XSV's Rich Telford, the unrivaled
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The best players in the world kneel at the feet of

master of racking up the on-field body count.

In a castle of pain, on a pile of scars, Rich Telford sits on a throne of blood. Around him lie the bodies of countless adversaries who foolishly fathomed that they would be the ones who could overthrow his rule. Having been trained in the arts of Aggressive Tactics by members of the original Ironmen, he has carved a path of destruction over the world of competitive paintball for more than a decade. Now, on the eve of a new season, he comes to prepare the select few he has deemed worthy of ushering in a new era of paintball player.

64 April/May 2007



April/May 2007


What is a typical XSV workout? We are famous for our hell weeks. Being built like a football player and having a reputation as one of the physically largest guys on the field was generally accepted back in the day. Were specific changes to your training/ practices responsible for your abilities to consistently keep every single team in the world at bay? Not really. the easier it is to play paintball.splatmagazine. Paintball is still 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. balancing a gun on your finger is a great ice-breaker at any party. so when you can learn to control mind over matter. 4. You're one of the rare few pros left on the circuit today who was lucky enough to be around to compete in the old professional 10-man woods-ball events of the 1990s with legends like Bob Long. We have always been the hardestworking team in the industry.com Yeah I’m old. www. the games were slower and the distances between the bunkers were a lot bigger. A lot of people don’t understand that it takes awhile to build a really good team. It takes a few seasons of ups and downs before you have the confidence in the players around you to play the best that you can. or do many of the old fundamentals still hold true? LordOfWar Rich Telford: Fear is not an option. Back in the day. You come up to Modesto and play paintball all weekend. Did you have to completely revamp and update your own individual skills when the fast style of Sup Air themed fields were introduced. With the majority of pros on the tour becoming physically smaller and smaller.splatmagazine. 2. and the smaller and faster you are. Plus. The thing is now that if you want to be the best you have to work hard. a couple of the guys work really hard and eat perfectly. but the game was mostly the same.com Special thanks to Hollywood Sports in Bellflower. XSV proved to the world that more than just one team can become a force to be reckoned with.hollywoodsports. In the 2006 season. A lot of the stuff that we do now we did back then. The 66 April/May 2007 www.com April/May 2007 67 . I get it! No I didn’t really change that much. five years ago you didn’t have to do much of anything to compete. There's just less sneaking around. Erik Felix and countless others. The team just finally came together.LordOfWar 1. then you do two a days all week with Paul Mendoza our personal trainer. Most of the guys work out and try to eat right. California for their Arena field. it's all over. The rumor is that XSV takes physical fitness into account during your paintball training more than practically any other team. 3. which I was never very good at anyway. www. do you approach paintball training differently in that you now focus more on weight training/nutrition for competitive play than you would have five years ago? Well.

Hell Week 6. the faster and smaller you are the easier it is. 5. It's tough. so preparing will only be to your advantage during a real game. Gone are the days of practicing once a month. 90 percent of the time you’ll come out on top. you'll know if becoming a pro player is something you really want to consider. Do professional football players pack it up when it rains during practice? No. you would constantly pound him during the one-on-one sessions you and he would have. but that doesn’t mean you can be big and slow and be a great player. Meant to assault the physicality and mental preparedness of the players.com . Sun). Then the weekend rolls around and you play lots of paintball again.LordOfWar two days consist of 2-3 hours of cardio and weights with some track work and 2-3 hours of paintball drills in the afternoon. After nine straight days of nonstop paintball endurance training. Finally. You will inevitably have to play a tournament in hazardous weather at some point in your career. When others are taking vacations or stay inside because it’s raining. Welcome to the future. XSV stepped up the bar for paintball physical fitness when they introduced Hell Week to their roster. I go out and get shot over and over again until I feel like I'm where I need to be. you push your body to the limit with two more full days of Paintball practice (Sat. What is your secret of such dominating heads-up play? Those guys are just saying that because I owe them money. and what do you think the new standard of being fit will be in pro paintball? Incline Dumbbell Press Dumbbell Curl Sit-Ups Dumbbell Squat on Vibration Plate Paintball Drills/ Scrimmages I think that it’s important but not the most important thing. and he said that when he first joined XSV. Like I said before.splatmagazine. but it tells you who has the heart and drive to be the best and who thought being pro was easy. I think that gunfighting is huge so I try to be good at it. Hell Week consists of playing paintball for two days straight (Sat. Sun). Also I’m not going to be as fast as Thomas or as smart as Matt so if I want to compete. Matt Marshall has told us that in any one-on-one situation against anyone in the world. It’s a tough nine days.com April/May 2007 69 68 April/May 2007 www. Jump-Overs Cardio/Sprint Training www. I do drills almost every week of the year to be a good gunfighter.splatmagazine. then spending six hours a day during the week (Mon-Fri) working on cardio/fitness exercises in the morning and paintball drills in the afternoon. I have to focus on what I’m good at. How important is the physicality of a player becoming in the sport and looking into the future. A few issues ago we featured Thomas Taylor in our Pro School section. and neither should you.

