Vocabulary 1- Complete the names of the objects.

2-Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Sister/ cat/ name/ live/ chair/ twelve

1 My brother’s ____________ is kristian. 2 He is ____________ years old. 3 We have a ____________ called Joanne. 4 We ___________ in London. 5 We have a pet ____________. His name is Robin. 6 Where is my bag? It’s on the ____________.

2 complete the text with words from the box. ________’m twelve.________ name’s Laura. That’s my dog . _____’s three. I’m a student! My mum’s forty-three. _____ name’s Becky. And this is ____ best friend. No. How old is your dad? Where are you from? What’s your family name? What’s this? What’s your best friend’s name? How old is your best friend? He’s 42. Orange. I’m from Italy. . _____’s a teacher. _____ name’s Mark.GRAMMAR 1 Answer the questions. My best friend’s name is Gina.______ name’s Sonia. ______’s eleven and she’s really nice. My/ Her/ His / My/ Her/ MY/ I/ HIS/ HER/ SHE/ SHE Hi. 3 Write questions for the answers 1 what’s your name? My name’s Emma. This is _____ dad. My brother’s name is Paolo. This is my mum. _____ name’s Bouncer.

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