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“Cambridge, perhaps more than any university, has the ability to harness business and education and to deliver a unique, commercially relevant learning experience.” Glenn Earle Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Goldman Sachs International

Unique, distinctive, personal
Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge is a world-leader in business education. For centuries, the University has set the standard for learning around the world, a name recognised in every country as a mouldbreaker, blazing trails in innovation, science, technology, law and now business. The University continues to create partnerships with many of the world’s leading companies – developing groundbreaking products, innovating processes and providing management expertise. Judge Business School stands at the heart of the University’s relationship with the commercial world – it is where business and academia collide, producing one of the most exciting, challenging and innovative environments in the world to learn 02 about business and management. 03

The Cambridge MBA is our flagship programme, and competition for places on this select programme is fierce. Founded in 1990, we have established an enviable, distinctive reputation in a relatively short space of time. We are already ranked amongst the best in the world, and have developed an innovative, international, collaborative ethos all of our own. Our success is founded on a commitment to seek out the most talented professionals from across the world to join this very special programme.

“It’s a noble mission, to show that a more personalised, international education is the way to go. Not all business schools have to be the same. Cambridge can be different, it is different. That’s why I support it.” Bruce Wasserstein Head of Lazard Frères & Co.

The fast route to career advancement
A more personalised approach Whatever your motivation for doing an MBA, you’ll find the 12 month Cambridge MBA a transformational experience that will open doors to new opportunities and challenges. As soon as you arrive in Cambridge, we start working with you to support you in your journey to career advancement. Through individual advice sessions with our careers team, professional workshops with consultants and recruiters, on-campus visits from blue-chip MBA recruiters, as well as using our international alumni network around the world, we will help you set realistic career goals and give you every opportunity to achieve them.

Connected to companies you want to work for Our MBA careers team is committed to building on the enviable reputation that the University of Cambridge 04 already enjoys with global blue-chip recruiters. In just 12 months the Cambridge MBA can help you connect to the companies that you aspire to work with, as well as provide you with the skills and knowledge that the best firms demand. For more information on our MBA Careers Service, see page 24. 05

“Cambridge University and Judge Business School have one of the best brand names in Europe when it comes to attracting recruiters from the top 20 investment banks. My Global Consulting Project with JP Morgan in London was essential for giving me hands-on experience, and was vital in getting the job I wanted in investment banking.” David Czupryna MBA 2006 BNP Paribas

Networked for success
As a Cambridge MBA you will become part of our thriving community of students, and enjoy access to powerful alumni groups, world class faculty and committed corporate supporters.

The Cambridge effect Cambridge MBAs benefit from the exceptional breadth and reputation of Cambridge University, as well as the close links Judge Business School enjoys with the corporate world. Outside your MBA classroom, the range of special seminars, careers workshops, company visits, alumni presentations, college activities, and business competitions available to you is huge.

Global business in your classroom The variety of cultural and professional backgrounds represented in the class will enrich your MBA 06 experience, and will ensure you’ll have contacts all over the world to support you in your future professional and personal life. We ensure that no one profession or nationality dominates the Cambridge MBA class, but that our community reflects the range of modern global business. 07

“The Cambridge MBA was a very formative time, challenging me to think broadly, but also creatively. It was a fabulous opportunity to take time out of the work place and learn again. And I had never been exposed to such diversity before – I had this unique chance to learn from my classmates who were from all over the world, and represented a broad mix of professional backgrounds.” Julian Metherell MBA 1992 Goldman Sachs International

Access to London, global business hub Only 45 minutes from London, Judge Business School is within easy reach of international blue-chip firms headquartered in and around the capital. As Europe’s largest city economy and one of the world’s top commercial and financial centres, London is an attractive choice for a first career move post-MBA.

Cambridge Stansted London Heathrow Gatwick

50 Miles

Solid business foundations
Orientate During the first two weeks of the MBA, we give you the chance to familiarise yourself with a learning environment again through our orientation programme. You will have the opportunity to revive your learning skills and make sure you have the basic tools you will need to take part in the main programme.

