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Unveiling Childhood Today
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November 2011

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November 2011

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Building Cities


lobally, India has garnered a place of its own, despite ceaseless scams and rising public unrest against the unsavoury pressures of corruption that is now impacting even the poorest man on the street. Our global recognition comes from the intellectual contributions of Indian youths not only in the field of IT and communication but also due to their accomplishments in various unconventional arenas. This has come about due to the opening of the gateways of many global universities to international students. Despite objectionable occurrences, in sports too the situation is looking up, with India hosting one international sporting event after another. Setting aside all criticism against international events being hosted by India and the huge magnitude of corruption associated with these, such global events pave way for expansion of infrastructure, amenities and cities. Indian metros are under extreme pressure due to constant migration from rural areas and other states. While all the monies set up for development of infrastructure have found their way to the Swiss accounts of avaricious political leaders, cities are tottering under the load of population explosion. If our leaders are any wise and far-sighted, we must act now to lay down plans for development of satellite towns and cities with all amenities and infrastructure for citizens to work and live. Similarly alternative modes of transportation such as the metro rail should be hastened to contend with the huge transport needs of the people and ease the pressure on the roads. Unless we build cities and towns and provide the requisite infrastructure like good roads, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial establishments and transport, the problems in the metros will reach phenomenal proportions, snuffing out all enthusiasm among people to contribute as productive citizens. No one will be happy. It is time citizens got together and took matters in their hands. As for the leaders, if we can prove that we can run the nation, they might even decide to change their ways. And yes, we want our money back, to construct new cities and towns!


Swati Amar

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November 2011

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November 2011

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November 2011

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Unveiling Childhood Today

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November 2011


Whiz Kids Of The Cyber Era
much from their children. It is not important to be at the top always. Parents should not thrust their ambitions and dreams upon the children. Children should be allowed to pursue their own dreams and desires. When the child is older he or she should not feel that they have missed out on their childhood. take extra effort to meet every need of the child. Today in most middle class families, there are only one or two children. Hence, parents want to cater to all the desires of their children. My only worry is that they are missing out on the bonding we used to have with our cousins and extended families when we were children. In nuclear families, there is no oppor t u n it y for this. Parents also

hildhood is not about dolls and toys anymore. Barbie dolls and street cricket are out of the fantasy world of the whiz kids of the cyber era. The wheel of fortune has brought about a remarkable transformation bringing together the peoples of entire world, causing an amazing amalgamation of all world cultures. Alongside there has been a stupendous metamorphosis in the lifestyles, beliefs and attitudes of the people. As the world has thrown open the windows to the magic land of opportunities, global communication, exchange and interactions, the new generation children are gleefully advancing rapidly in the intellectual vista that has opened up before them. Our country has given to the world many child prodigies and gifted children. It comes as no surprise that children are in the news today for inconceivable accomplishments, much beyond what we can expect of them. But beyond all these developments are our children happy? We bring you voices of some citizens about childhood today: Khushboo, Actor Today childhood depends upon what the parents want the child to be. I see kids growing up very fast these days, thinking and behaving like adults. It is saddening to see they do not enjoy their childhood days. When we were young we used to go out and play in the streets. Today studies are about good grades and competition. Parents should not expect too

The child is under pressure to score high grades for their parents, take part in a lot of activities for their school and teachers. The pressure develops at a very young age to prepare for IIT, engineering etc. That is the reason why some of them attempt suicides while in college . It is OK to fail sometimes. They can always be motivated to do better next time. Amidst all these pressures the child should not lose out on childhood. That is very important. Sindhu Vijayakumar, Station Head in a popular FM Channel I feel children are enjoying their childhood. Toda parents

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November 2011
ensure that their children are not exposed to problems. They end up seeing only the rosy side of life. Hence , children today do not see others’ point of view. This is making t h e m insensitive to others. They will l o s e out on empathy as adults and end up growing as insensitive adults. Also as adults they may not be adept at handling problems.

Eve’s Times
education that parents can afford. Social networking sites such as the facebook have opened up the world for them. Here I would like to caution the parents because in all their innocence, children exchange their passwords among friends , which may lead to unexpected troubles for them. In India till the children are 18 they should be under the supervision of their parents. Their email ids and social networking sites should be monitored by the parents. Rajini Rajesh , Writer, Media Personality When we were children, we were very happy. We did not have any responsibility. Today , I feel children do not have time for relaxing. Their stress starts at a very tender age. Parents expect too much from the children They want the child to come first in class and excel in music, dance sports and every else. Ironically, they do not encourage physical activities such as play which can do a lot of good for children.

Last year I had been to a Kolu. They had kept miniatures of ammi and aattukallu or the grinding stone we used years ago. Children were surprised to see those. We live in a highly technologically advancing world . Technology is driving a wedge among generations. Even among children, a gap of three or four years has resulted in a huge gap. Today every child knows how to use a computer from the age of three. In fact I know of parents who document the growth of the child even when the mother conceives, taking pictures, measuring the growth and putting up every detail of the child’s growth in websites. The child comes to know every detail of its birth. Earlier the father figure was a distant person worthy of respect . today the father is more a friend than an authoritative parent, in most middle class families. Children get the best possible

My childhood days were spent in gay abandon in Delhi. We used to go out and play till eight o clock as the sun sets late there. I met a mother recently and asked her what her child will do during the summer vacation. She said that she will be sending her child to a math class to improve her math ability!

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

Children should be allowed to develop naturally and in a pressure free atmosphere till they reach class X. Only then they will develop a healthy attitude and mental maturity to handle stress and workload pressure. Parents must understand that if all children end up in IIT or in medical schools the world will be ruined by monotony. The world is made of different people with different interest and abilities. It is only an artist who brings pleasure and relaxation to people through his art. We should allow natural talent and creativity among children to thrive. Deepika Subramaniam, Young working mother children to play. There is no place safe for the child to play without adult supervision, especially in a place like Chennai. In other cities you

find big spaces and parks. Also, there is no place where you can leave your child safely. I used to take my child to the Anna Library where both of us used to read books. Now that is not going to be available,

is a happy child. It is only when the child grows that it learns prejudices and other adult characteristics. We are discussing childhood more from an adult perspective. Technology offers a lot of freedom and exposure to children today. I would love to see more open spaces for children to play. When we were small we used to spend a lot of time with nature. We used to see a caterpillar grow up to a butterfly. Our children are missing out on these little joys of life. We need more parks and landscaped complexes for children. Today there are many good schools. My daughter loves her school and day care. I would say that if parents do not put too much pressure on their child and allow her to grow up naturally, childhood would be a pleasure.

I wonder where we would go. The amenities for children to play and enjoy are appalling in Chennai. I am very happy with my daughter’s school. She too enjoys going to school. Vanitha Jairam , Young working mother Childhood depends a lot upon what the parents believe in and what exposure they give the child. The child by nature

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November 2011

Eve’s Times

Star Light, Star Bright
Padmini Natarajan and adoration that they have become used to disappear and their equilibrium with it. Welcome to the world of child stars who are mere meteors blazing across the firmament of cinema. Honey— became household names in Hindi films especially those that featured both. These movies fetched the biggest openings and soon stories were being re-written with prominent roles and increase of footage in the films like ‘Bandish’, ‘Jagte Raho’, ‘Bhai Bhai’, ‘Naya Daur’ and others. Shashi Kapoor, the debonair hero of 70’s and 80’s had his debut as a child artist in ‘Tabdir’ (1945) and acted in 30 other films including ‘Aag’ (1948) and ‘Awara’ (1951) as the young Raj Kapoor (his elder brother). Neetu Singh, whose son Ranbir Kapoor is now a superstar had her own share of limelight. She began her career as Baby Sonia, a child star in Do Kaliyan (1968), ‘Waris’ (1969) and ‘Pavitra Paapi’ (1970). Her debut as a heroine in Yaadon Ki Baarat (1973) launched her superstar status, one of the few child stars to make it big as an adult. Padmini Kolhapuri too was a child star in ‘Dream Girl’, ‘Saajan Bina Suhagan’ and ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. Aamir Khan lifted his little finger in ‘Yaadon ki Baarat’ to show his need for a nature’s call and launched his career as a thinking actor! Urmila Matondkar acted as a boy in her first movie Kalyug (1980) but won many hearts as a child artist in Masoom (1983). She changed her image drastically as a sexy girl in ‘Rangeela’ but really did not make it to superstar status.


he story demands a kid. A sweet cherubic looking child is scouted and cast and very often becomes the hit element of a movie or show. Then the child star is written into any script and s/he starts to earn enough money to support parents in styles that they have not been accustomed to. Formal schooling, learning, playtime are all sacrificed to the arc lights that blaze into the child’s mind creating an artificial reality. Age creeps up on the kid and the earning capacity gets diminished. When s/he hits the teens they become misfits as they have not interacted with the normal everyday world. Adulation

These child stars have appeared and disappeared on the silver screen from the time cinema became a great medium of entertainment. In Hollywood, Shirley Temple, was the most popular and famous child star of all time. She began her film career in 1932 at the age of four, received a special Academy Award in February 1935, and gave continuous film hits to the late 1930s. Licensed merchandise like dolls, dishes and clothing were put into the market that capitalized on her image. With adolescence, her charms faded and she left the film industry at 12 to get back to her schooling. She did appear in a few films but retired completely in 1950 at the age of 22. She was the top box-office draw four years in a row. The Irani sisters—Daisy and

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October Eves Times.indd 11 14/11/11 4:31 PM

Eve’s Times
decades has made her an icon in the Tamizh film and TV world. With over 500 films to her credit her career began with a pinch. At the age of four she was noticed by director A.C. Sami who cast her in “Rani”. She had to cry for her first scene and could only laugh away. A quiet pinch brought out the tears! Kamal Haasan entered films as a child actor when he was 6 in the film ‘Kalathur Kannamma’. His school were the sets and locations of cinema and his main subject was cinema. Vijay began his career as a child artist doing minor roles in Tamil cinema industry. He was also on the stage and after five years of unnoticed roles his career took off in 1996 with Poove Unakkaga.

