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Oncc, in ilc moining, Haii camc io Siïmaii Radlaiani's couiiyaid in ilc bcauiilul
dicss ol a woman and sai down, slyly covciing His cycs wiil a ciimson apion.
Wlcn Visablanu's dauglici saw Him liom a disiancc, Slc said: O Laliia! How
amazing! Lool! Wlo is ilai bcauiilul loius-laccd giil wlosc dicss and oinamcnis
aic cnclaniing and wlo illuminaics My couiiyaid wiil Hci cmciald lusiic'`
Hcaiing ilis, Laliia and Visalla camc bcloic ilc disguiscd Kisna and said: O
slcndci giil, wlo aic You' Wlcic aic You liom' Wly lavc You comc lcic'` lui
Loid Kisna did noi icply.
Siïmaii Radlaiani ilcn camc io Kisna in a ilouglilul mood and cuiiously aslcd
Him: Wlo aic You' Youi lusiic cnclanis My mind. Aic You a goddcss' Youi
loim is so bcauiilul!`
Kisna icmaincd silcni, so Radla said: O bcauiilul, noblc giil. Quiclly saiisly oui
cuiiosiiy by iniioducing Youiscll io us. Know Youiscll io bc oui iniimaic liicnd. O
giil wiil Youi lcad lcld low, wly slould You bc sly oi aliaid bcloic us'`
Hcaiing ilai, ilc disguiscd Kisna bicailcd dccply. Sccing ilai Hc paiily uncovcicd
His lacc and icmaincd silcni, Siïmaii Radlaiani said: O bcauiilul giil. I
undcisiand ilai You musi lavc somc lcaiiaclc, oilciwisc You wouldn'i bc in
sucl a condiiion. O loius-laccd giil, icll us ol youi pioblcms. Tiusi Mc complcicly,
and I will iiy io icmovc Youi disiicss. Tlc buining blisicis ol Youi lcaiiaclc can
only bc cxiinguislcd by icvcaling Youi mind io a liicnd.
Aic You now scpaiaicd liom Youi lovc' Aic You soiiy io scc somc laulis in lim'
Maybc You aic aliaid bccausc You ollcndcd lim in somc way' Oi maybc somc ol
Youi cncmics lavc gossipcd aboui You wiil Youi lovci' Oi maybc Youi lusband
is noi so gicai, and loi ilai You lccl somc disgusi in Youi mind, alici wlicl You
lavc bccomc aiiaclcd io somc oilci, iaic man, loi wlicl You, lilc Mc, aic
clasiiscd by Youi supciiois wiil laisl woids. Tlai musi bc wly You aic so sad.
O slcndci giil. Has Youi co-wilc, blindcd wiil piidc ovci lci loiiunc, piciccd
Youi lcaii wiil ilc aiiows ol lci laisl woids' No, ilai is noi possiblc, loi wlo
could bc moic bcauiilul ilan You' O moon-laccd giil, liom Moilci Pauinamasi I
lavc lcaid ilc sioiy ol Molini. Wlo could cnclani Loid Siva oilci ilan Hci' lui
cvcn wlcn lc was cnclanicd, You wcic noi! lui now, wlcn Loid Haii will casi
His glancc ai You, cvcn You will bc cnclanicd. Ii will bc vciy amusing io scc You
cnclani cacl oilci!`
Hcaiing ilcsc woids, ilc disguiscd Kisna covcicd His wlolc body wiil His vcil io
covci ilc goosc pimplcs ol ccsiasy ilai appcaicd on His slin. Sccing ilis, Siïmaii
Radlaiani said: O salli! Aic You sullciing liom somciling' Do You lavc pain in
Youi clcsi, bacl oi lcad' O Visalla, quiclly gci ilc valuablc oil My lailci
lovingly gavc Mc and ilai can cuic all discascs. Tlai oil is ilc vciy loim ol My
lailci's lovc, so I will solily iub ilc body and lcad ol ilis bcauiilul giil wiil ii
wiil My own land. Tlcn all ilc pain will go liom Hci limbs. I will icmovc Hci
pain by bailing Hci in vciy liagiani lulcwaim waici wlicl will cuic Hci and
malc Hci lappy. Tlcn Slc will bc ablc io spcal clcaily wiil us.`
Alici somc iimc ol massaging ilc giil, Siïmaii Radlaiani noiiccd ilai Hci
condiiion lad noi clangcd. Slc iold Hci liicnds: I was dcdicaicd io spcaling
swcci woids and cuiing Hci by massaging Hci caiclully and lovingly wiil oil, bui
siill ilis giil jusi siis ilcic, saying noiling. Tlcn I undcisiood Slc migli bc a
picicndci. Maybc Slc isn'i in any pain. Anyway, I will iiy again by applying ilc
clixii obiaincd liom Dlanvaniaii. Tlai will nouiisl Hci.