The core course The core MBA courses start from the beginning of October. You may never have studied finance or strategy, marketing or operations, accounting or human resources before, but our faculty will ensure that you are given a thorough grounding in the 08 areas and issues that will prepare you for a successful career. 09

See MBA 2007 core courses at:

Customise Once you are familiar with the business fundamentals through core courses, you begin to

move on to the specialist elective courses. At this
“The choice of electives on offer here is very broad; I could follow my interests through specialist courses and interest groups. And the Cambridge MBA has a great balance between hard and soft skills. Now in my daily work I really benefit from the soft skills in particular – they help me understand my clients and anticipate their reactions.” Steven Purdie MBA 2005 AT Kearney

stage we aim to bring in a wider range of experts to teach these advanced specialist classes. Here you can choose to broaden your experiences or hone in on subjects which interest you.

See MBA 2007 elective courses at:

For more details about MBA courses, see page 22 and 23.

It’s your MBA
Small class, global impact The Cambridge MBA is a more powerful MBA experience because we’re a small but highly selective, global community. You will gain a thorough business grounding from the Cambridge MBA, but we also recognise that every student has individual requirements. We regularly review the range of electives that we offer to ensure that it meets the needs of the class – and work hard to offer consulting projects that will stretch and stimulate you.

See: for details of how to customise your MBA. 11


Learning by doing On the Cambridge MBA, you don’t just learn about theories of business and management from our world-class faculty, you have many opportunities to put ideas into practice. All students are required to work on two team consulting projects, the first with small innovative companies based in and around Cambridge, the second with global blue-chip companies based anywhere in the world. In 2007, project sponsors included IBM, Reuters, Merrill Lynch, BP, WHO, Sony Ericsson, JP Morgan, AT Kearney and HBOS. These projects are a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into industries and job functions that are unfamiliar to you, and to think about possible career switches. Coupled with the Individual Project, business plan competitions, internship opportunities, corporate visits and workshops, we offer one of the most practical MBA programmes in the world.
“The Global Consulting Project introduced me to Cisco. It was a chance to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom and produce real results. And importantly, Cambridge MBA alumni gave me invaluable insights into how the company really works.” Fernanda Mitola MBA 2006 Cisco Systems (intern)

Leadership for the future
The Cambridge MBA is the natural choice for the next generation of business leaders, because of our ethos of collaboration and creative thinking, our links to cutting-edge entrepreneurs, our close proximity to London, and the many academic and business partnerships we enjoy around the world.

Leadership in Action The ‘Leadership in Action’ course, a series of six ‘live case study’ sessions during the Easter Term, is hosted by Lord Dennis Stevenson, Chairman of HBOS plc. It is run with collaborative engagement from some of today’s most inspiring leaders from the corporate, 12 entrepreneurship and public sectors. 13

The 2007 Leadership in Action course included: Dame Marjorie Scardino, CEO, Pearson plc; Sir William Castell, Director, GE & BP; Charles Dunstone, CEO & Founder, Carphone Warehouse; William Kendall, Former CEO, Green & Black; Trevor Phillips, Chair, UK Commission for Equality & Human Rights.

Cambridge Leadership Seminars The magic of the Cambridge Leadership Seminars, created exclusively for the Cambridge MBA, exists in the personal interaction between the speakers and the audience; because our MBA class is relatively small, you’ll have the chance to engage with these inspirational leaders at the sessions and even through intimate gatherings over lunch or dinner. For the list of recent speakers, visit:
“This is not a text-book course, but a real handson opportunity to engage with some of today’s leading business men and women, a chance to go beyond leadership theory into leadership practice. Students hear candid accounts of both successes and mistakes, not only professionally, but personally in the quest for work-life integration.” Lord Dennis Stevenson

A thirst for innovation
Cambridge is the most dynamic and successful entrepreneurial cluster in Europe. A significant proportion of all European venture capital is invested in Cambridge companies each year, which currently generate $1.5bn revenues and $6bn of value. And this activity has global reach: leading companies like Microsoft, Hitachi, Intel, and Sony have centres in Cambridge, attracted by its broad research base and thriving technology community. Judge Business School is at the heart of this vibrant entrepreneurial community, acting not only as a forum for the exchange of entrepreneurial ideas but setting many students along the path to business success. Many of our MBAs have been inspired by the vitality of the entrepreneurial scene, and have established flourishing companies or have become key players in many of the region’s most high-profile ventures.