Instead of sticking to one strategy for each team. mainly because all seven players they put on the field at any given time possess the ability to take down more than half of the opposing team.Not all game plans are created equal. then you have to foster that aggressive style of play both in practice and tournaments. Bad 70 April/May 2007 www. a quality that's rare to find in even just one or two players on any of the other pro squads. as opposed to over-extending your leg. Teams like XSV and Dynasty have made a name for themselves through sheer field domination. Learn to lean with the upper half of your body when shooting out of a bunker. and are there any special abilities you guys work hard at developing to ensure that your entire squad is made of high-body-count players? I think it’s important to have those highbody-count players but it’s also important to let those guy do their thing. learn to adjust and tweak your plays according to what teams and players you're going up against for maximum effect.splatmagazine. Bad Good 7. So first you have to get the players that are capable of making those moves. What qualities and fundamentals are staples of the XSV paintball training program. they aren’t likely to make that move the next time they see it. which can lead to you being taken out.com Good . If they try and make a move and it doesn’t work out and you chew their ass out.

What I mean by that is there for tendency. it really comes paint. Your individual ability to see and sense weakness in other teams' game plans and field positions has become hard to defend against. use to try and get Angel in the Sometimes we are winning and the snake? Against teams that have player on the other team doesn’t a dominant player. What should our readers be looking for during a game that will allow them to pick up the easy elimination or even completely blow a side away thanks to amateur mistakes.LordOfWar Back-to-Basics Accuracy Training: Forget the fancy-schmancy training techniques of other so-called pros. and how you should react to that. doesn’t know they are winning. so he gunfights three guys. I look game. Always play your game. thanks to your dead-on accuracy. always based on where in the game you are control the tempo of the game and do your homework. 72 April/May 2007 www. gets shot where is Oliver going to go and and loses the game because he didn’t what is he going to do? Can you know he should have been playing All the training in the world is shut him down and what do you offense.com . A minute it and who are they going to later we are back up on bodies. That's why Rich uses only kind of things that you consider down to the decisions that they make the best from the likes of Planet when you make your game plan. There's no point in wasting your time with other hard drills if you can't hit what you're shooting at. they do? Against the Ironmen. What do you look for during a game and what are some telltale signs that one side of a field is weaker than another that gives you the green light to push the hell out of it? 9. and those decisions are often made Eclipse.splatmagazine. or teams play specific fields or Sometimes we are losing a game and scenarios certain ways? If it’s the player on the other end of the field Dynasty and there is a snake. The biggest mistake that I see players Well. Draxxus and Viewloader. like everyone I look for a make is that they don’t understand the couple of different things. RIOT AD 8. where are they know that if we shoot him we are most likely to go and what will going to roll right through his team. Assuming that all players are useless if your marker is chopping have to do to do it? These are the the same skill-wise. You also are known to be able to punish the best players when they get careless or make a sloppy play. Do specific players is a time for offense and for defense. so how do you keep Angel out of they don’t drop the hammer. Improving your accuracy is as easy as setting up a cone behind a bunker and shooting a year's worth of paint at it.