Il I can malc ilc loius-lilc palms ol ilc ling ol ilc lunjas ioucl ilc bicasis ol
ilis giil, Slc will laugl, sliicl and call oui. Wlai moic can I say' Slc will malc
Mc smilc waicling ilc incicasc ol Hci lusi!`
Hcaiing ilcsc woids, bcauiilul Kisna covcicd ilc smilc ilai appcaicd on His loius-
lilc lacc wiil His vcil, wlicl Hc pullcd ovci His cuily locls wiil His dclicaic
lingcis. Siïmaii Radlaiani and Hci liicnds wcic asionislcd. Tlcy bccamc lilc
caloia biids, diinling ilc ncciai ol Loid Kisna's woids as Hc bcgan io spcal wiil
a pcilccily imiiaicd woman's voicc.
Hc said: I am a goddcss, and I livc in ilc lcavcnly plancis. I camc io you bccausc
I am vciy sad. Lisicn, O laii-laccd giil, I wani io lnow somciling. Wlo clsc bui
You can lclp Mc'`
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: O bcauiilul giil. Youi idcniiiy as a goddcss cannoi bc
lalsc. I can clcaily scc ilai You aic onc. Wlo is ilcic lilc You among ilc luman
bcings' Tlcic is no compaiison io Youi cnclaniing lusiic! You can only bc
compaicd io Youiscll. O giil wiil a lacc lilc an auiumn loius. Aic You scpaiaicd
liom Youi lusband' Don'i lccl ollcndcd, I'm noi iiying io malc lun ol You, I'm
jusi wondciing wlai's wiong wiil You. Il You lovc Mc, ilcn considci Mc Youis
and icvcal Youi mind io Mc.`
Loid Kisna icplicd: Wly do you doubi ilai I am Youi liicnd' Alilougl I am a
goddcss, I am Youis! lclicvc Mc wlcn I icll You ilai I wani io bccomc Youi
maidscivani, laving iasicd a diop ol ilc occan ol Youi lovc, Youi loim and Youi
qualiiics. Plcasc lisicn io Mc now. You musi icmovc ilc lcaiiaclc I lccl, wlicl is
vciy inicnsc.
O salli! Tlcic is a lluic sound wlicl icsounds in Vindavana, and wlicl cnicis
oui lcavcns so loicclully ilai ilc lcavcnly giils noi only losc iasic loi cmbiacing
ilcii lusbands, bui ilcy lccl disgusi alici icmcmbciing sucl cmbiaccs. Wlcn ilai
lluic sound, wlicl is lilc a mixiuic ol ncciai and poison, cnicis ilc cais ol ilc
dcmigoddcsscs ii ovciwlclms ilcm so mucl ilai ilcii bodics lool lilc ilcy aic on
liic. Sccing ilis, ilcii lusbands ciy oui: 'Alas! Wlai las lappcncd'' and
immcdiaicly lci go ol ilcm.
O salli, lisicn! No-onc in lcavcn is old. Lvciyonc is young, so wlo will clasiisc
wlo' Alici lcaiing ilis lluic sound cvciyonc cnds up in ilc samc condiiion. No-
onc can mocl anyonc clsc! Tlai sound dcsiioys ilc goddcsscs' vows ol clasiiiy.
Wlcn I lcaid ilis sound cvciy day I ilougli io Myscll: 'O! Wlai malcs ilis
sound' Wlcic docs ii comc liom'' Iollowing ilc sound I camc down liom lcavcn
io caiil and blisslully siaycd ai Vamsivaia loi somc days, sccing Youi
incompaiablc pasiimcs wiil Siï Haii and bccoming acquainicd wiil His boyliicnds
and giilliicnds ilcic.`
Hcaiing ilis, Siïmaii Radlaiani said in a swcci and joling voicc: O loiiunaic giil.
You aic ilc mosi iniclligcni giil in lcavcn. No-onc is moic clcvci ilan You,
bccausc You siill bcai ilc namc Sumana (llowci oi good siaic ol mind) alilougl
Youi mind is cui by ilc swoid ol cagcincss.`
Alici lcaiing Siïmaii Radlaiani's swcci jolcs, Kisna colouicd His lips wiil His
swcci smilc and said wiil sliglily lniiicd cycbiows: O Radlc! I don'i lnow
anyonc wlo is Youi cqual in pioicciing Mc liom any oilci man sccing Mc.`
Siïmaii Radlaiani icplicd: Is ilcic any nccd ol any oilci man alici You lavc
cnjoycd wiil Kisna, loi Wlom You lavc comc lcic' Tcll Mc wlai You wani io
asl Mc. I only jolcd wiil You bccausc I considci You io bc My giilliicnd.`
Loid Kisna said: Salli. Wlo can dclcai You in joling' O Radlc, You aic My
liicnd. Alilougl You aic only a luman bcing, all ilc goddcsscs wani io puiily
ilcmsclvcs by singing Youi gloiics and bowing down io You. I am noi llaiiciing
You, so don'i bc sly. I'm noi indillcicni io You, I can ncvci lic io You. Lvcn
Lalsmi and Paivaii aic noi cqual io You in auspicious aiiiibuics! Tlcic is no giil
in ilc ilicc woilds oi bcyond ilcm wiil so mucl lovc as You, and cvcn in ilcii
minds ilcsc giils don'i daic io clallcngc You. I lavc lcaid ilis in Paivaii's
asscmbly on ilc pcal ol Mouni Kailasl. Hcaiing ol Youi gloiics I wanicd io scc
You, bui ilcn I bccamc upsci. Unloiiunaicly My lcaii docs noi bical ol soiiow,
bccausc ii is so laid.`
Hcaiing ilis, Siïmaii Radlaiani said: Salli! Wly aic You upsci' Tcll Mc
quiclly.` lui Kisna could noi icply, loi His voicc was clolcd wiil icais, so Hc
icmaincd silcni as icais siicamcd ovci His lacc. Radla pcisonally wipcd ilcsc icais
liom His cycs wiil Hci saii.