November 2011
Sridevi, the popular actress of Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam films, started to act at the age of four and came as a heroine in the late 1970s. She ruled as No 1 for many years until she settled down into matrimony and motherhood. She holds the carrot of reentering films to producers who are waiting with blank cheques to recreate her magic at the box office. In recent years, Pavithra was introduced by Mani Ratnam as the adopted child in ‘Kannathil Mutham Ittal’… she is now seen on Page 3 party scenes. ‘Balika Badhu’ had a good run in the TV ratings as it is supposed to have dealt with Child Marriages in India. Anandi played the lead role and huge debates have been aired about

For all these success stories, many other child stars appeared and disappeared like meteors in the firmament of Hindi cinema. Jugal Hansraj started his career as a child along with Urmila Matondakar in Masoom (1983), which was a big hit. In spite of other roles and on ‘Nutramul’ ads, as an adult he has not been able to deliver any other hits. Darsheel Safary won audience adulation with his performance in ‘Taare Zameen Par’. As a 12 year old and after a makeover, he now shows enough attitudes to walk the ramp, gives interviews, has won an award and appeared in commercials. It is to be seen whether he makes it big in movies. In South Indian cinema, Baby Saroja was one of the first child stars to act in films. She had a role in her father’s film, ‘Balayogini’ and ‘Tyagabhumi’. Kumari Sachu is a well-known actress, stage artiste, singer and dancer. She has established herself over the years in character and comic roles. Her cool and casual essaying of various roles in the past five

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October Eves Times.indd 12 14/11/11 4:31 PM

November 2011
the appropriateness of this topic in the current scenario. Many felt that in trying to glamorise a family and its child daughter’s –in-law, there was a kind of justification and perpetration of this custom that is still in practice in rural India. Today from baby in arms to nubile girls acting as schoolgirls, cinema, TV and advertising world introduce, promote and then forget actors. Young girls, who should be in school and enjoying their childhood, are hidden behind layers of pancake and emoting adult feelings. Boys who should be romping and rolling in sports and the rough play of boyhood are doing dangerous stunts and mouthing inane dialogues. Singers too of all ages are making it to reality TV and losing the bloom of innocence. They and their parents live on high drama as the eliminations take place episode after episode. Any small talent in a child is obsessively developed by over anxious school teachers and parents in the hope of gaining fame for themselves. Modelling is another field where kids are totally exploited. There is this disturbing trend of using children to promote anything from financial instruments, banks, mobikes, cars and of course junk food. Should Nationalised banks use babies to talk about savings deposits and investment opportunities? It is not as if prodigies do not exist. Again and again in the field of music, dance and art, literature and sports prodigies are born and take shape. Looking at TV shows, it seems that every second child is one! Normal, everyday bright children are being pushed to becoming ‘stars’. Their dreams are that of the TV channel and the parents, not their own. The emotional seesaw that they are subjected to in the winning and losing game can be quite traumatic. Much has been written about the impact of stardom on kids and the psychological scars that they carry for the rest of their childhood. If we can create a hue and cry about child labour that is an important part of sustaining families who are economically backward, why is this high profile, entertainment sector not being controlled by child labour laws? In the west stringent rules are in place to ensure that child stars do not miss schooling. Production companies are legally responsible for employing tutors to ensure that children keep up with their lessons. In India nobody cares. In fact the scenes that these kids act out often border on child abuse and no activist raises a voice against this. There are enough protests about flags, religious aberrations, caste slurs and ‘moral’ depravity. Not one person stands up and says, NO, this is child abuse, child labour and exploitation of under aged people. Now a new show will go behind the scenes and to showcase the story of lost innocence and childhood in the glamorous world of entertainment! ‘Haar

Eve’s Times
Jeet’ is going to tell the viewers about the life of kids who become stars and a source of income for their parents and a vehicle to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams. In the process new child stars will be made and the purpose itself will be lost. Children learn this nursery rhyme as toddlers: Star Light Star bright, The first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight Sadly, the stars shine for performing children very briefly. In the harsh daylight of the real world, the stars disappear, the wishes turn to dust. If only their wishes for success would become horses, then beggars may ride!

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane
sounds. Unfortunately for me, none of my friends were from my neighborhood, so they had to take different buses coming from routes other than mine. My friends and I would be thrilled if all our buses arrived at the same time to school. We would slip our hands into one others’ and walk into school arm in arm. The time before the assembly bell would be spent in placing our bags at our desk and running off to the grounds to try to squeeze in a game or two. Our all time favorite was hopscotch or was it corner houses? Or maybe it was jumping houses… oh the list was endless. Once the bell rang, we would line up for our daily measure of prayers, thought for the day and reading of snippets from the newspapers and finally the national anthem. We had to take turns to read out either the thought for the day or the newspapers and would be excited and proud when our turn came. We would then march to our classes to a marching tune played by our sports teacher on the gramophone. Our classes would begin with each period consisting of 45 minutes. The periods of our favorite subjects passed quickly but the boring ones would drag by. After the first two periods there would be a 5-minute break and after four periods the lunches break, for 45 minutes. Lunch breaks were always a delight. To be sharing all those mouth-watering dishes,

Kanchana. Rao


ome November, and I invariably take a trip down memory lane, all the way to my pre-school days. Predictably, this happens because Children’s Day falls in November. Memories of preschool or nursery days as they were called are limited to one or two instances such as my sweet teacher or the horrible boy who always played with my stuff. But the memories of my school days are fresh as paint, possibly because I enjoyed school so much. The day would begin with my going off to the bus stop which was about 200 meters from my house to catch the bus. If I could be a bit early, I would get to chat with my ‘bus stop mates’. If not, it would be just a hurried hello and then a jump aboard the bus. Of course, the chatter would begin once inside the bus too, despite the noise and

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October Eves Times.indd 14 14/11/11 4:31 PM

November 2011
favorite was Wednesday as she was an athlete and we had sports on that day. My own favorite was Thursday as we had library period that day and I had a passion for reading. Till date Thursday is my favorite day of the week and I cannot explain why. Maybe I still connect to the Thursdays of my school time. Unfortunately for my friends but fortunately for me, they were not interested in books. As we were allowed only one book every week, I would make all of them borrow books so that I would be able to read their books too. Then I would have a glorious week indulging myself in my passionate hobby. On Saturdays we had school

Eve’s Times
only for half a day. So it was a much awaited day. In addition, we were allowed to wear dresses other than our uniform besides being allowed to wear accessories. So Friday afternoons were devoted to deciding on the dress each of us would wear the next day. All in all, Saturdays always had the appearance of school picnics. School times are indeed memorable. That period of our lives has a charm of its own and all of us have our own share of memories etched in our minds forever to be revived whenever possible. On Children’s day, I hope everyone will take this revival trip down memory lane and enjoy it as much as I have.

sitting under the shade of trees, chatting happily with friends, indeed such moments have to be cherished for life! Once we finished lunch, we would rush to the sports room to borrow a ball or a skipping rope or a ring made of rubber that we had to throw up in the air and catch like a ball. We would play right up till the bell rang and then rush to return the stuff borrowed from the sports room. Then it would be time for our noon session which consisted of three periods. My friends and I had a way of associating our happiness with the days relating to each of our favorite hobbies. For instance, one of my friends was fond of art, so her favorite day was Monday as we had art period on Mondays. Another friend’s

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

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November 2011

Eve’s Times


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Eve’s Times

November 2011

Know about Diabetes
The World Diabetes Day 2011 campaign marks the third year of the International Diabetes Federation’s five-year focus on “Diabetes education and prevention,” the theme chosen for the period 2009-2013. 2011 is a milestone year for the over 300 million people living with diabetes. The slogan chosen for this year’s campaign is, ‘Act on Diabetes. Now.’ The five key messages of the campaign are • Diabetes kills: 1 person every 8 seconds, 4 million people a year Diabetes doesn’t discriminate: all ages, rich and poor, all countries • Diabetes can no longer be ignored: 4 million lives lost a year,1 million amputations a year, millions lost in income and productivity Life-saving care, a right not a privilege: education, medicines, technologies Choose Health: demand healthy food and environments, keep active, eat well. You can make a difference. Know about Diabetes diabetes medicine • • you’re sick or under stress you exercise when your blood glucose level is already high • Some diabetes medicines can also lower your blood glucose too much. Ask your doctor whether your diabetes medicines can cause low blood glucose. Medicines for Diabetes Medicines depend upon the type of diabetes you have. Most people, especially those with a history of diabetes in the family are afflicted with type 2 diabetes when they are in their forties or more. Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes happens usually among children who become insulin dependent for life. They have to live on insulin injections two or three times a day during their lifetime. Gestational diabetes happens to pregnant women, who sometimes are briefly put on insulin during the pregnancy. Type 2 diabetes, once called adult-onset diabetes or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes. It can start when the body doesn’t use insulin as it should, a condition called insulin resistance. If the body can’t keep up with the need for insulin, you may need diabetes medicines. Many choices are available. Your doctor might prescribe

What happens to blood glucose levels in people with diabetes?
Blood glucose levels go up and down throughout the day and night in people with diabetes. High blood glucose levels over time can result in heart disease and other health problems. Low blood glucose levels can make you feel shaky or pass out. But you can learn how to make sure your blood glucose levels stay on target-not too high and not too low.

What makes blood glucose levels go too high?
Your blood glucose levels can go too high if • • • you eat more than usual you’re not physically active you’re not taking enough

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October Eves Times.indd 18 14/11/11 4:31 PM

November 2011
two or more medicines. Most people start with metformin, a kind of diabetes pill. Gestational diabetes occurs for the first time during pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy or a shortage of insulin can cause gestational diabetes. Most women with gestational diabetes control it with meal planning and physical

Eve’s Times
activity. But some women need insulin to reach their target blood glucose levels. If you have one of the rare forms of diabetes, such as diabetes caused by other medicines or monogenic diabetes, your doctor may give you different kind of medicines.

Blood Glucose Levels

It is important to know your daily blood glucose numbers. For this, you need to check your blood glucose levels on your own using a blood glucose meter.

Target blood glucose levels for most people with diabetes
Before meals 1 to 2 hours after the start of a meal * Milligrams per deciliter. 70 to 130 mg/dL* Less than 180 mg/dL

My targets

Also, you should ask your doctor for a blood test called the A1C at least twice a year. The A1C will give you your average blood glucose for the past 3 months.

Target A1C result for people with diabetes Less than 7 percent
Your personal A1C goal might be higher or lower than 7 percent. Keeping your A1C as close to normal as possible-below 6 percent without having frequent low blood glucose-can help prevent long-term diabetes problems. Doctors might recommend other goals for very young children, older people, people with other health problems, or those who often have low blood glucose. Talk with your doctor or diabetes educator about whether the target blood glucose levels and A1C result listed in the charts above are best for you. Write your own target levels in the charts. Both ways of checking your blood glucose levels are important. If your blood glucose levels are not on target, you might need a change in how you take care of your diabetes. The results of your A1C test and your daily blood glucose checks can help you and your doctor make decisions about • • what you eat when you eat • • • • •

My targets

how much you eat what kind of exercise you do how much exercise you do the type of diabetes medicines you take the amount of diabetes medicines you take

Complications of diabetes
Both forms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes ultimately lead to high blood sugar levels, a condition called hyperglycemia. Over a long period of time, hyperglycemia damages the retina of the eye, the kidneys, the nerves, and the blood vessels. • Damage to the retina from diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) is a leading cause of blindness. Damage to the kidneys from diabetes (diabetic nephropathy) is a leading cause of kidney failure. Damage to the nerves from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy) is a leading cause of foot

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

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November 2011

Eve’s Times
worsen glucose control, which further delays recovery from infection.

Exercise helps blood sugar control. People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise regularly for better blood sugar control and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The reason for this is that muscles which are working use more glucose than those that are resting. Muscle movement leads to greater sugar uptake by muscle cells and lower blood sugar levels. Additional benefits of exercise include a healthier heart, better weight control and stress management.

wounds and ulcers, which frequently lead to foot and leg amputations. • Damage to the nerves in the autonomic nervous system can lead to paralysis of the stomach (gastroparesis), chronic diarrhea, and an inability to control heart rate and blood pressure during postural changes. Diabetes accelerates atherosclerosis, (the formation of fatty plaques inside the arteries), which can lead to blockages or a clot (thrombus). Such changes can then lead to heart attack, stroke, and decreased circulation in the arms and legs (peripheral vascular disease). • Diabetes predisposes people to high blood pressure and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These conditions independently and together with hyperglycemia increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and other blood vessel complications. In the short run, diabetes can contribute to a number of acute (short-lived) medical problems. Many infections are associated with diabetes, and infections are frequently more dangerous in someone with diabetes because the body’s normal ability to fight infections is impaired. To compound the problem, infections may The earlier misconceptions and wrong notions about the type of food diabetics can eat have thankfully been understood as being destructive instead of helping diabetics function to their fullest potential. Eating well is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Fortunately, having diabetes does not prevent you from enjoying a wide variety of foods. People with diabetes have the same nutritional needs as anyone else. Learn to eat well-balanced meals in the correct amounts, stay fit, and take your prescribed medications and you can thrive with diabetes. Research through authentic websites and your doctor’s counsel will go a long way in helping you eat what you want and live a fulfilling life.

