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Junior Investment Analyst (JIA)
JIA Designation
The Junior Investment Analyst (JIA) designation was recently launched by the Schweser Institute in USA ( to cater for the growing need for professional excellence within the investment community in the Middle East and GCC region. The JIA designation will be used as a standard for aiding employers and investors in measuring the competence and integrity of employees and candidates in the fields of portfolio management and investment analysis. Developers for Training & Consultancy-DTC in Collaboration with The Institute for Financial Analysts- IFA are introducing the Junior Investment Analyst International certificate, for the first time, in Egypt.

The JIA certificate equips candidates with a solid base of the skills and knowledge they need to distinguish themselves and compete in the world of investments and finance. Graduates wishing to conquer the investment field, professionals aiming to increase their proficiency, and skilled staff trying to shift their career into the investment and finance profession, could all be prospective candidates for the JIA certification program.  The JIA program will elevate the skills of participants specifically in areas of absolute relevance to the job market and global investment profession including Economics, Ethics, Corporate Finance, Equity, and Portfolio management. Successful candidates will receive a JIA certificate issued by Schweser Institute Certificate Program, a division of Kaplan Schweser, known worldwide for its specialization in finance certification programs. They will therefore be rewarded for their time and effort and will prove their credentials and skills in the labor market. They will also earn recognition among employers for having high standards of ethical and professional conduct as well as the qualifications and competence of global investment professionals. Successful candidates will have strong incentives to pursue other advanced financial certification designation. Following the completion of the program, students will know exactly what to expect from the more advanced financial certificate program and exams.

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The JIA Candidate Body of Knowledge
JIA candid ates will concentrate on the tool s and concepts related to the following m odules:            Professional Ethic s Quantitativ e Methods Economics Financial Statem ent Analysis Portfolio Th eory Corporate Financ e Structure and Operatio n of Securities M arkets Analysis and V aluation of Equity Securities Debt Securities Deriv ativ e Securities Alternativ e Assets

Why the JIA?
The fast changing and challenging economies of today are putting excessive pressure on organizations and companies worldwide to attract those employees who are most talented and qualified to take them through growth as well as crisis periods. Hence, companies in the financial industries and beyond are opting to invest in their employees and encourage them to pursue the prestigious advanced financial qualification for their own as well as corporate benefit. In today’s competitive job markets, demand is also mounting for holders of such professional certifications in finance more than ever. Hence, the Junior Investment Analyst (JIA) program was introduced to provide candidates with the profound basic skills they need to enhance their readiness and preparation to pursue the more advanced programs at a later stage. The Junior Investment Analyst (JIA) program will ensure that the candidate’s time and effort are invested properly. Successful candidates will earn a certificate issued by Schweser Finance Institute and will thus gain recognition and promote their confidence and readiness to pursue a much higher professional designation.

Schweser Institute Certificate Program
Schweser Institute Certificate Program is a subsidiary of Kaplan Schweser, a leading global provider of financial educational solutions. Over the past 20 years Kaplan Schweser has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals leverage their careers in finance and accounting. Kaplan Schweser is the leading educational provider that supplies people around the globe with review notes and books covering curriculum and expert instruction. Throughout their 70‐year history, Kaplan Schweser has remained student‐focused, results‐driven, and committed to helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals. Currently, Kaplan Schweser prepares the study materials for the CFA®, CPA, CAIA, FRM®, and CFP® exams.

JIA Exam Format
The JIA exam is a 3‐hour exam that consists of 120 multiple choice questions. The JIA exam will be administered by Schweser.

JIA Exam Dates
The JIA examination will take place on the following dates: ‐ The 3rd Saturday of March ‐ The 2nd Saturday of July ‐ The 3rd Saturday of November

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