Loid Kisna icmaincd silcni loi a momcni and ilcn iold Siïmaii Radlaiani: How
did you dcvclop ilis siiong, causclcss, incompaiablc lovc loi ilis lusiy boy, Kisna'
How can You givc Youiscll so mucl misciy by iiusiing sucl an uniiusiwoiily boy
as Him' Alilougl Hc is adoincd wiil qualiiics lilc bcauiy, lcioism, incompaiablc
loiiunc and lamc, Kisna also las onc lauli, by wlicl all ilcsc qualiiics aic spoilcd.
Tlai is ilai Hc docs noi considci somconc clsc's lovc, and ilai Hc is vciy lusiy.
Tlcicloic Hc is noi lii io ialc slclici ol.
Onc day Kisna plays many gamcs wiil You, slowing You mucl lalsc lovc, ialing
You lilc a naivc giil io a sccludcd placc ai nigli. lui ilcn Hc lcavcs You io go oll
io somc oilci giil. Hcaiing Youi lamcniaiions ovci ilis, all Youi giilliicnds and
cvcn ilc vincs and biids bcgin io ciy. I lavc bccn waicling all ilis, liding ai
Vamsivaia, lccling mucl pain ovci ii.
Duiing ilc iasa dancc, Kisna lcli all ilc gopis io slow spccial lcclings io You. lui
alici bccoming iiicd ol playing wiil You in ilc loicsi alici a wlilc Hc suddcnly lcli
You alonc again!
I cannoi loigci Youi loud lamcniaiions ai ilai iimc, as You lainicd liom misciy.
Tliougl all cigli siagcs ol lilc uniil dcail ilcsc lamcniaiions ol Youis will icmain
buincd inio My lcaii.
I am a goddcss, O lamous giil. I ncvci lccl any pain. lui alas! Lvcn My lcaii was
suddcnly piciccd by a spcai ol piiy alici sccing You lilc ilai. Tlcic sccms io bc no
way io ialc ilai spcai oui. My lcaii is so aiiaclcd io You ilai ii las no dcsiic io
lnow anyiling aboui lcavcn, and ii is noi ablc io icmain lcic loi cvcn a sccond.
My mind is spinning and is unablc io siay ai casc. Now, alici a long iimc, I am
icvcaling My lcclings io You.
I lavc bccomc aliaid ol Kisna, bccausc Hc is simply dcvoid ol piciy and slamc,
and Hc ncvci iiavciscs ilc pail ol compassion. As a baby Hc lillcd a woman
(Puiana), in lis clildlood a call (Vaisasuia) and in His youil a bull (Aiisiasuia)!`
Siïmaii Radlaiani icplicd: O bcauiilul giil. You lavc ilc samc indcsciibablc
poicncy as Kisna. Alilougl You aic ciiiicizing Him so mucl, My mind is siill vciy
aiiaclcd io You. You aic My liicnd. Don'i go bacl io lcavcn, bui always siay wiil
Mc in Viaja. I will opcn ilc box ol my lovc and slow all ilc cxccllcni jcwcls in ii.`
Loid Kisna said: Alas! Siill You don'i iiusi Mc. Don'i jusi asl Mc io bc Youi
liicnd. I wani io Youi maidscivani. lc plcascd wiil Mc and oidci Mc. I swcai io
You on ilc namc ol Loid Visnu, bc plcascd wiil Mc. I lavc no oilci slclici ilan
Hcaiing ilis, Siïmaii Radlaiani said: Salli. Il you wani io undcisiand My lovc
loi Kisna ilcn lisicn. Picma is so gicai ilai cvcn ilc lnowcis ol ilc Vcdas cannoi
lnow ii, noi oilcis wlo claim io lnow ii. Salli! Onc wlo icaclcs picma io an
inquisiiivc pcison cannoi lnow ii, noi can ilcii lcaici lnow ii. Ii's all jusi
imiiaiion! Picma disappcais bcloic boil ilc disciiminaic and indisciiminaic
pcison, bui ilai puic-lcaiicd soul wlo is licc liom disciiminaiion and wlo is lull
ol sacicd giccd, is ablc io appioacl ilc ilionc ol naiuial lovc. Tlai is slown
iliougl ilc lovci's aciiviiics, wlicl aic only dcdicaicd io ilc lappincss ol ilc
Jusi as a lion lccds limscll on clcplanis, picma lccds iiscll, dclcaiing all misciics
ilai aic as lcavy as mouniains and aic causcd by ilings ol ilis woild, ilc ncxi
woild, onc's own lamily, onc's cncmics oi onc's mosi bclovcd onc. Tlai lion ol
picma is pioud ol iis bodily lusiic and is lcailcss. Hc can go io slccp wiiloui
woiiying. Wlai woiiics will ilc lion lavc wlcn ilc dogs ol unlavouiablc
aiiaclmcnis bail' Picma slincs lilc a lamp in ilc dailncss.