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November 2011

Living Well With Diabetes
Madras Players, a renowned theatre group in Chennai, a management consultant for three companies, working part time and an avid participant in the meetings of Toastmaster’s club, of which he is a member. He is also a mentor for organizations and clubs. He is very much in love with Marie Bhaskaran his wife who is sixty six now, ‘but looks half her age,’ he says proudly. And the biggest surprise comes when he says that he has been playing cricket all his life and had played for his college, for the University, moving on to the state level. What takes the cake is that he has been literally on the streets, as a sales and marketing executive and had a roaring career going for him. His hard work, enterprising nature and a positive attitude in life has enabled him to settle down to harmony and peace in his dream home, an independent bungalow in the heart of the city. Ravi’s two sons and daughters have their own bustling careers and are settled with their families in different parts of the world. Ravi Bhaskaran has been a juvenile diabetic since he was sixteen. There was no history of diabetes in his family and it was surmised that an attack


e are in the midst of a Diabetes explosion, even as we commemorate yet another World Diabetes Day on 14 November. While the increasing incidence of diabetes world over is a cause for alarm, escalating awareness is happening alongside too. Let us comprehend that diabetes is not a disease but an altered bodily condition that is chiefly lifestyle related. Diabetes can be managed effectively to lead a complete and fulfilling life. Eve’s Times brings to you the story of such a person who

shares his experiences as a diabetic and unveils the secret behind leading a healthy life. This is an excerpt from an article published in one of our earlier issues. Just last week, Ravi Bhaskaran won an award for being the Best Speaker of the Toastmaster’s club in Chennai. He was the oldest speaker to win the award. As Ravi launches into pleasant nostalgia, it is hard to decipher that life has been a roller-coaster ride for the septuagenarian. Ravi is an active member of the

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October Eves Times.indd 22 14/11/11 4:32 PM

November 2011
of mumps could have probably led to this condition. In 1955, juvenile diabetes was unheard of. Loss of weight, excessive thirst and frequent urination indicated that something was wrong and he was rushed to the doctor. His blood sugar level was sky high! He was immediately put on a single morning dose of insulin injections .This was the time when after the board exams he was waiting to join the college and was nurturing the dream of joining the college cricket team. Ravi made up his mind to lead as normal a life as possible, if not better and decided to follow the doctor’s counsel faithfully to keep his sugar levels in control. Competition was stiff to be selected in the college cricket team and Ravi emerged successful. His decision to keep quiet about his diabetes came in handy. He played successfully for the Loyola College for five years and thereafter for Madras University where he completed his degree in law and a post graduate degree in Economics from Loyola College, Chennai. “My mother was very supportive. She used to prepare separate meals for me and also gave me the courage to do whatever I wanted to do,’ he says with gratitude. . Ravi came under the care of the renowned diabetologist Dr.Viswanathan and later moved on to his son Dr. Mohan. He attended free lectures and counseling sessions on diabetes conducted by Dr.Viswanthan, which he says were very useful and enabled him to plan his life. The sessions still continue in Dr. Mohan’s Specialities Centre in Chennai, helping many juvenile diabetics, the youth and the aged. With a strict regimen of food, exercise and regular shots, which is three times a day now, Ravi says categorically, “You have to be strict. There is no scope for indulgence at all. This attitude has seen me through thick and thin.” Getting a job with his condition was an uphill task. After about a year, he took up a sales job, because that was the only one that came his way and that too, after he had decided not to reveal about his condition. Those

Eve’s Times
days people were not aware of juvenile diabetes and it was not worth taking a risk divulging details they were not prepared to understand. Thus started his career of 42 years in sales and marketing. His job in different companies in this field took him to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Vizag. He was living on his own and eating out. Despite his hectic lifestyle Ravi has never been hospitalized though he recounts a few incidents of hypoglycemia when he had had unconscious spells, but was thankfully helped by friends. Marriage alliances did not come by easily. “I was not the most eligible bachelor, “he

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October Eves Times.indd 23 14/11/11 4:32 PM

Eve’s Times
laughs, “I know what it is to be rejected. I feel bad for women when they are ‘shown’ to men and rejected, even today. Once my mother fixed up a girl and called me from Vizag. When I came to see her, I found out that she was deaf and dumb. I was disappointed that I was eligible only to marry differently-abled women. I told my mother that I would take care of my marriage and returned,” he guffaws. Ravi married his office colleague, Maria Rosario, an Anglo Indian and a Roman Catholic, who knew everything about him and was willing to be his life partner. His marriage took place in a church. A beautiful woman with a beautiful mind, she was the turning point in his life, “My marriage was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a stabilizing factor of my life and gave me a loving family.” Ravi used to go for his check-ups on his own. Sometimes Marie used to accompany him, listen to the doctors carefully and built a caring and supportive ambience at home. “She is like an angel watching over me all the time,” he says happily. Ravi faced many ups and downs in his career. When insurance schemes were introduced in organizations, he had to reveal his condition and promotions came to a stand still. He had to change jobs to smaller companies in order to get senior posts. In 1996 when he was 57 years old, he decided to quit. He joined a management institute to help his friend market a Management Development Programme and worked till he was sixty five. He promoted MDP in a very big way. He was also a student counselor and looked after placements. His second career was fulfilling. There has been no looking back since and he continues to be a consultant even today. . Fitness for Ravi Bhaskaran has been a part and parcel of his life. He has been an avid walker. On his doctor’s advice, he has now added stretching exercises and mild weight training. Apart from a cataract surgery and visits for regular check-ups, Ravi continues to stay away from hospitals. For men like Ravi, life is indeed a merry-go-round. Swirl around the world in the pace and manner you want and you will have a fulfilling, colourful life as the world whizzes past you. And being a juvenile diabetic for over five decades, living on

November 2011
hundreds of shots doesn’t make a difference! According to latest data released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), diabetes now affects 285 million people worldwide costs the world economy at least US$376 billion in 2010, or 11.6% of total world healthcare expenditure. A further 344 million are at risk of developing diabetes (pre-diabetes). If nothing is done to reverse the epidemic, IDF predicts that by 2030, 435 million people will live with the disease. Almost 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Faced with these alarming numbers, we need to establish access to diabetes education as a right for all people with diabetes It is important to promote greater awareness of the risk factors and warning signs of diabetes, and encourage bestpractice sharing in diabetes prevention. - Every 10 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes. - Every 10 seconds two people develop diabetes. - Every 30 seconds a limb is lost to diabetes - Each year a 7 million people develop diabetes - Each year 4 million deaths are attributable to diabetes - Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of global death by disease.

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November 2011

Eve’s Times

October Eves Times.indd 25

Jest for Laughs Eat & Know UR Personality! Tops & Tens Quizzeria?

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”
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14/11/11 4:32 PM

Eve’s Times

November 2011

little playmates. They would then return home after an hour or so, have a wash, say their prayers, complete their measly homework of a few arithmetic sums or a short English composition, and then eat dinner while watching a black and white program on TV, with their family. By 9 pm, they would be in bed.

The Perfect Balance

From Namrata’s Desh...
everal decades ago, much before cable and internet forayed into the world, excited, chattering young kids would return from school in their grubby uniforms, and exasperated mothers would shove down a steel tumbler of warm milk into their unrelenting throats. Then, they would run away to the nearby park or street, to play hide-and-seek, running-andcatch and hopscotch with their

In contrast to the simplicity, there just is so much to do today, and so little time. First there came the cable, with a myriad channels to choose from. There was Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nickelodeon, among other things, with so many cartoons for varied tastes and preferences, catering to both boys and girls. Then the internet arrived and was followed by more technology and fancifulness, in the form of laptops, I-pods, play-stations, video games, and what not. Grumpy mothers often turn up their noses at the much preferred Maggi, pizzas and burgers. “When I was your age, it was paruppu-sadam for breakfast, thayir-sadam for lunch, and dosas for dinner.” She remarks, with a disgruntled expression on her face. The moot question is whether children of today are actually lucky, with all the fancy technology purchased with the swipe of plastic, and with the open and less conservative society which permits flamboyant adaptation of the Western culture. The answer remains unseen, but is still evident in the piles of homework

heaped on eight year old class three students. The answer is evident when you look at puny children lugging heavy schoolbags to class, and the tuition and after-school coaching classes that one is compelled to attend. It is evident from the fact that an eight-standard kid is sent to IIT coaching classes, and starts preparing for a future which he may not be interested in, but which has already been chalked out for him. The competition is fierce, and friendships are superficial. This generation of children is vying for a few lifejackets in a sinking Titanic, where the beauty only seems to be there, but it just isn’t. Thus, the lack of simplicity and the extravagance has come with a price to pay—the loss of childhood and innocent mirth, which the children of three decades ago had the privilege of basking in. Acquiring the best of both, and achieving a balance is far from reality. Accompanying modernity is gut-wrenching competition, ingrained by parents at a very early age, conflicting with peerpressure and the need for one to establish his own identity. Right now, what remains under the stack of pizza boxes, are calculus sums, waiting to be solved by a twelve year old. Let us hope for a change, a new generation of less stress, more childhood innocence, and most importantly, the perfect balance. Until next month, Namrata Editor, Teen Mag

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November 2011

Eve’s Times

Mohan , shouting at his girl friend, “ you said we will get a registered marriage done and cheated me! I was waiting for you yesterday,
the entire day in the post office.... and you did not turn up!

Mandu Mohan’s Tryst with the World!
Mohan at a bar in New York. Man on his right says “Johnny Walker single” Man on his left says “Peter Scotch single” Mohan says - “Mohan Rangan, Married”

Two friends were looking in awe at the Egyptian mummy. Sohan : Look so many bandages, pakka lorry accident case Mohan: Aiyo, lorry number is also written...BC 1760! Mohan was attending an interview for the post of a detective in a private detective firm. Interviewer : Who killed Gandhi
Mohan: Thank your Sir, for giving me the story, I will start investigating right away.......

for the essay that came was on ‘FATHER’. He had a brilliant idea. He decided to replace ‘friend’ with ‘father’ in the essay he had prepared. His essay read like this:

Boss : I am giving you a job as a driver. The STARTING salary is Rs.2000 /-, is it ok? Mohan: U R great sir! The Starting salary is ok.......but how much is the DRIVING salary...? Two friends are driving a car, one puts on the indicator and asks the other to check whether its working, Mohan puts his head out and says
YES...NO...YES...NO...YES... NO...

Interviewer: What is your qualification Mohan: Sir I am a Ph.D. Interviewer: What do you mean by PhD? I don’t see the necessary certificates here? Mohan: (smiling) PASSED HIGHSCHOOL with DIFFICULTY.... Interviewer: In which state does the river Cauvery flow?
Mohan: Liquid state.

Mohan had studied only one essay for an English examination, ‘FRIEND’. To his dismay the topic

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

verybody loves masala dosa. But how you eat a dosa tells a lot about you. Check out what kind of a person you are. Ideally, if you have a plate of delectable masala dosa in front of you, that should do the trick! Happy eating!


