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Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes

well with your soul. 3 John 1:2

The Official Newsletter of HealthyYOU! CMD

November 2011 Issue
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Countless testimonies claim that one can be helped of their more serious ailments.
(Kidney Problem and Prostate Cancer, Pasig City)
LIBERATO D. MEDINA (Terminal Liver Cancer, Angeles City) In the summer month of May 2009, Liberator D. Medina, underwent a regular medical check up in Angeles City. After the check up, due to a suspected liver related abnormality he was to stay in the hospital for approximately 2 weeks. Early findings by his Doctor indicated symptoms of Hepato Cellular Carcinoma - a terminal liver cancer variant. They conducted additional lab tests, including CT Scan, Ultra Sound and Biopsy through a needle insertion into the infected liver area. After almost 2 weeks in the hospital, the biopsy result was interpreted by his doctor and the terminal liver ailment was confirmed to be positive. The medication options given by the cancer doctor were: anti-liver cancer tablet to be taken 4 times a day at a unit cost of P2,500 / tablet. The other option was a liver transplant costing Ph5,000,000.00. Dr. Ocampo recommended 80 to 100 drops plus 1ml twice a day of Elemental Selenium and 1/2 ml twice a day of Elemental Zinc and Copper. The recommended dosages were observed to the letter by Bert Medina and after about a month, in June 2009, they requested a second opinion from a well respected hospital in Metro Manila. The same tests were conducted! In approximately 2 weeks time new results were registered and evaluated. The new findings negated the presence of any cancerous activity in the liver of Mr. Medina, the cells clear of the deadly diseases...

Bladder and Kidney Cleansing

Day 1-5: Take a glass of fresh apple juice or 2 tbsp. of apple cider in a glass of water with 10 drops CMD upon rising, 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bedtime. Please don't forget your daily recommended water requirement (50ml per kilogram of body weight). Day 6: Same as above formula at 6am, 8am and 10am. Take light lunch composed of fish, fruits and vegetables. No foods after lunch but continue with your daily recommended water requirement (50ml per kilogram of body weight). At 6pm, take a glass of water with 50 drops CMD. Repeat at 8pm. At 10pm mix 1/2 cup fresh calamansi or fresh lemon juice and 1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive or Sesame Oil. Stones will be flushed out thru bowel movement or urination. You may want to place them in a covered glass jar for comparison to your next cleansing session after 3-6 months depending on your need. Go back to your daily CMD right dose and regular use.

My husband has a kidney problem and prostate cancer and he needs to have an operation. But due to financial problem, we cannot afford to have him operated. He was prescribed 3 kinds of medicine daily but, due to our problem, he is not able to take it daily. Accidentally, I met my friend from Pateros and I was told about CMD so I let my husband tried it. First 2 days he tried 30 drops in 500 ml distilled water, and my husband felt something different, he said its "maginhawa". On the third day, he tried 70 drops in 1.5 liters of water, same day sumama na sa ihi nya ang stone and after 2 weeks of taking CMD, there is no more pain and no more hard time in urinating. It was the power of nature. DRA. LILYBETH OCAMPO (Breast Cancer, Baguio City) Not only am I a Physician but also a patient surviving breast cancer for almost eleven years now. In 1997, I was diagnosed with Stage II B Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, left breast. I underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy and 4 cycles of chemotherapy. While practicing my profession, another mass grew on my right in 2006. I had a second opinion at St. Lukes Hospital and the result showed no abnormal DNA, and a very good prognosis. This must be the result of my taking 20 drops of CMD 3x a day every day. It has also completely relieved me of my severe low back pains due to my scoliosis.

ROLANDO VIRTUSIO (Goiter, Calawan, Laguna)

Laking pasasalamat ko po sa ating Panginoon sapagkat ginamit po niya itong CMD upang maging katuwang sa mabilis na paggaling ng aking mga karamdaman, gaya ng DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, at higit po sa lahat ang aking bukol sa leeg sanhi ng GOITER. January 15, 2007 nang ako ay nag umpisang gumamit ng CMD at sa tuloy-tuloy na pag inom, makalipas ang ilang buwan napuna ko na lumiit ang aking bukol at noong August 2007 ay tuluyan na ngang nawala.

BFAD Registration No. FR-44494

NORMA GEMINO (Stage 3 Colon Cancer, Negros Occidental) I was then recommended to undergo Colonscopy and it was found out that a big mass has developed in my large intestine, so, I was subjected to immediate operation and eventually informed that I have a stage 3 colon cancer. In October 2008, I collapsed and was confined in the hospital because of severe constipation. One night, I prayed to God to help me find an effective medicine or treatment for this chronic constipation, when suddenly it flashed in my mind to contact Mr. Roland Nonoy Magahin, my long-time friend whom I learned before to be the distributor of CMD. When I met Mr. Magahin, I explained to him my condition and asked if CMD can give me relief from my chronic constipation. He then advised me to take CMD which I willingly adhered to, with the great hope that it could help me. Indeed, God is good and wonderful and greatly to be praised! After taking the recommended number of drops of CMD for less than a week, I felt a dramatic relief from seemingly hopeless condition! At present, CMD is is really working on me. I can move my bowel regularly and without difficulty. Now, I am a living witness to the effectiveness of CMD!