lccausc ol ilis dccciilulncss, picma appcais io bc licsl and inioxicaiing ai cvciy
momcni, giving joy io ilc ilicc woilds lilc ilc cool moon (duiing union) and
lcai lilc ilc buining sun ai ilc iimc ol univcisal dcsiiuciion duiing scpaiaiion.
O dcai salli! In wlom clsc in all ilc ilicc woilds oi bcyond ilcm bui in Kisna,
ilc piincc ol ilc cowlcids, is ilis picma io bc lound' Only ilc doc-cycd gopis ol
Vindavana can iclisl ilis, accoiding io ilcii qualilicaiions
Somciimcs ilis picma, wlicl givcs Kisna unlimiicd bliss, appcais io bc lusi, bui
somciimcs lusi also lools lilc picma io somc pcoplc. Kisna, ilc ciown jcwcl ol
clcvci aiiisis, lnows ilis, bui ilai lusi docs noi malc Him lappy. And wlcn onc
gopi says: 'O my liicnd, I'm vciy mucl alllicicd by lccling ol scpaiaiion. Quiclly
biing mc io Kisna' ilcn You slould noi ilinl ilai is lusi, bccausc slc is only
inicicsicd in Kisna's lappincss ilcn.
Kisna is an occan ol lovc, a minc ol jcwcl-lilc qualiiics, and Hc is mosi aiiiaciivc
io ilc giils. Ioi ilis Hc slows sympioms ol lusi lilc dccciilulncss, naugliincss
and cioolcdncss, bui ilis is aciually picma. Can a lundicd ilousand giils, cvcn
wiil gicai cndcavoi, saiisly Kisna's dcsiics' Nonc ol ilcm can. So ii musi bc ilcii
causclcss lovc loi Him ilai malcs Him inicicsicd in ilcm.
Ol all ilcsc gopis, Loid Kisna is mosi aiiiacicd io Mc. Tlai is wcll lnown in ilc
woild. Tlai can ncvci bc lalsc. Hc considcis My lovc io bc as gicai as Mouni Mciu,
and ilc lovc ol ilc oilci gopis io bc lilc ilicc oi loui musiaid sccds. Kisna
iccipiocaics wiil ilc lovc ol ilc oilci gopis, and Hc cnjoys wiil ilcm
accoidingly. Tlai is noi wiong ol Him, bui il onc gopi gcis oui ol linc and malcs
Him unlappy, ilcn I bccomc vciy sad.
Il Kisna somciimcs docsn'i slow up ai ilc mcciing placc, ilcn I lnow Hc musi
lavc mci somc obsiaclc. Lvcn ilougl His mind is lixcd on Mc Hc may lccl obligcd
somciimcs io cnjoy wiil somc oilci gopi, bcing sioppcd on His way by lci. Hc
will noi lccl lappy wiil lci, bui bc buining in a liic ol misciy ilc wlolc nigli.
Ioi ilis soiiow ol His I am again vciy sad. I will ciy, ilinling: 'My dicss,
oinamcnis and loim aic all usclcss!' You lavc all cxpciicnccd ilai.
Tlcn wlcn Kisna lumbly comcs io Mc in ilc moining I will angiily icll Him: 'Go
bacl and cnjoy wiil ilai oilci giil.' lui ilai is also all loi His plcasuic. Tlai is ilc
way ol lovc in Viaja.
I slow My own lcclings by saying: 'O clcaici! Wly did You lcavc Mc io go io
anoilci giil'' and Kisna slows His lcclings by sianding bcloic Mc wiil ilc lovc-
signs ol anoilci giil on His body, admiiiing His own ollcnsc.
Tlcicloic I am saying, O salli, as long as ilc ligli ol picma docs noi slinc
iliougl ilc lacc, ii will slinc sicadily in ilc abodcs ol boil ilc lovci's lcaiis. lui
il ii is biougli ouisidc ii will vanisl oi dim. Tlc candlc ol picma can slow iis own
abundani lusiic io a icalizcd soul as ii comcs oui iliougl ilc windows ol ilc cycs
and ii illuminaics ilc clccls, lips, loiclcad and clcsi in a sublimc way. lui
alilougl ilis picma slincs liom ilc lacc ol Kisna, ii is ncvci saiislicd, bccausc Hc
clcvcily covcis ii wiil a cuiiain ol lics, so ilai ii will lool lilc lusi.
