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Discover how thousands of people have taken control of their time and money with 4Life’s Life Rewards Plan™.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra income or you want to own your own business and be financially independent. International Diamond . I shared them with everyone. • Get paid for sharing products you love • Generate income 24/7 on your group’s activity • Build a business you can pass on to your family • Enrich the lives of others “I was skeptical at first but the products sold me.Imagine a More Rewarding Life How would you make your life more rewarding? Would you get rid of all your debt? Would you spend time with the ones you love instead of trading it for a paycheck? Would you try to help others make their lives more rewarding? Would you like to start today? You can with 4Life’s Life Rewards Plan™. our Life Rewards Plan can help you achieve your goals. I was making enough money to quit my job and do it full-time.” —Teresa Tomalska. The next thing I knew.

Thanks to years of research. 4Life’s compensation plan can meet your goals. 4Life shows no sign of slowing down. Patented and proven products. They’re committed to your continued success. The Life Rewards Plan rewards the beginner. and more patents are on the way.” —Kevin and Courtney Moore. International Diamonds 2. 3. Solid past. 4Life is breaking sales records and opening new countries and offices all over the world. and the sharpest medical minds.Why Partner with 4Life ? ® 1. Unbeatable compensation plan. “The Life Rewards Plan has it all! No matter what your objective. Benefit from an experienced executive team. global business through the generosity of the Life Rewards Plan coupled with an army of successful business tools. When most companies are downsizing and laying off. and future. You’ll have decades of experience on your side when you join 4Life. and professional business builder—all handsomely. • Inexpensive and effective prospecting tools • Dynamic online business building. tracking. 4Life continues to unlock the secrets of a healthy immune system. Our leaders know the direct selling industry—they’ve put years into developing products that sell. parttimer. present. After more than a decade of success. 4. and reporting tools • Ongoing business training via the 4Life Compass System . numerous clinical trials. We’ve secured patents protecting our unique formulations and processes. Build your thriving.

Another study revealed a 437% increase in the activity of natural killer cells**†. providing you and your customers with a healthier lifestyle through enhanced immunity. A brief drop occurred at the transition between the two products. LLC. Anatoli Vorobiev. Nature knows best what your body needs and these easy-to-sell products provide an effective level of health support unlike anything else. LLC. followed by 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula.Proven Products for Proven Success Build your successful business with successful products that will have your customers coming back to ask for more. and scientifically proven to work. A recent clinical study showed that 4Life Transfer Factor products boost the production of the antibody IgA by an average of 73%*†. The blind studies tested 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF™ (the primary ingredient in Tri-Factor Formula) and other immune system products. † † This individual has been compensated for his endorsement by 4Life Research USA. open-label study of 21 reportedly healthy adults. **Test results obtained from two independent NK cell studies conducted by Dr. respond to. These memory —Edgar Rentería. † These studies have been funded in full or in part by 4Life Research USA. molecules are derived from colostrum–nature’s San Francisco Giants Shortstop first supplement–and are the first nutrient you receive when you are born. Participants took 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula for two weeks. head of Immunology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. . *Immunoglobulin A (IgA) test results obtained from a preliminary. They’re completely unique. 4Life Transfer Factor® products are consumable. “4Life is a company that provides opportunities to families. patented.” Transfer factors are a class of messenger molecules that provide valuable immune information to help your immune system better recognize. and remember †† potential health threats. One hundred percent of participants saw an increase in the production rate of salivary secretory IgA by an average of 73% after taking 4Life Transfer Factor products for four weeks when compared to the one-week baseline.

Get paid your share of 2% of the entire company’s volume. Power Pool You have a simple three step method for success in the Power Pool. Your customers can buy directly from 4Life. Unlimited Earning Potential* The more you build. *Distributor earnings vary as a result of numerous factors. Earnings statements made in 4Life’s printed materials are not intended to guarantee a particular outcome. your success is only limited by your activity. You could be making money while you sleep.How do you get paid? Retail Profits Buy products at wholesale from 4Life® and sell them for retail profit from your customers. Generous Compensation You’ll benefit from one of the highest paying. Unlike your traditional job. Maintain a personal 100 LP order each month. most unique plans in the industry. Platinum International Diamond Personal Rebate Receive a 25% rebate on personal volume over your minimum monthly required purchase of 100 Life Points (LP) generated in a month.” —Bonnie Taylor. the more you get paid. so you don’t need to carry any inventory. 4Life represents a better quality of life and more freedom—freedom to spend more time with my family and travel all over the world. . Sign up at least three new people with a 100 LP order in their first two months. Rapid Rewards Get a 25% commission on the first order placed by every new person you personally enroll. 4Life ships the product for you and pays you the difference! “I’ve seen people have a whole new life because of the changes 4Life has brought about in their financial future. but rather show what is possible based on a broad range of 4Life Distributors’ historical data. A Global Business Opportunity When you partner with 4Life you can build a global business that the sun never sets on with opportunities in over 50 countries.

Contact: Item #80731 v. When you attend the Great Escape+.052010 ©2010 4Life Research™. All rights reserved. without time or money presenting any obstacle. you’ll jet off to paradise for fun in the sun. LLC. USA. A sweet reward. For use in the United States !80731! . Take control of your own life—and make it more rewarding! Start today. I drive my dream car. indeed. Get on the fast track to success. “Today I live in my dream home. You’ll also connect with high-ranking distributor leaders and receive training directly from a 4Life corporate representative. Herminio Nevárez. and I can go on vacation when I want.” —Dr. Platinum International Diamond If your dreams include luxury vacations. Talk to the person who gave you this brochure for more information.The 4Lifestyle No matter what your dream—if you just want to supplement your income with a few extra dollars or if you want to quit your day job and have the freedom of working for yourself full-time—our Life Rewards Plan™ can help you achieve the life of your dreams. you’ll be pleased to know that our Life Rewards Plan includes the chance to earn a luxury trip awarded to committed 4Life business builders.

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