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Answers for Short Text and Graphic Materials

1 B

2 C

3 C

4 D

5 B

6 A

7 D

8 B

Answers for Cloze passage

9 B

10 C

11 A

12 D

13 B

14 C

15 A

Answers for Section B (Information Transfer)

16 National Planetarium

17 Sam Poh Tong Temple

18 Pulau Langkawi

19 Fraser’s Hill

20 Kuala Lumpur Tower

21 Flood / water supply control.

22 Gunung Rapat (5 km south of Ipoh)

23 Weekends / Saturdays / Sundays

24 sailing/ windsurfing/ deep-sea fishing/ kayaking/ snorkelling / scuba diving. Accept

any one.

25 (four) express elevators.

Suggested answers :( Question 26 – 30)

26) a) His father brought him to local health centre.

b) constantly thirsty / tired / waking at night to urinate.

27) a) the pancreas produces little or no insulin./

b) a hormone regulating the body’s uptake of fuel in the form of blood
glucose, or sugar, created from the food we eat.

28) - lack of exercise

- Stress of modern living

29) - just the beginning of the disease and we do not know yet how serious is
the disease
- it just a small number of cases from the actual number of patients.
(Accept any appropriate answer)

30) - spend lot of money to cure the disease

- lots of money will be used to buy medicine
- lots of money will be used to buy in order to cure the disease.

Suggested Answer for Summary (Question 31)
- pancreas produces little or no insulin.
- Sedentary lifestyles
- lack of exercises.
- Fat and sugar –laden meals and drinks
- Having extra kilos (being overweight)
- Stress of modern living.
- In Thailand, a hundred patients a day at the diabetes clinic.
- In Singapore, diabetics are the main victims of non-trauma limb
- Almost half of Malaysia’s new kidney dialysis patients are diabetics.
- In Hong Kong, soaring rates of diabetes are having an impact on the
health care budget.
- 50 percent increase in people with diabetes in the Philippines.
- Also a doubling of cases of impaired glucose tolerance.


Maximum Marks Awarded:

Content 10 marks
Language 05 marks
Total 15 marks


Marks PARAPHASE Marks Use of English

5 Candidates make a sustained 5 Apart from very occasional
attempt to rephrase the text slips, the language is accurate.
language. Their expression is Any occasional errors are either
secure. Allow phrases from the slips or minor errors. Sentence
text which are difficult to structure is varied and there is a
substitute marked ability to original
complex syntax outside text
structures. Punctuation is
accurate and helpful to the
reader. Spelling is secure
across the full range of
vocabulary used.
4 There is a noticeable attempt 4 The language is almost always
to re-phrase the text. The accurate. Serious errors will be
summary is free from stretches so isolated as to be almost
of concentrated lifting and the unnoticeable. Sentences will
expression is generally sound. show some variation including
original complex syntax outside

text structures. Punctuation is
accurate and generally Helpful.
Spelling is nearly always
3 Intelligent and selective lifting 3 The language is fairly accurate
with recognizable but limited but simple sentences tend to
attempts to rephrase the text. dominate the writing. When
Their expression may not candidates use more complex
always be secure but the structures, serious errors may
attempts to substitutes will occur. Some major errors or
gain credit. verb form and tense will be
seen but these will not impede
understanding. Although linking
words are used, these may not
be very appropriate.
2 Wholesale copying of text 2 Meaning is not in doubt, but
material but not a complete serious errors are becoming
transcript of the original. more frequent. Simple
Attempts to substitutes own structures will be accurate,
language will be limited to although this accuracy is not
single word expression; sustained for long. Simple
irrelevant sections of the text punctuation will usually be
will be more frequent at this correct, with occasional errors
and subsequent levels. of sentence separation. Spelling
is largely accurate, but mistakes
will occur in handling the more
difficult words.
1-0 More or less a transcript of the 1-0 Distorted detail will destroy the
text Originality barely sequence in places. Heavy
noticeable. There will also be frequency of serious errors,
random transcription of impeding the reading in many
irrelevant sections of the text. places. Fractured syntax is
much more pronounced at this
level, and punctuation falters.
Errors of sentence separation
are liable to be frequent.

