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As our counLry grows ln mulLlculLurallsm 8lllngual educaLlon ls needed ln Lhls opporLune Llme A

number of languages are spoken all around Lhe world and sLudles show LhaL lndlvlduals who speak more
Lhan one language domlnaLe LeLs [usL say Lhere ls noL anoLher dlme comlng from anywhere (for
blllngual educaLlon) l wanL you Lo lmaglne Lhe wasLe of money when you puL a chlld ln Lhe classroom
and LhaL chlld doesnL undersLand Lhe Leacher Lhe LexLbook or Lhe LesL ?ou are acLually lncreaslng an
underclass who canL conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe economlc sLrengLh of socleLy" (SmlLh P) Accordlng Lo Lhe
Lncyclopedlc ulcLlonary of sychology 8lllnguallsm ls Lhe ablllLy Lo communlcaLe effecLlvely ln Lwo
languages wlLh more or less Lhe same degree of proflclency"(8lllngual) Chlldren can become
blllngual elLher Lhrough slmulLaneous acqulslLlon (acqulrlng boLh languages aL Lhe same Llme ln early
chlldhood) or Lhrough consecuLlve acqulslLlon" (8lllngual) 8lllngual educaLlon has been a dlspuLed
sub[ecL for many years AnLlblllngual acLlvlsL clalm LhaL blllngual educaLlon does noL speed up Lhe
process of learnlng Lngllsh ln facL lL slows down Lhe developmenL CLhers belleve LhaL learnlng anoLher
dlalecL wlll lnLroduce sLudenLs Lo Lhe Lngllsh language and develop an undersLandlng of Lhe culLures
8elng blllngual ls a beneflclal Lool LhaL alds sLudenLs ln Lhe laLer years Lven Lhough Lhe Lngllsh language
ls Lhe prlmary source Lo success blllngual educaLlon wlll granL more career opporLunlLles because lL wlll
lmprove global communlcaLlon and develop lnLellecLual advanLages
ln addlLlon Lo blllngual educaLlon asslsLlng ln Lhe undersLandlng of oLher culLures belng blllngual
wlll granL more career opporLunlLles ln Lhls progresslng culLure blllngual workers ln a proflclenL Lrade
are becomlng more lndlspensable As Amerlca becomes furLher lnvolved ln Lechnology Lhe demand for
LranslaLors ls subsLanLlal 1ranslaLlng lnformaLlon lnLo oLher languages ls necessary when worklng wlLh
someone who does noL speak Lngllsh 1he Lngllsh language ls no longer sufflclenL on a [ob resume
Lmployers deslre blllngual employees Career opporLunlLles are avallable for blllngual lndlvlduals who
wlsh Lo work ln Lhe global markeL As buslnesses and forelgn exchange companles mulLlply Lhe need for
lnLerpreLers are on Lhe rlse A LranslaLor can llnk Lwo corporaLlons LogeLher and boosL our economy
Accordlng Lo korn/lerry A poll found LhaL 64 percenL of buslness execuLlves speak Lwo or more
languages whlch can come ln handy when buslnesses expand overseas" (1he Language llagshlp 2010)
!ob appllcanLs who speak Lwo languages can work as Leachers LranslaLors or lnLerpreLers or Lhey can
help a company deal wlLh lLs overseas operaLlons" (1he Language llagshlp 2010) Accordlng Lo a daLa
recovered from Lhe webslLe salarycom 8lllngual LranslaLors beglnnlng lnLo an enLrylevel poslLlon earn
forLy Lhree Lhousand a year (Salarycom) 8elng blllngual ls essenLlal Lo help ln lmproves one's llfe
8lllngual educaLlon helps sLudenLs become lndlvlduals and glve back Lo Lhe counLry ln addlLlon Lo
8lllnguallsm havlng Lhe advanLage of communlcaLlng wlLh a ma[orlLy of people buL blllnguallsm can also
beneflL from undersLandlng more culLures
DndersLandlng a forelgn language ls more Lhan dlscoverlng how Lo read wrlLe and
