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crecept. and advertisements. But G etting a reader’s attention is tough enough in a print 1 . what sort of copywriting would keep your interest in flipping the page or even elicit a reaction? E contact@crecept. Reading habits are increasingly cursory and readers are more fickleminded than ever. what do you want to read and how do you want it presented? In the context of corporate identity collaterals such as brand manuals.Copywriting you have to read! Attention! Attention! W www. once the design has caught your eye. product brochures. I am at least consoled that you made it this far. much more so in the hyper-connected world of the Internet. corporate brochures. If you are ready to move on from this article. websites.

where their offices are. how much their turnover was last year. I prefer the use of the word “seen”. However. how many people work for them. If you do not recall those content.crecept. they wouldn’t spend good money on these collaterals to tell you all about their business. these are things the firm really wanted you to bear in M entally run through the numerous corporate brochures and leaflets that you have seen before. and not “read” because there is probably little recollection of how long the company has been around. Otherwise.Copywriting you have to read! Do you W www. would you have your company’s brochures written and presented similarly? 2 .com Remember? E contact@crecept. and etc.

to pique the curiosity of the reader so that they will want to find out more. write to elicit a response.Copywriting you have to read! E I I like reading W www. on the other hand. We write to tease. to interest you sufficiently.crecept. like in textbooks and theses. 3 . no? firmly believe that there’s a difference between good academic writers and effective copywriters. to evoke Textbooks. Academic writers expound upon their subject topic and will write to provide as much information as possible. but not to state everything explicitly such that you have no need to probe on. Copywriters.

com A 4 . your intended audience will react. are meant to be read and assimilated. If your website or advertisement is well-communicated. Having it written textbook-style will result in it being abandoned in some office cabinet. Interaction requires more than one side’s participation. might satisfy your need to learn about their business. The important thing to note is who your intended audience is for each type of collateral. You are a customer and client too.crecept. If it lacks appeal to the intended reader. Content in your brand manual and brochures. Brand manuals are meant for staff and internal circulation. Does this imply that a certain rigidity should be implemented into the design and the tone of the copy? The brand manual is the brand bible and should be read and re-read by staff.Copywriting you have to read! Write W www. Reading a corporate brochure with detailed but plain description and statistics about a company. how is it effective communication? it E Right! lways keep in mind the foremost purpose of communication collaterals: to interact with your intended audience. but it will not strike a chord nor linger in your mind for long. Corporate brochures are meant for prospects and external circulation. There are no templates for corporate designs or corporate copywriting.

The monotony of communicating such information is inevitable. but not boring since you have been reading up to this point. The next time you pick up a brochure that you are not compelled to read on. This article is serious. 5 .com Be Serious. Then remind yourself of these reasons when planning your next branding design execution.Copywriting you have to read! W www. think about why it is Ok. I agree with being serious. right? Serious does not equate boring. B E contact@crecept. ut corporate information should be conveyed and taken seriously. you say. Cold hard statistics and straightforward information can hardly be imparted engagingly. but not being dull and unvaried.

com Converse. serious or otherwise. if you have been inspired by this article in any way.Copywriting you have to read! Let’s W www. E contact@crecept. a paragraph or I thoroughly enjoy discussions. It would be delightful if this article stimulates interaction. because then I would have gotten my point across.crecept. as long as they are not boring. Drop me a line. 6 .

com © 2011 Crecept Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. .com W www. are the property of their respective owners.E contact@crecept. Information subject to change without prior notice.crecept. All other trademarks and service marks referred to herein. including information storage and retrieval systems. whether registered or not in specific countries. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means. without written permission from the publisher or author.

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