“My passion for innovative environments had driven me to work across the globe as a research and development engineer. But I wanted to boost my professional development and the Cambridge MBA offered opportunities to engage with bold entrepreneurs, multinational global powerhouses in London, and to be inspired by the diversity of the class.” Andrzej Moyseowicz MBA 2006 Enecsys

Your life outside the classroom
Judge Business School is right in the centre of the University town, amongst the medieval colleges. In your free time, you will be well placed to enjoy the range of leisure activities Cambridge has to offer, from museums and galleries, bars, restaurants, cinemas to live music.

Family life Cambridge is the perfect location for children and families. Each year, a large proportion of the MBA 16 class bring their families with them to Cambridge, and all are welcomed into the highly sociable and international Cambridge community. The University provides various services to students with families including childcare, toddler groups, after-school care and networking groups for parents. 17

Cambridge College life The 31 Cambridge colleges are an important part of the rich history and traditions of Cambridge. As a Cambridge MBA, you will automatically become a member of one of the colleges; some students are able to live in college. Your college community will be a important network outside Judge Business School, and will only enrich your time here. For more information on College facilities and accommodation,


The Cambridge experience



“The most powerful way to learn is to surround yourself with bright, talented and passionate people. To be able to do that in an environment that is awe-inspiring, stimulating and rooted in centuries of educational excellence is an added bonus. Where else, but Cambridge?” Ling Chiu MBA 2004 London Asia Capital plc

MBA class of 2007
Class profile* Size of class Average GMAT score Mid 80% GMAT range Nationalities Female Married Average age Average years work experience Average number of languages spoken
* Accurate at time of printing.

Nationalities 150 690 640 to 740 47 33% 31% 30 7 years
SE Asia 8% N America 10% W Europe 13% E Asia 12% UK 10% Middle East 3% Latin America 4% Africa 5% Australasia 3% C Asia 1% China 9% E Europe 3% Eurasia 2%

Scholarships University of Cambridge scholarships The University of Cambridge offers a large number of scholarships each year. Candidates must apply to the Cambridge MBA and for the specific scholarship separately. Judge Business School scholarships Judge Business School provides a number of different needs and merit based scholarships ranging in value from £1,000 to £38,000. Other sources of funding Many of our MBA students have benefited from scholarships provided by other organisations, for example the British Government Chevening Scholarship. There may also be organisations in your own country that provide similar support.

MBA costs and funding Tuition fee College membership* Accommodation* Meals* Estimated total
* Estimated figures.

HSBC loan scheme £30,500 £2,000 £4,500 £3,000 £40,000 Judge Business School has a loan scheme with HSBC Bank, which is open to everyone, regardless of nationality. Once you have been offered a place on the programme, we will provide you with the details of the loan scheme and you can begin your negotiations with the bank. For more details on all the above scholarship and loan opportunities, please visit:


S Asia 17%

Financial aid We offer a wide range of scholarships and loan packages to help you meet the costs of your MBA. Our current class was awarded over £1.8 million in financial aid, including scholarships, loans and company sponsorships. If you want financial assistance, we strongly suggest you apply for the Cambridge MBA early – applications for 2008 entry open on 1st October 2007. Once you’ve applied, we can help you explore your options and find the support you need.


Industry sector

Financial Services/ Banking 13%

Consulting 13%

Consumer Goods 6% Non Proft/ Public Sector 15% Media/Entertainment/ Advertising 5% Real Estate 3% Other 12% Medicine/Healthcare 5%

Computer Services/ Telecomms 11% Automotive/Aerospace 4% Electronics 4% Energy/Chemicals/ Engineering 8% Legal 1%

The MBA programme – course structure Each term, you will take compulsory core courses and in the latter half of the programme you can customise and develop areas of special interest through electives. Electives Mid-September October to December Orientation Analysis of financial reports Economics Finance Management analysis Management practice Marketing Organisational behaviour Explore Advanced business modelling Advanced strategy • Arts & cultural management • Beyond NPV • Capital markets • Change management • Corporate finance • Emerging technology entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship and sales organisation • Financial management • Global financial services strategy • Global macroeconomics • Global marketing • Hedge funds • How to start and run a business • Innovation management • Liberalisation and regulation of financial markets • Marketing communications • Marketing myths • Mergers and acquisitions • Non profit management • People management • Practical approach to managing innovation • Real estate • Risk management in global banking • Services marketing and management • Strategic brand management • Supply chain strategy • Venture capital
• •

