Only for use on uncut enamel, for instance with cementing of adhesion bridges.
NOTE: Please read PANAVIA 21 Instructions for Use thoroughly before using the product. PANAVIA 21 is a trade mark of Kuraray Co., Ltd. WARRANTY: All data herein are based on actual measurements performed by Kuraray Co., Ltd. All information contained herein is presented in good faith and without warranty. Kuraray Co, Ltd. will replace any product that is proved to be defective. Neither Kuraray Co., Ltd. nor the distributor accepts liability for any loss or damage, direct, consequential or special, arising out of the application or use of or the inability to use these products. Before using, the user will determine the suitability of the products for the intended use and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. 450 EUL-GB 01.99



A mild conditioner for enamel and dentine. Enhances bond strength of PANAVIA 21 and accelerates polymerization. Consists of Liquid A and liquid B.

PANAVIA 21 Paste
A radio-opaque composite, consisting of catalyst and universal paste. It contains the adhesive monomer MDP, which provides long term bond strength. Available in three shades: – PANAVIA 21 TC: Transparent paste for the cementing of aesthetic restorations. – PANAVIA 21 EX: A semi-transparent white paste. – PANAVIA 21 OP: An opaque paste used for masking metal.

Panavia 21 enjoys worldwide fame as an
outstanding cement. The material bonds very good to enamel and dentine as well as to composite, porcelain and precious & base metals. It is easy to use and preparation errors can be eliminated.

For application to the margin. Easy to rinse off. Contains a polymerization accelerator to promote setting.

A cement meeting today’s highest standards as well as those of the 21st century!

Panavia 21, an incredibly reliable cement which
leads you securely into the 21st century.

Manufactured by KURARAY CO., LTD. 1-12-39 , Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8611, JAPAN Kuraray European Union Representative KURARAY EUROPE GmbH, Schiess Strasse 68, D-40549 Düsseldorf



PANAVIA 21 can be left to cure after covering the margins with OXYGUARD II. In addition. so ensuring reliable use of the PANAVIA 21 system on vital teeth. dentine. After the Panavia 21 setting time of 3 minutes. ED PRIMER contains a polymerization accelerator reducing PANAVIA 21 setting time.which would adversely affect the placement of the restoration . ED PRIMER also tightly seals the tubules and the intertubular dentine. and superior bond. excellent pulp compatibility. OXYGUARD II is rinsed off. splints and conventional crown and bridge work. Enhanced bond strength ED PRIMER improves the bonding to enamel. impregnated layer Primer-link Mixing for maximal 20 seconds Ready for use Application of ED PRIMER on enamel and dentine. TC (tooth color) Anterior adhesion and splint Posterior adhesion bridge and splint Metal inlay. . Function of ED PRIMER ED PRIMER dissolves the smear layer and penetrates into the dentine Dissolved smear layer Dentinal tubules Dentine Adhesion of PANAVIA 21 to dentine Dosage Restoration PANAVIA 21 Primer layer with smear layer ingredients Hybrid. the practical dispenser mixes both pastes at the correct ratio. of preformed posts and cast post and core.10 1 PANAVIA 21 paste: Catalyst and Universal paste 2 ED PRIMER Liquid A / Liquid B 3 OXYGUARD II 4 PANAVIA ETCHING AGENT V 6 21 5 Mixing pad 6 Mixing spatula 7 Mixing dish 8 Sponge pledget 9 Brush tips 10 Brush holder P A N A V I A 3 1 8 5 Extensive range of indications PANAVIA 21 is specifically for the cementing of adhesion bridges.and thin enough to achieve an optimal film thickness. PANAVIA 21 cures under anaerobic conditions. protecting PANAVIA 21 from abrasion near the margins and preventing the development of a marginal gap. metal and composite. so that it attains its highest bond strenght more quickly. With a simple turning motion. a particularly favorable aspect for root canal post cementing. Only unprepared enamel needs to be etched with PANAVIA ETCHING AGENT V before ED PRIMER application. a smooth paste is obtained: not too thick . After a mixing period of 20 to 30 seconds. If intra-oral cementing is intended. crown and bridge Silanated porcelain or cured composite inlay. onlay. offering valuable properties such as thin film thickness. Furthermore. onlay and crown Preformed post/Cast post and core Amalgam bonding s s s v s q v s q s q v v s s 9 No etching required 4 2 Pre-treatment of the enamel and the dentine involves application of ED PRIMER. Anaerobic curing 7 Easy processing EX (standard white) q s s OP (opaque) s s q First choice Adequate Not recommended PANAVIA 21 is a paste-paste system. availability in several colors. porcelain and composite. A benefit that may also be attributed to the precisely tailored consistency of the material. and for bonded amalgam restorations. PANAVIA 21 is suited to all of these purposes. Superior peripheral sealing PANAVIA 21 is a composite cement which has an extremely high filler content of barium glass particles. of metal.

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