Win. but he was even more deadly when he was rocking the cocker. There are some skills that are better for one style or the other but if you are good in one you should be able to get good in the other. You should lose 50 percent of all the games you play. The list is endless. so we are going to pick up some young. I'll get you next time. but games help teams. man up and shoot those kids who are shooting 22 bps in the goggles with a cocker. Don’t get me wrong. scrimmaging other 10-man was really the only type of practice they were able to get in every month. and is being accurate still important in a time where everyone can shoot 10-plus balls a second? 13. what should he be focusing on during practice to help him prepare for what the new level of demands will be for pro paintball in the coming years? Alex and his boys on Dynasty didn't become the most dominant team in paintball history by using rookie-level gear. You want to have the best players you can and have them be on the best teams they can be on. if you are good at paintball you are good. has scrimmaging other teams become less important when compared to having the ability to just focus on using drills to advance your techniques? LordOfWar 15. Dave and Brian. Bob Long. Three-on-five. Gunfighting. 14. Looking at your overall training regimen and considering that XSV plays both Xball and 7-man formats. they must be forced to come and firefight to try to regain control of the gunfight. Any event: local. all that hard work and suffering will seem like nothing compared to the feel of a win. We do a lot of drills for Xball and we play a lot of paintball for 7-man. If you are smashing. Yoshio. First team to the 50 wins. Matt is a great shot now. 74 April/May 2007 www.com . When paired together with their Smart Parts Shocker. 11. Matt is very accurate. my wife Gina and the sponsors that have stuck with the team. Ron Kilbornre. 17. For the young player just getting into tournament paintball today who more than likely won’t have the chance to turn pro for maybe another 4-5 years. national. Magued. So we do drills that help hone individual skills and scrimmage against teams to work on teamwork. the skills and abilities of the boys go from pro level to world-class. Speaking of dead-on accuracy. Shane. 15 feet one-on-one. Then when you get a fast gun you will be unstoppable. What are some great individual drills XSV does that you would like to recommend? Run team drills where your back players aren't allowed to use their markers and instead must rely on communication and relaying information to their teammates to survive and win. The only time you shouldn’t be practicing is when you are playing. What type of 2007 do you see XSV having? I think drills help players. For the old 10-man teams. Matt Micah. Now with practically every tournament player having access to at least some sort of practice area. Sam. Anyone you would like to thank? 12. five have to push. are you constantly having to relearn/forget skills and abilities that work well in one format but not the other. What kind of training do you guys put yourself through purely on an accuracy level. The guys that were only there for the money left but all the guys who started the team are still here. Back players play without guns. After your first major victory. are the best shooters in the game. Don’t get a big head and don’t be an jerk-off. You need to use the best to be the best. Running and shooting. Oliver. many of XSV’s best.splatmagazine. Both are important. Breakout drills. waiting out his opponent. 16.LordOfWar 10. No one hides. When kids e-mail me about what they can do to become a good player. Sounds easy but you would be surprised. Sorry If I missed you. talented players and take another run at it. including Matt Marshall. Those are probably the biggest differences. Practice all of the time. Yeah. And events. The first thing they should do is practice all of the time. all the guys that started the team. We are going to have to start over again cuz our sponsor backed out on us. Not get second or third. I would also like to thank all of the guys who throughout the years have helped me. but like most of the West Coasters I think a lot of that comes from shooting a cocker back in the day. just learn how to win and at any level. Instead. Halo loaders and JT playing gear. Go to clinics and play against the best people you can find. 1-on-1 "No Hide" Drill: Take your basic one-on-one snap-out drill but add the extra element that no player is allowed to hide in a bunker. or do you find that the way you train allows you to stay on top of both worlds? First of all. First off. What are some good XSV teambased drills? A really good place to start is having a game plan and making everyone play according to the game plan. I tell them to go get a cocker. then find someone better to play against. Don’t take weekends off and don’t not play because it's raining. close. good for the communication. Marty.

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