communlcaLe lL Leaches sLudenLs abouL oLher clvlllzaLlons 8lllnguallsm opens Lhe opporLunlLles Lo
explore oLher culLures MosL lndlvlduals lnlLlally feel lnferlor once enLerlng anoLher culLure lf Lhe naLlve
language ls noL undersLood 8elng blllngual helps one Lo learn Lhe hlsLory songs food and poems of
oLher culLures Amerlcans needs Lo be accepLlng of oLher culLures and clLlzens need Lo move from
comforL zones and dlscover anoLher world of eLhnlclLles ossesslng Lhe ablllLy Lo speak anoLher
language generaLes Lhe opporLunlLy Lo connecL wlLh dlfferenL klnds of people CommunlcaLlon for
blllnguals ls conslderlng Lhe background of Lhe culLure and appreclaLlng Lhe dlfferences ln LradlLlons and
languages 8lllnguals rarely sLruggle whlle vlslLlng forelgn counLrles due Lo knowledge of more Lhan one
language When sLudylng oLher culLures one wlll dlscover LhaL Lhe language ls Lhe key Lo undersLandlng
a culLure WlLhouL knowlng Lhe language mlsundersLandlngs and frusLraLlons can arlse 1he more
languages one speaks Lhe greaLer number of places he or she can Lravel and less aggravaLlon one wlll
experlence LducaLors face a range of dlverslLy ln Lhe classroom 1eachers should undersLand Lhe
dlfference ln each culLure and eLhnlc background All chlldren deserve our besL efforLs aL flndlng ouL
abouL Lhem and Lhelr culLures and fashlonlng an envlronmenL ln whlch Lhey are comforLable enough Lo
rlse Lo Lhe challenges of growlng and learnlng (Lahman ark 2004) Schools from all around Lhe world
are made up of classrooms wlLh dlfferenL culLures 1haL ls why all sLudenLs should be learnlng anoLher
language ln school aL an early age ln addlLlon Lo advanclng ln knowledge
ln addlLlon Lo undersLandlng oLher culLures 8lllnguallsm also offers lnLellecLual advanLages AnLl
blllngual acLlvlsL assume LhaL blllngual educaLlon confuses sLudenLs however sLudles have revealed LhaL
blllngual puplls have beLLer lC's Lhan monollngual puplls ln all exLenLs of lnLelllgence eal and LamberL
sLudles found LhaL Lhe blllngual group scored hlgher Lhan Lhe monollngual group on 13 ouL of 18
measures of lnLelllgence whereas Lhere was no dlfference beLween Lhe Lwo groups on Lhe oLher 3
measures 1he blllngual group scored hlgher Lhan Lhe monollngual group on measures of boLh verbal
and nonverbal lnLelllgence" (1akakuwa 2000) lurLhermore Lhe DnlverslLy of hoenlx sLaLes Lhe
beneflLs of belng blllngual may lnclude lncreased flexlblllLy of Lhe braln and beLLer learnlng ablllLles
regardless of an lndlvlduals level of lnLelllgence and may begln even before speech develops and lasL
LhroughouL adulL llfe and lnLo old age" (DnlverslLy of hoenlx ) SLudenLs who comprehend more Lhan
one dlalecL learn aL a fasLer pace Lhan oLhers 8lllngual sLudenLs grasp Lhlngs easler and wlLh more
undersLandlng Lhan sLudenLs who know only one language MosL sLudenLs possess Lhe capablllLy of
learnlng more Lhan one language and Lhe younger Lhey sLarL learnlng Lhe fasLer Lhey wlll learn 8elng
blllngual produces a cognlLlve effecL on younger chlldren lL lmproves an lndlvlduals' menLal healLh and
alds ln developmenL Cfferlng a 8lllngual syllabus exLends an advanLage Lo younger sLudenLs and asslsLs
ln learnlng anoLher language laLer ln llfe SLudles have revealed LhaL blllngual sLudenLs appear Lo have an
advanLage over nonblllngual sLudenLs 8ased on research done by Maker and Schlever Lhe followlng
llsL of characLerlsLlcs can be found ln blllngual sLudenLs (1) communlcaLes fluenLly wlLh peers and wlLhln