The Masala Dosa Personality Test
a. People who do not finish all the masala: These folks just do not care as much for the fun times as they are already brought down by the harsh reality of life. The dry periods in their life have left them with so many scars that they do not want to be really happy when t h e time is single good and bad thing out of life. Sometimes these folks are really hard to get along with. They are either your best friends or your worst enemies. They do not have a middle path at all.
People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends: These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life. Usually these guys finish off the good portions in a hurry and get stuck with nothing but worst parts of their life. The thing to note among these people is that they tend to burn out very early in their life. Like the above case, there are two kinds of people in this group too. a. People who do not finish the dosa: These folks are really the saddest of all people. They are the ones who tend to end their life as soon as it hits the bad patch. For them, they only need and want the best things in life and nothing more. Typically, they are not prepared or tuned to life in its entirety. They just want to enjoy life from the first till last. Sadly, no one in the world can live without even an ounce of sadness in life. Not even the richest of the richest. But to resort to self destruction at the mere sign of distress is not a sign of maturity. That

People who open the masala dosa and eat it: These are the people who are very open about their life. Everyone one including their friends would know all about him/her. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is. People who start from both end and approach the masala later: These are the people who like to wait for the exciting things to come to their life. Sadly when the times comes, they are not too interested or just do not know how to enjoy it to the fullest. These are the folks for whom life is divided into compartments such as dull phases and exciting phases. However, they do not know how to plan their life and enjoy, no matter what. There are two types of people within this group:

right. They just take only as much as they need till the end of their life. A very sorry state indeed. b. People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have: These folks are the extremes. They just go all out in life. No matter whether it is dark or bright. They may not enjoy life to the fullest but they make sure they get every

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October Eves Times.indd 28 14/11/11 4:32 PM

November 2011
is what these guys tend to do. Some learn to live life but most of them do not. b. People who do finish the dosa: These folks are matured human beings. We all enjoy the greatest of times in life and push the sad parts reminiscing the good times. Typically the plate is clean and nothing is left to fate. Happiness and sadness are part of life and these guys know that and are kind of prepared for it. Life is not always happy but there are moments of happiness here and there. People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa: These people are very rare. These are the people who like to attain balance in their life. It is hard to displease these people and it is hard to make them really happy. They like their balance and are very protective of it. Sadly these are the people who tend to be lonely as anyone else may upset the balance of their system. They are perfectionist to the core and are very careful. These guys do not make the best company but are needed in any group to prevent the group from going haywire. People who do not share and eat the dosa as if it is precious: These folks are very protective about their life. They do not want anyone to come and interfere in their life. They like to hide their true nature and intensions for their benefit. Beware of such people as they are in every group for their own needs and nothing else. People who offer their first bite to others: These guys are overly friendly. They do anything to be part of a group and make everyone feel like the group is important than the individuals. They are the glue that holds any group together. They are very friendly and bring the best out of all the others in the group. They go out of their way to help other friends. Most groups should have a person like this as they are the ones who plan the group’s outings and other group activities. Once this person is out of the group, typically the group slowly falls apart. People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa to others: These guys care about friends and friendship but they take their time to get into the group. They take their time to make friends and they are very committed once into the friendship. These guys like to always be in the side lines and typically do not jump into anything in life. They always take their time to analyze the situation and then make a decision. These guys take the better safe than sorry approach. People who wait for others to make the offer first: They are unsure about everything. Even if they wanted to offer, they would wait till the other person offers the food first. If the other person is silent, so are these people. They are the followers. They do have terrific ideas, but they would seek the counsel of someone else before proceeding. Sadly, most belonging to the elderly world like such people. People who offer dosa only

Eve’s Times

when they cannot finish it on their own: You all may be familiar with these kinds of people. People who are very generous only when all their needs are fulfilled. These folks are selfish but at the same time not misers or greedy. They just want to satisfy themselves before they give it to the world. They typically do not stuff themselves nor do they tend to starve. They are very good people who would give you the best of advices in life. They would make sure that you are not sad because of following their advice. People who offer the whole dosa and eat from other’s plates: These folks are the other extreme. They know what they want, they get what they want but they cannot enjoy what they want. Instead they tend to settle for other things in life which satisfy the needs but do not satisfy them completely. These guys are born losers because even when they have the things they want, they cannot stop others from stealing those from them. So next time you sit with a person eating a masala dosa, look closely and see if he falls into one of the above categories. You may be surprised to see how much it reveals about the person! Enjoy eating Masala Dosa! Contributed by Malini Shankar

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

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October Eves Times.indd 30

November 2011
hildren’s day can conjure up myriad memories of one’s own childhood days. Many events for children like drawing contests, elocutions, and debates on Chacha Nehru are being conducted year after year. But when I happened to catch hold of a bunch of kids and tried to find out what exactly they knew about this exclusive day dedicated to them, all I got in reply was a bored sigh. That’s when I decided to come up with something that could pep them up. “Hey! Boys and Girls!” I hailed.”Come over here and help me out with the top tens.” I had managed to finally grab their attention and this is what they had to scream at the top of their voices.

Eve’s Times
Caroll) 2. Adventures of Tom Sawyer/ Huckleberry Finn(Mark Twain) 3. Oliver Twist Dickens) (Charles 2. Krishna 3. Ganesha 4. Rama 5. Arjuna 6. Duryodhana 7. Ravana 8. Seeta 9. Ekalavya 10. Draupadi/Ganga


4. Little Women (Lousia May Alcott) 5. Charlie and the Chocolate factory (Roald Dahl) 6. The famous five series ( Enid Blyton) 7. Nancy Kenee) Drew (Carolyn

8. The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S.Lewis) 9. Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling) 10. Amarchitra Comics katha/Tinkle

1. Wizard of OZ. 2. Sound of Music 3. E.T 4. Back to the future 5. Superman 6. The Lion King 7. Jurassic Park 8. Babe

1. Mahatma Gandhi 2. Jawaharlal Nehru 3. Mother Theresa 4. Rabindranath Tagore 5. Alexander the great 6. Abraham Lincoln 7. Hitler 8. Newton 9. Emperor Ashoka 10. Akbar and Birbal

1. Bill Gates (Microsoft) 2. Narayan Murthy (Infosys) 3. Dirubhai Ambani (Reliance) 4. Sunita Williams(Nasa) 5. Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket) 6. Sania Mirza (Tennis) 7. V i s h w a n a t h a n Anand(Chess) 8. Shah Rukh khan (Movies) 9. A.R. Rehman (Music) 10. Abdul Kalam (Scientist)

4. TOP TEN 9. The Lord of the Rings PEOPLE FROM 10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone INDIAN MYTHOLOGY 2. TOP TEN BOOKS:
1. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis 1. Hanuman

1. Computer Games 2. Watching Cartoons 1. X-box / Nintendo 2. Listening to I-Pod / Mp4 3. Playing Cricket/ Football

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

4. Drawing/Colouring 5. Indoor games like Chess/ Monopoly 6. Dance—Classical/Western 7. Reading Story books 8. Music Vocal/ Instrumental(Keyboard)

1. Participate in drawing/ quiz competitions 2. Distribute sweets amongst friends 3. Visit an orphanage and spend time there 4. Be incharge of the entire house for a day 5. Give gifts to underprevilaged children 6. Go for an outing to some amusement park 7. Organise a fete and put up food/games stalls 8. Watch a good children’s movie 9. Organize a talk show and speak your heart out

10. Make a resolution and follow it through the year.
When I finally thanked them for their quick and crisp answers, they just signed me off with, “Ah, that’s how we are, just like the twenty overs cricket match—walk in, lift your bat, hit a sixer and walk out.” They have come a long way, the present gen kids.They are much faster, quicker and intune with the changing technologies. Nevertheless, when it comes to climbing trees or jumping into puddles or walking a mile or two to school, or even reciting a Wordsworth or a-laShakespeare, they still can’t match the past gens. However, I’m in an improved mood, not to carp more on that, but instead sending in my heartiest wishes to the children of today and hope they do much better than what we did in our good old times.

1. I.T/ Computer engineer 2. Business man 3. Graphic designer 4. Media personality 5. Sports personality 6. Architect/ Builder

7. Environmentalist 8. Finance Consultant 9. Writer/ Singer/ Actor 10. Doctor

----Geeta Canpadee

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November 2011

Eve’s Times

Mandu Mohan gallantly seeks help from the audience. The audience poll is far from right!

4. Which of these was King George VI first name?
A) EDER ur dear old friend Mandu Mohan was selected to join the most popular TV programme, ‘ Kodi Mazhai,’ trying to win a prize money of Rs. 1 crore. The Questions he was presented with are as follows


Panama hats made?
A) BRAZIL B) CHILE C) PANAMA D) ECUADOR Mohan decides to take his first Lifeline and calls his father. His father answers with guffaws, but he is dreadfully wrong!

B) ALBERT C) GEORGE D) MANOEL Mohan becomes serious and worried. He asks for lucky cards. No luck there!

1. How long was the 100 year war?
A) 116 B) 99 C) 100 D) 150 Mandu Mohan says, “I will skip this.”

5. The Canary Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, has its name based on which animal?
A) CANARY BIRD B) KANGAROO C) PUPPY D) RAT Mohan decides to call up his teacher and find out. Teacher did not know! The channel is now desperate to get at least

3. During which month do the Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

2. In which country are

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Eve’s Times

November 2011

one answer right from Mandu Mohan or their TRP will slide down! So they announce five more lifelines to Mohan. He starts with greater confidence.

6. From which animal do we get catgut?
A) COW B) CAT C) SHEEP & HORSES D) SQUIRREL Mohan goes for an audience poll again.

D) NEW ZEALAND Mohan smiles and says, ‘China’ at last!

4) King George’s first name was Albert. In 1936 he changed his name. 5) Puppy. The Latin name is INSULARIA CANARIA which means islands of the puppies. 6) Sheep and Horses 7) Squirrel Fur 8) Crimson 9) New Zealand 10) Orange, of course! Now tell me who’s the dumb one? Don’t ever laugh at the likes of Mandu Mohan again! On behalf of, all the happy simpletons in the country, Vigada Kavi

10. What is the color of the black box in a 7. What is a camel’s hair commercial airplane? brush made of?
A) CAMEL B) DONKEY C) SHEEP D) SQUIRREL Mohan shakes his head left and right vigorously! A. WHITE B. BLACK C. ORANGE D. RED Mohan knows that the game is up and gives up. He has not made a Naya Paisa! Did YOU get your answers right? Confident? If u think you are indeed clever and laughed at Mandu Mohan’s attempts, then please check the answers !
Answers to QuizzeriA?

8. What color is a purple finch?

Mohan takes a wild card and a wild guess!

9. Where are Chinese Gooseberries from?

The 100 year war lasted 116 years from 1337-1453 2) The Panama hat is made in Ecuador 3) The October revolution is celebrated in November

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November 2011

Eve’s Times


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Eve’s Times

November 2011

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November 2011

Eve’s Times

Swati Amar

The Capital City
skyscrapers have sprung up across the city which has grown in all directions. I made a beeline to the Metro station. When I bought the ticket and made my way to the tube station, as I entered a train I was surprised to see that it matched international standards, doing me proud. What amazed me were the new destinations, an indication that the city has grown , especially in the outskirts.


elhi is very close to my heart. The best part of my growing up has been associated with the capital city. While I have been in and out of the city several times, it is just now that I got an opportunity to stay at leisure and explore the city of my fond memories. I am amazed at the remarkable developments that have happened over the years. As I saunter along the streets of Green Park or Hauz Khas, I am surprised to see that these colonies are gated today. Humungous flyovers seem to envelop mega roads at strategic locations. Roads have always been a pleasure to drive past. Here I am talking about the main roads and not the streets that are no different from the potholed roads of Chennai. Huge shopping malls and

The most remarkable progress I consider is the stupendous growth and expansion of Gurgaon. It is mindboggling to see huge skyscrapers housing MNCs and IT companies and mammoth sized malls. Gurgaon seems to be popular for malls and is frequented by hordes and hordes of the youth populace. I spent an entire day in the Ambience Mall window shopping and entertaining myself at the different entertainment venues. Growth of cities like Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and others in the neighborhood of Delhi are lessons to the administrators of cities like Chennai. If we can resort to such expansion of the city, the pressure on Chennai can be relieved, enabling long term residents to live in dignity and peace. It would augur well for state governments to take care of their cities and states.