Mark Scheme

There’s Been a Death in the Opposite house

32 (a) The person who died / The person who is dead / The deceased / [1 mark]
The one who passed away / The dead body / The copse
(b) A pod / A seed pod / A pod from a plant / A pod from a tree / [1 mark]
An exploding pod
(c) “the man of the appalling trade” [1 mark]
(d) It suggests that many activities are taking place with minimum [2 marks]
noise / quietly / without much noise / not in a noisy manner
The whole scenario shows respect for the deceased.
(The answer is acceptable if it shows respect / honour the dead /
activities taking place)
(Total of 5 marks)

Mark Scheme
Short Stories

The Necklace

33 (a) The necklace / diamond necklace / [1 mark]

Madame Forestier’s necklace / the fake diamond necklace /
the necklace that Madame Loisel borrowed from Madame
Forestier / the necklace she wore for the ball / the diamond
necklace that Mathilde borrowed for the ball / Mathilde
borrowed and wore for the ministerial ball.
(b) Ten / 10 / 10 years / Ten years [1 mark]
(A phrase or sentence to show a time span of 10 years)
(c) Deeply moved / sympathetic / surprised / disbelief [1 mark]
(d) Faints / In shock / Speechless / Does not know what to do / [2 marks]
Surprise / Dismay / Distress / Upset / Daze / Paralysed /
Stagger / Stunned / Startled / Angry / Surprised
( Or any answer that shows a state of shock)
(Total of 5 marks)

Question 34

Mark using impression method

Content Marks - 10 marks

Language marks - 5 marks
Total 15 marks

Guidelines to mark Question 34

1. Mere mention of title ( 2 marks)

2. Discussion with reference to one event -4 marks (4 x 2 = 8 marks)
Accept only 2 best events if more than two events are mentioned.

Marking for Content

When marking for content in question 34, refer to the band descriptors. Decide which band
best fits the mark to be given.

Score Band Descriptors

9 - 10 Answer contains a majority of the following characteristics:
- response is relevant to the task specified
- response is well-supported and linked with knowledge from the text.
- main and supporting ideas are relevant to the task given.
- presentation of ideas is coherent, well - organized and comprehensible.

7-8 Answer contains a majority of the following characteristics:

- response is relevant to the task specified
- response is usually supported and linked with evidence from the text
- main and supporting ideas are mostly relevant
- presentation of ideas is clear and can be understood

5-6 Answer contains a majority of the following characteristics:

- response is at times relevant to the task
- evidence is supported with some knowledge from the text
- some ideas are relevant
- ideas are generally clear but lacks organization

3-4 Answer contains a majority of the following characteristics:

- response is barely relevant
- evidence has no textual link
- ideas are hardly relevant
- ideas may be difficult to understand

1-2 -no understanding of the requirement of the task

-very disorganized
-Ideas are irrelevant to the text
0 -no response
-response provided in other language than English.

Marking for Language

When marking for language in Question 34, refer to the following band descriptors.

Score Use of Language

5 -apart from occasional slips/first draft slips/minor errors, the

language is accurate
- varied sentence structure
- Correct and meaningful punctuation
-spelling is accurate and wide range of vocabulary

4 - language is almost always accurate

- some variation in sentence structure
- punctuation is accurate
- spelling is nearly always secure

3 - language is largely accurate

- more simple structures
- some serious errors when complex structures are attempted
- punctuation is largely accurate
- spelling is mostly secure

2 - meaning comes through but serious errors are frequent

- some simple structures are accurate
- occasional errors in sentence separation
- spelling largely accurate

0 -1 - frequent serious errors, impede reading

- punctuation falters
- fractured syntax