PGR Project, BARI

1. Specification: 1)
Basic information: Greenhouse, area of greenhouse is 192 sq meter.

2) Index of Performance: a. Wind Load: 0.4KN/2 b. Max. Drainage: 140mm/h c. Power: 220V/380V, 50Hz 3) Specification of Greenhouse: Span Width: 8m Section Distance: 4m Gutter height: 4m Roof Height: 5.1m


Arrange style

Span direction is east to west; section direction is north to south. Length of greenhouse from east to west: 8.0m×2 = 16mLength of greenhouse from north to south: 4.0m×3 = 12m

2. Main body Framework:
1) Foundation and ground works: Concrete poured for foundation, temporary 80cm depth, (adjustment according to local earth conditions). Four sides is bar-foundation, inside is spot foundation, four sides above positive and negative zero are 0.5m brick wall. Except cobblestones are laid under the nursery bed, other surface is covered concrete to harden it. 2) Main frame: Hot galvanized steel panel and shape-steel, light-steel structure.


a. Stanchion: double-side hot-zipped rectangular tube: 90mm×50mm b. Brace and endlong rectangular tube: 40mm×25mm c. Welded beam: 50mm×50mm d. Water trough: cold-bent hot-zipped steel sheet, the thickness is 2mm, and the slope is 2.5% 3) Door: Size 1.5×2.1m pulling door.

All of them are located in the middle of south end, rolling wheel & hanging rail, fine sealing and beauty.

4. Covering Materials:
The greenhouses adopt the 8mm PC sheet. It has the features as follows: high light transmission performance, fragile-proof, light, energy saving, UV-resist, yellow-resist, and muddy-proof. It is also easy to operate, cut and install, which is the ideal covering material.

3. Outside Shading System 1) Driving mechanism: gear and rack driving
Operation principle: Press ON/OFF button on the box, the motor runs the driven-axle through transmitting mechanism, then after connection parts drives the driven pole, the driven pole runs horizontally above the curtain supporting line, so the curtain spreads with it, after it spreads completely, journey limits work, motor stops, the journey completed. Manual operation button on the box, if you want to stop it at the midway, just press it. 2) System composition: The system includes Box, motor, transmitting parts, journey limits, curtain supporting line, end beam and curtain etc. ·Box: Two sets touching pieces for curtain spreading and shutting; ·Transmitting equipment: It is composed of decelerating motor parts. ·Motor equipped with journey limits, stop automatically, correct-position limitation.


·Curtain line and supports: Shading frame mounted on the greenhouse, the supports intensity is creditable, beautiful and strong ability for enduring load, long-life. 4. Ventilation Cooling System The wet pad is allocated in the north side; the fans are located in south side.

1) Working principle:
The pad-fan cooling system is the most effective at present. This system decreases the temperature by evaporation and consists of pad from SAT, and pump system from SAT and fans with large wind volume. The key point of this system is to ensure watering the whole pad wall. When the air goes through the pad, evaporate exchanged on the pad surface. The humid and fresh air evaporates inside the greenhouse to reduce the temperature in it.

2) System composition:
The system consists of pad box, circulating water system 、 ax-current fan and control system. The pad is from SAT, which ensures large area of humid surface and airflow to exhaust the air with high temperature and compensate enough fresh air. Basic equipment: a. Pad Height: 1.5m with aluminum alloy rim. b. Fans: there are 4 fans with large wind volume for greenhouse. Dimension: 1400×1400×432mm. Diameter of fan leaf: 1250mm. Exhausting volume: 40000m3/hr/set. Power: 0.75kw/set.

5. Side Window
It is the aluminum alloy side-pulling vent. It can supply better ventilation for the greenhouse.

6. Mobile Bench


1) Features: Movable benches can be moved a long distance from the left to the right. It can be microadjusted in vertical direction. It also equipped with anti-turning and location-limiting facilities to avoid declination. a. Body: Hot galvanized, Border: Aluminum alloy

b. To be moved a long distance to left or right side, micro adjustment could be carried out
vertically c. Anti – turning devise to prevent declining from over gravity

7. Artificial Light
Three lights are allocated in each greenhouse, It is specially designed with the long life and high efficient lighting, which create a balance between the red wave and blue wave necessary for the plant growth, so it can shorten the growth cycle by 25%, and improve the output by 20%. The color of the fruit and vegetable can be moister; and the shape can be more beautiful.

8. Water Treatment System: Filtering equipment can assure the normal operation for the
water system of greenhouse. Water from the well contains much dust and sand, firstly by centrifugal filtering, then net filtering, finally sand filtering, realizes 3-level filtering. If too much sand in it, recommends firstly deposition, then filtering, after these treatment, the water may be introduced into greenhouse for irrigation and cooling pad.

9. Dense Fog System
It consist of high-pressure pump, filter, electrical control parts and pipes, 7L/h flow rate sprayer mouth.

 

With high pressure anti-dripper, it can avoid the dripping when you open or close it; Working pressure is 0.25-0.40 mpa, low energy-costing; Low requirements to the water quality, high anti-jam ability;

10. Irrigation System
Arrow dripping


The PE pipes are laid on the ground and the bench, arrows dripping are compound with the PE pipe according to the plant, and each pot has one arrow dripping. It is mainly used for the irrigation and fertilization in the planting trough, soil-free growth and potted plant. a. System illustration: The material can prevent the corrupt of the chemistry. The dripping quantity is uniform and free of the influence of the pressure. It can be allocated flexibly according to the space between the plants. b. Design requirements: The water can be introduced into the greenhouse, and the water quality can reach the requirements, the lustration of the water should be the same as the tap water.

11. Electric control and distribution (luxury control system without computer)
It includes electric control cabinet, cable wire, wire trough; wire canal and relative accessories. Plus a high tech controller CPU & Sensor etc.


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