When the pressure becomes too much on the citizens they will react and it does not portend good tidings for anybody. It is high time all thinking citizens got together to save our cities from destruction.

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Eve’s Times

November 2011


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November 2011

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are part of remarkable global constructions. It is unpardonable that we have to contend with such roads, which are also dug up several times every year by different government departments which have no coordination among themselves. Similarly encroachments on the roads and pavements are a big menace. Another undesirable act which people get away with is unauthorized construction of additional floors. I know people who have small pieces of land. After constructing small buildings, year after year they go on adding floors, without approval, which is very dangerous . The corporation should do something to stop encroachments on the roads. they should not wait for the entire constructions to be completed and then demolish them when families have come to live. They should be alert and prevent encroachments and unauthorized constructions right at the beginning. Many roads have become very narrow due to encroachments. Finally, citizens who raise their voices against such wrong doings should not be victimized. Citizens must be able to record their civic concerns without fear. as dismal infrastructure , traffic conditions, bad roads etc. Roads are frequently dug up by different departments at various points of time. Nobody enforces any rules with regard to road digging or dumping of materials such as pipes on the roads for long periods of time. There should be a white paper about the various ongoing projects in the city indicating the date of commencement and the targeted date of completion so that citizens can monitor completion of work. The population in the city is way out of control. People from neighbouring villages and other states are all coming and settling down in Chennai. We must take steps to stop this migration by developing satellite cities. Road traffic has become too much posing problems for everybody. There should be a limit to the number of vehicles registered in a year. Traffic regulation and control should be followed by better emission checks , pollution control measures etc. A major threat to the environment is the use of plastic. While I see that some steps are being taken in this direction, we must try to enforce this strictly. When I went to Kerala last year , I was surprised to see that a druggist packed medicines in a paper cone. That is the extent of enforcement there. Cell phone towers are a threat to citizens. Today, we cannot hear the chirping of sparrows as they have become more or


etros in India are bursting at their seams, posing enormous problems to citizens in every possible way. While there is an awakening among the citizens about the raw deal they are getting and with the new ambience in Chennai as the new Mayor takes over, let’s go to some citizens and ask them what they feel should be done to improve the city so that citizens are able to breathe freely, move about without problems, have lights in their homes and escape from the stench, squalor, garbage, mosquitoes and other innumerable irritants that assail their everyday lives.

Usha Subramaniam, Writer and corporate filmmaker
I feel the city should be divided into zones for better control. Educated and experienced citizens from different fields should come together and form a group that will play a role in administering these zones. The major problem of garbage disposal should be confined with each zone and not taken to Perungudi. Another big issue is laying of roads. Contracts are given to people who favour politicians but they have neither experience nor interest in laying good roads. Contracts must be given to big companies such as L & T. Certain stretches of roads laid during the British period are still in good condition in the city. That being the case, how is it that the roads become bad every year? We should not accept this. Indians are quite capable and many Indian engineers

P.Natarajan, Secretary, Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Welfare Association
Chennai is beset innumerable problems with such

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November 2011
commercial outlets at nominal cost; there can be two containers , for simplicity and convenience, one for organic waste, and the other for recyclable waste, like paper, glass, plastics etc. For removal of garden wastes which are generally voluminous, for each area, a day may be earmarked for clearance by appropriate big vehicles from the front of the houses. For narrow streets, it should be the responsibility of the sweeping staff, to shift the voluminous waste, on the previous day to a pre-determined spot in the main roads. Garbage clearance should be done very early in the morning without creating bottle neck to traffic.

less extinct in the city. There should be a system where there is one major tower and all service providers should draw the connections from there. The radiation from the towers is very harmful to the citizens. Another problem going unnoticed is the disposal of e-waste. Apart from the concern that foreign nations are dumping their e-waste here, there is a major lacuna in e-waste disposal. This will lead to serious problems in the near future. There should be strict rules about this and enforcement should be very rigid. Among other civic issues, another imperative issue I can think of is the construction of public toilets. While other cities have public toilets, Chennai lacks this basic amenity for its citizen. This leads to serious health issues, especial among women such as formation of kidney stones. We must all join together to resolve such imperative civic issues for the benefit of all citizens.

For better roads not easily washed away, contracts should be given by the Corporation only to reliable contractors, like ISO 9000 units and willing to give a guarantee for the roads for a specified period. Pedestrian friendly roads and lanes: For this purpose, in main roads pedestrian pathway with even surface and with pedestrian signals at the main crossings should be planned and executed within a stipulated period. In small lanes, both sides of the road should be clear of debris, waste materials etc. One of the major problems in this regard is the occupation of all available space on the sides by multistory flat promoters during construction activities The conversion of independent houses into flats being an ongoing affair in Chennai, the Corporation may discuss with representatives of flat promoters to evolve an effective solution and then enforce the same .

Raghupathy M, Managing Trustee, Mentors
In all civic matters, presently systems are absent and everything is done on an ad hoc basis as a firefighting measure! For system improvement in civic services, I suggest the following measures: Garbage removal: There should be a system for classification of waste right at the domestic level in standardized and approved colored containers which should be easily available in

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November 2011

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Chennai Makeover
Prof M.Natarajan set right? Is it possible to do something at all? • o many things had gone wrong in the historic city of Madras, and so many changes were needed. In the process of a makeover a great city simply vanished and instead took on a new avatar as Chennai. Was it a real change or a nominal one in name only? Alas! Madras or Chennai, it has all the old problems and many new ones as well! Bad roads, non-existing drainage, open sewerages called rivers, unsafe drinking water, traffic congestion and roguish drivers, overcrowded buses, suffocating pollution, biting mosquitoes, fleecing Autorickshaw wallas and fleeing hit and run drivers, unsightly and dangerously teetering cut-outs of politicians and film stars, innumerable TV channels dishing out vulgar film culture 24 x7, sub-human slum settlements, non-existing footpaths, undisciplined citizenry, litters of garbage, unplanned suburbs... ..this is just a short list of the afflictions of this once great city. How can this situation be


We have to begin with charity at home or from homes, so to say. Instead of looking inwards and at each one’s selfish problems, every citizen should look around to find solutions to issues to which he himself has contributed in great measure. The time of expecting the Government or the Municipal Corporation to solve matters is long past.

They can report to police the registered numbers of vehicles which are breaking signals or over-speeding, or dangerously overtaking, or are parked in unauthorised places. Such information can be published on face-book to embarrass owners of such vehicles. They can free up unauthorised private parking spaces and improve availability of public parking spaces. They can publicise cases of building construction which are visibly unauthorised and without display of authorization by Corporation or CMDA. They can report live electric wires hanging loose and uncovered manholes which are a death trap. They can publicise encroachment of footpaths by well to do commercial and residential owners to build ramped access to their properties, thereby making pedestrians walk dangerous. They should report any eatery which discharges the waste water onto roads or footpaths. The latest technology in the form of cell phone cameras

• • Citizens need to organise vigilant groups to ensure rational behaviour of fellow citizens. Youth volunteers can play a great part in these groups. They can start with simple tasks such as pulling up and preventing anyone who dumps waste paper or garbage on the footpaths or roads. They can pressurise smokers to stop smoking in public, which is an offence anyway.

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and videos complemented by easy downloads on websites can bring in revolutionary changes for exposing wrong doers. While individual RTI activists are facing threats, public spirited citizens can organise themselves into groups and use the RTI act effectively to bring wrong doers to book. 3. I will introduce odd and even days of parking on either side of narrow but main thoroughfares. 4. I will prevent irrational NO Parking signs on public roads where parking is necessary. 5. Car pooling must be implemented by schools and dropping, parking near teaching institutions must be banned strictly. 6. Autorickshaw drivers SHOULD be disciplined and brought under a uniform tariff. Cruising empty autos must be asked to refrain from being a traffic hazard and be parked in auto stands. Dedicated telephone lines can send autos to addresses of customers. 7. Bus stands must be free for drivers to bring their vehicles to the kerb to facilitate passengers entering and getting off safely. Any bus driver who does not stop at bus stops should be reported and penalised. 8. I will make major shopping and leisure spaces like Pondy Bazaar and Eliots Beach frontage as a no vehicle zone. 9. I will not allow registration of any new vehicle unless the owner can prove that he possesses the required parking space. 10. With a magic wand I will clean up all the banks

November 2011
of waterways, make them beautiful leisure destinations. Lakes, tanks and rivers can be revitalised to provide spaces that encourage a healthy outdoor lifestyle for children and adults. 11. On Sundays, during designated hours, I will ban cars from plying on the roads. We can have a odd and even number restriction on alternate Sundays. 12. Heavy fines should be imposed on people who break the road rules. 13. Pavement hawkers, dwellers and merchants must be evacuated on a war footing. 14. At least 4 feet wide pavements must be created on all roads, even if it is only on one side. 15. All zebra crossings and speed breakers MUST be painted visibly so as to prevent accidents. 16. Storing of sand, bricks steel rods and building material and debris on roads must be banned, fined and confiscated by authorities. 17. No vehicle carrying goods— Lorries or mini trucks, autos, tempos, fish carts and hand carts—should be allowed to use roads between 8 AM and 8 PM. 18. Any truck carrying material protruding beyond the body of the vehicle must be hauled up, confiscated and fined.

If I were a Mayor for a week
1. My first task during this monsoon season would be to drill at least 10,000 200mm diameter 10m deep holes into the ground on all lands owned by the Government including road shoulders, parks, wastelands and inside storm water drains and drive down plastic pipes to take most of the rain water deep. This will save the city from flooding and all the diseases that go with stagnant water and mix up of sewage with rain water. The plastic pipes should go deep reaching the sandy layer. It can be filled with demolition debris which will allow water to flow freely. 2. Next I will make it mandatory for all cars to carry at least 4 or 6 passengers depending on their size. Single occupants of large vehicles should not be allowed the luxury of occupying a large portion of the road (which is a public utility), thereby causing traffic jam.