Wlcn onc lovci is angiy wiil Him, Kisna will say: 'O dcaicsi onc, I lovc you ilc
mosi! I cannoi cvcn dicam ol lciiing anoilci giil in My lcaii!' lui wlcn ilai giil
siays angiy wiil Him, sccing ilc lovc-signs ol anoilci giil on Him, Hc will comc
and icll Mc all ilis.
Tlcn Hc will dcsciibc ilc bcauiy and swccincss ol My lacc and cycs, jusi io cnjoy
wiil Mc, as il Hc is ovciwlclmcd by lusi. lui Hc docs noi slow His picma by
saying 'You aic My lilc' and so on.
lui wlcn a gopi is buining in ilc liic ol scpaiaiion and ilc occan ol lci paiicncc
is icduccd io a spoonlul by lci cagcincss io mcci Him, slc icvcals lci picma by
singing vciscs lilc:
yai ic sujaia-caianambuiulam siancsu
blïial sanail piiya dadlïmali lailascsu
icnaiavïm aiasi iad vyailaic na lim svii
luipadiblii bliamaii dlïi blavad-ayusam nal
O dcaily bclovcd! Youi loius lcci aic so soli ilai wc placc ilcm gcnily on oui
bicasis, lcaiing ilai Youi lcci will bc luii. Oui lilc icsis only in You. Oui minds,
ilcicloic, aic lillcd wiil anxiciy ilai Youi icndci lcci migli bc woundcd by
pcbblcs as You ioam aboui on ilc loicsi pail.` (Sl 10.31.19)
In ilis way slc clcaily cxpicsscs lci unmoiivaicd lovc loi Kisna. Alilougl ilc
lilc-aiis aic unablc io pcnciiaic ilc dccp dailncss ol ilis gicai scpaiaiion, ilc lamp
ol picma slincs biiglily in ii, bccausc ii is nouiislcd by ilc oil ol gicai allcciion.
Alici abandoning ilc gopis in ilc iasa dancc Hc also lcli Mc. Lisicn io wly Hc
did ilis. Tlc piincc ol Viaja is an occan ol divinc lovc, and Hc considcis Mc io bc
ilc gicaicsi ol His lovcis. I can ncvci ialc ollcnsc ai His bclavioui.
Hc scaicd Mc on a divinc ilionc ol maicllcss good loiiunc and adoincd Mc wiil
many linds ol jcwcl-lilc pasiimcs, wandciing liom onc loicsi io anoilci wiil Mc,
and cnjoying loving pasiimcs wiil Mc wiiloui icmcmbciing any oilci gopi. Tlcn
I ilougli io Myscll: 'My giilliicnds cannoi scc ilis gicai ncciai-occan ol bliss.
Wlcic aic ilcy now, alllicicd by scpaiaiion' Wlai slall I do'
Il Wc waii lcic loi a momcni, ilc sallis wlo aic wandciing lcic and ilcic
looling loi Us will soon lind Us.' Tlinling lilc ilis, I iold Kisna: 'Dcaicsi onc, I
cannoi go any luiilci.' And wc sai down loi a momcni.
Siï Kisna, ilc ciown jcwcl ol clcvci pianlsicis, and ilc loicmosi iclislci ol
iiansccndcnial mcllow, lncw wlai was on My mind and ilougli io Himscll: 'Il I
wandci iliougl ilc loicsi wiil Siïmaii Radlaiani ilcic will bc no lappincss. All
ilc gopis will bccomc sad, and il Wc boil waii loi ilcm lcic ilcy will lind us and
clasiisc Us loi lcaving ilcm. Tlcn all oui lilas will siop loi ilc nigli and ilc gopis
will go lomc wiiloui dancing ilc iasa dancc wiil Mc.'
Tlcicloic Hc lcli Mc, so ilai ilc gopis would pui ilc blamc on Him insicad ol
Mc, and ilcy would lovc Mc in all icspccis. Hc ilougli: 'Tlcy will bc immciscd in
an occan ol asionislmcni alici sccing Hci maicllcss lcvci ol scpaiaiion liom Mc.
Tlcii piidc ol ilcii lovc loi Mc will bc diminislcd and ilcy will scc low Radla is
billions ol iimcs bciici ilan all ol ilcm, in ilc mood ol union and in scpaiaiion.
Hc ilougli: 'Tlcy may ilinl ilai I am lusiy, and ilai is wly I lcli ilcm io play
wiil Siïmaii Radlaiani, alilougl ilcii lovc loi Mc is mucl gicaici ilan Hcis.
