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CVA or Certified Valuation Analyst is the number one international certification in business valuation in the world. CVA is granted by the IACVA, the International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts in USA (www.iacva.org), which is the first and only international association established to provide worldwide support to professionals who perform business valuations and valuations of intangible property of all kinds. CVA is finally here in Egypt, brought to you exclusively through Developers for Training and Consultancy (DTC) in cooperation with the Institute for Financial Analysts (IFA).
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This is your chance to advance your career and obtain a unique world class certificate or develop your staff to be of the highest caliber. The average score in Cairo in the last three years was 87%.

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Main components
 C o v e r a g e of o n e of t h e m o s t c h a l l e n g i n g a s p ec ts of t h e v a l u a t i o n p r o c e s s wh i c h is t h e d e v e l o p m e n t of c a p i t a l i za t i o n a n d d i s c o u n t r at e s i n a g l o b a l e n v i r o nm e n t . T h i s p ar t of t h e c o ur s e wi l l s h o w yo u h o w t o a v o i d c om m o n p i tf a l ls i n d e t e rm i n i n g t h e s e r at e s .  V a l u at i o n of in ta n g ib l e as s ets t ha t h a v e b ec om e a s i g n if ic an t c om pon e nt of b us in es s v a l ue .  A c as e s t u d y i n wh i c h a l l v a l u a t i o n c o n c e p ts wi l l b e a p p l i e d .  T h e c o v e r a g e of t h e c a s e wi l l p r e p a r e t h e c a n d i d a t e s t o t h e p a rt of t h e e x am i n a t i o n w h e r e b y, a n d a f t e r h a v i n g p a s s e d t h e C V A e x am . t h e y a r e r e q u i r e d t o s u b m i t a c a s e s t u d y r e p o r t .

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Certified Valuation Analyst
An Outline of CVA Training Program
Day Two: Chapter three: Financial Analysis and Generating Economic/ Normalized Financial Statements
        

Financial Analysis Economic/Normalized Financial Statements IAS and GAAP Accounting Vs. Economic Accounting Constructing Economic Balance Sheets, Statements of Income Financial Analysis Summaries Common-Size Analysis Ratio Analysis Key Financial Ratios Comparative Analysis Analyzing and Valuing Specific Intangible Assets Factors and Approaches for Intangible Asset Valuation

Day One: Book One: Business Valuation- Universal and Fundamental Application Chapter One: Introduction
        
What is Business Valuation? The Evolution of Business valuation Valuation Opportunities for the Business Valuation Professional Overview of the Business Valuation Industry Purposes of Valuations Professional Associations for Business Valuation The Valuation Process Understanding Levels of Value Valuation Theory in U.S. versus Other Countries

 

Chapter Two: Principles of valuation
          
Valuation Concepts standards of value (FMV, FV, BV, Investment Value, Intrinsic Value) premise of value (Going Concern, Liquidation Value) Risk Definitions and Types of Risk Diverse of risk (Control and Marketability) The Equity interest and Investment Defining key Value Drivers Historical Data vs. Projected Data Key Financial Variables The U.S. (IRS) as a Contributor to Value Theory The Valuation Professional

Chapter Four: Estimating Future Income
 Defining earnings and/or Cash Flow  Methods of Estimating Future Income and Cash

 Selecting an Appropriate Method

Day four: Chapter Seven: Valuation Discounts and Premiums
    
Overview Lack of Marketability Discount Minority Interest Discount Mergeratat Review Some Useful Methods Other Resources

Chapter Eight: Professional Standards
 
Preamble General and Ethical Standards Valuation Services Development Standards Reporting Standards Other Guidelines and Requirements Effective Date International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms

Day Three:

Chapter Five: Capitalization/Discount Rates
    

 

Overview: Risk Adjustments and Factors Capitalization and/or Discount Rates Capitalization Rates Methods and Sources
 

Common Models for Computing Capitalization and Discounts rates Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Day Five: Chapter Five: Capitalization/Discount Rates Continued
    
IBBOTSON Build-Up Method

Book Two: Case Study Analysis
 
Accepting and Defining the Valuation Engagement Obtaining the Necessary Information Search for Adjustments Financial Review and Analysis of Adjusted Financial Statements Applied Methods of Valuation Report Writing-Sample Repot

Modified Capital Asset pricing Model SCHILT’s Risk Premium Guidelines and Build-up Summation Model International Cost of Capital

  

Converting Pretax Rates to After Tax Rates

Chapter Six: Commonly Used Methods of Valuation
       
Overview of U.S. Methodologies Asset-Based Approach Income Approach Market Approach Other methods Analyzing and Valuing Intangible Assets Recent U.S. Developments Other Valuations used within and Outside U.S

Day Six: Book Three: IACVA Introduction to Intangibles (International and U.S. Perspective)
      
Purpose of the course Background: A Global Perspective. International Accounting Standards Initial Measurements of Intangible Assets US Tax code: Legal Protection of Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property: A Global Perspective A Valuation Model for Intangible Asset and Intellectual Property