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November 2011

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Padmini Natarajan

and buildings. A walk on any of these pavements is equal to exercising on a stepper in a gym for twenty minutes. The only difference is that the exercising is in a controlled environment, in the city it is a readymade trap to ensure that you twist your ankle or break a bone or two. control. Snaking lines of kids are dragged across busy roads where there are no pedestrian or zebra crossings though we teach them in theory that this is the safest place to cross. No car, auto or two wheeler driver even deigns to acknowledge a designated crossing path of the road. Their eyes are only raised to the traffic lights that count the seconds to their vrooming off, never mind who is in their way. By the way, on the roads that do have a semblance of pavements, the space is occupied by parked vehicles, vendors and conclaves of people who occupy centre stage and refuse to allow people to walk comfortably. Huge hoardings praising leaders or consumer items are embedded in the pavement and every time you pass by it, you say a prayer to Ganesha to remove any obstacles in the way. You never know when the bamboo sticks or iron rods will collapse with the weight of the leader’s picture! The only safe place for the pedestrian is on the road where you take chances of navigating your way safely to your destination. Otherwise, the paved roads are a sure way to hell!

he man on wheels is king. Anybody else on the road, be it pedestrian, cattle, dog or bird, they just do not figure in the calculations of the city planners. There is this subtle perception that the guys who pay road tax get right of way. So, more and more lanes are being added to accommodate the cars that are being added at astronomical numbers to the groaning roads of urban and semi-urban cities and to the highways. The walker gets left out of the picture completely. Pictures about western cities show broad and levelled pavements where you can walk safely with kids or older people. In India you can see such walkers-delight pavements only inside gated communities. In fact the pavements in cities like Chennai are a throw back to the one-foot path built in villages between pieces of agricultural land. If you think rural, in cinema that too, this one-foot path plays a major role in a love story with the village belle taking food in a basket on her head to the hero! In cities a pavement is no wider than this one foot path. If there is a pavement, then it is at different levels, for it makes way for sloping ingress into bungalows


The question is why are pedestrians given this step motherly treatment? The vehicle-less common man has to wait at bus stops or walk distances to attend to the needs of their daily lives. The bus shelters are all jazzed up nowadays with brightly lit Ads, which are revenue spinners. However after a few months these shelters are just rubbish heaps and dilapidated metal stuff that offers no comfort to commuters. Anyway have you ever seen a bus come to pick up passengers at the kerb closest to the bus stand? The place where the bus drivers may choose to stop the bus is a mystery. They do prefer a few hundred yards away from the stand and that too in the middle of the road. So the commuter has to forget safety of life and limb and rush across traffic to catch the bus. The worst victims are children who have to get off and board vans, autos and buses at school time. Schools operate in narrow roads with no pre-planning about how students will enter and leave the premises. They have no space for vehicles to drive in and drop kids or designated waiting spaces. The road is the drop off point and chaos reigns in these places as traffic is completely out of

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November 2011

Chandrika Radhakrishnan

Southern Paradise
that any development is at the cost of trees/ nature and that need not be the case. Politicians are more worried about paving their way to the top rather than taking the effort to pave the roads. Kala Srinivasan, a home maker is of the different opinion. in the productive age seems to be making a beeline for Bangalore and the city is unable to cope up with the influx and is about to explode. Cities like Bangalore and Mangalore have been transformed to educational hubs but the rural belt has been sadly neglected. The Governance has been bad and as a result things have not been uniformly developed and the infrastructure has much to be desired. Meera Shankar, a Chartered Accountant feels, Bangalore is no better or no worse than other cities. Like all metros it too is growing by leaps and bounds with more and more people preferring an urban life rather than a rural one. Being an IT hub and having a number of colleges, it is meant to grow and the infrastructure has been slow in keeping pace with that growth. The bus services are becoming better and with metro being in its first stage, things would only become better.

ove it or hate it no one can ignore Bangalore. The weather condition (despite people claiming that it has become bad) is still one of the best in our country. The petrol price is the highest, yet vehicular traffic has not waned. The nomenclature ‘pensioner’s city’ has given way to the ‘pub city’. The beautifully laid roads of yesteryears are now full of pot holes and one hopes that with the completion of metro work, things would become better. What do some of the citizens have to say about Karnataka, especially Bangalore? Uma Maheshwari a home maker says The Pensioner’s Paradise is ill prepared for the enormous crowd and hence the infrastructure is tearing at the seams. There are no good roads, there is frequent power outrage. There is more water without than within the house. The authorities seem to think


Thirty years back having come from Chennai, I had the arrogance to think that we were the best as far as education and medical facilities were concerned. I was of the opinion that I should go back to Chennai by the time my children reached a certain stage in their education. But now Karnataka boasts of the maximum number of engineering colleges and people from all over the country come here to study. It is the same with medical advancement. There are top notch hospitals located here and people trust the place more than ever. Being the IT hub, the city has grown by leaps and bounds and I am sure with the metro connectivity, the city is going to regain its latent charm. Ganga Uthappa, a lecturer says, Karnataka is a beautiful state but sadly it has not been well preserved. Every young person

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November 2011

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The Real Hyderabad Story
Priyanka Sakhamuru is booming. “Educational institutions are also very good and Hyderabad is known for its IT sector,” Megha says. He is of the opinion that the bad traffic condition here is mainly because of the shopping malls. Their location is the reason why the roads get blocked. He adds that Hyderabad is better off and it is the smaller towns and villages that are bearing the brunt of mismanagement. Says Saket Jain, an IT professional, “Hyderabad has developed in the last 10 years. But the best part is that the people have still remained the same – friendly. The city has maintained its traditions and it is a blend of the old and the new. But the transportation facilities have not changed much. The RTC and autorickshaws are still the same.” He feels that though the power supply here is very expensive, is much better than that of Delhi and Bangalore. No place for the pedestrians to walk is another concern. Many believe that due to the lack of good leadership along with the recent political agitations, the city’s progress has been hampered. “The rich are getting richer here and many people have started becoming selfish. The common man is getting disturbed,” says Meghanath. At the end of the day, people here agree that even though they have a love-hate relationship with the city, they feel that Hyderabad is one of the most convenient cities to live in. Now, that is true Hyderabadi spirit!

he twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are modern, yet have retained their quaintness during their way to progress. The residents collectively known as Hyderbadis have the same contrasting spirit and are proud of its development and its royal past at the same time. The Hyderabad five years ago is not the same as it is now. People say the city has grown and developed very quickly. Ask anyone about Hyderabad and they will tell you that they are tired of the traffic jams, power cuts and poor water supply. According to Mrs. S Vakula, a homemaker and a long time resident of Hyderabad, it was only recently that the city and its people have become fastpaced. “Earlier it was a sleepy period. People used to lead a Nawabi life of leisure with their hookahs, Irani chai and biryani. After Chandra Babu Naidu became the Chief Minister, the IT sector flourished. People have now understood the meaning and importance of


earning. ‘New money’ people are many,” adds Vakula. The city’s low cost of living is a major plus point, she says. The lack of parking areas, organized roads and housing societies are the city’s major drawbacks. “In the case of traffic snarls, alternate routes must be organized so that people can travel easily,” she suggests. Swathi Thota, 26, who is the Manager of a dental clinic, believes that Hyderabad has grown in length and breadth. “In this city, almost everything is available. There is a lot of FDI which enables progress. The city’s major drawbacks are power cuts and water supply problems,” she adds. She also states that constant digging up of roads as well as potholes make city travel tiresome. But the roads in Hyderabad are better when compared to the other cities. M. Meghanath Reddy, a media student at a leading degree college in Secunderabad says that real estate in Hyderabad

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November 2011

Reader’s Recipe


Korma (Kovakai Kuruma)
Wash the gherkins thoroughly and slice them longitudinally into long, slender pieces. Saute tomatoes, grated coconut, green chillies, ginger and garlic in a little oil and grind. Add cashew nuts and grind again. Grate onions finely. Add oil to the pan and after it is heated well add mustard seeds, ulutham paruppu . After they crackle, add onion and curry leaves and fry till golden brown. Add the gherkins and garam masala powder and cook Add salt, turmeric power, a pinch of ajinomoto and then add the ground paste. Add two glasses of water. Cover and cook on a low flame. When the oil separates, add a tablespoon of curds or a teaspoon of lemon juice and when it comes to a boil, put off the flame. Garnish with finely grated coriander leaves. This dish can be mixed with rice and eaten or can be a good side dish for pooris or chappatis. Gherkins is good for diabetics . Kamala, 109 Kuppuswamy Street, West Saidapet, Sekar Nagar, Chennai 83

Gherkins 200 gms Coconut Half Garam masala powder 2 tsp Cashew nuts 10 Tomatoes 3 Green chillies 6 Sambhar onions 100 gms Turmeric powder a pinch Salt to taste Ajinomoto a pinch Curry leaves one sprig Garlic, ginger 1 tsp each grated Sesame oil 50 gms Lemon juice 1tsp Or curds Mustard seeds 1tsp Ulutham paruppu 1tsp

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November 2011

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Royal Festive Recipes

ometimes it is good to chuck your bland diet and indulge in rich, tongue-tickling delicacies. When your taste buds tell you enough’s enough, it is time to conjure up a spicy and lavish fare. Here goes the Royal Chicken for you…..


Shahi Murg is a traditional curry cooked in yogurt by using a lot of the sauces. They are thickened by long cooking, which separate the yogurt and evaporates the water content.

Serves 4
Ingredients Cumin seeds Coriander seeds Ghee 1tsp 1tsp 2tbsp

Onion, sliced finely 1 No Chicken pieces 8 smallmedium 1/2tsp Salt Natural yogurt 350ml/12 fl oz/11/2 cups Double cream 120 ml 4 fl oz/1/2 cup Ground almonds 1tbsp Garam Masala ½ tsp Cloves 3 Green cardamom se e d s from 3 pods Dried bay leaf 1 Sultanas(golden raisins) 60 g/2 oz/1/2 cup fresh coriander/cilantro/sprigs to garnish

Method Grind together the cumin and coriander seeds in a spice

grinder. Heat half the ghee in a large saucepan and cook the onion over a medium heat for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the onion is very soft and sweet. Meanwhile, heat the remaining ghee in a large frying pan and brown the chicken pieces well. Add to the onions. Add the ground cumin, ground coriander, salt yogurt, cream, almonds and garam masala. Bring to gentle slimmer, and add the cloves, cardamom, bay leaf and sultanas(golden raisins) Simmer for 40 minutes until the chicken juices run clear when the thickest part of each piece is pierced with a sharp knife, and the sauce ahs reduced and thickened. Serve garnished with coriander (Cilantro) sprigs.

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November 2011

Why does my Mysore pak come out hard?

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Korner
be added to the cream. Also place the cream bowl on ice while whipping.

Meenakshi Can buttermilk be Sundaraman, used for rava idly? Chennai
Measure for Mysore pak= 1:2:2 Bengal gram flour 1portion Sugar 2portions Ghee 2portions For soft Mysore pak the sugar syrup must be of one string consistency. Melt ghee and keep aside. In the sugar syrup slowly add gram flour keep stirring. Add ghee one ladle at a time while stirring the sugar and flour mixture. When the mixture turns porous it will absorb all the ghee. Pour the Mysore pak mixture on a greased tray and allow to cool. No, buttermilk will not taste good when added in rava idly mixture. Use beaten curd (sour curd is better) .

water for boiling. The eggs must not be taken out directly from fridge and boiled; they must be at room temp. Boil water and only then put the eggs in the water. This will avoid the blue colour.

Vegetables burn fast if cooked in less oil. What can be done to avoid this? SharmilaRavi, Chennai
It’s better to use non stick pan for cooking vegetables with less oil. Also add a little salt while cooking vegetables this will prevent them from getting burnt fast.

Mallika Badrinath
The name “Mallika Badrinath” is familiar to most homemakers in South India. Till 1988 , she too was a homemaker ; now she is an internationally acknowledged culinary expert, with an eager audience latching on to every word she has to say about food and cooking in her television shows. Her books are sold like hot cakes across the world. She is a symbol of women achievers of India. Hers is a success story that has been an inspiration to many women.

