The Marketing Environment

Marketing Environment
Consists of the actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to develop and maintain successful relationships with its target customers.

Micro Environment Demographic Cultural Publics Company Suppliers Company Customers Economic Political Competitors Natural Intermediaries Technological Macro Environment .

The Microenvironment .

Company Publics Forces Affecting a Company’s Ability to Serve Customers Suppliers Competitors Intermediaries Customers .

Suppliers Provide the resources needed to produce goods and services. .

and sell its goods to final buyers. promote.Marketing Intermediaries Help the company to distribute. .

Customers Five types of markets that purchase a company’s goods and services. .

International Markets Consumer Markets Company Government Markets Business Markets Reseller Markets .

.Competitors Those who serve a target market with similar products and services.

Publics Any group that perceives itself having an interest in a company’s ability to achieve its objectives. .

Types of Publics nt me ern lics ov ub G P Citizen Action Publics Lo Pu ca bl l ic s al er en lic G b Pu Financi al Publics P Med u b ia lic s l rna Inte lics Pub Company .

The Macroenvironment Demographic Social/Cultural Forces that Shape Opportunities and Pose Threats to a Company Economic Political Technological Natural .

occupation. race. Natural . location and other statistics.natural resources needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. gender. • .The Company’s Macroenvironment Demographic .studies populations in terms of age.factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns. • Economic .

Social/Cultural Environment .

Economic Environment Economic Development Changes in Income Key Economic Concerns for Marketers Changing Consumer Spending Patterns .

e v o G r n e m n l a t v r e t n I n o i t n e o t c a F f f A s r g n i t c e o r i v n E n e m n t r u t a N l a e h t t u l l o P n o i M w a R i r e t a s l a Natural Environment .

forces that create new technologies. preferences. creating new product and market opportunities.laws. • Political . and behaviors. agencies and groups that influence and limit organizations and individuals in a given society.The Company’s Macroenvironment Technological . • . • Cultural .institutions and other forces that affect a society’s basic values. perceptions.

l a c i r o f f A e l b a d u d o r P s t c e r c n I d e s a u g e R n o i t a l e u s s I t n i s T e h n h c e i g o l o l a c r i v n E m n o t n e o p p O i n u t r s e i t m i l n U d e t i d i p a R c a P f o e n a h C e g Technological Environment .t c a r P .

Political Environment Some Trends in the Political Environment Include: Increasing Legislation Designed to Protect Groups Changing Government Agency Enforcement Increasing Emphasis on Ethics and Socially Responsible Actions .

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