the work we do. If you would be interested
in purchasing a sign for $10, or if we can be of as-
sistance in work around your home, please let us
know. Call us at: (903) 230-1910.
D &

Your Neighborhood’s
Full Service Butcher Shop
Housemade Deli Meats, Sausages & Pates
Holiday Turkeys & Roasts
100% Antibiotic & Hormone-Free Meats
Specialty Products For The Home Chef
3155 E. Burnside St. (503)206-3099
We are now well in to Fall. The leaves are changing from
green to beautiful shades of red, yellow, and brown. We
have also welcomed a new member to our households—a
big brown bucket that is intended for food waste. Since
our lid won’t close, we have filled the bucket with cray-
ons, markers, and other assorted art supplies. Thanks
I am looking forward to our next general membership
meeting on November 29. Alissa Keny-Guyer, our new
representative to the state legislature will come to our
meeting to discuss the upcoming legislative session and
to get ideas on how the state can make our neighborhood
even more livable than it already is.
In addition, I am working on getting someone from the
Portland Bureau of Transportation to talk about some
the projects currently going on in the neighborhood and
to discuss a wide range of traffic safety issues that the
city can help us with. Allison Wildman will also talk
about her neighbors efforts to get speed bumps installed
on NE Senate street.
At-large member Gary Naylor has noted that Coe Circle
seems to have fallen off the list of sites that the city regu-
larly maintains. LNA is looking to re-invigorate “Friends
of Coe Circle” as a way to maintain and improve this dis-
tinctive Laurelhurst landmark. If you are interested in
helping or leading this effort, please contact Gary Naylor
at garyenaylor@comcast.net.
If you look around the south end of the 33rd Street
bridge where the I-84 off ramp comes up, you will see a
curious sculpture. That is “Invasion of Place,” a public
art project created by Graham Klag and funded by the
Regional Arts and Culture Council and supported by
the Forest Park Conservancy to educate the commu-
nity about non-native invasive plants in the region. The
project is located at multiple sites around the city and
focuses on the removal of five major non-native inva-
sive species. At each site, a crew of community volun-
teers will help remove the non-native invasive plants.
In five of the reclaimed areas and in one studio setting,
sculptural armatures will be constructed from bamboo.
Armatures will then be adorned by the community with
the removed non-native plant biomass.
LNA is making a big effort to communicate more with
our neighbors. In addition to the website, you can also
“Like” our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ Laurel-
hurstPDX and follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/ Lau-
relhurst_PDX. I hope to see you at our next meeting on
November 29!
Pr es id en t ’s
Per s p ect ive
By: Eric Fruits, LNA President

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