A passlon for Cod and a convlcLlon LhaL Codƌs love and LruLh was meanL for all characLerlzed Lhe
preachlng of uomlnlc de Cuzman ln Lhe 13Lh cenLuryŦ When he founded Lhe Crder of Þreachers
(uomlnlcans) SLŦ uomlnlc was commlLLed Lo preachlng LhaL would be effecLlve and LransformaLlveŦ Pls
deslre was Lo help people hear Codƌs word wlLhln Lhe conLexL of Lhelr own reallLyŤ and hls devoLlon Lo
prayerţ communlLy and sLudy as Lhe necessary preparaLlon for Lhe mlnlsLry of Lhe Word ensured LhaL
Lhe words he spoke would reflecL Lhe 1ruLh of Lhe Word of CodŦ

1odayţ many uomlnlcans would say LhaL Lhey preach wlLh Lhe Sacred ScrlpLures ln one hand and Lhe
newspaper ln Lhe oLherŦ ln Lhls wayţ our preachlng makes Lhe connecLlon beLween Lhe Word of Cod and
Lhe world around usŦ 1hls ls especlally Lrue ln our academlc conLexL where Lhe lmporLance of a unlfled
relaLlonshlp beLween falLh and reason ls especlally emphaslzed and pursuedŦ

We descrlbe ourselves ln four branches of Lhe CrderŦ 1odayţ uomlnlcan men and women follow
uomlnlcƌs vlslon as frlarsţ slsLersţ nunsţ lay uomlnlcans and assoclaLesŦ uomlnlcans form a worldwlde
lamllyţ ln over 100 counLrles of people dedlcaLed Lo communlLyţ prayerţ sLudyţ and Lhe mlnlsLry of Lhe
WordŦ We call Lhese Lhe four plllars of uomlnlcan llfeŦ

MosL people experlence Lhe plllars Lhrough parlshesţ programsţ schoolsţ colleges and unlverslLles
founded and/or sLaffed by members of Lhe Crder of ÞreachersŦ

1he ÞonLlflcal unlverslLy of SLŦ 1homas Aqulnasţ commonly known as Lhe Angellcumţ ls Lhe uomlnlcan
unlverslLy ln 8ome and one of Lhe ma[or ponLlflcal unlverslLles of Lhe ClLyŦ SLaffed and admlnlsLered by
members of Lhe Crder of Þreachersţ lL serves as a focus for Lhe uomlnlcan Lheologlcal and phllosophlcal
LradlLlon among Lhe 8oman ponLlflcal unlverslLlesŦ 1he four plllars of uomlnlcan Llfe are a way lL carrles
on Lhe search for 1ruLh ln CharlLy as we sLrlve Lo llve auLhenLlcally ln our world and Church as dlsclples
of !esus ChrlsLŦ


ƍWhlle respecLlng Lhe lndlvlduallLy of each member of Lhe communlLy we also musL recognlze Lhe
dlverse oplnlons of all and Lo accepL LhaL Lhere are mulLlple ways of expresslng our glfLsŦƍ 8especLlng
Lhe lndlvlduallLy of each member of Lhe academlc communlLy means we as professors creaLe an
envlronmenL conduclve Lo Lhe free expresslon of vlews by our professors and sLudenLsŦ 1hls ls a
fundamenLal requlremenL and a necessary precursor Lo creaLlng a learnlng envlronmenL ŶlŦeŦţ one LhaL
goes beyond Lhe learnlng of facLsŦ 1haL saldţ we also have Lhe baslc responslblllLy Lo provlde full access
Lo facLsŸLhe fullness of our falLhŸ Lhereby leadlng our sLudenLs from ƍlgnorance Lo awarenessƍ


ƍAs prayerful members of Lhe communlLy we are able Lo see everyLhlng and everybody as Lhe glfLs of
Cod LhaL Lhey areŦƍ knowledge of and comforL wlLh our ƍselvesƍ requlre Lhe reflecLlve pracLlces of a
prayerful llfe Ŷas we open our hearLs and mlnds Lo pursue and recelve Lhe LruLh Lhrough conLemplaLlonŦ
lL ls noL only lmporLanL Lo our preparaLlon as professorsţ lL ls also Lhe nexL sLep ln sLudenLsƌ own
preparaLlon for Lhe educaLedţ enllghLened llfeŦ


ƍCur sLudy should noL [usL be for Lhe reward of admlsslon Lo a greaL collegeţ [ob or mlnlsLry Ÿour
reward for falLhful sLudy ls Lhe knowledge needed Lo llve wlLhln Lhe LruLh of Lhe person Cod deslres us
Lo beŦƍ lL ls lncumbenL on us professors Lo lmparL knowledge Lo Lhe fullesL and mosL recenL exLenLţ ln
order Lo equlp our sLudenLs so Lhey can be Lhe persons Cod deslres Lhem Lo beŦ lL ls our responslblllLy
Lhen no Lo hold backţ noL Lo dlluLe Lhrough coddllngţ buL Lo lmparL knowledge ln lLs enLlreLy and
complexlLy żln our common search for wlsdomŽŦ 1hls requlres us Lo ralse Lhe sLandards conLlnuously
and Lo seL hlgh expecLaLlonsţ polnLlng Lo Lhe nexL level of achlevemenL for our sLudenLsţ and enabllng
Lhem Lo bulld Lhelr own knowledge and experlence bases on Lhelr paLh Lo żwlsdomŽŦ

1he hallmark of Lhe uomlnlcan lnLellecLual LradlLlon ls Lo lnLegraLe phllosophlcal and Lheologlcal sLudy
boLh for Lhe sake of advanclng Lhe LradlLlon lLself and for Lhe sake of applylng lLţ wlLh auLhorlLyţ Lo
conLemporary quesLlonsŦ ln Lhe uomlnlcan LradlLlonţ Lhls ls whaL lL means Lo preachť noL merely Lo
exhorL Lhe falLhful Lo a holy llfeţ buL Lo puL Lhe LradlLlon aL Lhelr dlsposal so LhaL Lhey may apply lL wlLh
auLhorlLy Lo conLemporary llfe and Lherefore Lo underLake Lhe work of ChrlsLţ whlch ls Lo redeem Lhe


ƍWe are called Lo preach Lhrough Lhe wlLness of our llvesŦƍ Þrofessors Leach noL [usL Lhrough lecLures ln
Lhe classroom buL by Lhe way Lhey conducL Lhemselvesţ by Lhe wlLness of Lhelr llvesŦ We have an
opporLunlLy Lo parLner wlLh sLudenLs Lo make Lhe learnlng experlence mulLlŴdlmenslonalţ rlchly
wholesomeţ funţ and exhllaraLlngŦ lrom Lhe sLudenLsƌ perspecLlveţ Lhelr ƍmasLeryƍ of a sub[ecL prepares
Lhem Lo Leachŧ Lo bear wlLnessŧ and Lo serveŦ

CfŦ AŦ CŦ !ohnson Ǝ kŦ8Ŧ vlshwanaLh
ƍServanL Þrofessorshlpť Why CarlLas ls noL Coddllngƍ ln cotltos vetltos 5ymposlomţ 2010Ŧ
CfŦ Mlchael Sweeny addressţ Anchorageţ Alaskaţ 2009Ŧ

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