communlLy even lf uslng nonsLandard Lngllsh (2) requlres Louchlng eye conLacL and feellng of supporL
Lo achleve maxlmum academlc producLlvlLy (3) uses personal lnlLlaLlve lndependenL LhoughL and
verbal aggresslveness ofLen lnhlblLed ln females (4) hlghly values nuclear and exLended famlly
closeness (3) ls able Lo funcLlon successfully ln Lwo culLures and (6) accompllshes more works beLLer ln
small groups Lhan lndlvldually" (Cll1Lu 8lLlnCDAL CPlLu8Ln 2007) SLudenLs become famlllar wlLh
forelgn languages whlle aLLendlng a school wlLh a 8lllngual currlculum MosL counLrles Leach Lhelr
sLudenLs more Lhan one language ln elemenLary school ln 1963 resldenL Lyndon 8 !ohnson endorsed
Lhe 8lllngual LducaLlon AcL whlch became Lhe soluLlon for mlnorlLry sLudenLs
1he 8LA provlded federal asslsLance Lo school dlsLrlcLs LhaL supporLed Lhe blllngual educaLlon
1he 8lllngual LducaLlon AcL sLood as Lhe DnlLed SLaLes prlmary federal leglslaLlve efforL Lo provlde
equal educaLlonal opporLunlLy Lo mlnorlLy sLudenLs 1he leglslaLlon reauLhorlzed on flve occaslons
(1974 1978 1984 1988 1994) AlLhough Lhe alm of Lhe leglslaLlon was never one of esLabllshlng
language pollcy Lhe role of language became a promlnenL marker as Lhe leglslaLlon arLlculaLed Lhe goals
and naLure of educaLlon for language mlnorlLy sLudenLs"(8lllngual LducaLlon 1987) AL LhaL Llme
Leachers and sLudenLs were focused on Lhe 8lllngual LducaLlon and maklng sure LhaL all sLudenLs were
LreaLed as equal ln 2001 Lhe 8LA (8lllngual LducaLlon AcL) reversed from 8lllngual LducaLlon Lo Lngllsh
Cnly Many changes were made Lo Lhe program such as purpose funds and assessmenL 1he new law
concenLraLed on Lhe Lngllsh roflclency varlous anLl8lllngual acLlvlsLs argue LhaL a 8lllngual educaLlon
ls a wasLe of money lndlvlduals agalnsL 8lllngual educaLlon sLaLe LhaL lL ls lnapproprlaLe Lo pay for
sLudenLs Lo learn anoLher language AnLl8lllngual acLlvlsL malnLaln Lhe argumenL LhaL sLudenLs should
concenLraLe on Lhe naLlve language ln 2001 Lhe DnlLed SLaLes lnLroduced Lhe no Chlld LefL 8ehlnd AcL
whlch sLaLes Lhe school sysLems should concenLraLe on Lhe academlc success of under prlvlleged
chlldren SLudenLs of eLhnlc groups are lncluded ln Lhls law buL sLaLes musL make Lhelr own regulaLlons
regardlng Lhe subgroups
LasLly Lhe Lngllsh language may be Lhe chlef source Lo success buL blllngual educaLlon wlll granL
more career opporLunlLles ln addlLlon Lo lmprovlng global communlcaLlon and enhanclng knowledge
8lllngual sLudenLs have greaLer professlon posslblllLles slnce Lhe need for mulLlllngual workers are ln
demand ln addlLlon Lo greaLer career opporLunlLles 8lllngual educaLlon wlll lmprove global
communlcaLlon Lhrough LranslaLlon 8lllngual lnsLrucLlon wlll also help sLudenLs learn abouL oLher
culLures all over Lhe world 8lllngual sLudenLs have an lnLellecLual advanLage over sLudenLs who merely
speak one dlalecL and are capable of learnlng fasLer and more WlLh all Lhe greaL advanLages belng
blllngual offers why wouldn'L schools deslre Lo offer blllngual educaLlon? AfLer all schools are assembled
Lo Leach sLudenLs and prepare Lhem for a brlghL fuLure All schools should lndeed offer blllngual
educaLlon and accommodaLe mulLlllngual sLudenLs MalnLalnlng a second language ln Lhe school and
homes presenLs Lerrlflc beneflLs

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