Much of the most influential cultural theory today arose from people asking questions based on their own

situations and experiences. This is sometimes called 'situated knowledge' or ‗experiential knowledge‘ because it comes from thinking through one‘s own situation and experiences – particularly in relation to race, ethnicity, sex, gender, class, religion and other social categories. Situations and experiences also refer to our different geographic locations, migrations and national experiences. Basically, all the things that shape what places, people and objects mean to us. Throughout this semester students in the inaugural year of SCL321 Introduction

INTRODUCTION - Anna Feigenbaum

to Cultural Theory were asked to examine the cultures they come from and how those cultures shape their lives and their relationships to places, people and objects. Through working on this project we engaged with the theoretical readings of the course, while creating cultural theories out of our own 'situated knowledge'. This zine is the culmination of students‘ work throughout the term. Its contents consist of original writing, poetry, drawings, collages and multimedia portraits done by students in the class. Each piece aspect of cultural theory. The name, design and layout of the zine, ‗Culture Jar,‘ were decided collectively by students. In various working groups students typed, edited, scanned, photoshopped and photocopied all elements of the zine, spending hours of time in and out of class to put this unique book together. Throughout the process of zine-making, our class learnt from each other, listening responds to an assigned task focused on a particular

to stories, anecdotes and insights gathered from 18 voices, 15 countries, 5 continents and countless moments of cultural discovery. As bell hooks writes, ―When everyone in the classroom, teacher and students, recognizes that they are responsible for creating a learning community together, learning is at its most meaningful and useful.‖ I am thankful to my students for bringing our classroom to life, and for the privilege of getting to look over their shoulders as they filled these pages with their passionate voices and creative inspirations.

What Makes a Man?
 Protection  Loving  Strong  Hard Working  Honest, Loyal, Respectful of Women  Mature  Responsible  Good Provider  Determined  Trustworthy

 Over-Protective  Jealous  Controlling  Work-a-Holic  Guys are suppose to get a lot of Women  Think we Know it All  Manipulative  Shallow  Arrogant  Self-Fixated

Men should be. . .

Positive Expectations
 Faithful  Family-Minded  Career Driven  Financially Independent  Kind and Nurturing  Care about Physical Appearance  Never Use Derogatory Terms when Referring to Females

Negative Expectations
Multiple Girlfriends Sexually Experienced ‗Street Cred‘ Refer to Females as ‗Bitches‘ and ‗Hoes‘

Queens Confined
The borderlands, where I come from, prove to be far more important than most places. I grew up and live in Whitestone, Queens. My neighborhood is middle to uppermiddle class, with relatively no serious crimes. Like any other neighborhood, you have your young kids who run around doing graffiti from time to time, but that is usually the extent of it. However, a five to ten minute car ride in certain directions can bring you to pretty bad places. In fact, what is kind of crazy is that if you take a fifteen to twenty minute car ride to places such as the Bronx or Brooklyn, there is a semi-decent chance that if you wander there alone by yourself at night you will get robbed and/or stabbed/shot. Boundaries to me and to my friends at home mean significantly more than say someone who lives in Iowa of Pennsylvania. These are examples of Bhabha‘s concept of hybridity, which is basically the mixture of culture and race. In my neighborhood it is predominantly white, however if you even walk for twenty minutes in a certain direction the race shifts to predominantly black and Asian.

What is Culture? Zahra
I have used a set of three images to describe what my culture is, especially from a woman‘s perspective. My culture is steeped in patriarchy but ironically revolves around women – and sex. From ‗deflowering‘ her, to fearing her sexuality, and then being bound by her wrath as a mother. The role of a woman is always relative to her vagina and what she can and cannot do with it. This is my culture, how I see it and how I experience it but I can never ask questions. Vaginas don‘t ask questions. Self reflections: Coming to the West, I hoped to find a different culture, where women are not so bound by their sexuality, however, I was shocked to see a different side to the same coin. Women are just as much, if not more bound by their sexuality. Just as a woman in a burqa is a sex-object in my culture, the modern ‗liberated‘ woman here seems just as much of a sex-object. One is covered up, in fear of her sexuality, while the other is used and exposed as one, her worth measured by her desirability to men. However, something different about this ‗western‘ culture, that I found extremely desirable: I can find my own space in this culture - I don‘t have to be either one or the other. I have found a special place where I can ask questions, I can criticize, I can talk back, without fear of upsetting the delicate fabric of Pakistani culture that keeps everyone in their place. The vagina finds a voice….

What Makes a ‗Man‘- Zahra
Men in Pakistani culture are cocky and arrogant because they have the platform to misbehave and blame it on women who seduce them. Men are strong, both physically and mentally but their only weakness is women – rather, a woman‘s body. This is the reason why women must be kept indoors, lest they tempt men into wrongdoings (which they can‘t be blamed for). A man‘s honour is his but a woman‘s honour lies between her legs. Positive expectations of men include always having to financially support, take care of and protect women and children ‗the weak‘ – as breadwinners. Recently, men often get confused when women express a desire to go out there into the world to earn a living: ―When I am going out there to break my back and work for you then why do you want to leave the comfort of your home to work?‖ Men are supposed to make women feel safe and protected and taken care of – always. Fathers, brothers, husbands and sons - as a friend of mine once out it: ―The first 20 years of your life you listen to your father‘s and your brother‘s bullshit, then you listen to your husband‘s bullshit and finally as an old woman you listen to your son‘s bullshit. There is no escape!‖

Acts of Exclusion- Zahra
At Work: A meeting – females only – in the conference room used for special occasions, about the presence of ‗uncomfortable‘ containers found in the ladies toilets. Everyone nods in agreement: ―it makes us very uncomfortable‖ someone says. All the Muslim ladies look down in humiliation and helplessness. ―What do you do with it anyway it seems so unhygienic.‖

Boss: ―Right! I don‘t care what sort of religious practices go on in there, I don‘t care, we don‘t want to see it, okay?

‗different‘ or unknown because it Self-Reflections In Islam, when using the toilet, it is have to wash ourselves with plain makes you uncomfortable, it seems alien. Other motivations – on my display of that since we are in a ‗white man‘s land where white man rules and makes all the rules‘ it would be unwise to create a fuss. In all your religious practices, make sure that you are stand out. Blending is key! discreet as not to offend them, or to This made me think that perhaps, the

not allowed to use just toilet paper. We water first and then use toilet paper. Without water, you remain ‗unclean‘. In most Muslim homes, there is a special container for this purpose in

anger, other Muslims took me aside to

each toilet. In the absence of such a water bottles, empty cartons etc.

container, such as at work, people use I think this act of exclusion was based on ignorance, maybe people thought we use the containers to wee in, I‘m not too sure. I don‘t think there was any other motivation, except for rejecting what is

only reason why we can work alongside with other non-Muslims, without any conflict is if you hide your religious practices and try to be like them as jury is still out. much as possible? I don‘t know; the

―But it makes an immigrant laugh to hear the fears of the nationalist, scared of infection, penetration, miscegenation, when this is small fry, peanuts, compared to what the immigrant fears dissolution, disappearance. " — Zadie Smith in White Teeth

―Land of Lakes‖
-Talia I claim my home in the Land of Lakes, from frostbitten winters to sweat drenched summers. By North I find the small-town shops, Northern accents, and nature abound. By South I see the city lights and the busy streets of Uptown, roamed by the business and artsy alike. I claim my home in the center of these places, close to the light, and close to the hills, From the vibrant hues of the falling leaves, to the blowing blizzards. From the draining of thawing ice, to the blistering humid afternoons. This is my home where culture is diverse, yet life is a community, Where the Midwestern etiquette and work ethic walk together. Yet this is not really my home. My home is not made of the places that surround me, but of the people that I depend on. My home consists of the individuals who have been with me for years, through injury, triumph, and failure. From the warmth of the northern hellos to the many goodbyes, yet my home has not left me. I live amidst the people who make my home. So in later years, my home will continue expanding, As the individuals in my life keep searching, Keep traveling, Keep living.

—Talia have said, ―Minnesota.‖ Now if someone came up to me six months from now and asks me where I am from, I will say, ―Well, it‘s complicated.‖ It is complicated. I cannot say for sure that I belong to one place, but to many, and as a result I have been addressed with opportunities to be included and excluded. If someone came up to me one week ago, and asked me where I was from, I would

not an East Coaster. I moved from New Jersey as a toddler to Minnesota, and I thus became a Midwesterner, even though I cannot recall much from then for being so young. A few years later, at the age of five, my family packed up and left to Antwerp, Belgium because my father was relocated for work.

I was born nineteen years ago on the East Coast in New Jersey, however I am

excitement of being in a completely new culture with my parents and three siblings. Adapting to the new culture wasn‘t necessarily difficult for me, since I was young Belgian kids, is something I can still recall to this day. and was dragged around by my parents, however, the exclusion from the other local My younger sister and I went to a daycare close to our home a few times a week,

Now I vividly remember the frustration of having to learn Dutch as well the

so we could be introduced to the Belgian culture and improve our Dutch as well as that my mom could get a rest from homeschooling us kids. I can still remember the smell of that yellow room filled with toys that my sister and I were in with all of the other local kids. And I can recall the jokes they would say to us in both Dutch and English, for being ―stupid Americans.‖ Eventually, the daycare workers moved my sister and I to another room, filled with children much younger than either of us, (I was eight years old and my sister was five at this time), and I remember wondering to myself, ―Why can‘t we play with the other kids who are our age? Why are we here? Why did they keep calling us ‗stupid Americans?‖ I can also remember being sat in kids sat somewhere else. I hated the place, because not only did the day care workers Thankfully we didn‘t stay for very long at that daycare. the corner of the room with our lunches at a table by ourselves, while the other little neglect us, but they didn‘t care because we were what they call, ―stupid Americans.‖

we would grow up being ―third culture children.‖ Since we spent a good amount of place for very long as well being able to adapt very well to other cultures.

A relocation specialist told my father in preparation to our move overseas, that

time traveling overseas and moving, we would grow up not wanting to stay in one A few years later, my family returned once again to Minnesota, although a

different city. As a third grader, I felt so special because I spoke Dutch and I had lived and travelled over seas, which I thought gave me bragging rights over the other the relocation specialist said to my father, was true—having been stuck in off to London I went. students. It didn‘t give me bragging rights, but I thought it did at the time. But what Minnesota for 10 years, and upon receiving my high school diploma, I wanted out. So Now in London, when the Londoner asks me where I am from, I automatically

say, ―Mainly Minnesota,‖ because that is where my family is at the moment and what I call my home. That just changed. My mom calls me recently saying we are moving to Africa—most likely

Kenya—within the next 8 months. So once my family is no longer in Minnesota, I have absolutely no connection to the Midwest—all it will be is a memory and a place, as Belgium and New Jersey are to me now. What happens then? I have my own place in London, and my family will soon live in Africa, so when a person comes up to me and asks me that question, I‘m not sure if I will have an answer, because I don‘t know what culture I would belong to other than being an American citizen. However, it‘s not about where I am from that defines who I am, but who I have become because of where I culture kid or a multi-cultural traveler. Who want to know. have been. Maybe I am just the definition of a third knows, because I really don‘t, and maybe I don‘t

Where are you from?
--Vanessa has not always been clear. I have lived many places, some here and some there. Born in Georgia, Where I am from

moved all over the states, because I made my own fate. While I‘m here now and have been other places, the place with the familiar faces. Where I am from has such a good vibe, and for you now my home I will describe: The plains fall flat; You know you‘ve gotten there by the unpleasant smell of the breeze. for miles it‘s all you see. I consider one place home, now live in London

some horses run free, We ride them for fun but most are tamed.

and to compete in some games We play hard, We will find no other place, of which to be so proud. The size of our hearts of which the heat is severe, and breeds no better man. We are called hicks, equals that of the land; have fun, and get loud.

but we have our own ‗nation,‘ and to us this means something. We are one of many,

rednecks, and country;

love our neighbours near and far. We are proud to fly our flag, our flag with one lone star.

lived there for only a few years, though, because my parents were in the army and they decided to get a divorce whilst living there. My dad moved to Texas because he

I was born in Savannah, Georgia and really loved being a ‗southern belle.‘ I

Sisters Across the Pond--Vanessa

was then out of the Army and my mom was still stationed in Georgia. I went to Texas to live with my father and really loved Texas. However, I missed my mother too much and decided to move back with her. However, it was not Georgia that I would be moving to this time.

step-dad got stationed there. I learned so much from moving to Hawaii, mainly

My mom, while I was away, re-married and we moved to Hawaii because my

because I was so used to living in the South that change was a big one. The culture ‗luxurious‘ place, I found that I just didn‘t fit in. My step-dad got stationed in

was so much different in Hawaii and even though most people long to live in such a Louisiana after that and I thought I would feel much more at home because I would be back in the South. That was not the case, though. The culture in Louisiana was something that I was actually never really able to adapt to. My brother and I were two of six white people in my entire school and it was really hard being the minority in the school. We got picked on constantly and we really learned to keep to ourselves as we got in several physical fights with school mates for going to the ‗wrong school.‘ We weren‘t there for that long when we learned we were getting stationed in New York. I lived in upstate New York and found the country reminding me of ‗home.‘ that everyplace has a different culture and there are some that I would and would not fit in with. I lived in Texas the longest, as I moved there after New York to complete my high school and begin university. I now consider Texas ‗home.‘ I then moved to London to complete university and moving to London held the biggest culture shock of all. I felt so out of place here because everyone seemed to have loads of money and care so much about appearance, something we don‘t care too much about of family so bad. After moving to Ham with my boyfriend, though, I feel more at the place you live in is only a part of your life. in Texas. I didn‘t like the food, the people, and I missed feeling like a part of some sort home again. I have learned that as long as you are surrounded by people who love you Moving all around the United States really gave me a sense of understanding

Where She's Going - Camille
A wise woman used to tell me that if my past Was wrapped in mystery Then it would take my future in a cold embrace of question So I decided to spend my present getting answers

Until that point I was like a potted plant thats roots led to nowhere Instead of spending my future asking questions Now I have my answers and my roots no longer end at the bottom Of a ceramic bowl Now they reach down through the Siberian snow into the mud of mother Russia And touches her heart of legs veins They scale the cliffs of the rocky shores of Ireland and stand to support me like a pair They weave through the cobblestone streets that run through France like pulsating They wrap around the docks at Ellis Island embracing another home like warm Welcoming arms They cover the sidewalks of New York like a layer of tough skin Like the tender touch of the hands that built them breaths

They reach deep underneath the Detroit pavement and touch every car that goes by They absorb the sunshine that kisses the willow trees of Virginia as if taking deep Into desiring lungs All come together in California to form the head of a frail little flower But this flower has strong deep roots that aren't budging, They will always be strong and support her as she grows steady

Now this little flower can grow toward the sky because her roots are holding her Always reminding her where she comes from So she can know Where she's going

This is Freddy-


and more importantly demand off their men. I chose to design the ‗perfect man‘, or at least from what women today want the perfect man to be. What was most interesting is that most women want both a man and a beast, both a rocker and a significant others, they cannot deny that they would like to pick at all the cherries on the bush. For a man this can send extremely mixed signals in what is expected of them. By incorporating different stereotypes and variant visual expectations the perfect man has a multitude of qualities as seen in the diagram. I‘ll call him Freddy. Freddy here is the perfect man who although may appear as a walking freak of nature and contradiction, has all the values that he could use to sweep any female off their feet. The rose represents his emotional and caring side, while the hammer represents his manly understandings of DIY and ability to fix anything from a of course, simply hit it! Freddy is sporty, and plays football, yet likes to watch movies

I wanted to look at the different ways and factors in which women perceive

romancer. Although undoubtedly people have all kinds of tastes in the looks of their

broken fridge door to the car engine, to laptops, to nuclear power stations: the solution curled up on the sofa with a pot of Häagen-Dazs in his favourite pair of furry bear sports a long beard, yet has perfectly baby smooth skin so that no woman he might be smooching may get rough allergies from his man fur. He has a muscular build to skinny jeans for a good night out! Yes Freddy is a walking contradiction and only one of a kind. The only thing he might lack for women (depending on how they see it at least) is height, unfortunately Freddy is only 15cm tall. crush any other man alive, yet it doesn‘t stop him from fitting into his favourite red

slippers. He can play both romantic love songs on his guitar and also punk rock. He

My words keep slipping off the page as you brand my skin What would you mistake me as? of all the places i have been i still wait, decide Constant evaluation with your accent. forcing me to mine your past to understand Yes, my secrets are leaking out as nomads wander my mind thoughts our mothers.

