Introduction Stress is a natural phenomenon in one’s life.

Indeed, stress in varying forms is a part of everyday life as one interacts with the environment. Its amazing how differently each one interacts to and copes with stressful situations. ( Freudenberger, 1998 ) Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and has become so pervasive, that it seems to permeate everything and everybody. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life. Without stress, there would be no life. Anybody needs to find a proper level of stress that promotes optimal performance and enables him to make a productive outcome. (Hingley, 2000 ) Nursing students are susceptible to experiencing stress. Learning the nursing profession involves many stressors, particularly the concepts one must learn and study. One experience considered to be stressful by students is the exposure to different clinical areas, most especially the first clinical exposure at the Operating Room. The Operating Room concept is discussed inside the classroom, during lectures before the students are exposed to the clinical area. What’s stressful about the first exposure is that students feel combination of different emotions which comprises of : excitement, anticipation, and nervousness all at the same time. Students are excited of the fact that finally they will get to see what a real-life Operating Room looks like, and what happens on a live surgical operation. They are also anticipating of the possible tasks that will be assigned to them, upon learning the duties of a scrub and circulating nurse from lecture-discussion. And the feeling of being nervous, that for the first time in their becoming as nursing students, they will be finally able to apply all learned procedures for the O.R, especially the Aseptic Technique. They are worried if will they be able to perform such procedures properly, what will happen if they commit an error, how will

Such inquiries. . and what it’s like to see people under different types of anesthesia before and during the surgery. This research study was made to determine how do these students cope with such experience. and as individuals.the Clinical Instructors react to their mistake. is the surgeon they will assist with will be friendly enough or will be another fearsome one. and how it affects their learning as future registered nurses. As students. each has his / her own way of coping such kind of stress. is the procedure going to be a very bloody one. Each has its own technique in preparing him/herself for this clinical experience. and emotions already make it stressful for nursing students even before they set foot inside the Operating Room.

This real world has been a distinct trait through the years of Centro Escolarr graduates. enabling them to land jobs in the Philippines and around the world. In the Department of Nursing. mostly coming from the North. the students learn the principle and practice of Nursing as they are fielded to various tertiary hospitals and communities during the student’s practicum. wherein the respondents are the BSN – III students of batch 2012 – 2013. . a strong concept of social responsibility. with the same high standards of education adhere to in the Mendiola campus with the trust of expanding its services to the Northern part of the country. Centro Escolar University Malolos campus is located in a 7.Background and It’s Setting The study was conducted at Centro Escolar University. and critical and creative thinking that will prepare them for impressive careers. Malolos. The professional courses prepare future nurses to develop a caring behavior.hectare property along McArthur Highway in Bulacan. It provides students.

this study will aid them to develop different organizational activities or program that will help the students’ members to release their tension and will be able to manage stress. For the administrators. For the different school organizations and Student Council. this study will serve as a basis to encourage them to support and approves school activities which will benefit the students’ well being. For the future researchers. this study will serve as reference and baseline information to further develop on studies that enhance the stress management techniques utilized by BSN students in the Related Learning Experience. results of this study could serve as a guide in planning for activities which for activities or strategies that would help the students exercise control over the stressful situation in the Related learning Experience. . this study will enable them to determine level of stress and develop personal strategies to reduce stress which may post threat to their sense of well-being and disrupt their normal functioning in the related learning experience.Significance of the Study Primarily to the students. For clinical instructors.

What are the implications of the respondent to their clinical caring? 4. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of? a.Statement of the Problem This study aims to discover the complexities of the coping strategies of the 3rd year nursing students Centro Escolar University during their first clinical exposure at the operating room and its implications to clinical learning. What are the common strategies used by the correspondents at the operating room? 3. How do the respondents utilize their coping strategies terms of? a. sex b. religion 2. It is the purpose of this research to consider and attempts to answer the following questions: 1. problem solving strategy b. avoidance strategy 6. What are the factors that the respondent used to alleviate stress inside the operating room? 5. What are the effects of having a clinical instructor or preceptor in the operating room? . social support strategy c.

administered for medical or surgical purposes. Stressor: An agent. Stress: A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health. and depression. depending on the method of administration and area of the body affected. 2. condition. Definition of Terms: 1. irritability. local. There is no significant relationship between the level of stress and stress coping management techniques utilized by BSN IV in CEU College of Nursing in their first clinical exposure at the operating room. especially with pleasure. Anesthesia: A drug. regional. expect 6. Coping: To contend with difficulties and act to overcome them 8. or other stimulus that causes stress to an organism.Hypothesis 1. 7. or general. 5. 3. a rise in blood pressure. Concept: A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences . usually characterized by increased heart rate. muscular tension. Excited: Being at an energy level higher than the ground state. Susceptible: Likely to be affected 4. Anticipate: To look forward to. that induces partial or total loss of sensation and may be topical.

scheme. Implications: To have as a consequence or necessary circumstance.9. or operation without deviation 10. imply or entail . Adhere: To carry out a plan.

Junior Nursing Student. As they are one who would further integrate the value of redefining one’s adjustment. thus helps to make their clinical exposure to be useful tool for their learning in the improvement of their nursing skill. thus resulting in the training the students about the best way to catch up to the situation and to avoid jeopardizing the students adjustment.Significance of the Study The result of this study provides insight and information on how nursing students especially those who are having their first clinical exposure will be able to cope effectively in the new setting of the environment that they are rendering services to. Collage Dean. The implementation of the new improvement of strategies for the students shall be the major concern of the dean. Upon learning the different coping strategies the students shall be able to cope effectively. Clinical Instructor. They are considering to be a maiden person to have their first operating exposure. .

They are the one who will guide the students on how they can adopt to their new hospital environment. they have able to add new information for the students which will be helpful for their coping strategies. The office of the student’s affairs would be able to help the students to improvement their academic and clinical performance.Guidance Office. To formulate an effective approach to the students that undergoes the adjustment process. Director for Academic Affairs. As they guide the students. . Hospital Staff.

This study will be limited to bonafide second year. the researcher’s scope and limitations includes the following variable. This study will not deal to other factors that may affect the academic and clinical performance of the students. Coping strategies depends on the factors that on how they could adopt to the clinical situation. Bachelor of Science in Nursing students of Centro Escolar University of Malolos. but only those in relation to the coping strategies of the students. considering both sexes. when it comes to age of the respondent it ranges from 18-24 years of age. .Scope and Limitation The research will focus on level II students during their first clinical exposure in the Operating Room with consideration on the age and gender. In addition to this study.

Research Chapter 1 Submitted By: Franco Reina Mary Jane Gomez Queen Anne Borlongan Lukes Guitierez Morse Tristan Paul .

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