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M E N S M I N I S T RY 2 011 AC T I V I T I E S R E P O RT

God has called men to Leadership and it is important that we take up this role as men at Kampala Baptist Church, because He expects that of us. The birth of the Mens Ministry was a great idea, and I would therefore like to

commend the Leaders of the church for that have been lined up, we will go out this. together to make HIM known. For us to do the good Job that He expects of us, I have seen Men from different social EVERY MAN HAS GOT TO GET INVOLVED. classes, age and status come together in the last 2 years to know one another and As a man reading this, you have a part we have surely seen relationships grow that God expects you to play, but if in within the Ministry. I can comfortably anyway you have felt like there is no reason for you to be part of the Mens say that there is a group of men in the Ministry, it is important that you come church who are not strangers to each and we talk or you can approach any of other anymore thanks to ministrys activ- the men on the leadership team or any ities and my desire is that ALL MEN AT of the pastors. The army is recruiting and KBC will not be strangers to one another. we need you! I cant stop to imagine what impact the My Prayer for the 3rd Year of the Mens men at KBC would have if we all worked Ministry now that we know one another together and focused on the one manis that through the different activities date that God has given us.


In September 2010, the men decided to follow the guide to help them cover the whole Bible in one year. One of the men that started his journey on 11th September 2010 and completed it on 12th September 2011 had this to say: It has been a very fulfilling experience for me. There was a lot I didnt know about the Bible but now I realise that the Bible has to be read as a whole if one is to make sense of it. It has been a very wonderful experience and am now even energised to do it over again. If you are interested in coming on board for this great expedition of the Bible talk to Reagan Turakira or just log onto Dr. Joseph Kigula to join one.

The One True God is just one of the books the men have agreed to do together. Copies of this book and more were sent to the men by friends from the United States. The men have been divided into teams for easy follow up and accountability. Talk to Brian Kaganzi or

For some of the men at church the phrase boot camp now has another meaning all together. No man that attended the Mens boot camp held at Kaazi scouts camping site from 9th to 11th September remained the same.
A young man I used to see at church but never really cared about and also on a rival team at the camp offered his shoulders and head for me to climb on so I could get to the rope during one of last the drills - it was humbling. At that point we were all dirty, exhausted, discouraged and working together was all that could see us through the drills. How I wish Kampala Baptist Church was that united. said one of

the men that attended the camp. The ministry leadership team has now resolved to have the event only once in 2 years so start planning for the one in 2013. We are grateful to church for the financial support and prayers that made the camp a success.

The worship event was a very powerful event with a very wonderful surprise speaker. The men worshiped the Lord, prayed together and also got to listen to Rudo Kwaramba as she shared about the theme; A Godly man from a womans perspective. This event was held on 24th June 2011 at church and it was splendid. Over 55 men attended this event and many of them left that evening asking for more of the same. We now plan to have this event twice a year in 2012.


We Go! We Go! Uganda Cranes We Go! was all one could hear on the streets of Kampala as soccer fans made their way to the Catch Up room on 8th October 2011 to watch the match between Uganda Cranes and the Kenya Harambee stars. Though Ugandas hopes of going to the Africa Cup Of Nations after 33 year were shattered, it was a great time for fellowship among the many church members that attended the event. There was also a barbecue which was enjoyed by the folks that came. This events idea came from one of the men during one of the Sunrise walks and because we know that football is a sport many men love; if you are willing to host fellow men over at your home for a football match in any of the local or international leagues, please talk to Reagan Turakira and he will tell you more.

The monthly sunrise walks continue to provide men at church with an opportunity not just for them to exercise but also for them to fellowship, pray together and also share with each other one-on-one as they walk together in pairs. There have been 9 walks held successfully this year and we look forward to more of them in 2012. Those not held were of May (due to the political insecurity caused by the walk to work protests), September (because of the camp) and there wont be one in December because it is a break for the men. Some of the men that have walked on some of these Sunrise Walks had this to say:
..I have seen him (referring to his walk partner) in church but had never had time to interact with him closely to know his life but today I had the opportunity to really talk to him and know his life and now I can pray fully knowing what his challenges are and I believe he now knows a little bit about me... ...its good, its healthy. You get to spend time with people you usually wouldnt. Its a good experience... ...many of our men in church do not have a chance to interact in depth with other individuals. Sometimes we form cliques; people of similar class, similar kind of work, and so we hardly get to know other people and so the Sunrise Walks is a time we can interact across strata, across social group and get to know each other...

Many thanks to all our hosts this year! You too can host a walk; do you have a map that you think would be great for the men to try out, please talk to Er. Paul Kabunga. 2012 FORECAST HOW TO BE PART A number of activities have already been lined up for 2012 As long as you are a man then you are already apart of this among them including: ministry. If you want however to be part of something more A walk in the Mabira forest (Ladies are invited to this one) specific please talk to Brian Kaganzi, Er. Paul Kabunga, Dr. Joseph Kigula, Fraincis Nkurunziza, Joseph Mulindwa or More Sunrise walks (January host already identified) Reagan Turakira Baptist churches around Kampala mens Sunrise walk 2 Worship nights (strictly for the men) More soccer matches watched by men for fellowship and bonding. Man Of The Month publication; an opportunity for men to inspire men If you have an idea, thought or question that you would like to share with the men please use the contacts listed below. CONTACT US
Email: Mens Blog: Tel: +256 (0) 414 53 08 99 Church Website: