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Shannon Conway Dr.

Willard 04-27-2011 Title: The Best Person Ive Ever Known Specific Purpose Statement: To inspire my audience by describing Patrick Dolan General Purpose: To inspire Introduction Patrick Dolans eyes were as blue as the ocean on a sunny day. These eyes were the portal to his kind and loving soul. In his chest beat a heart that was fair and offered love freely. Generous, genuine, and gentle were three words that described Patrick perfectly. He was the best person Ive ever known and he demonstrated his wonderful qualities in his day to day life. Patrick wasnt only kind-hearted, but he had the humor of a comedian and an all around charismatic personality. I feel blessed everyday to have known him. Today, I will tell you a little bit about him so that you can get to know him too. I wish everyone could have known Patrick. He was a rare gem, truly one of a kind.

Patrick had intense energy. It seemed like he could keep going and never stop. For many of us it is hard to get up early, but for Patrick it was hard to sleep in.

He never wanted to waste a minute of the day or of the life that he loved so much. We would always make plans to hang out at 1pm, and I was always surprised to be woken up at 9am by Patrick knocking on my front door. I sometimes wonder how many miles he walked in a day, going here, there, and everywhere. In fact during the blizzard in December of 2009, he rotated between my house and his grandmothers house, just to balance time between my family and his family. This walk was twenty-minutes one way, and he trekked back and forth all day long. Nothing would stand in the way of time with his loved ones. With all of Patricks energy it is not hard to believe that he had the confidence to match. Patrick stood at 6 feet tall, with a lean body type. He had brown hair, nice bone structure, and vibrant blue eyes. With these classic good looks, I cant blame Patrick for calling himself a ladies man. Whenever he would receive compliments from women, his later comments were always She wants me. From anyone one else this would seem cocky, but for Patrick it was charming. When he and I first started hanging out, he told me I know I am good looking, and you probably think Im a player, but I could never be a heart breaker. Patrick hated hurting peoples feelings.

Patrick exercised his charm and likeability throughout his life, and it was effortless. Patrick could make a person like him within the first 10 seconds of meeting them. On New Years Eve of 2009, he walked into my house which was full of people that he didnt know. This was the moment when Patricks natural charm took over; the moment when he won everyone at my parents party over. He walked into the house and introduced himself to each person individually and shook their hands. He later told his proud Irish jokes about his beloved heritage and became the life of the party. My neighbors and extended family gushed over Patrick for months thereafter. Patrick also had a wonderful sense of humor throughout his life, and he always knew how to laugh at himself. He was humorous as a child, he was humorous as a teenager, and he was humorous as a young adult.

At the age of 10, he was upset with his father and decided to brush the pet turtle with his fathers toothbrush. Even later in life, he still made people laugh. Recently, at a wedding this past July, he was the first one on the dance floor pulling all kinds of funny moves.

With all of this humor aside, Patrick had a heart of gold, and this was evident in his demeanor and actions. Patrick lent his character and support to people in need. He had a habit of putting himself second and others first. He would give nice new clothes to the needy, and keep his older clothes to wear, because he felt like they needed it more. A few years ago, Patricks family found a dog on the side of the road. This dog was needed a home. Patrick, who had never had a dog before, decided to keep the dog. He developed a tight

bond with this dog. He named him Ali, after his favorite boxer Muhammad Ali. Today Ali is a very healthy dog.

This was Patricks way. He knew when people needed him, and he helped whoever was willing to take it. Patrick was a light breeze on a hot day. He had a way of reaching everyone right when they needed relieve. Patrick Dolan was the best person that Ive ever known. He never ceased to amaze me with his kind heart and selfless ways. He came into my life and the lives of many others and provided a sense of hope. He was like the first day of spring; he made everything new and marked a fresh start.

On Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Patrick was taken from us. He embarked on his journey in eternal life with God by his side. He forever left his mark on the hearts of many and he is missed terribly. Each day I try to be a little more like Patrick. I believe he would be a fitting role model for anyone. Patrick was like a godsend to so many. He helped to save so many who need hope. I know because he helped to save me.