Tlus ilcy may accusc Us. lui wlcn ilcy aic buincd by ilc llamcs ol scpaiaiion
liom Mc ilai buin Siïmaii Radlaiani, as ilcy comc closci io Hci, ilcy will icalizc
ilai ilcsc llamcs aic mucl liglci ilan ilc insignilicani liics ol ilcii lovc.
Hc ilougli: 'I wani ilcm all io uniic, and in ilis way My dcsiic will bc lullillcd.
Ai ilc samc iimc ilcy will noi bc jcalous wlcn I laici dancc in ilc middlc ol ilc
ciiclc ol ilc iasa dancc, wiil Siïmaii Radlaiani as ilc ccniial gopi. Jusi as onc is
uliimaicly lclpcd by an cyc-oinimcni ilai iniiially buins, similaily a wcll-mcaning
liicnd somciimcs las io givc pain io lis liicnd io lclp lim.'
O goddcss. Tlinling lilc ilis, Kisna lovingly caiiicd Mc on His clcsi loi a wlilc
and ilcn said: 'Dcaicsi Onc, jusi waii lcic loi a momcni.' Tlcn Hc lcli Mc bclind
in a soli placc.
Wlcn Kisna saw low upsci I was aboui ilis Hc lcli vciy soiiy, bui jusi as Hc was
aboui io iciuin io consolc Mc, My giilliicnds camc and lound Mc ilcic and
comloiicd Mc in My mood ol inicnsc scpaiaiion.
Aciually, Kisna didn'i do anyiling wiong by lilling ilc dcmons Aiisiasuia,
lalasuia, Aglasuia, Vaisasuia and ilc dccciilul Puiana, bccausc ilcy wcic lillcd
by ilc powci ol Loid Visnu, wlo appcaicd in Him (Kisna) io pioicci ilc dcvoiccs.
Kisna's iiansccndcnial lcais, lilc lilling ilcsc dcmons and liliing Govaidlana Hill
piovc Gaiga Muni's woids io Nanda Malaiaja ilai Kisna is cqual io Loid
Naiayana in qualiiics. lui, O dcvi, Loid Naiayana cannoi cqual Kisna in loim,
aiiiibuics and swccincss. Tlai's wlai I undcisiood liom ilc woids ol Gaiga, ilc
bcsi ol ilc Munis.`
Hcaiing ilcsc bcauiilul woids ol Siïmaii Radlaiani, Loid Haii cagcily said: I
lnow ilai You aic ilc only vcsscl ol ilc picma You lavc jusi dcsciibcd. O dcai
liicnd! Tlc csscncc ol youi ambiosial ialls aboui picma is ilai ii malcs ilc lovci's
laulis lool lilc qualiiics, ii malcs ilc misciy ilc lovci givcs sccm lilc ilc bclovcd
iasic ol ncciai, ii malcs onc unablc io iolciaic cvcn ilc sliglicsi misciy ilai ilc
lovci may lccl, ii malcs onc unablc io givc up onc's body and ii malcs ilc lovci
sccm gloiious cvcn ilougl lc may noi bc gloiious ai all. Tlai is picma, O Radla,
and You aic ilc only slclici ol ilai picma, jusi as I lavc lcaid in Paivaii's
lui, O salli! Haii docs noi lavc ilai samc lovc loi You. Tlai I can scc liom lis
aciiviiics! Tlcicloic My lcaii buins wlcn I scc Youi lcaii buining in a loicsi liic
ol misciy.
How can wc bclicvc Youi cxplanaiion ol wly Hc lcli You in ilc iasa dancc' Wc
lavc ncvci lcaid ilis liom Him, noi liom His liicnds. And wlcn did ilcy cvci
spcal ilc iiuil'
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: Salli! I lnow cxacily and immcdiaicly wlai is on My
lovci's mind.`
Loid Kisna icplicd: Radla! How could You lnow' Havc You siudicd ilc Acyuia
yoga sciipiuics, so ilai You lnow low io cnici oilci pcoplc's bodics'`
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: You aic a dcmigoddcss, so You aic always cagci io lcain
ilis Acyuia yoga. I am bui a luman bcing, so low can I bc lilc You' Il you ilinl
You can bclicvc Mc, I will icll You low I can lnow wlai is in My lovci's mind.
Oilciwisc, wly slould I wasic My woids'`
Loid Kisna icplicd: O, My dcai Radla. Il You can logically convincc Mc, ilcn
wly slouldn'i I bclicvc You' Youi lovci may bc an occan ol qualiiics, bui I don'i
bclicvc Hc aciually lovcs You.