Cream that is bought from market curdles on whipping, what can we do to avoid this? Ritu Khanna, Chennai
Cream like Amul and other Indian brands have contrast temperature due to which they curdle on whipping. To avoid this gelatin or china grass can

Egg yolks often get a bluish colour on the outside while boiling eggs. How can we prevent this? Rosalind, Coimbatore
The blue colour appears due to hydrogen peroxide that is released while boiling the eggs. Cooker boil the eggs for not more than 7 minutes. Pour fresh

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November 2011

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know this question is meant for an astrologer. But this is a confusion many girls have, which has a great psychological impact. I am thirty years old and working in a bank. I have Chevvai dosham in my horoscope. My colleague is interested in marrying me. I also like him. But he does not have Mars dosha. My friends and relatives are telling me that if I get married to a man without Mars dosha,


I may have to encounter problems. My colleague knows about my horoscope and is willing to accept me. I believe in horoscope and I am afraid that if I go ahead and marry him, whether something bad will happen to him. After marriage, I may be worried all the time, anticipating dreadful things that can happen to my husband. I don’t know what to do! You want to marry this friend; at the same time something prevents you from making your decision. Your colleague is ready to marry you in spite of the astrological handicaps. Why would you miss this golden opportunity? You are confining yourself to inaction because of the fear of future. Since you are a believer in

horoscope predictions, I am not going to argue against it. In Astrology, ‘Parikarams’ are suggested for Doshams as antimeasures to nullify or minimize the bad influence. Can anyone predict future accurately? Even the scientist Albert Einstein said, “When the number of factors coming into play in a phenomenological complex is too large, scientific method in most cases fails.” The interplay of many factors is too large and complex in life that predictions ARE impossible. It is said that there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened. Why don’t you choose to belong to ‘those who make it happen’ category? You will not be happy missing him. So please gather strength and decide to face what comes.

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Story Club

November 2011
When she finally draped herself in it, Mohan just couldn’t take his eyes off her. He had to agree with Sudha. She did look much slimmer, lovelier and younger than her actual age. And when she went about the house sashaying like a model, he had an urge to go and take her in his arms and hold her there for as long as possible. But then there were many others in the house—his parents, his uncles, aunts and cousins who had gathered to celebrate the festival together. In such a situation he didn’t want to make a fool of himself. “The embrace can wait.” He decided, glancing at his charming wife once again. “Hey, what are you brooding about?” Sudha interrupted his trail of thought, from where she stood with a lamp in her hand, “Why don’t you go and change quickly? Everybody is at the backyard, getting ready to burst the crackers.” “And see if you can spot Shriya somewhere,” she added in a haste, “I don’t know where she keeps running away all the time. Now she is going to miss the fun of bursting crackers.” “I’ll look out for her, don’t worry.” Mohan promised, “You know, the saree is really beautiful.” “I know, but is your appreciation only confined to the saree or does it apply to me too?” Sudha queried with the mischievous glint in her eyes that was exclusive to her. “I don’t think I need to repeat


he beauty that lies in a joyous smile disappeared from Mohan’s house the day he lost his beloved wife. Eight years later he still couldn’t accept the fact that his Sudha was no longer alive. The more he tried to forget her, the more she surfaced before his eyes. The last time he had seen her was still vivid in his memory. How beautiful she had looked in the pink and green designer saree, which she had insisted on buying for the festival. “This time I won’t buy a Kancheevarm,” she had said smiling graciously.”I’ll go in for a trendier crepe or chiffon.” “ It might make me appear slimmer, ” she had added with


a chuckle. “Don’t mind about looking slim or fat,” Mohan had pointed out sensibly, ” Wear a dress that is safe from fire.” “What do you mean? Should I clad myself in cotton?” Sudha looked alarmed, “You men just cannot appreciate beauty, I must say.” “Come on Sudha, be practical,” Mohan reasoned, “ For me, it does not make a difference, what dress you wear. But as is my usual habit, I thought I’ll put in a word of caution.” “Okay, thanks! And as usual, I think I’ll do what I feel is right.” She had gone ahead and bought her gorgeous designer saree.

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November 2011
bargain the person who suffered the most was his daughter Shriya. Not only had she lost her mother forever, she seemed to be gradually losing her father too. Initially the grandparents did their best to fill in the void but as Shriya grew up, she became a recluse. She refused to go out, disliked mixing with friends and especially on her mother’s death anniversary, she shut herself in her room all day long without speaking a word to anybody. During one such desolate time, the gloomy girl happened to chance upon a gorgeous saree in her mother’s closet. Her father always kept the cupboard locked but that day he had forgotten to do so and Shriya was tempted to open it. She silently pulled the saree out and held it against herself. It was a sky blue Bengal cotton saree with silver zarigai, her favourite colour. She had a sudden urge to wear it, at least for sometime. She quickly unfolded the six metres and began draping it fast, before someone appeared. Once done, she stood in front of the tall mirror, admiring herself just when her father entered the room. “I.. I’m sorry…., ” Shriya apologized, putting her head down in shame, “I…I…shouldn’t have opened the closet without your permission.” Words refused to come out of Mohan’s mouth. He stood transfixed as though struck by a lightning. Who was this woman standing before him? Dressed in the

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lovely blue saree he had fondly purchased for his wife to wear on that fateful day! Sudha had gone ahead with her unfortunate choice of the designer saree. The same eyes, the same nose, the same smile—just like his beloved Sudha ! There she was standing-- the apple of his eyes, the soul of his heart, the future of his life! And all these years he had neglected her , trading her with the past, which was dead and gone. Mohan wiped the tears beginning to take shape in his eyes. “I think it’s my turn to apologize.” He said at length, “I have been a bad father and I am very sorry about it, my dear girl!” Shriya could sense her throat choking. The anger and resentment she had nurtured against this man, melted in seconds. All she could do was to run into the arms she had longed for since she was a girl of seven….. since the time her father began ignoring her… since the day her little world had shattered to pieces. But now everything was going to fall in place. The smile, which was buried with Sudha had just then erupted back again and will linger on the lips of Shriya. There would be light in their lives all over again! Geeta Canpadee

it often, ” Mohan retorted in his usual manner, shrugging as he left the living room and went in search of his seven-year old daughter. He didn’t know how long he was gone, but what he saw next brought his life to a standstill. As he sprinted to the backyard where the accident had occurred it was too late. The hungry fire had engulfed his lovely wife in a matter of minutes. Folks around were rushing to help-- throwing water, mud, soil, mats, whatever was available at hand’s stretch to put the fire out. By the time they had reached the hospital Sudha had endured third degree burns. That same night she breathed her last. With Sudha, all the smiles had disappeared from Mohan’s life and every year when the entire town celebrated the festival of lights, his house was enveloped in darkness. Despite the counsel of his near and dear, Mohan refused to emerge out of his cocoon of sorrow. In the

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November 2011

Traditional Celebration

Deepavali Collections

# 38,North Usman Road,T.Nagar,Chennai-17 Ph:044 28143093
Chennai I Mumbai


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November 2011

ach successful business on the globe when started was started from nothing. Take any big company for that matter, it might indeed have had its own obstacles and turmoil in the initial phase. Given this entrepreneurial fact, how does one become an entrepreneur? Not a one word answer to give you a complete picture. The first and foremost quality one should posses is that of unquenchable burning desire to win and positive attitude. Business is not bed of roses, its worse; full of thorns and the setbacks are most unexpected. Yet, the success of the most famous business people shows that these adversities were actually the motivating factor. Let us take the issue more closely to women entrepreneurship in India. Since ages Indian culture is skewed toward male dominance. But, times have changed. Women have emerged from the shackles that the men’s world had built to confine them within the walls of their home and hearth. Indian women are no longer dependant on men for their survival and meaningful existence. Women are doing a great job of balancing their homes and careers. Entrepreneurship can be compared to childbirth. Women’s intrinsic maternal instinct and her love for her child is the predominant motive that helps the emergence of a new life without risk to the infant and the mother. Similarly, the entrepreneur overcomes the risk of loss with the passion for


Everything Started From Nothing
entrepreneurship. The success stories of Top five women entrepreneurs of India are sure to give a fillip to zeal for Indian business.

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100 Most Powerful Women”, and acknowledged as one of the America’s Business Leaders by US news and World Report in 2008 and one among “The Top Gun CEOs” by Brendon Wood International is none other than Indra Nooyi.

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd became India’s richest woman in 2004. It is really a big surprise to come to know that the million dollars worth company was just started with a capital of Rs.10000 in her garage in 1978. The very initial operation was to extract an enzyme from papaya. Her applications for loans were turned down since biotechnology was then a new word, the company lacked assets and women entrepreneurs were still a rarity. Today, her company is the biggest biopharmaceutical in the country. This proves her determination and confidence. India has a long history where women have shown that they are not only the homemaker, however, with their sheer strength and courage, they have ruled over India from the Medieval History period of India. The remarkable woman with a rank of 4 in Forbes Magazine for the year 2008 and 2009 in the list of “The World’s

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi is her full name and she belongs to the Southern Indian city of Chennai. On completion of her graduation she went to Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta for doing Masters in Finance and Marketing. Soon after completion of her MBA she joined ABB and then Johnson and Johnson (J&J) in Mumbai. One of her achievements with J&J is her close association with the launch of the sanitary napkin -Stayfree. She had worked with BCG and Motorola after her completion of Public and Private Management from Yale University and joined Pepsi in 1994. She not only shows tenacity for follow-up, but she lay equal emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions. This was bolstered by the acquisition

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of the Tropicana and Quaker fruit juice brands. Her business wizardry is evident from the fact that she predicted the slowdown in the popularity of aerated soft drinks in the markets worldwide. This propelled her to great heights in the business world where it is difficult for a woman to leave an indelible mark of her achievements in a big conglomerate. She was the one who meticulously planned the foray of Pepsi into the sport drinks market in association with Gatorade.

November 2011
What could be the secret of their success? It is their inner drive to succeed, strong belief in themselves, search for new ideas and innovation, openness to change, competitiveness, are highly motivated and energetic and accepting of constructive criticism and rejection? What are the steps to become an entrepreneur? Anyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur should give it some serious thought and preparation first. You can’t just start up a new business on your own and hope that your approach to entrepreneurship will prove successful. A smart person who wants to become a business owner in her own right instead of working for someone else should take time to determine whether entrepreneurship is a logical step in the right direction. Be willing to take risk, Maintain a vision, Establish a budget, Develop a business plan-mission statement, vision statement, operating values, history or inception of the business, financials, including investment capital, income and expenses, and projected profits, personnel (who will work with or for you, or your credentials for managing the business alone), worksite, opportunities, risks or threats and fiveyear plan, Market Plan, Seek Professional Help, Hang in for the long haul. BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR will provide the stretching while you grow in knowledge and wisdom to become that amazing person that you already are on the inside, but haave not fully blossomed. TRY YOUR CHARM. Devi Kabirdoss, Lecturer, AMS College of Engineering

Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director, Microsoft India, leads Microsoft India. Neelam Dhawan has been working in the Indian IT field for the last twenty two years. Before coming to Microsoft, she worked in all the top IT companies in India such as HP, IBM and HCL. Soon after her post graduation she was keen on joining FMCG majors like Hindustan Lever and Asian Paints, both companies rejected Dhawan, as they did not wish to appoint women for marketing and sales. But still she proved her competence in the industry.

CA. Naina Lal Kidwai is an Indian businesswoman. She is currently the Group General Manager and Country Head of the HSBC Group in India. She was the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School. Kidwai has repeatedly ranked in the Fortune global list of Top Women in Business, 12th in the Wall Street Journal 2006 Global Listing of Women to Watch ad listed by Time Magazine as one of their 15 Global Influentials 2002. In 2007, She received the Padma Shri, for her work in the promotion of Trade and Industry.

Mallika Srinivasan, currently the Director of TAFE- Tractors and Farm Equipment, India was honoured with the title of Businesswoman of the Year during 2006 by the Economic Times. She joined the company in 1986 and has since been responsible for accelerating turnover from 85 crores to 2900 crores within a span of 2 decades.