exposing the lineage of your fury

looking for a place to settle, civilize my a population explosion with tribal under a hierarchy of chaos. mentality

that have seeped into my bones standing on a crumbling wall unable to on one side or the other i long to see a grandfather on a mule and the color of my blood you tell me it is to late like stains addressing my race

Are you in your natural habitat? A lost cousin calls compass

slurring his words and asking to borrow a we don‘t bother looking

while holding a clenched fist giving me two options, white or black into the idea traffic of purple doubt

best to maintain the silence

always chain smoke and fight sadness He sends a post card from Tanzania saying it effects us as children we were dropped balancing, we float somehow trapped who we were meant to be into the Atlantic Ocean, WEAR IS MY NATIONAL DRESS with my grandmothers butter knife.

during the day my sister and i

but i still want to go back to it, to regress staring blankly at the map, diverted and mismatching silverware

in a moment where we could have been the confrontation of receiving a d.

constantly hinting at the point

Beautiful. Sexy. Charming. Cute. Pretty. And that‘s about it.

If a woman doesn‘t fit under any of these categories, she won‘t fit into society. It does not matter how bright she is, how intellectual she is, how amazingly talented she is, or how loving and caring her personality is. These all come as a second. Sounds very cliché? Maybe. But it seems to me that‘s the ‗inconvenient truth‘, and that we‘ve come to accept that our looks play the key role into the context of whom we are. If I like that? No. If I accept it? Well, yes.

But why are we, women, pressured into feeling that we must be physically attractive?

Because… we are living in an era where the idealized body is no longer a fantasy that
women have. It has become a standard rule, a must. be well presented and behave like a proper lady. most families raise their daughters with the knowledge that they need to always

Because… Because…

be extraordinarily beautiful; and we, ordinary people have got to keep up before we end up

Because… everywhere we look, magazines, TV, billboards, music videos, the women seem to

gain weight or go a day without make-up or simply wear whatever we feel is more comfortable. we are led to believe that a body not in shape, nails not done and an unhealthy

our friends constantly remind us that we need to conform to the norms; we cannot

Because…  Because… 

looking hair may tell the world about our lazy, chilled-out and ―more-interested-in-otherimportant-stuff‖ personalities. most men out there expect this from us.

Of course some us are different, independent and self-fulfilled women; but in a world where hard to relax.

the media and society as whole are constantly reminding us of the gendered female body, it is If there is one woman who is absolutely happy with her looks, and that would not change a single thing about them, I would love to meet her. And I would love to learn how do we do

that in this crazy 21st century.

But how should these boys be? something in return. So the pressure begins.

―Boys Will Be Boys‖- Renata

Women tend to put so much effort in their attempts of pleasing men; but they expect

Men should be: faithful sexy charming brave masculine funny sensitive good-looking well-off strong caring successful loving

intelligent tough

understanding special

controlling open-minded jealous scruffy clean




And on top of that, make us, women, feel: important precious sexy

beautiful hot



in control

Yes… most men will never get close to achieving the complete list of their shoulds in this world. But some try… The 21st century has told us women that the perfect man is no longer impossible, he could exist! So what do we do? We hurry up and start expecting to see these results, even though we know that most women are not successful with their expectations. As if having to be constantly caring, intelligent, successful isn‘t enough, now the men have to worry about conforming to society‘s guidelines for physical appearance. If you‘re too scruffy, shave; if you‘re too clean, man up a bit and get scruffy. If you‘re too brutal, be more emotional; if you‘re too emotional, man up and show your strength. If you‘re too weak, get some muscles! If you‘re too muscular, loose some weight! If you‘re too ugly, get good-looking! If you‘re too good-looking, don‘t be too feminine. If you‘re too feminine, man-up again; if you‘re too masculine, soften up and become more emotional. And it‘s an ongoing cycle of contradictions and expectations… The double bind of masculinity, that Bordo once mentioned, has achieved its peak.

Where are you from?

My mother‘s uncle‘s daughter‘s sister lives down the street from mine. We tend to reside in the same areas of town. At times it gets claustrophobic, but usually it‘s fine. Where I come from, family ties are more important than paying taxes online. Our food is usually healthy, filled with herbs and spices unknown. At times it gets repetitive, so we hit diners for burgers & fries. My friends and I enjoy our freedom, but try not to cross any lines. Our Prince is somewhat liberal, but bound by cultural times. It is a westernized-arab world, so we get the best of both lives. We respect our culture and adapt to the future, and continue to grow. So, like I said, we have our culture, but tend to mainly go with the flow.

