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Specifications Internal Memory: 1Mbyte SRAM Memory Card: Dimension: Weight: LCD: Imput Device: Quality System: 512Mbyte NAND Flash memory 220mm X 149mm X 56mm 800g (Base unit only) 320 X 240 Graphic LCD with LED backlight Membrane keypad ISO 9001:2008 certified

EMC Compliance:CE/C-tick/FCC approved Ect: Sustaining Power for 10 seconds

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Special Functions

CMSCAN features multi range control system Coverage. ABS,SRS,ETS,CClimate control,ECM,PCM,Immobilizer,Instrument Cluster and much much more. Suppors extended functions such as activation, reset basic settings, adaptation, repair guide, etc.

Diagnostic Coverage

-Asian Cars Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura,Mitsubishi, Nissan/Infiniti, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Kia, GM-dAEWOO, Ssangyoung, Rcnault-Samsung -Europcan Cars Mereedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Aodi, SEAT,Skoda, Ford, Opel/Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Saab, Fiat/Alfa Romeo. Lancia, Volvo,Jaguar, Land Rover -Amcrican Cars GM, Ford, Chrysler -Australion Cars Holden, Ford -Latin Amcricon cars GM-OPEL, CORSA/MONZA, BRONTO -Malaysian Cars Proton, Perodua -Indian Cas Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra -Generic CAN and all Enhanced CAN -Gencric OBD2 and Europcan OBD compliant

Convenience&Cost Saving

512MB memory card includes all sofware applications and allows useful cehicle information as well as future cehicle S/W expansibility -Quick and frequent S/W update, no extra cost for adding an applicaiton -First two years Free update -Software update through intemet

MGK Lt GF A1 No. 1-2 Kemayoran-Jakpus Telp./fax : +62 21 2664 7224 email : website :

Features and Functions

1.Ergonomic high tech design, super tough over mold construction Technology and user-friendly Compact size 2.512MB memory card for Worldwide vehicle coverage : Japanese, Korean European, American and multi-area vehicles. 3.Extra large backlit super clear colored LCD display 4.All Generic CAN and Enhanced CAN protocol connunicate perfectly 5.Easy software updates Through internet 6.Data stream Graphical display functions for easy viewing 7."Blackbox" record functions, save and replay events as they happen 8.Actuator tests, prove the inputs and outputs and check continuity of circuits 9.Connector location guide, wiring diagrams, scan tool and fault code help menu's 10.Realtime PC interface through USB 11.Gas Analyzer interface


CMSCAN provides realtime PC interface and windows based click-and-go software update through USB. CMSCAN designed to support CAN communication, the future communication protocol, is here now and users can take comfort from CMSCAN's longevity. CMSCAN was designed to interface with gas analyzer for real time driving events.Mocitor of all impertant systems serial data and gas analysis on the same scrcen. CAN BUS SYSTEM USB Interface

MGK Lt GF A1 No. 1-2 Kemayoran-Jakpus Telp./fax : +62 21 2664 7224 email : website :