Consulting projects Cambridge Venture Project This is a part-time, hands on engagement with entrepreneurial firms in and around Cambridge. MBA students work in teams of five over the month of November, applying their practical analytical skills to key business problems. Global Consulting Project Undertaken during March and April, students choose their own team of five to work full-time for one month on a project anywhere in the world, usually with large, international blue-chip corporations. Projects are organised by the School using our extensive network of corporate contacts, and all expenses are covered by the project sponsor. Individual Project The Individual Project can take the form of a research project or an internship. It covers the final two months of the programme (July and August). Find out more about the projects at: programme/projects

Teaching and assessment Collaboration During the programme, your collaborative skills will be thoroughly tested – how you work in teams, across cultures, sectors and backgrounds. We encourage the exchange of ideas by keeping class sizes small, and through the focus on teamwork throughout your classes and projects. We also encourage feedback from the MBA class on all elements of the MBA. Classes are assessed through a variety of methods including assignments, group work, class participation, presentations and three exams between January and March. Teaching staff Our world class faculty comprises over 80 members. They represent all continents and likewise their research interests span the globe and the full spectrum of business issues. Many are leaders in their field directing cuttingedge research, consulting for top businesses, advising governments, and most of all, bringing their experiences and new found knowledge into the classroom. For a full list of teaching staff visit:

November January to March

Presentation skills Creativity workshop Cambridge Venture Project International business Innovation Operations management Information systems and strategic change Strategy Elective March to April April to June Global Consulting Project Corporate governance and ethics Cost accounting Negotiation skills Sustainable development Leadership seminars Leadership in action Elective Elective Elective Elective July to August Individual Project Customise Consolidate


The MBA careers service Recent recruiters include: ABN AMRO Accenture Amazon American Express AT Kearney Aventis Bain Barclays BCG BNP Paribas BP BT Capgemini Citigroup Dell Ebay Ernst & Young Exxon Mobil Fidelity Investments GE GlaxoSmithKline Google HSBC IBM Consulting Inmobiliaria Aconcagua Johnson & Johnson JP Morgan KPMG Lehman Brothers McKinsey Merck Merrill Lynch Mitsui Mott MacDonald Novartis Philips PRTM PricewaterhouseCoopers Roland Berger Royal Bank of Scotland Samsung Sanofi-aventis Sanyo Siemens Sony Ericsson Standard Chartered Bank Terra Firma TOTAL UBS Vodafone WPP Our dedicated careers team is here to support and advise you on all aspects of your job search through individual careers advising sessions, working closely with you to set your career goals and achieve your aims. A series of Career Development Workshops throughout the year covers all the stages of the process: career planning, researching, CV and cover letter writing, interviewing, negotiating and accepting a job offer. These are delivered by the MBA careers team, specialist consultants with sector expertise, or employer organisations. Specialist career resources are available to assist you: online corporate databases, electronic MBA careers resources, access to CJBSN (our Alumni Network), careers related literature, the business press and business directories.

Life after Cambridge: class of 2005/6 placement data 3 months after graduation 61% changed job function (23% of class in consulting roles; 18% in finance; 15% in general management) • 68% changed industry sector (28% of class in Finance sector; 22% in Consulting) • 52% moved location (65% of class in London) • The class average pre- to post-MBA salary increase was 66%

Typical MBA careers calendar September to December • MBA careers service orientation • CV and cover letter guidelines and practice • Investment banking/finance recruitment focus workshops • Alumni Q&A session – finance focused • Introduction to interviewing: competency based and case study interviews • Corporate presentations • Personalised career orientation sessions January to March • Consultancy recruitment focus workshops • Alumni Q&A session – consultancy focused • Case study interviews workshops: guidelines and practice • Corporate presentations • Personalised career review sessions April to June • Interview workshops: assessment centres • Career planning workshop • Alumni Q&A session – industry focused • Corporate presentations • Personalised career assessment sessions