The Importance of Family
The show that gives me a connection to my meaning of home is ‗Brothers and Sisters‘. It is a story based on a Mother who continues to be the glue that holds her dysfunctional Walker clan together as family members face a variety of challenges. The trailer shows the house that belongs to the mother whom brings all her children my grandmother and grandfather used to always make sure the whole family got together once a week. Just like the show, when my grandfather passed away the importance and consistency of family gatherings was harder to maintain. The trailer goes down the grandmother‘s staircase showing all the family portraits from her children to her grandchildren; depicted all their different accomplishments and a picture to every time they have won something and recorded it. It‘s basically the specialties. My grandmother‘s house is also known as the house everybody had to take house where everyone is accepted for all their differences and uniqueness. I would not say that this show specifically had an impact on my life, but among the very many to every episode. It‘s nice to see how the importance of family is highlighted shows I watch, I definitely appreciate ‗brothers and sisters‘ for its not so happy endings throughout the show as well as that the portrayal of imperfection is accepted between the family members, Although it is a fictional story, home is represented in a very realistic manner, with times of laughter and war. and grandchildren together every week or every chance she gets. It reminds me of how

 
As pink and orange fill the horizon. A spicy aroma fills the room,

My Home is …

My stomach crumbles with excitement. You see a Tajine is being cooked, Too much of my delight, With fresh veggies from the ‗Souk‘, That makes it JUST right.

Sight and smell say dinners soon

You see the ‗Souk‘ is a magical place, As Arabic fills the empty space, Where lots are laid to sell.

The mosques preach against hell. You see this country is a Muslim one, First Spain, then France, then both were gone, Then the monarch prevailed to its seat. You see this country is ruled by a King, Though corruption is an ordinary thing, This country is pushing, trying, and hoping to be fair. One who is true, ambitious, and fair. And its battles it had to beat.


Where I Come From-Keily
Where I come from is more than just A name, a geographic point on the map My place IS orange, red and yellow in autumn Green in spring Blue in summer And five feet deep in white snow in winter My place TASTES like Thai, French, Italian and India food, And Stoli-Raz and Lemonades, And kettle corn, And hot cider donoughts My place SOUNDS like highschool football games, Crew races at the lake, Trustufarian music and Spanish spoken by the Mexican workers My place SMELLS like roasting coffee, Apple orchards, Cigars, And the expensive perfumes the rich women wear At my place, you can SEE huge Victorian houses A bustling Broadway main street, Reunions of old friends at the bars on Caroline, And lost kids looking for direction, but always coming up short-handed My place is FULL of Horses, Dreads, Bonfires, Sledding, Crystal Palace, Pumpkin picking, House parties, State champions, Fancy shops, Gamblers, Die hard Dave Matthews fans, Happy families And a million other details that make this place mine.

The city I‘m from is a beautiful city. Home of cured ham, tapas, wine and Real Madrid football team. The streets small, the buildings old and the people crazy. From my windows I could hear the screaming fans of football with every goal they scored from the Real Madrid stadium down the street, I could hear the honking cars from the streets and the drunken people singing. I could smell the restaurants food and beer they served till all hours of the morning and in the winter when it would briefly snow it would finally feel like Christmas. My home has always been where my mother is. Now the scenery and memories of home are changing, now I go home to fresh, clean, sea air, walks on the beach and a town that‘s relatively dead over six months of the year, whilst the other six months are spent in intensive partying on the white island. In the summer the waves crash against the cliff behind my home where the boats sit. I can see the boats coming into the bay and count the airplanes coming onto the island. Vast amounts of green forest cover the majority of the island and small towns and beaches make up the rest. In the summer it‘s a fun and exciting atmosphere whilst in the winter the quietness of the island is warming, holding all the memories of the past summer and all of those of the summer to come. Walking through the town in the morning you can smell the baked bread and croissants and you see the typical ibizenco‘s who have not left the island for years. Its a nice change and will continue changing....

years and years ago. Men are expected to take care of their wives, provide for them and their family and support them. However, ideals continue to change as masculinity and people‘s Today across all cultures the ideal masculine figure continues to be the same as it was

perspectives of it also continue to change. Men now are portrayed differently then they were for different kinds of men. Madrid recently became one of the ―gay capitals‖ of the world, holding some of the biggest gay pride parades and communities in Europe. I think this is