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: You aic an cxpcii jolci. You musi bc joling wlcn You
call somconc wlo docs noi lnow ilc mind ol Hci bclovcd a scci wlo is ablc io
cnici somconc clsc's body oi mind.`
Kisna said: Radla, I am soiiy ilai You cannoi scc Kisna, alilougl You claim io
lnow His mind. Wly aic You ciying loudly'` Siïmaii Radlaiani said: You spcal
ilc iiuil, bui lisicn. Ai ilai iimc I did noi lavc ilis iniuiiivc lccling. I was jusi
ciying oui ol scpaiaiion liom Kisna.`
Kisna ilcn said: Gandaivilc. I don'i aiguc wlcilci You lnow His mind oi noi,
bui ilc qucsiion is il Hc lnows Youis.` Radla icplicd: Hc lnows My mind. Wly
do You asl' Lisicn io ilc sccici suiiounding ilis. I will icll You, only bccausc You
coniiol Mc wiil Youi lovc.`
Kisna said: Radlc! I asl You ilis boldly bccausc I am ovciwlclmcd wiil lovc loi
You. You slould icll Mc ii cxacily as I wani io lcai ii, and don'i lidc anyiling.`
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: Wc lnow wlai is in cacl oilci's minds, and Wc always
dwcll ilcic. Tlis is noi imaginaiion. Wc aic aciually onc soul. Wc can ncvci bc
splii in iwo.
Wc aic onc soul, lull ol dccp iasa, wiil a goldcn and bluisl loim, lilc iwo loius
llowcis, onc goldcn and ilc oilci bluc, in onc lalc. As a iwo-wiclcd cup lull ol oil
dcsiioys ilc dailncss on boil sidcs, Wc dcsiioy ilc dailncss ol Oui ncaiby
giilliicnds wiil Oui iwo bodics, alilougl Wc aic onc soul.
O salli! Wlcn ilc wind ol scpaiaiion sccms io blow oui ilc lamp ol oui lovc,
Oui cxpcii giilliicnds caiclully pioicci ii and givc ii ncw lilc by aiianging loi Us io
mcci cacl oilci. O auspicious giil. Rcmovc ilc dailncss ol Youi doubis by
opcning ilc box ol My lcaii and looling ai ilc sccici jcwcls ol lovc in ii. Hold
ilcm in Youi lcaii and ncvci slow ilcm io anyonc!`
Kisna said: I caiclully considcicd wlai You iold Mc jusi now, and now My mind
bccomcs vciy cagci io diiccily icsi Youi woids. Now You aic lcic, bui wlcic is
Youi lovci' Is Hc ai lomc oi is Hc icnding His cows in ilc loicsi' How can you
malc Mc bclicvc ilai You aic onc soul wiiloui allowing Mc io icsi ii' O laii-laccd
giil, I will liimly bclicvc You wlcn You can slow Mc ilai You aic ilinling ol ilc
samc iling as Him ai ilc samc iimc. Is Youi lovci closc by oi lai away' Quiclly
ilinl ol ilis and I will gladly bclicvc ilai You aic onc soul wiil iwo bodics.
I will noi bc laiillcss il by clancc You cannoi mcci bccausc You aic wiillcld by
Youi supciiois, bccausc ol somc dcmon, oi bccausc ol any oilci icason, ilougl
You may bc ilinling ol cacl oilci. Alilougl You aic loclcd in Youi lousc and
You cannoi call Youi lovci, go oui io mcci Him oi biing Him io You, siill, O
icsilcss cycd giil, You musi icmcmbci Him jusi oncc on My icqucsi. O Kisna-
piiya, wc will bc vciy lappy il Hc would comc. Now is a good oppoiiuniiy,
bccausc Youi supciiois aic noi lcic. So lcailcssly icmovc ilc misciy coming liom
My doubis.`
lcing icqucsicd lilc ilis, Malaiaja Visablanu's dauglici said: O salli, don'i
malc lun ol Mc. Il I cannoi do wlai You wani, My picma will bc pui io slamc by
My gicai pain.`
Tlcn Siïmaii Radlaiani piaycd: O You wlo aic piaiscd by ilc dcmigods. O
cllulgcni onc. O My closcn Dciiy, ilc sungod. O You wlo gladdcns ilc ilicc
woilds wiil His audicncc. O lullillci ol all dcsiics. O mcicilul onc. O Loid ol ilc
loius llowcis. O wiincss ol all iiuils and lalscloods. Il Gandaivila and Giiidlaii
aic onc soul, ilcn lci Giiidlaii now appcai bcloic Mc io plcasc My giilliicnds.`
Saying ilis, Siïmaii Radlaiani mcdiiaicd on Hci bclovcd Loid, Siï Kisna, wiil
closcd cycs, coniiolling Hci scnscs lilc a yogini. Tlcn Loid Kisna gavc up His
lcmalc disguisc, winlcd ai His loyal giilliicnds and bcgan io liss and cmbiacc
Siïmaii Radlaiani. Siïmaii Radlaiani's slin was siuddcd wiil goosc pimplcs ol
ccsiasy wlcn Slc saw Hci lovci coming in Hci mcdiiaiion as wcll cxicinally, and
Slc waslcd ilc mascaia liom Hci cycs wiil Hci ccsiaiic icais.
