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Vampires. The Living Dead. Not all are or can be knighted as one of the dreaded Children of the Night.

Must being a Vampire entail such tragedy, fear and utter darkness of the Soul? What is Vampirism? A religion? A belief system? Vampires, as beings, have and always will be associated with blood. Both in a literal sense and a figurative sense. Blood. The force of life is stored within. The Secret of our Existence. More than mere existence. Capital-E, Existence. Life can be broadly classified into 3 categories: (a) mere existence (b) complacency and (c) the drive to break all boundaries. The very meaning of Life, I have found, lies in Vampirism. An unshakeable belief system that I have grown to sanctify and adore. It is no more about blood cells. Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to the dark side. Vampire, Demons, Angels, Spirits, Ghouls, Guardians, Ancient forbidden words, spells, prayers, curses, cults, religions, God and Satan All part of this thing called Life. During my dabble in the Vampirism sub-culture, I had exposed myself to the various initiation processes. Blood ritual, was one of them. Now, however, after the highs and lows of life, Vampirism is the only belief system that I have found myself falling deep into. The Darkness of Life. Entering the Night of the Soul has opened up a whole new world. The reign of the Vampires have ceased. I have had the blessing of realizing the Human Spirit in myself. I call this experience the Vampirism of the Human Spirit. The Age of the New Vampires. It is no longer just about the fangs, the cape, or the Transylvannian accent. Modern vampires are broadly classified into (a) psychic vampires and the (b) sanguinarians. Psychic vampires survive by feeding off the living energies of the Living. However, this is a misconception. The universal principal, Energy is applies. All the time. Energy is continually being transformed. The Energy of the Living is derived from the Energy of the Universe, and it is always being transformed by the changes in the emotions. Also the non-living have energy, or at least contribute to the sharing and transformation if Energies with the Universe. Therefore psychic vampires feed off Energy from both the Living and the Non-Living. Secondly there are the Sanguinarians who live off the blood of the Living. Blood here, is once again mentioned. There exists a couple of guidebooks for the serious vampiric practitioner. There is the Vampire Codex written by Michelle Belanger for the Psychic Vampire. There is also the Vampire Ritual Book for the Sanguinarians, though it can be used to practice the rituals by both types of Vampires. The term Vampires carries with it a negative connotation. Often it is associated with the word Creature bearing animal-like qualities. So, a newly-awakened Vampire would be considered to be an animal. How does a Vampire evolve? The first secret to this is the undeniable fact that all Vampires have to be, first of all, Human. Humans who, for some reason, have awakened their animal, Vampire-like quality in themselves. The closest Humanisation of these Vampires to be found in written record would be by Michelle Bellanger in the Vampire Ritual Book where she called newly-awakened Vampires Children of darkness and night.

To make my point, on the Night of Transformation, the main is that of the Spirit. The Spirit of Harmony. It is as if reminding the soon-to-be-initiated Vampires of the importance of Human Emotions they once had. The Spirit of Harmony. Of Love. At the end of the ritual, the Kheprian Family Prayer will be said as a closing. This is vastly different from all other vampiric rituals because of the Family element. If one Googles the term Vampirism one would get these definitions: (1) belief (2) actions (3) financial or emotional exploitation: the Act of preying on other people for financial or emotional gain. Again, the words preying is used. Therefore, the Initiation process of a Vampire. We are, after all, Humans. Built similar to one another. Human Emotions play a vital role in a Vampires growth, in his quest for Immortality. This is our Lifes quest. Immortality, perhaps not of the body, but of the Spirit. A full intellectual and emotional growth, a Fulfillment. Since a child, I have been haunted by an intense-energy entity that has driven me offcourse from the normal way of the Life. The Human Life is all about taking the Neutral path. Why the focus on the Spirit? What is the Spirit? Mere rituals do not make a Vampire. A Vampire is all about becoming. For the longest time, I have been haunted by an older me. I see it as another self, a more intelligent, intense-energied woman who is in the Future. Yet somehow, this image of her has become my Guiding Light in this Darkness that I am walking in. She is my Higher self. She is Dark. And she is a Vampire. What is the Human Spirit? Does the Spirit have a Cause in Life? How does the Spirit guide a being? Are Humans the only species who have been given the Gift of the Spirit? Wikipedia: Human Spirit is a component of human philosophy, psychology and religion the spiritual or mental part of humanity. impersonal, universal or higher component if human nature the Intellect.. Human Spirit : mental function of awareness, insight, understanding, judgment and other reasoning powers. The Human Spirit, or rather, the concept of the Human Spirit, should not be confused with the concept of the Psyche. Psyche: entities of emotion, images, memory and personality. Also, a very good distinction was made here: The Spirit is to the Soul as the Soul is to the Body. As the actions of the Body are determined by the decisions of the Soul, so the direction and values of the Soul are determined by the Spirit within us. Simply put, there are 3 elements necessary for one to be considered a Human:

1. Soul 2. Body 3. Spirit There 3 elements cannot be separated, but they can individually be worked upon to improve oneself. An image-conscious person will improve on his image; the physical Body, to look more attractive. This is the growth of the Body. An intellectual person will read extensively to improve his knowledge and thus, his intellect. This is the growth of the Spirit. A spiritual or religious person will enrich his Soul with much Wisdom. It should be noted that the Soul and Spirit are closely connected, with the Body entirely out of the picture. However, when the Body is healthy, so is the Soul and Spirit. How can the Human Spirit evolve and grow? A study was conducted on the well-known Vampires where Intellect was the man focus. In a Bachelor Thesis titled, A domesticated vampire how the vampire myth has changed since Bram Stokers Dracula to Stephanie Meyers Twilight: Dracula studies new languages to be able to acquire new lands, but it isnt until the appearance of the child vampire Claudia that this mental development is manifested more thoroughly. Claudia is the most evident example of how the vampires age mentally and not physically. Louis even describes how he notices the change in her eyes. That she goes from being a 5-year old to become a woman, trapped in the body of a 5-year old. A Vampire does not physically age. The growth of the Body ends at the Night of Transformation, so to speak. The Vampire can dress himself to his hearts desires, however still it remains the same. But there will be no more growth of the Body. Does a Vampire have to be well read and knowledgeable to evolve? Put it simply, the answer is yes. The Human Spirit, in this light, which was a Gift to Humans, still is retained within the Vampire, the creature of Darkness. It is a beam of light when all the Vampire sees and feels is the Dark. The Human Spirit is the Force that makes us define our existence. The Mind is the steering wheel that makes that happen. In Two Worlds, Carl Jung firs tnoted tat people seemed fundamentally different in terms of whether they were more extroverted, oriented to the external world of people and experiences outside themselves, or introverted, oriented to their internal worlds of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and memories. Then he noticed more differences in terms of what people were doing in each of these worlds. These he called functions. Now called cognitive processes. Therefore, a Vampire, having been Gifted the Spirit can choose how to evolve. There is and can only be one right answer, but many Paths. Here, to evolve cognitively, a Vampire can choose to evolve extrovertedly or introvertedly. Or a self-aware Vampire may choose to utilize both these Worlds to evolve.

What is the Cause of the Human Spirit? What is its aim? In the song Human Cause by Sepultura, it seems to be that the Human Cause can only be identified using ones own eyes. The truth can only be obtained when a person realizes. The slow death of light Carving in from all sides Faces deformed by hate Shaping the human condition Human Cause Ghettos of our time A wall limits our life Lies heard by our ears But truth seen through our eyes. Human Cause. Only the evolution of the Spirit, through Vampirisation of the Human Spirit will lead us to the answer. Vampires and the Liberation of the Mind Can there be a complete liberation of the Mind? Is this the key to our immortality? The evolution of the Human Spirit the aspects of human reasoning and human intellect. The abilities to think, feel and do are inborn; a Gift from God. God, here, will be synonomous with Consciousness. These abilities should be exercised with as much unbiasness, apathy and objectivity as possible. To overcome Human failings is the success of the Vampire. The Human Soul is something entirely metaphysical. The Soul and the Spirit are different. The Mind, the control station, lies within the Spirit. If the Mind were to die, the Soul would still exist. It only leaves the Body at the time of death. Also, the evolution of the Soul, being metaphysical, can only be deemed to be evolved when it becomes one with the Creator. This is beyond my comprehension. Cognitively speaking, the Vampirisation of the Human Spirit is the key to a Vampires evolution. The Spirit. The non-metaphysical aspect of the Human that evolves into a state of being called Vampirism. The age of the classical Vampires has come to an end, A long time ago, in fact. This is the only aspectr of Ancient Vampires that has been buried beneath the dust of centuries gone by. The New Age Vampires, our only hope of survival, ye Children of Darkness, lies in our Blood. Our Life force. Without which, our bodies, these vessels that contain our Spirit, would perish.

In the search of this growth, this survival, this Vampirisatin of the Human Spirit, I hear a siren in the air. The Siren that has been the cause of all Creation and Destruction. This is the Siren that we cannot avoid. The Siren that we must protect from the Scavengers. The whis[ers of the Siren. The whispers that will shape the Human Condition and thus lead us ultimately to the Human Cause. As Mindless Faith puts it succinctly: Is this what they wanted? Are we the dream? Is this the foreseen dystopia? Is a paradise buried Beneath the centuries? Were always somewhere in between.