20 years ago, allowing them to express themselves more physically and emotionally, allowing

interesting considering the fact that 30 years ago a man and a woman could not legally be sense of machismo they want to live up to and feel are expected of them, attempting to

divorced and now you seen the extent to which society has changed. Still straight men feel a portray a stable male figure to women and friends. Expectations of men will not change in their beliefs. Of course there are issues dealing with the subject as in Spain the church is a the outside world as they become a bigger part of it.

society they are simple evolving and allowing for more freedom of expression of themselves and very influential factor but the country is changing and so are people‘s opinions and views on

Mind the ‗Culture Gap‘ -Sebastian
I wanted to look at the way in which I have broken barriers, both physically and mentally throughout my journey of life so far. I thought that a good way to do this would be using a tube map to show my journey. Tubes in London are used to get from one place to another, but in my map it would represent unknown destinations. Destinations along the way which I have stopped off at show barriers that I have crossed ranging from country borders, right to more emotional and mental borders, such as witnessing and dealing with inequality in the Philippines. To me borders are always needing to be crossed, but the reason why I left question marks at the end of every line, is that I believe that we ought to never stop breaking down the borders and barriers that stop us from knowing more about the world we live in. I don‘t want to stop moving and exploring, while some tracks might lead me down roads that I might not be sure I want to go down, I can always jump on the next tube and try out something else. I like to live a multicultural and diverse life, obviously I identify money very early on in my map, as I want to point out how fortunate I have been to be able to travel and break cultural and physical borders that the majority of the world have not had. I like to think that this web of experience expands me as a person, and allows me to be flexible and broad in my understanding of not only my small immediate world, but of the ever expanding world and diversity around that surrounds me. (Please see map for more details),…and ―please mind the gap‖

“Diversity from within makes us different”

A story of a child
Someone once asked me, „where are you from?‟ and i answered by telling him the country I come from. But not surprisingly he did not know where it is. He asked me to describe it to him. I started to imagine what it‟s like to be from a different background and a different society, that way I thought I can tell him a better a story. So, I brought some pictures and told him a short story. “We are different because of our diverse cultures even though we live in one country. We have a distinct image of language (the alphabets stand out) its historical route dates back to the birth of Jesus Christ. The aroma of coffee you have in your cup originates from my homeland. The music is based upon the multi-diverse people with different faces but one heart”

―Each one tells a story and that is where home is‖
“Church bells rings all the time but there is a distinct sound that comes from the instrument the priest uses anyone can tell that the sound comes from the church. The priest sings the song from the bible. He whispers the words to himself but yet the message is felt within those around him. The church is full of colours; bright and different from all kinds; one may be familiar with. The ceremony takes longer than expected. They say there is no time limit for any prayer.

Then you meet the food: Taste it and you will feel the difference. It is very unique, the only one in the world. The food tells a story, how it is made, prepared, organised and served has a meaning of grace, servitude and love for the person. The food defines us because of its taste, the spices used, the color and the variety. It tells you that each person has a favourite that defines who they are. The distinction is a sense of unity and cultural difference makes it a soulful factor to those that experience it. Food is everyone‟s supplement. Thus, we accept and honour our food and culture with the colors aromas and tastes from our food.” I feel as though people don‟t want to learn about who we are and where we come from. But it is rather the fact that not many people know about our culture, history and diversity that makes them feel that way. Some are fascinated some are not. However, after describing these different parts of who I am and where I come from he too felt the history, diversity, color and ethnicity makes this place unique in its own sense.

"No actual person has a body like that. But that doesn‘t matter. . . . . . because our expectations, our ". . . are becoming dictated by the digital.‖ --Susan Bordo desires, our judgments about our bodies. . .

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Male Stereotypes

Independent Promiscuous Financially Stable Non-Emotional ―Handy-Man‖ Aggressive Muscular

My Ideal Man

Dark Brown Hair Facial Hair—yet


Blue Eyes Nice Clothes Good Body Strong

―Which is a young man supposed to be. . .an animal or a gentleman?‖ —Susan Bordo

Supportive Sense of Humor Financially

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Culture and gendered body- Polina

Borders-- Polina




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