Wlcn laii-cycd Radla camc bacl io Hci scnscs Slc slyly covcicd Hci lacc wiil
Hci vcil, wlilc Laliia iold Kisna: O playlul onc. Ii's mosi amazing ilai You camc
lcic in sucl an unsccn way. Tlis innci clambci is only acccssiblc io louscwivcs,
and cvcn ilc wind cannoi cnici ii. Any man wlo can cnici ilis clambci is ilc
cicsi jcwcl ol all bold mcn. Noi only is ilis clambci laid io cnici, bui Siïmaii
Radlaiani is also pioiccicd by Hci liicnds lilc mc. All ilc clasic womcn puiily
ilcmsclvcs by bailing in ilc puic Gangcs waici ol Siïmaii Radlaiani's lamc. You
aic so slamclcss! My liicnd sai down on Hci asana io mcdiiaic bcloic woislipping
ilc Sungod alici Hci iiiual bail, and now You lavc loicibly iouclcd and
coniaminaicd Hci. Aicn'i You aliaid ol ilc Sungod' Havc You givcn up all social
and icligious ciiquciic' Don'i You lavc any slamc' Anyway, Madlava, You'ic
lucly ioday. Jaiila and Ablimanyu aic noi ai lomc and wc aic all wcal giils. O
bcsi ol ilc womanizcis, You aic vciy lucly!`
Loid Kisna icplicd: Ii's noi my lauli. I was playing in ilc couiiyaid ol My bain
wlcn I suddcnly icmcmbcicd Siïmaii Radlaiani, and ilcn ilis goddcss biougli
Mc lcic.`
Radla said: Laliia! Wlcic is ilis goddcss now' I lavc io scc lci io bclicvc lci.`
Laliia said: Tlc goddcss bccamc licc liom disiicss wlcn slc saw You mcciing
wiil Kisna. Now slc slincs in ilis ioom, and wc lavc all bccomc mosi lappy.`
Loid Kisna said: Slow Mc ilai goddcss.` lui Laliia icmaincd silcni. Kisna ilcn
said: In sucl a sloii iimc I lavc undcisiood Youi slamclcssncss. Has any
pcilccicd lady oi goddcss comc lcic, liom wlom you lavc ialcn a pcilcci maniia
wiil wlicl you wani io coniiol Mc and loicc Mc inio slavciy' O Siïmaii
Radlaiani, I also wani a maniia liom ilis goddcss. Hclp Mc io gci ilc samc
maniia ilai You icccivcd. I vciy cagcily ialc slclici ol You. Talc Mc io a loncly
placc and malc Mc Youi disciplc.`
Siïmaii Radlaiani said: Youi lluic alicady lnows ilai cnclaniing aii wiil wlicl
You ialc ilc clasic louscwivcs on Youi lap.` Kisna icplicd: lui il You sical ilc
lluic, ilcn wlai will bc My dcsiinaiion' Lvcn iliougl My lluic I cannoi lavc My
dcsiics lullillcd.`
Laliia said: Sccing You, ilis goddcss slyly lidcs insidc ilc lousc wiiloui coming
oui. So low can slc givc You ilis maniia' Il You aic cagci io gci ii, ilcn go insidc
Youiscll. Il slc is lind upon You, You will lavc Youi dcsiics lullillcd.`
Alici lcaiing ilis, Loid Kisna cnicicd ilc lousc and Siïmaii Radlaiani said:
Laliia, wlai's lappcning' I'm aliaid.` Laliia icplicd: Wlai aic You aliaid ol'
Comc, wc'll all go wiil You and Haii io scc ilis salli.`
Tlc sccds ol Kisna's woids wcic ilus planicd in Radla's licld-lilc lcaii and
spiinllcd wiil ilc ncciai siicam ol jolcs ol ilc cloudlilc sallis, causing a siicam
ol aigumcnis io spioui, ilai boic ilc juicy liuii ol iiuc conclusions.
Tlcn Laliia said: Salli! Tlai goddcss las disappcaicd. Wlcic las slc gonc'
Wc'ic quiclly going oui io lool loi lci. You can malc Youi bclovcd lappy by
giving Him ilis maniia Youiscll.` Tlcn slc quiclly lcli wiil lci giilliicnds.
Ai ilai iimc Siï Siï Radla-Kisna dccoiaicd cacl oilci wiil so many play jcwcls
liom Tlcii lovc box, ilus dclcaiing ilc lusiic ol millions ol Cupids. Lvcn ilc gicai
sainis dclcai Cupid by always lcaiing, gloiilying and icmcmbciing sucl loving
iiansccndcnial pasiimcs. Anyonc wlo laiillully lcais oi dcsciibcs ilis pasiimc ol
ilc Supicmc Loid wiil ilc gopis ol Viaja aiiains supicmc dcvoiion io Kisna, and
quiclly bccomcs licc liom ilc lcaii's discasc ol lusi, bccoming lixcd in Kisna
Tlis bool "Picma Sampuia` was compilcd by somconc on ilc banl ol
Radlalunda and Syamalunda in ilc monil ol Plalguna (Icbiuaiy-Maicl) 1606
Sala cia (16S5 AD).