ATTY. JOSE ERESTAIN JR. (Prostate Enlargement, Quezon City) My blissful start of taking 10 drops of CMD (3x a day) started November 19, 2004 showed unbelievable and remarkable relief from my enlarged prostate which generated problem of frequent (6-7) visits to the bathroom during bed time, made me not sleep well. Without me consciously healing my other diseases, as I continuously and religiously took my daily CMD dosage of 30 drops, I noticed that my chronic arthritis, my bothersome vertigo and sinusitis disappeared in due time. Besides, my failing hair and weight problems have been gradually solved which gave me a discernible appearance of a rejuvenated man. The skin disorder in my body had also gone. Thanks be to God.

Diabetes Breakthrough: THE MINERAL SOLUTION!

The trace minerals chromium and vanadium have been shown to help the body metabolize glucose and regulate blood sugar levels. Also it is well documented that both the trace minerals chromium and vanadium have dynamic and positive effects on normalizing blood sugar for both hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and diabetes (high blood sugar). Diabetics also often have inadequate levels of calcium, magnesium and zinc. These nutrients play a vital role in supporting health in those with blood sugar abnormalities. A lack of calcium and magnesium may increase the odds of people forming diabetes. Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee found a consistent relationship between the levels of these minerals and the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Thus, intake of calcium and magnesium may help to protect against the development of Type 2 diabetes. A study published in the journal Diabetes Care examined the role of the mineral zinc in the incidence of heart disease. Researchers discovered that patients with lower levels of serum (blood) zinc had a higher risk of dying from heart disease. Those with higher zinc levels had a lower risk factor to suffer from a heart attack. Every diabetic should be taking CMD on a daily basis. CMD is a unique and powerful mineral supplement, particularly rich in trace minerals needed for optimum health and nutrition. CMD is very effective in helping to lower blood sugar and insulin levels, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce triglyceride levels, reduce blood pressure, improve energy, and reduce the risk of heart disease. CMD supplementation can also protect your tissues (eyes, kidneys, blood vessels) from the damage diabetes often causes. They can also support your immune system, protect your heart, and improve circulation. CMD is not only complete but also balanced. If the minerals in our body are balanced, they work together to create a dynamic equilibrium. Some supplements, which focus on one or a few minerals, can lower the levels of other minerals in the body and can cause over consumption and toxicity.

LYDIA BALANGUE (Aringay, La Union, Myoma) She came to the clinic bearing a pelvic sonogram done on January 5, 2008 revealing an impression: Multiple intramural myoma the largest measuring 2.95 x 2.29 cm. clear adnexae and culde-sac. She was recommended to drink 20 drops of CMD twice a day for six months and sonogram, was repeated on June 3, 2008. Results revealed no more myoma.
HARRISON Felipe (Arthritis, Iloilo City) He claims he had been suffering from arthritis characterized by severe pain, swelling of both feet and difficulty in ambulation for four years, rendering him disabled and unable to work at a regular basis. He has tried taking several kinds of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers prescribed by doctors but his condition recurred after couple of days. He has advised to apply 3 drops of CMD over both feet twice a day, drinking a glass of water with a maximum of 30 drops twice a day. After almost 3 weeks he came back, no more swelling and the pain has subsided.

MAGDALENA SAMILLANO (High Blood, Iriga City)

In the bus terminal going to Iriga City, I felt so dizzy, suddenly I just lost memory and couldnt remember anything, I still able to go to my office safe yet I was in blank and confused state then I just felt my tongue shortened that I couldnt hardly speak well, I just caught myself stammering. My secretary observed my odd behavior and nervously gave me a glass of water with CMD, and then she massages CMD from my head down to my face. With her help and with CMD I felt relieved yet the problem is still cannot speak clearly and my mental capacity collapsed. My friends and my secretary decided to bring me to the hospital, there they found out that I got a high blood pressure reaching 200/140, the doctor advised them to bring me to a neurologist, because I was diagnosed to have brain stroke. Praise God that the stroke did not hit me bad. I was hospitalized for 3 days and have undergone series of emanations. I also received several doctors prescription that costs too much. I left the hospital following the doctors advised, yet my fear on the side effects that synthetic drugs may caused me, I have decided to drink CMD instead. Religiously I take it every day, within two weeks I have observed improvement in my health, and I was able to go back to my old routines yet with extra precautions. I again visited my doctor for some consultation, she observed that I have recovered very well and she advised me to lower the dosage of the drugs she previously prescribed, which in fact I did not use. January 2008, I have lost my life but praised be to God! And thanks to CMD that helped me regain my strength, my health and helped me with my ailment. I am back to business as usual but now with more conviction of the goodness of CMD.

AISSA BENILLE BUGAGAO (Dengue Fever, Naga City) The most significant experience she had with CMD was when she was afflicted of dengue fever last July 13, 2007. Results of the 1st haematologic studies showed that both WBC (3.3) and platelets (138) were below the normal values. At home, Aissa was given Paracetamol every 4 hours and 10 drops of CMD every 2 hours. Twelve hours after CMD was initiated at every 2hours dose, another haemotologic tests were done. Aissas WBC (1.8) was still low but platelets (171) increased to normal values. With these results, diagnosis of dengue fever was no longer entertained and a disease attributed to other viral etiology was considered.

If you have diabetes, mineral supplementation is more than important, it is vital!


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