Working with recruiters One of the main priorities of our team is to build strong relationships with global recruiters to ease your access to them. A Profile Book is produced and sent to targeted companies to maximise your exposure to key recruiters. In addition, an online CV search platform is provided to allow companies to search for your profile. The online job posting platform is another tool provided to recruiters by the MBA careers team. On-campus recruitment is another element of the service we provide. Corporate presentations and recruitment fairs take place at Judge Business School, and a number of oncampus interviews are scheduled. We value our relationships with Judge Business School alumni in the corporate world, and numerous alumni events are organised at the school to allow you access to this valuable network of contacts. For full details of the MBA careers service, visit



For the latest placement report, visit

Accommodation As a Cambridge MBA, you will become a member of one of the colleges. Once you have accepted your offer to join the Cambridge MBA, we will apply for a place in one of the 31 colleges on your behalf. Many (but not all) MBAs live in college, and you will usually spend considerable time in the college’s social environment.

Families and children Over 30% of the 2007 class is married; many have children, and many Cambridge MBA students bring partners to Cambridge with them. In several cases spouses are able to find work in Cambridge and do not need a work permit if they are accompanying a husband or wife who is studying in the UK. Some partners even use the opportunity to embark on a course of study themselves. The University has a wide range of facilities and services for students with children. They can also offer advice on healthcare, accommodation, nursery school provision and the financial help available to you.

Useful links College guide: gsprospectus/colleges/ University accommodation office: Private rental: agencies/rental.aspx Local amenities: Childcare: childcare/childguide/ Schooling: education/ Activities in Cambridge: cambridgeresidents/ University sports:

Come and meet us! We think there’s only so much you can find out from a brochure. We urge you to visit our website which offers comprehensive information on all aspects of the School and the MBA. It also has a useful FAQ section, and lots more insights from current and past students to help you make your decision. You can also contact us directly by phone or email, or come and visit us at the School to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our contact details MBA Office Judge Business School University of Cambridge Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1AG United Kingdom MBA Admissions team: +44 (0)1223 337053 All the people photographed in this brochure are Cambridge MBA students or alumni. We thank them for helping to create this brochure.

Colleges aim to offer reasonable quality, low-cost accommodation which usually means a single room with access to a shared kitchen and usually ensuite bathrooms. As a university city, Cambridge also has a wide variety of private rental accommodation which may be more suitable for your needs, especially if you are bringing a family. Private rental accommodation can be found through the University Accommodation Office and the many private rental agencies in the city.


Private rental Typical costs per month: Room in a shared house – £260 to £400 One bedroom flat – £550 to £700 Two bedroom flat – £700 to £850 Entire house – £800 to £1,000

Apply at

How to apply Our standards are high. We are looking for bright, ambitious, creative team-players who can clearly demonstrate that they have the potential to excel in their future careers. We will be operating a staged admissions process for the 2008/9 programme, in accordance with the dates given on our website at Applications for the 2008/9 programme will be considered from October 1st 2007.

Our minimum requirements Professional experience The Cambridge MBA is a professional management programme and we expect candidates to normally have at least 3 years’ full-time experience before commencing the course in September. English proficiency shown by one of the following: • Fluency in English • IELTS – 7.0 average with no band below 6.0 • TOEFL – 600/250/100 - 5.0 in the essay • CPE – A or B • CAE – A Undergraduate academic achievement • 1st or 2.1 or • GPA of at least 3.3 or • Top 25% of class GMAT • Current class average 690 • Mid 80% (640 to 740) 2 references • A supervisor referee • A peer referee

If you meet, or think you will meet our minimum requirements, please fill in our application form, available online and submit with all the above supporting documentation to the MBA Office. Strong candidates will then be invited to interview in Cambridge or occasionally other suitable locations around the world. We are one of the few business schools that do not charge an application fee. We believe that anyone with the ability, intellectual curiosity and determination to succeed should apply. For more detail on the application process and minimum requirements, please visit: or see page 27 for contact details of our Admissions Office.


MBA Office Judge Business School University of Cambridge Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1AG United Kingdom

The information in this brochure is believed to be correct at the time of printing. Judge Business School and the University of Cambridge reserve the right to change the specification of the course and the content of the MBA programme without notice.

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