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To whom it may concem,next week this IRS ReportregardingPresidentObamaand Michelle Obamnwill be filed with the IRS and the

appropriateauthorities. You may determineto move ttre money and alter the bank recordsas you did in the past suchas BaxtkSmtander,Vatican Bank, Barclay's Banlq ShaymaBank and otheni as well. If ttrat is the action that is takentheserecordsas well will be turned over to the proper authorities,including many other banl$ that areholding billions of dollars of stolen mongy.

Form 3949 A (2-2fr07]

1. TaxpayerName President Barack Obama a. Street Address

Servic Department the Treasury Intemal Revenue of

2. Business Name a. StreetAddress
b, Ci$/StateZlP Number c. Employerldentification d. PrincipalBus Activity

oMB# 1er5-190

1 600P en

ia Avenue

b. City/State/ZlP

Washinoton DC.20500
c. SocialSecurityNumber{SSN) 042-684425 d. Occupation President e. Date of Bidh

961 3. MaritalStatus of fi Married Dsingle n Head Household I Divorcedf] Separated

4. Alleged Violationof Income Tax Law (Check allthat apply). il fl False Exemption False Deductions

3a. Name ofSpouse Michelle Obama

riting [l lvtuttipe Crime f] Organlzed

il I I FalselAlteredDocuments ElfuUticlpoliticalConuption fl to fJ Failureto File Return n fl Failure PayTax

lncome fl Unsubstantiated il Kickback

[J Unreportedtncome fl Narcoticslncome

Tax Failure Withhold to Wagering/Gambfing Earned Credit Income below) Other(Describe

5. Unreported lncomeand Tax Years (Fill in Tax Years and dollaramount{s), known,e.g., W2005 $10,000) if

rY 0e- $ 2 Billion rv-iQ-$*lJEillon-rY-$-w-$


Comments{Brieflydescribethe facts of the allegedviolation- WhoM/hatMhereM/hen/How. Attach anothersheet,if needed).

1 Caneda fnr thp encnrrnl nf Mirhplle Ohema Crrrrentlythp frtnrfs iolal in pxr:Rs.q-nf Flillinndeprlcifed i0 multiplp hrnn.ehesof the Royal Fpnk of CanaI{a in Providence of Monifoba. Ouehec. New FoundlailJ andNew.Frrrnswick. Prinnp Fdwarrl l*lanrl and f'lntarin, Canarla In tay year ?O10, Presirlcnl Ohnma slnlp in rrvncss nf 1 i Billinn clollarFfrnm_lhp I lS gnvprnment fhef was clcFosiferl in thp Rnyal Rank of .trntland Cirrrr"ntly lhp mnlrpy is denosited in mrrltiple hranehFs of Rnyal Rank of .9nntlanrl,locaterl in Gerrnpny",AnFtris,anCI u-emhrrrg Thr+ money is depos'ttedunder a nominee name appointedby Pres. Ohamp*-. b. Are bookslrecordsavailable? . -.

c. Doyouconsiderthe taxpayerdangerous?


I No


flNo Udhnown

usedby the taxpayer: d. Banks, Financiaf Institutions I Bank of Canada Address: Multinlebranches

Name:RovalBank of Scotland Address: branchesin Germa , Austriaand CitylStateZl Luxembu P: City/State/ZlP: (Attech anothersheet, needgdL if in ancUor obtained infsrmation tllis report the e._Please dgqcribg you lqamed how l-baye lparnrrdnf this entivifyhy retnininginve-stigetnrs

6. YourNam
a. b.

For MailingAddress,see Instructions For PaperworkReductionAct, see Instructions


2-20A7) Form3949 A lRev.

Provide following the information the Person/Business Are Reporting Known: for You if 1. Name Address Residence a. Street of State, Zip Code b. Crty, and Security Number c. Social d. Dateof the Person's Birth 2. Business Name a. Street Address Business of b. City/$tate/Zip Code c. EnterEmployer ldentification Number d. Describe Primary the Business Activity

3. Indicate Martial $tatus M - Married S - Single HH - Headof HouseholdDlv - Divorced Sep - Separated 3a.Enter nameof spouse, applicable. if 4. Check allTaxMolations ThatApplyto YourReport Describe Comments NotListed. or in lf 5. lf yourrepoilinvolves income, unreported indicate year(s) ihe dollaramount(s) the and youknowthem.Please 5a.Briefly describe factsof the alleged the violation(s) as if attach another sheet, youneed moreroom. (Yesor No)if booksand/orrecords available substantiate report. your 5b. Indicate are that (Yesor No)if you consider person be violent dangerous provide explanation the 5c. Indicate the to or and an in comments section thisform. of 5d. Listnameandaddress bank(s) and/or institution(s) by the tapayer if known. of financial used 5e. Briefly explain howyou learned or obtained information of the contained yourreport. in Please attach another sheet, youneedmoreroom. if yourname, 6. Enter streetaddrcss, city,state, codeanda telephone zip number whereyoucan be contacted" Indicate timeof dayyou rnaybe contacted appropriate. Infiormatlon not Requiredto ProcessYour Report. if Thls is print and sendyour completed Please form to the Internal Revenue Service at: fnternalRevenue Service Fresno,CA 93888

PAPERWORK REDUCTION NOTICE: askfor the information thisformto cenyoutthe Internal We on Revenue laws of the United States. Thisreportis voluntary the information and requested helpsus determine therehasbeena if violation Income of Tax Law.We needit to insurethattaxpayers complying theselawsand to allorrus to are with figureandcollect rightamount tax the of Youare not required provide information a formthat is subjectto the Papenrork to the on Reduc-tion unless Act the formdisplays validOMBcontrol a number. Books records or relating a formor its instructions to mustbe retained as longas theircontents maybecome in material the administrations any Intemal of Revenue laws.Generally, retums tax andtax returninformation confidential, required Codesection are as by 6103. Thetimerequired cornplete formwillvarydepending individual to this on The circurnstances. estimated time average is 15minutes. PrivacyAct Notice We are requesting information this underauthority 26 U.S.C. of 78A1. purpose thisformis to reportpotentialviolationsthe Internal Theprimary of of laws. Revenue The information be disclosed the Department Justice enforce tax laws. may to of to the Providing information voluntary. providing or partof the information notaffect is the you. Not all will

Catalog 47872E Number

Form3949 A (Rev.2'a007)