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November 2011

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Dr. C.S.Raju

Positive feelings & Emotions
Smiling. Laughing, Happy, Joyful, Warm, Affectionate, Compassionate, Calm Sympathetic, Mercy, Creative, Passionate, Caring, Excited, Exhilarated etc.


eelings and Emotions: Feelings and emotions play a major role in the actions and reactions of our various internal systems. The feelings and emotions can be positive or negative. Some of these feelings

and emotions are listed below.

Negative feelings & Emotions
Anger, Sadness, Hopelessness, Tense Worried, Jealousy, Hatred, Envy Irritable, Frustrated, Trapped, Guilt Depressed, Miserable, Hurt etc.

The right path for a good happy and satisfied life will be to go on strengthening the positive feelings and emotions and weakening the negative ones. This will definitely put an individual on the right track in life. Most of the negative emotions are not created or caused by others but purely by ourselves. Please deeply analyse and ponder over a dozen statements which may perhaps help you to improve your emotional intelligence. 1. Your mood is spoiled by your mind. 2. Your feelings are hurt by your own feelings. 3. Your disappointments in your life are your own view of events. 4. When you feel bored, it is your mind’s making. 5. When you become angry, the fact is that the anger is generated in your mind by your mind. People only point fingers at others. 6. When you feel disgraced, that ugly colour is painted by your mind. 7. When you feel bad that you were not given due respect, it is your mind’s fault to expect that respect. It is your weakness that you have tuned your mind to expect respect. 8. When you feel frustrated, it is your shortsighted and irrational view of life. This shows how immature your mind is. 9. When you scold or curse somebody in your mind, (perhaps you don’t have the courage to scold or curse in front of that person or you fear for the consequences) the person scolded or cursed is affected only zero % but due to the scolding or cursing in your mind you are affected 100%. 10. Your mind is a generator of good thoughts or bad thoughts. Choice is purely that of your mind. 11. If there is a boil in your body, you go to a doctor for treatment. But your mind boils many times every day. What are you doing about that? Please remember the fact that it is you who is making your mind boil. To keep your mind cool, you can’t have an airconditioner nor need to spend money. It is your mind’s mindset.

12. You are the master of your mind. Also you are the servant of your mind. How much you are the master and how much you are the servant makes you either ENLIGHTENED or ENDARKENED. Dr.C.S.Raju is a trainer for many companies on Safety and Quality, Stress and Life style Management, WorkLife Balancing, Parenting, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, InterPersonal Relations etc. He is a visiting faculty for many colleges for training on Interview Techniques, Personality Development, Communication skills for students and Faculty Development programmes.

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November 2011

Dr.K.Jafar Ali

Keep Loving Yourself and Others
Broken bones never kill but broken hopes do. In rebuilding the lost hope, youngsters should not hesitate to seek the help of professional counselors. Professional counseling enables people to resolve their problems and conflicts by themselves through worthwhile guidelines and direction. The goal of the animal kingdom is survival alone but the goal of human life is beyond survival i.e. peace and happiness. It is only love, being the most powerful human emotion, can guarantee lasting happiness and sustained peace. Loving one another is half of wisdom. When one can inspire people with love, it is the highest form of leadership. Human values such as gratitude, forgiveness, humility, giving, patience and truth should be part of one’s character and conduct. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, the need of the hour is a combination of the greatest heart with highest intellectuality, of infinite love with infinite knowledge. Dr.K. Jafar Ali has over 30 years of experience in Human Resource Management in varied industries including Cement, Textiles, Automobiles & Heavy engineering covering both public and private sectors in multi locational work environment. He has held senior positions in the industry. Currently he renders Strategic HR/ Educational consultancy to Corporates, NGOs and educational institutions.


oday’s world has become a global village. But peace and harmony has become a rare feature to find in this village. People are differentiated in terms of religion, caste, class, gender, colour, land, etc. Patience and tolerance, the basic ingredients of smooth and cordial relationship among human beings are missing. It is indeed a matter of concern for all of us that the current suicide rate especially in case of youngsters in Chennai city is reported to be alarming and continues to be on upward trend. This confirms the fact that people are starving for love and affection. Busy lifestyle in our modern (mechanical) world provides no time for intimate ones. In dealing with problems of adolescence, counseling is more needed for the parents rather than for adolescents themselves. People who are at war with themselves will be bound to have relationship crisis with others. Only comfortable self can accommodate others in his or her heart. One’s marriage, friendship and business relationships can improve dramatically when we focus on sending out love rather than demanding attention, complaints or love in return. Happiness is a choice.

Financial prosperity does not guarantee emotional fitness. Only people who enjoy harmonious relationships with other members of the family, workplace and society at large can enjoy their life to a greater extent. Those who fail to s a i l along w ith

ot hers w i l l s u f f e r from emotional bankruptcy. Everyone can act as a good counselor to others but when it comes to his or her case they may find it difficult to cope up. The reason being the involvement of one’s emotions and the fear of consequences. This makes the role of professional counseling a very significant support.

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November 2011

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Why Do Women Need Insurance?
associated risks. In modern days this has changed, especially with women rivaling men at the workplace and the awareness regarding insurable interest on the homemaker. In addition, better education for the female child, increased economic contribution by women, better medical facilities for safer childbirth and post-natal care have all contributed to more and more insurance products that are women-specific. Insurance statistics reveal that only 36% of women carry life insurance policies, compared to 64% of men. In what follows, we’ll explain why women need life insurance just as much as men do. Why does a woman need life insurance? For the exact same reasons a man does – • to protect her family, • replace lost income, • and help pay family’s debt obligations. Three out of every five married women work, which means their untimely death, would result in precious income being lost. Even in the case of a homemaker, the services they render to their families are immeasurable. In today’s society, there is no difference among professional men and women - both have the same earning power and both contribute to the family kitty. Both incomes are important for family lifestyle and standard and their insurance needs are similar.

Here are some life insurance recommendations for some common scenarios in which women might find themselves: If you are a two-income family: Your family probably depends on your pay cheque in order to cover the expenses of daily living. You need a policy that is at least five to ten times your annual salary. If you are single and the head of your household: Even though your financial responsibilities are considerable as the sole breadwinner, you probably have little or no life insurance, according to studies. Your family depends solely on you for their survival, so life insurance is especially critical. If you are a homemaker: You might not bring home a pay cheque, but the services you provide to your family are invaluable. In your absence, the spouse would face costs associated with child care and additional home services that a homemaker performs,

ver the ages, in India, traditionally, women have been home makers. The scenario has changed drastically in recent times. The Indian woman’s transition from homemaker to bread winner has been phenomenal. Moreover, they have marched ahead of their male counterparts by juggling with aplomb multidimensional roles - professional, home-maker, mother, financial planner... With this in mind, we turn our sights on women’s life insurance. In India, the early years of the insurance industry, dealt with insurance of only male lives. The logic was that the female of the species being home-bound, wasn’t exposed to any risk, and consequently didn’t need any sort of insurance. The bread winner was the male and it was against his lost income that cover was required. A major additional disincentive to female lives was the childbirth-


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such as cooking, laundering and cleaning. This should also be factored into the amount of insurance coverage to be purchased. If you are single: For women who are single and don’t have any children or loved ones to provide for, you still might have debt obligations that a life insurance policy could take care of. A policy would also handle your health care and pension to live honourably. What does LIC offer to these women? When the whole world seems to be riding on ‘women power’, can insurance companies remain far behind? Today even banks and financial institutions are regularly churning out Art Nook innovative schemes to woo the eves. Insurance products not only provide security for family, but also help in savings, investment towards creating a fortune for future needs or pension for the golden years. There is a strong-felt need for women to also insure and invest and, therefore, insurance companies are targeting women with specially-designed products. Women investors have shown longer investment tenure and regular saving habits. So, the products are aimed to target these two specific characteristics and span over both health and investment domain. All the insurance products floated by LIC are common for both the genders.

November 2011
The product that is specially designed for women alone – LIC’s Jeevan Bharati-I This is an insurance plan having special features, exclusively for women based on their needs. The returns include bonus as payable on the date of claim. The plan also provides for Accident Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Congenital Disability Benefit as optional Riders. Enjoy the privilege of womanhood ………………….and Insure with LIC.
Niranchana Rangarajan Regional Manager (NB/Actuarial) LIC Of India, Southern Zonal Office Chennai

Paatum Bharathamum
A Unique Dance Tribute titled, ‘ G . Ramanathan Mudhal A.R.Rahman VaraiThiraiisai,’ was presented by Utsav Music to celebrate Legendary Music Composers and their contribution to Tamil Cinema on 30 October, 2011 at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai. The concept and choreography was by Acharya Choodamani, Radhika Shurajit. The dance show featured 16 disciples of Radhika Shurajit. “The mighty Sagara of Film Music is a plethora of waves of different genres, time frames, emotions and much more. As each wave touches the shore and recedes it leaves behind several precious gems. This is my experiment to string together a few of these gems of music to create a stunning visual

impact of my own. This dance production is an interesting amalgamation of Tradition and Trend,” says Radhika. The production showcased selected songs of eminent music director such as G.Ramanathan, K.V.Mahadevan, ViswanathanRamamoorthy, Ilayaraja,

A.R.Rahman, Deva, Vidyasagar and Yuvan Shankar Raja. The distinct style of each music composer was highlighted through choreography. The production is yet another experiment of Radhika Shurajit in taking Classical Arts to the common man.

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November 2011

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Gateway To A Defining Decade


Seen in the photograph is the Minister lighting the traditional lamp along with Shri. M. Narendra, the Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Overseas Bank, Shri. M. D. Mallya, Chairman, IBA and CMD of Bank of Baroda and Shri. A. K. Bansal, Executive Director of Indian Overseas Bank. unique bankers’ conference address. The special message of decade for Indian Banking.’ held the sway of Chennai Hon’ble Finance Minister, Shri. Several topics of significance city from November 4 to 6, Pranab Mukherjee was read were presented during the unveiling the various facets out. According to the Finance conference unraveling the new of the remarkably developing Minister, a scaled up banking trends and challenges in the banking industry in India. system can be the engine for Indian banking industry. Coinciding with its Platinum converting physical savings to IOB has played a progressive Jubilee celebration, Indian financial savings which has the role in the nation’s economy as Overseas Bank hosted Bancon potential to unlock tremendous a public sector bank. IOB has 2011 in association with Indian value for consumers, financial institutions and for the nation. attained First Rank based on Banks’ Association. its outstanding performance The Chairman and Managing in MSE lending during the The inaugural function was held at Chennai Trade Centre Director of Indian Overseas year 2010-11 in the evaluation Mr. M.Narendra made by Government of India, on 4 November. The conference Bank, delivered the welcome address. Ministry of Micro, Small and commenced on an auspicious Their note with the traditional The inaugural day was also the Medium Enterprises. occasion for opening 50 new contribution in the ICT based convention of lighting of the lamp followed by the branches and 75 new ATMs of Financial Inclusion earned rendition of the invocation Indian Overseas Bank all over IOB the Skoch Award. IOB’s song by the doyen of music, the country by the press of a approach towards micro credit Sudha Raghunathan. Shri. button; and the introduction of earned them the Best Public Sector Bank under Micro Namo Narain Meena, Hon›ble the IOB debit card. Credit Financing for the Dun Minister of State for Finance, The theme of the conference & Bradstreet-Polaris Software Govt of India, inaugurated the was, ‘Competing in the defining Award. conference with the special

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November 2011 September 2011


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